A.M. Glass

Wishing... 15 Janeway/Seven The beginning of a romantic relationship between Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine, as told by song. Complete

A.P. Stacey

Starship Down 1-2 3 18 B'Elanna/Seven Following a crippling attack the crew of the USS Voyager abandon ship and flee...all except two, Seven and B'Elanna. The ship cast adrift, Seven badly injured with an inner voice that seems to be out to get her, and only B'elanna is around to care for her. On-Going

Death Row Diary 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna are sentenced to death on an alien planet - angst. Complete


To The Edge of the Universe 1-7 8-11 12-14 PG-13 Janeway/Seven A/U - Guilt and fate collide in the life of Katherine Janeway. On-Going


Of The Ghost In My Bed G B'Elanna/Seven   Janeway/Seven Sometimes wanting is better than having, other times, it's much better than having. Complete

Acceleration In Circular Coordinates PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven In which nothing dramatic happens but Seven and B'Elanna get together anyway. Complete

Of The Ghost In My Bed G B'Elanna/Seven   Janeway/Seven Sometimes wanting is better than having, other times, it's much better than having. Complete


All Change 15 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to Michael's challenge, where B'Elanna finds out about Tom's affair with Janeway. Complete

Sweet Dreams 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven wants to know if reality lives up to her dreams. Complete

Business As usual PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is mad but Seven remains cool. Complete

A Small Crime PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is disturbed to discover a most unwanted guest in her quarters. Complete

Another Crime PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to A Small Crime - Seven gets her revenge. Complete

The Away Mission 1 2 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven are cut off from the ship and surrounded by some unusual aliens. Complete

Belief PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven have a philosophical discussion. Complete

Hurt Feelings PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is upset and refusing to work, so Janeway decides to have B'Elanna talk to her. Complete

Deck 17 PG B'Elanna/Seven Just how did deck 17 come into existence? Complete

Choices and Pain 1-2 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is left devastated by Seven's actions. Complete

Crysallis 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna helps Seven show the crew who she really is. Complete

The Ice Melts 15 B'Elanna/Seven Response to the Christmas challenge - the senior officers help Seven experience the joys of Christmas, with a little help from Dickens. Complete

At Home With... 1 2 3 PG B'Elanna/Seven Aspects of our two favourite ladies at home. On-Going

Discarded PG B'Elanna/Seven Post-Christmas story - Seven discovers a weeping figure on the port nacelle. Complete

The Visit 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna's family pay a visit to a declining Kathryn. Complete

Borg Baiting PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna discovers a brand new passtime, borg baiting. Complete

Valentine's Impulse 15 B'Elanna/Seven It's Valentine's Day and there is something Seven wants to do. Complete

The Gift PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A mysterious alien entity approaches Voyager and at the same time B'Elanna is having to deal with the prospect of losing her sight. Complete

What a Surprise PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven have a shocking request to ask of their captain. Complete

What a Surprise - Sequel PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to What a Surprise - the senior staff. Complete

One Last Journey PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven As Voyager heads for decommission, two of her brightest lights are left searching. Complete

Changes PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A death on an away mission leaves devestation in its wake. Complete

Turbo Torments Series

Turbolift Torment One PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven attempts not to rile B'Elanna. Complete

Turbolift Torment Two PG B'Elanna/Seven A lack of sodium can have unforseen consequences. Complete

Turbolift Torment Three PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A crowded turbolift. Complete

Turbolift Torment Four PG B'Elanna/Seven Sometimes you can say more with a look than with words. Complete

Turbolift Torment Five PG B'Elanna/Seven As Voyager comes under attack, B'Elanna finds herself confined in a turbolift with her nemisis and a full bladder. Complete

Turbolift Torment Six PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is made miserable at the thought of attending the Christmas festivities. Complete

Soon PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna makes an entry in her personal log. Complete

Research 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven's actions lead to heartbreak for both her and her lover. Complete

Past into Future PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is disturbed by an unusual intruder in her quarters. Complete

Voyager Bunny PG B'Elanna/Seven After returning to the Alpha Quadrant the crew of Voyager find themselves a little bored, until an unusual job is assigned to them. Complete

Cinderbella PG B'Elanna/Seven Cinderella gets the Voyager touch. Complete

For Christmas PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven receives a surprising gift for Christmas. Complete

Insomnia PG B'Elanna/Seven 3am chats can change your life. Complete

Finally PG Janeway/Torres B'Elanna's waited long enough. It's time to let the Captain know something. Complete

Nocturnal Ramblings PG Janeway/Torres Two people often prowl the corridors of Voyager late at night, unable to sleep. When they meet one night in the Mess Hall, it becomes clear why. Complete

Into the Light PG-13 Janeway/Torres B'Elanna pushes Kathryn to 'go public' with their affair. Complete

Kiss 15 Janeway/Torres Janeway helps Seven with her 'human development' and ends up wishing it was B'Elanna receiving the benefit of her attentions. Complete

Murder One 15 Janeway/Torres Acting covertly, following a direct hail from the planet Rogen 5, Janeway (having discussed it only with Chakotay) controversially beams down to offer her assistance. It seems that the political Prime Leader of Rogen 5, Teglan Jansius, is under threat from a telephathic rebel faction and Janeway decides to bend the Prime Directive, a step that will possibly land her in a whole lot of trouble. Complete

Officers in Love PG-13 Janeway/Torres Will Kathryn and B'Elanna ever stop talking to their Personal Logs, about how they feel, and start talking to each other? Complete

One Last Journey PG-13 Janeway/Torres Back on Earth, and with Voyager being decommission in the morning, two officers make their way aboard the deserted vessel, both looking for something but not knowing what. Complete

The Rose 15 Janeway/Torres Everyone knows B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris are not a couple made in Heaven. When B'Elanna receives a rose from 'An Admirer' who is bold enough to pursue her even though she's with Tom - she wonders whom it might be. Complete

Rules 15 Janeway/Torres Kathryn rejects B'Elanna's advances, quoting the rulebook. With love in the balance, the captain faces a new challenge - whether or not to make Voyager a generational ship. Complete

Trust PG-13 Janeway/Torres The captain is a private person - can she trust B'Elanna to keep it that way? Complete

Twin Souls 18 Janeway/Torres Kathryn is met by an old flame when Voyager gets home, but it isn't who she wants. Later, at home with her family in Montana, she receives a message which leads to her future. Complete

White Flag PG-13 Janeway/Torres Kathryn has hurt B'Elanna badly, which ended their relationship. Can they try again? Complete

Merging 15 Janeway/Torres A memory, of a lover from the past, opens Kathryn Janeway's eyes for her. Complete

Santa Visits Voyager G Janeway/Torres Voyager gets a surprising visitor. Complete

The Prank 15 Janeway/Torres When Tom finds out that B'Elanna has created a holographic Janeway, as her fantasy, it gives him an idea. Complete

The Blush PG Janeway/Torres On an away mission, Janeway learns that telling the truth is best. Complete

A Captain's Message PG Janeway/Torres An announcement is made, but not everyone is happy about it. Complete

Advice 18 Janeway/Torres Many times, Janeway had patiently listened to B'Elanna telling her how things were going wrong with Tom. This time she offered some advice. Complete

First Contact PG Janeway/Seven The Captain arranges to see Seven in her Ready Room. There are things that need to be said. Complete


Temptation 1-6 7-12 13-15 18 B'Elanna/Seven AU fic - Ro is First Officer, no Chakotay on Voyager. Complete

Fantasy series

Little Misunderstandings 18 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Temptation. Complete

Further Little Misunderstandings 18 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Fantasy 1. Complete

Nightmares 18 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the VJB Halloween challenge. Complete

Diamonds and Tears 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven comes across Tal Celes' bodice ripper novel in Astrometrics and while reading it a certain Chief Engineer takes the place of the tall, dark leading man. (Challenge issued by GHRDR on LOTS) Complete

Straight and Narrow PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna deal with harassment, their way. Complete

Hands off PG B'Elanna/Seven Claiming what's hers. Complete

That's What We Dream About PG B'Elanna/Seven "That's what we dream about, isn't it? Someone who looks so deeply into our soul that they'd find something worth dying for." Complete

Takeover PG B'Elanna/Seven A response to the Guy Fawkes challenge. Complete

Abbreviations series

DRAW PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

GAYDAR PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to DRAW. Complete

ROTFLMAO PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to GAYDAR. Complete

SWEET PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

WYSIWYG PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

PADD PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

IMHO PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

LOL PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

TAFT PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

PMYMHMMFSWGAD PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

PYMIGBOM PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

HIWTH PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

FBI PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

DAMHIKIJKOK PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

CRAFT PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

BRBGTGP PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

BMTIPG PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

BGUTI PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

BFBI PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

AWGTHTGTTA PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete


Seventh Heaven 18 B'Elanna/Seven Another away mission that gets a little out of hand. Complete

Friends with Benefits 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven get together on an away mission, on a casual basis. Will that still hold when they are back on Voyager? Complete


Virtual Reality PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A jealous B'Elanna seeks revenge. Complete


Reenactments PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Multi-fandom anniversary crossover. Complete

Take Your Time PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven has allotted exactly 3.5 hours to learn all about sex and the clock is ticking. Complete

Misunderstood Misanthropy PG B'Elanna/Seven It's amazing what you'll discover if you just take the time to look. Complete

Turbo-Charged PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is having a bad day. Complete

Desideratum 1 2 15 B'Elanna/Seven From the Latin desideratum, "a thing desired," from desiderare, "to desire." Something desired or considered necessary. On-Going


Heaven and Hell PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna in the Holodeck thinking about her life and how she got where she is. Complete

What If PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna meet at a Voyager reunion on Earth. B'Elanna's thoughts and feelings. Story is from B'Elanna's point of view. Complete

Lessons in Defining Emotion

Revenge PG-13 Janeway/B'Elanna   B'Elanna/Seven   Janeway/Seven Janeway, Seven & B'Elanna's thoughts as they watch B'Elanna marry the Helm Rat and a lead in to how they all got into this situation. What can I say, it's fun playing around with these characters inner motivations and feelings. Complete

Joy & Despair 15 Janeway/B'Elanna   B'Elanna/Seven   Janeway/Seven Second in the Series Lessons in Defining Emotions. Complete


The Weight of Numbers PG Laura Roslin/Kathryn Janeway   Janeway/Seven Galactica encounters Voyager in the midst of its escape. Complete

Bailey B

16Hours 18 Janeway/Seven Janeway transports to her own quarters at night and immediately calls Seven of Nine to her. There is something she wants to tell her. Instead, they finally succumb to the feelings between them and make love for the first time. Complete


Summer Rain PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven   Janeway/Torres Rainy days suck, according to B'Elanna. Complete

Midnight Musings 15 Janeway/Torres B'Elanna finally admits something to herself and to someone else. Complete


Crimson Locks PG An insight into the Captain's Holdeck time. Complete

BC Bones

Sentimental Musings PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven After three years in the Alpha Quadrant the crew of Voyager are due to reunite with their former home, which is being awarded a special honour. Complete

Blue Sylph

Steel Angel PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven crashland on a unknown planet. While searching for a way to return to Voyager they come across a new species and a woman that is trying to deal with a strange gift. Complete

Bo McGee

Denial of Humanity PG Janeway/Seven Seven calls the Captain to her in Astrometrics, teling her she wishes to discuss her feelings and pursue her humanity. Complete

Acceptance of Humanity PG Janeway/Seven Sequel to Denial of Humanity - The Captain makes a decision and informs Seven. Complete


Holiday Incidents PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Holiday Fluff Challenge. Seven and B'Elanna are ordered to go on holiday together. Complete

Gossip Travels at Warp Ten PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Rumour challenge. Seven and B'Elanna have awoken the rumour mill. Complete

Dating Doubts PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to the Rumour Challenge. Seven and B'Elanna act on the rumours. Complete

Does She Know? PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Streaming Challenge. Today I'm a warrior... Complete

Equations Pg-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Does She Know?'. Complete

Declarations PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Conclusion to the Streaming Challenge. Complete

Love at Speed 1-9 10-18 15 B'Elanna/Seven A female professional bike racer gets sacked from her team and ends up in Quebec. Uber. Complete

Sword Lilies 1-5 6-10 15 B'Elanna/Seven A wandering female samurai arrives at a village and meets a mysterious blonde at the bath house. Uber. Complete

Chrysantemum Riddles 1-5 6-10 15 B'Elanna/Seven A samurai and her companion seek shelter at a secluded temple when strange things start to happen... Uber. Sequel to Sword Lilies. Complete

Latent Heat PG B'Elanna/Seven Janeway is forced to break up a fight in Engineering. Complete

Conversations in a Jefferies Tube 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PG B'Elanna/Seven Snippets of gossip from the lower decks on Voyager. Complete


Kissing Time PG Janeway/Torres A kiss under the mistletoe dumbfounds the captain of Voyager. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Awakenings 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven wake up on the holodeck in a rather compromising position, while others are adorned very strangely. Complete

Fever Remedy 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna suffers the effects of an early Pon Far, which causes her to seek out the ship's Astrometrics Officer at every opportunity. Complete

Klingon Hearts 1 2 3 4 15 B'Elanna/Seven Old friends make a surprise appearance on Voyager, while old enemies plot to destroy the happiness and family that B'Elanna and Seven had only just discovered. Complete

Queen 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna relates the tale of the new Queen. Complete

Witness 15 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Queen - events from a different perspective, and more. Complete

Star Turtle Voyager PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A Dash & Kiri / Voyager crossover - no, really. Complete

Genesis 15 B'Elanna/Seven A tragedy is transformed through the unexpected use of a Borg genesis machine. Complete

Invisible 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven becomes invisible. Complete

The Arrangement 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is encouraged to write down her feelings and experiences. Complete

Borg, Baby, Borg PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Janeway and the Borg Queen have some issues they need to iron out...it's mad I tell you, mad! Complete

In the Shadow of Quarra PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A different take on the aftermath of the episode 'Workforce'. Complete

Origins 15 B'Elanna/Seven The origins of the Borg - no pairings. Complete

Truth Delivers 15 B'Elanna/Seven The son of K'vok's appearance causes B'Elanna to face her feelings for Seven. Complete

A Little Christmas Spirit PG B'Elanna/Seven Christmas time on Voyager. Complete

B'Elanna's Knight PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An alien attack gives B'Elanna a new understanding of Seven's feelings. Complete

Glances PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A sideways glance. Complete

Drone 18 B'Elanna/Seven What would have happened if B'Elanna had listened to the doctor's nagging during the episode 'Drone' and therefore been the first to enter the science lab instead of Mulchaey. Complete

Stating Her Intention PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has a headache and his name is Tom Paris. Complete

Stating Her Intention PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has a headache and his name is Tom Paris. Complete

A Moment in Sickbay PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Her Champion PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Laugh With Me PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Patching Her Up 6: Dating PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete


To See the Wizard PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven decides to act on advice given to her in a dream. Complete

Astrometrics Amore 15 B'Elanna/Seven The give love is to receive love. Complete

Puzzle Box 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna Torres wants to know more about Seven of Nine but doesn't quite know why. Complete

Compromise PG B'Elanna/Seven The ladies consider the paths that led them to this day. Complete


Where She Is U B'Elanna/Seven A brief answer to the home challenge. Complete

Strange Days 1-2 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven needs B'Elanna's help to break up with the Captain. On-Going

Cirroco DeSade

Late September Dogs 1-9 10-13 15 B'Elanna/Seven After a devastating attack, Seven joins engineering to help with repairs, putting her into near permanent contact with an annoyed B'Elanna. Complete

November Rain 1 2-8 9-13 18 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Late September Dogs - J/7. On-Going

jIH'oH 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven decides to let B'Elanna know how she feels, with a little help from some Klingon armour and a Bat'leth. PWP Complete

SoH'oH 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna begin to explore their new relationship. Sequel to jIH'oH. PWP. Complete

Down and Dirty in the Delta 18 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to Odon's Super Challenge, that is just a little weirder and sexually adventurous than the average fic lol. PWP. Complete

Odon's Law 18 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the VJB vibration challenge, whooohoooo. PWP. Complete

Ready Room 18 B'Elanna/Seven The Captain is forced to separate her two officers and repremand them in her ready room, with startling results. PWP. Complete

All Bets are Off 18 B'Elanna/Seven Following on from Ready Room, Harry and Seven make a wager. PWP. Complete

Appetites 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven decides to indulge her appetites with the help of her more than willing wife. PWP. Complete

Thoughts and Realities PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven's point of view as she works in engineering. Complete

Yearning PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna's thoughts - angsty Complete

Her Heart's Desire PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the VJB streaming challenge. Complete

Explorations PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven finds out just how sensitive her body can be. Complete

For Every Action PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Part 1 Newtonian series. Complete

Acceleration 15 B'Elanna/Seven Part 2 Newtonian series. Complete

Interlude: One Equation PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Part 3 Newtonian series. Complete

Bodies in Motion PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Part 4 Newtonian series. Complete

From here to StoVoKor PG B'Elanna/Seven The most of precious moments. Complete

Die Comma Die PG B'Elanna/Seven Writers, Voyager and the dreaded horror of punctuation. Complete

Seventeen Days PG B'Elanna/Seven Only seventeen days to spend in the company of the one you love. Complete

Mi deseo nuevo para esta Mujer Nórdica PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna believes Seven incapable of following regulations and is even willing to bet on it. Complete

Kärleken är ologisk PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Mi deseo nuevo para esta Mujer Nórdica. Complete

Il Loro: il bruciando ballo, il ballo burrascoso 15 B'Elanna/Seven Final installment of the trilogy started with Mi deseo nuevo para esta Mujer Nórdica. Complete

What Happens to Naughty Witches 15 B'Elanna/Seven A simple case of mistaken identity has unexpected results. Complete

If Only PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven First of the Maudlin series - only ten years from the Alpha Quadrant, with a brilliant twelve year old daughter and great best friend, B'Elanna is still unhappy. Complete

Another Year PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Second of the Maudlin series - The Doctor needs to confide in someone about a procedure he's been forced to perform. Complete

I Know Too Much 18 B'Elanna/Seven Final part of the Maudlin series - A unique individual decides to help bring Seven and B'Elanna happiness. Complete

Never Doubt, My Love PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An angsty Valentine's story. Complete

Safety in Strong Hands 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna remembers their first time. Complete

When you Least Expect it PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna wakes up with a hangover and a warm body in her bed. Complete

All Obsessed and Nowhere to go PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven analyses her obsession. Complete

Whipped PG B'Elanna/Seven Ficlet - the title says it all. Complete

A Wish Upon a Star PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven wishes she could be with the rest of the crew for Christmas. Complete

Teaching B'Elanna PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven has a unique way of instruction. Complete

Shadows of Love PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven tries to offer comfort - angst. Complete

Doubt PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Shadows of Love' and companion piece to 'Distance' - words not said. Complete

Distance PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Shadows of Love' and companion piece to 'Doubt' - reaching out. Complete

Mistletoe PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Doubt' & 'Distance' - A Christmas custom. Complete

Of Rocks and Hard Places PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Mistletoe'. Complete

Of Christmas Alone 15 B'Elanna/Seven Eight years after their return to the Alpha Quadrant, B'Elanna decides to pay Seven a special visit. Complete

Sweet Surrender PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

True Beauty PG B'Elanna/Seven Shakespeare challenge story. Complete

Dreams and Desire PG B'Elanna/Seven Shakespeare challenge story. Complete

Humanity PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven She was sick and tired of all this acting like a 'good little human' crap! Complete

Old Traditions PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Maintenance PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Interrupted 15 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Research Partner 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven has set aside three point five hours to learn all about sex and the clock is ticking. Complete

Choices PG B'Elanna/Seven There is no escaping the choices we make. Complete

Once Bitten PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven decides there's something in this neck biting business after all. Complete

Where my sin lies PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

In Shadows PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Cirroco DeSade & Jillo

Broken-Hearted Dreams PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven In this A/U, the intrepid crew of Voyager is unable to save Icheb from the Borg, with disastrous results for Seven and B'Elanna. Yet, even as all is lost for the lovers, something precious is found. Complete


Snippets of Solstice PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Transcendence 1 2 PG B'Elanna/Seven A mystery heralds the start of tremendous change in the lives of the crew of the U.S.S Voyager, specificly the lives of B'Elanna and Seven. On-Going


Cargo Bay 2 1 2 3 4 5 18 B'Elanna/Seven Janeway makes a surprising discovery in Cargo Bay 2. Complete


Queen of Hearts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 18 B'Elanna/Seven Just as Seven begins to come to terms with her new responsibilities as a guardian for the borg children, and her growing feelings for B'Elanna, a new menace threatens to destroy all she holds dear. Complete

Getting Past It PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven share some time after a wedding on Voyager. Complete

Just Add Water 18 B'Elanna/Seven Sometimes all you need is a little dihydrogen oxide... Complete

One Thing That Never Happened in Horatio's Lab G B'Elanna/Seven   Calleigh/Natalia CSI: Miami crossover. Complete

Six of One G B'Elanna/Seven Strange items start arriving on Voyager. Complete

Half Dozen of Another PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Six of One'. Complete

Elizabeth Carter

Regarding Toby PG B'Elanna/Seven It's Valentine's Day and Tom tries to put a wegde between Seven and B'Elanna. Complete

A Mile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 18 B'Elanna/Seven Chakotay usurps Janeway's ability to create peace between the Chief of Engineering and The Astrometrics Officer in a very unique Oleic tradition. Seven and B'Elanna are not so compliant with the solution. Complete

A Journey 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 18 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to A Mile - After the trek of the long mile, B'Elanna and Seven have found more than they bargained for when they discovered the love they held for each other. Caught up in a bitter rivalry with the voracious Borg Queen's want for Seven and the strange appearance of species 342, the two lovers make a desperate last-ditch effort to stop the insidiousness of the Collective's conquests. Complete

Queen High 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is paid a visit from some one unexpected during her R&R time on the Holodeck. Complete

When We Were Young PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Annika Hansen first meet as children. Complete

That Goddamn Borg PG B'Elanna/Seven Q shows B'Elanna a glimpse of her past - companion piece to 'When We Were Young'. Complete

Star Crossed Love 1 2 3 4 15 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager / Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Sam and Janet discover a second, organic looking gate during a mission and soon find themselves travelling through time to meet the crew of the USS Voyager. Complete

Winterfest 15 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the Holiday Challenge. Takes place 5th season, Cannon is not as we know it. Complete

A Single Day PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna uses an ancient earth holiday to gain Seven's attention. And Seven discovers, with the help of an unlikely source, that some things are not so irrelevant after all. Complete

Fade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the latest memory loss challenge - the crew is stricken with amnesia and the only one who seems to remember anything is an eighteen month old toddler. On-Going

After the Game is Over PG B'Elanna/Seven Missing scene from 'Killing Game'. Complete

Origami Fire Lizards 15 Janeway/Torres This story is of course an AU (like in the World of Oz... some characters make a guest appearance as someone else... lol, so get over it). B'Elanna and Kathryn, they have ten years and a universe of differences separating them. B'Elanna is cool, ebony-maned, and remote. Kathryn is storm-eyed, redheaded, and given to big mocking smiles. Be with B'Elanna for a million years and you won't know her. Be with Kathryn ten minutes and it's like you grew up together. And yes some of this is from a previous story I once started but never finished. So I'm assimilating them. Complete

Scorpion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Janeway/Seven/Torres No synopsis given. On-Going


Tell Her 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven demands that B'Elanna tell Kathryn about their relationship. T/7 with some J/T. Complete

When You Thought I was Gone 1 15 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Tell Her. On-Going

Looking Back on Last Christmas PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Looking back on the events that brought happiness and pain. Complete

Parents Bite PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Miral explains to her diary just exactly why parents bite. Complete


Are We Home Yet PG B'Elanna/Seven Voyager has returned to the Alpha Quadrant and the crew are moving on with their lives - crossover with China Beach Complete

We'll Be Home Soon PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Are We Home Yet and prequel to We've Come Home. Complete

We've Come Home PG B'Elanna/Seven After ten years some of Voyager's old crew return to the ship, their home. Complete

Futures Dance with a Past PG B'Elanna/Seven As the Valentine's Dance approaches, Seven finds out she can date females as well as males. Complete

Snow Storm PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven asks B'Elanna to go on shore leave with her, so the engineer can escape Tom's advances. Complete

Whispering PG B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the VJB poetry challenge. Complete

Setting Right What Once Went Wrong PG B'Elanna/Seven A Voyager, Quantum Leap crossover. Complete

Falling Into You 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven arrives unannounced at B'Elanna's door - songfic. Complete

Blessed by Kahless PG B'Elanna/Seven Young B'Elanna has a dream. Could be a sign from Kahless? Complete


And I Remember Your Voice, and the Sound of Goodbye PG Janeway/Seven A/U - Set in the universe created by the episode, "The Killing Game", which took place in WWII France. Complete

The Nature Of... Series

The Nature of Evil 18 Janeway/Seven Voyager encounters death and destruction on a remote planet, and Captain Janeway must help Seven of Nine understand the nature of evil. Complete

The Nature of Love 18 Janeway/Seven Janeway and Seven begin to explore what it really means to love. Complete

The Nature of Faith 18 Janeway/Seven The Captain and Seven must decide whether to make a leap of faith. Complete


Research and Development 1-4 5-8 18 B'Elanna/Seven An away mission brings changes to the lives of Seven and B'Elanna. Romance, humour and Borg Queen hijinks ensue. On-Going


The Trials of Herculanna and Sevcules

Part 1- The Lion of Nemea Prime 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna takes on a large beast- and Seven's heart. Complete

Part 2- The Nine Heads of Hate 18 B'Elanna/Seven Q helps B'Elanna see the dangers within herself. Complete

Part 3- The Golden (Be)Hind 18 B'Elanna/Seven Sometimes it's the chase. Sometimes it's the prize. Sometimes it's both. Complete

I am Going to... 1 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Prompt: Write a story from a characters point of view in which the main focus is getting out of their scratchy, hot uniform. On-Going

Genuine Lies

What Dreams May Come PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Destruction can prove less of an obstacle to love than love itself. Complete


When Did You Know? PG Janeway/Seven Naomi Wildman has a question. Complete


Was it Just a Kiss PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven takes drastic action to avert being asked out by some of her crewmates. Complete



Darkness Prevails PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager has been decimated by an attack - dark. Complete

Darkness Fades PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The Awakening. Complete

Light Dawns PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Lack of sleep takes its toll. Complete

Light Perseveres PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Will dreams become reality or can the worse be averted? Complete

Untitled PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A response to the VJB list Challenge # 1. Complete


Starfleet Academy Mystery 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 18 B'Elanna/Seven Can B'Elanna pull it off? She enters the Academy disguised as a human female to solve a mystery. Who or what is driving away all the hopeful female cadets? Not only must she pretend to be a student she is suddenly given a Klingon as a room mate. How bad could things get? On-Going


Phoenix 15 B'Elanna/Seven First of the Phoenix trilogy - In the flames the Phoenix will die, and all that is left is ashes and dying hope. Complete

Phoenix's Ashes 15 B'Elanna/Seven Second part of the Phoenix trilogy - Out of the ashes, hope will rise and take flight. Complete

Phoenix Reborn 15 B'Elanna/Seven Concluding part of the Phoenix trilogy - Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise and on taking flight will find the tallest treetops to sing out it's joy. It's cycle renewed. Complete

Rebirth PG B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the Janeway POV challenge - Kathryn reflects on her two surrogate daughters. Complete

The Things Men Do PG B'Elanna/Seven An answer to Michael's challenge, Tom has an affair and B'Elanna and Seven get mad. Complete

Janeway's Eigth Hell PG B'Elanna/Seven A companion piece to Things Men Do, this time from Janeway's perspective. Complete

The Fallout PG B'Elanna/Seven Another answer to Michael's challenge - Tuvok recounts the events surrounding Tom's extramarital affair. Complete

She Who Punches First PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna wants to know why Seven punched out Tom. Complete

How's My Flying PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna gets a little distracted while in charge of a shuttle craft. Complete

The Tease PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven reluctantly attend an all-female party aboard Voyager. Complete

The Party PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven tries to persuade B'Elanna to leave her room and join the party. Complete

Senses PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Loss. Complete

Her Eyes PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven reflects on her beautiful Bella. Complete

Crimson Tears 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 18 B'Elanna/Seven Ancient prophecy tells of the coming of a great evil. What does it have to do with Seven and B'Elanna and more importantly, can it be stopped? On-Going

Alien Nature 1-4 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna encounter an alien vessel while on a scouting mission. On-Going


The Traveler 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19 20 21-22 18 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager comes across a powerful warrior race that can turn out to be their best friends, or their mortal enemies. Complete

The Couch 18 B'Elanna/Seven Welcome to tonight's edition of 'From the cutting room floor', where you get to see first hand, those scenes too hot for general release...On with the show. Complete

Alternate Choices Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 15 B'Elanna/Seven A/U - A wormhole finally brings Voyager home. But they soon find out that they didn't arrive at the home they once left. Complete

Alternate Consequences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 B'Elanna/Seven A/U - This story is a continuation of the story 'Alternate Choices.' This story will make absolutely no sense unless you have read Alternate Choices first. Complete

The Beauty and the Beast PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven AU - Seven's green skin and Borg implants cause her to be feared and reviled by the crew, but one person knows what it's like to be an outcast and set about to befriend the newly released Borg. Complete

Top of the Line 15 B'Elanna/Seven The Borg are the undisputed leaders of the adult products market in the universe, and their latest product is about ready to hit the market. B'Elanna happens to win the test product. Complete

Dainisia 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna sets a trap, but catches something she sure wasn't expecting. Complete

Hero G B'Elanna/Seven Songfic. Complete

Saying Goodbye 15 B'Elanna/Seven Songfic. Complete

It started with a f*** PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

The most wonderful Christmas present ever PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Viagra at a mere 3% interest if you react in the next ten minutes 15 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Princess 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-64 18 B'Elanna/Seven The Borg always seem to want Seven back. But just what would happen if they got their wish? Complete

Twenty-five to Life 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 18 B'Elanna/Seven A shore leave results a four month memory gap for the entire Voyager crew; and them now having to deal with the consequences of what happened during that time. Complete


Blood Fever PG-13 Janeway/Torres The way "Blood Fever" should have happened, if B'Elanna were just a bit more Klingon and the captain was just a bit less repressed and uptight. Complete


Another Boring Day in the Life of our Two Favourite Hotties PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Death Will Always Survive 15 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Die 15 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Fate 18 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Hope Dies Last PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

I Thought... PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Immortal Love 15 B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete


Songs of the Soul 15 Janeway/Seven What happens after they return from the Delta Quadrant, including a Starfleet function and a kidnapping. Complete

A Few Things to Learn 15 Janeway/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

I Know You 15 Janeway/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

You Know Me 15 Janeway/Seven A companion piece to I Know You Complete

The Associate 18 Janeway/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Jessica Nightsong

The Journey Home 1-2 3-5 PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven's just arrived on Voyager and been freed from the Collective, but anything she might have thought or imagined her future could hold for her, will not prepare her for the Journey she has set out upon. And along the way, perhaps she can even help mend a broken heart? On-Going


Rocking the Boat PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Members of the Voyager command crew absorb the news of the coming together of two of its finest. Complete

The Strong Are Saying Nothing PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven During an away mission, the relationship between Seven and B'Elanna takes a significant turn. Complete

Wasted Land PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A view from below decks. Complete

The Lovesong of E. Medical Hologram PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven What are the Doctor's thoughts at the wedding of Seven of Nine and B'Elanna Torres? Let's have a look, shall we? Complete

To Sleep with the Fishes PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven This uber story provides a rather different take on the word "chum." Complete

The Story That Dare Not Speak Its Name Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven By the pricking of my thumbs, something witchy this way comes! Complete

The Scheherazade Stories

The Scheherazade Stories--#111--Choice PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven of Nine tries to improve the Borg Queen's perspective to forestall her reassimilation for another regeneration cycle, this time on the subject of impossible choices. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#510--Journey PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and the Borg Queen have a philosophical discussion over Captain Janeway's handling of ethical dilemmas. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#800--Shades of Grey PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Decisions need to be made. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#70--Bitterness PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The crew divides against itself as Seven and B'Elanna's relationship deepens. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#511--Joy PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna carve a bit of joy out of Voyager's perilous situation. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#60--Betrayal PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Things are starting to deteriorate aboard the starship Voyager as the time for the division of the crew approaches. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#271--Entropy PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The Borg Queen gets her answer; the ship and crew get screwed. Complete

The Scheherazade Stories--#995--Written on Water--A Coda PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The eighth and final part of the series - The story of the USS Voyager is somewhat diminshed in the Alpha Quadrant. Complete

Paris's Lament: Things Have Changed PG B'Elanna/Seven A song-fic. Complete

How the Borg Stole Christmas PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven plays elf to B'Elanna's Santa at the annual Christmas party. Why is no one having any fun? Complete


Getting To Know You 1 2 3 18 Janeway/Seven Some of the senior staff and a few of the crew are having practical jokes played on them. Meanwhile, Janeway and Seven finally admit their feelings for one another. Complete

Odyssey 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 18 Janeway/Seven This story starts in Endgame just before Voyager reaches Earth and continues the story of Captain Janeway and her crew. And just what did happen to the Borg and the queen after Admiral Janeway's sacrifice? Complete


Awaken PG Janeway/Seven What happen when Janeway awaken from stasis and realise she is back on Earth. Complete

The end is the beginning 1 2 PG Janeway/Seven Back in the Alpha Quadrant, post End Game, Janeway realise that life at home is not as good as she expected. Seven, alone, try to find a place where she can belong. Will she and Janeway meet again to face more challenges and to, finally, acknowledge their feelings? On-Going


Clearing the Air 1-2 3-4 PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna gets bored and Seven loses her temper. Complete

Defending B'Elanna PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven get in trouble...again. Complete

Blind Date PG B'Elanna/Seven More than one person aboard Voyager finds themselves tricked into a blind date. Complete

On the Gridiron PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is convinced to play a little football. Complete

Out on a Limb PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is given a dare. Complete

To Be or Not to Be PG B'Elanna/Seven This was a response to a Shakespeare challenge on VJB. Complete

On A Break PG B'Elanna/Seven This is a follow up to the events in the 'To be or Not to Be'. Complete

Match Play PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven in bowling shoes. Complete

Say Uncle PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has had enough. Complete

Loss PG B'Elanna/Seven No synopsis given. Complete

Something on Her Mind G B'Elanna/Seven Seven's thoughts during a staff meeting. Complete

Realizations G B'Elanna/Seven Seven tries to help and B'Elanna has to take her foot out of her mouth. Complete


The Turbolift Tales

A very, very short Turbolift scene PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Another Very, Very Short Turbolift Scene PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

A sort of short turbolift story PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Romance in a Turbolift PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

A little fishing in a turbolift PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Thanks for the Memories PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Radio 18 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Glowing PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Phone Sex 18 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Step PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Not Sick G B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Progress G B'Elanna/Seven A turbolift tale. Complete

Conversations PG B'Elanna/Seven A series of short conversations. Complete

Words PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven asks for B'Elanna's help with a survey. Complete


Turbolift Tussle 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna, already upset at being assigned to an away mission with Seven, finds herself trapped in a turbolift with the woman. PWP. Complete

Nature of the Beast 18 B'Elanna/Seven Years of sexual frustration come to a head for the firey engineer and Voyager's resident former Borg. Complete


Cinco de Mayo 1 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven What if… A response to Passion & Perfection's birthday challenge. On-Going


An Undignified End of an Era: A Turbo-lift Tale PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Another Turbo-lift Tale & Taking the piss out of JJ Abrams version of 'Star trek' to boot! Complete

Refreshing the Soul PG Janeway/Seven Janeway and Seven take the time to themselves by themselves, but who new R&R could be so complex. In response to two different challenges: MFC#12 & SFC#11. Complete


I Am Borg

Part 1: Phoenix 1-2 3-4 5-6 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is captured by the orders of a Mualan because she is Borg, the results of her capture result in an appeal to the Mularan goddess Mulara. When a powerful energy being takes an interest in Seven and the Borg who knows what will eventually happen. Complete

Part 2: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven returns to Voyager. Complete

Nine Months 1-2 3-5 6-10 11-17 18 19-23 24-26 27-32 33-36 37-44 45-47 15 B'Elanna/Seven After nine months of captivity, B'Elanna, Seven and their fellow former captives manage to find Voyager. Complete

Arana's Tale 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 15 Seven/female D & D crossover - Seven rescues a woman with a terrible past. On-Going


What the Heart Knows PG B'Elanna/Seven What could Seven be finding so fascinating? Complete

Day of Honour PG B'Elanna/Seven To B'Elanna it's only an unwanted reminder of all she has struggled to repress. Besides, something awful always seems to happen to her. Complete

Listen to Your Heart PG B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the memory loss challenge. Complete

Lost PG B'Elanna/Seven After Voyager has returned - a poem. Complete

Private Performance PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Uber - Two lovers think about their relationship and prepare for Valentine's Day. Complete

Yesterday in Holodeck 1 15 B'Elanna/Seven A ficlet full of clichés. Complete

The Bitter Taste of Victory PG B'Elanna/Seven 10 years A.V. ('after Voyager') B'Elanna reflects on how she got what she had wished for, how she got even more than that, and at the same time had lost the chance to have everything. Complete

A Smile, Never More PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Not enough plot to summon. Complete

ladydameon and Lain Stardust

Running Up That Hill series

Fractured PG-13 Janeway/Seven As an away mission turns dire, Captain Janeway, Ensign Harry Kim and Seven of Nine are left to their own devices in a warzone while waiting for rescue. Complete

The Haunting of Deck Twelve Vignette G Janeway/Seven Seven of Nine joins Captain Janeway on the Holodeck to discuss Neelix's means of 'supervising' the four Borg children among other things. Complete


Be My Homeward Dove 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 Kathryn Janeway/Elizabeth Weir Stargate: Atlantis crossover - Kidnapped and trapped in an alien brothel, Kathryn meets a woman from the legendary city of Atlantis, and only together will they find their way ... home. Complete


Trust 15 Janeway/OFC No synopsis given. Complete


Year of Dishonor 18 B'Elanna/Seven Back in the Alpha Quadrant, Seven continues with her quest for humanity, and learns the meaning of family and love. Will honor prevent her from finding her heart? Complete


Baby PG B'Elanna/Seven Six months after Voyager returns from the Delta Quadrent B'Elanna Torres is trying to juggle Engineering and her baby. Complete


She Who Hesitates is Lost 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-28 29-32 33-36 37-40 41-44 45-48 15 B'Elanna/Seven A B'Elanna and Seven . Complete

Bloodfire PG B'Elanna/Seven A B'Elanna and Seven Halloween tale. Complete


Fallen Star 1-5 6-10 18 B'Elanna/Seven Crossover - B'Elanna and Seven are stranded on the other side of a wormhole and befriended by a warrior and bard, Xena and Gabrielle. Complete

The Feather is Mightier... 1-2 3 4-5 PG B'Elanna/Seven The Xena episode 'The Quill is Mightier' re-written Voyager style. Complete

Lone Templar

Choices PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is left to make a difficult choice which could end up changing everyone's lives. Complete

When Arguments End PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Set in the future. An old ensign is telling the true story behind the romance.. Complete

The Fallacy of Anger PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager is attacked (Wow, big surprise there, huh?). Complete

Coping with Normalacy PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven asks a favour of B'Elanna. Complete

Major Roon

The Sign PG Janeway/Seven Janeway waits for a sign. Complete


Living in the Past 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11 PG B'Elanna/Seven While trying to recapture her past, B'Elanna almost misses out on something special. Seven takes steps to make peace with her past so she can embrace her future. Complete

Where It All Begins 15 B'Elanna/Deanna Troi Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover - What if someone didn't die who was suppose to or did die who wasn't supposed to? What if a series of these events were to occur how would that alter the future? Complete


Coming Out Borg Style PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven comes out. Hilarity ensues. Complete

Voyager's First Purim PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Judaism comes to Voyager. Seven assimilates an amusement park. Hilarity ensues. Complete

Shopping with B'Elanna and Seven 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven go shopping. You see it coming....Hilarity ensues. Complete


Remembering PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven After Tom's death B'Elanna finds a true friend and more in the most unexpected of places. Complete

Camping PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Joint response to the holiday and rumour challenges. Complete

Streaming PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna get a first hand display of how one writer cures the dreaded block. Complete

Marriage PG B'Elanna/Seven Challenge answer - Kathryn's thoughts on one very special day. Complete

Oh God Not Another Turbo Lift/Shuttle Crash! PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Another Turbo-lift Tale! - Angst/Humour. Complete

Turbo-Lift Woes: A Turbo-lift Tale PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Another Turbo-lift Tale! - Angst/Humour. Complete

Scenes from a Turbo lift PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Chakotay shows some emotion! Complete

Turbo - lift: Shore Leave & the Turbo Lift - Re-boot PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven 12-Month Challenge 11: Yes I know this has been done to death, but I want you to write a story, in a turbo-lift that is not on Voyager. Complete

Message Two - This Time it's Botanical! PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An Office Sequel to ralst's Messages. Complete

The POV Series:

One: My Home PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A bit of drabble and the 1st in a new occasional series, from the POV of various major characters on ST: VOY. Complete

Two: Tom Muses PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Another bit of drabble and the 2nd in a new occasional series, from the POV of various major characters on ST: VOY. Complete

Michael, Kris and Tina LaMarch

A Turbo-lift Tale 15 B'Elanna/Seven A series of turbolift tales. Complete

Miss Liz

Get me off this Lame Tugboat PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven This is insane and has no point - just read it! Complete

Morgaine Q

Love Between the Stars 15 Janeway/Torres Another way, how it could had happened. Complete

Between Hurt and Pain 18 Janeway/Torres Sequel to "Love Between the Stars" Complete

Go beyond and love 18 Janeway/Torres Sequel to "Between hurt and pain" Complete

Fainted PG Janeway/Torres No synopsis given. Complete


One small step for Kathryn, one giant leap for the Admiral... PG-13 Janeway/Seven Captain Harry Kim's taking Voyager back to the Delta Quadrant, but the question that all of Starfleet seems to want to know the answer to is are the rumours true? Complete

Collective Responsibility PG-13 Janeway/Seven Voyager's going back to the Delta Quadrant with a new Captain and a new Chief Engineer, but how do Seven and Kathryn fit in? Complete

Hearts and Minds PG-13 Janeway/Seven Voyager's gone back to the Delta Quadrant with a new Captain and a new Chief Medical Officer, but how do Seven and Kathryn fit in? Complete

The Great 'Something' that's not anything...much PG-13 Janeway/Seven Voyager's back in the Delta Quadrant with a new Captain and Crew, as well as Seven and Kathryn, for reasons that are about to become clear... Complete

Santa Who? PG Janeway/Seven Multi-fandom crossover - Who believes in Santa Claus? Complete

A well developed vocabulary PG Janeway/Seven Fluff response. Complete

When a sportle meets a frottle PG Janeway/Seven A little sport. Complete

The Great Escape PG Janeway/Seven Charades. Complete

Huh? Did I miss something? PG Janeway/Seven Taking things literally. Complete

Oink! PG Janeway/Seven If pigs could fly. Complete

Is this This? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime.... Complete


Statements of Intention PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna helps Seven with a love letter. Complete

Irrelevant Conversations G B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven discuss the nature of relationships. Complete

The Relevance of Discretion 15 B'Elanna/Seven Being in an intimate relationship with Seven has its problems. Complete

Tomb Raider 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is forced to enter B'Elanna's Tomb Raider program in search of the engineer. Complete

Janeway POV Challenge PG B'Elanna/Seven An apt response to the Janeway POV challenge on VJB. Complete

The Flux of Mortal Things 1 2 18 B'Elanna/Seven The crew of Voyager must learn to cope with the effects of nearly a decade spent in the hostile Delta Quadrant. Complete

The Mate of the KuvaH'magh SoS 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna Torres (daughter of Miral) tells the blood-stirring fire tale of how she bedded Seven of Nine (of the House of Borg). Complete

Private Property PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has Seven's number...or is it the other way round? Complete

Giggles bags the Borg 15 B'Elanna/Seven Can ace flyer Belsworth Torres best the arrogant Baron von Borg? Complete

Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space 18 B'Elanna/Seven See CAPTAIN PROTON in SEVENTEEN THRILLING CHAPTERS as he battles to SAVE THE WORLD from a diabolical globe-spanning conspiracy! What SINISTER PLOT lies behind the theft of a DEADLY DOOMSDAY DEVICE? What FIENDISH FOE is responsible for the ruthless abduction of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN? What TERRIBLE MENACE threatens the entire future of humanity? Complete

Attack of the 50-Ft. Half-Klingon 15 B'Elanna/Seven Tom Paris faces the wrath of a giant B'Elanna Torres. Complete

Slippery 18 B'Elanna/Seven Stuck in a turbolift, B'Elanna and Seven must escape with the help of some lubricant. Complete

Good Vibrations 18 B'Elanna/Seven What do you do if there's two of you, but only one sonic shower? If you're B'Elanna and Seven, quite a bit! Sequel to "Slippery". Complete


Profit 1-7 8-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Four years after returning to the Alpha Quadrant old enemies are still after Seven's nanoprobes. Complete

A Favour PG B'Elanna/Seven A response to VJB's snow challenge. Seven extracts the favour she is owed, much to B'Elanna's delight. Complete

Incidents PG B'Elanna/Seven Strange but harmless things are occuring aboard Voyager. Complete

Incidents Two PG B'Elanna/Seven Reparations are made for past practical jokes. Complete

Incidents Three PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven asks B'Elanna out on a date. Complete

Incidents Four PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven's date is postponed due to race of aliens wishing to honour the engineer. Complete

A Source for Gossip PG B'Elanna/Seven A relationship is revealed. Complete

Seven's Birthday PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven celebrates her first birthday in twenty years. Complete

Eyebrows PG B'Elanna/Seven A story dedicated to those expressive little caterpillars. Complete

Different Directions 1 2 3 4 5 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Uber - Ella Tor yearns to leave her home planet and explore the stars. On-Going

Telexana 1 2 3 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An old Talaxian festival allows Seven and B'Elanna to become closer. Complete

Just Another Leap PG B'Elanna/Seven Quantum Leap crossover - Sam jumps into the body of a certain chief engineer. Complete

Empathic Interference PG-13 Janeway/Torres Torres denies loving Janeway but doesn't fool a race of emphaths. Complete

The Shoe PG Janeway/Torres Chakotay finds a shoe in the corridor, as the door to the captain's quarters closes. Complete


Before the Beginning 1-6 7-10 18 Janeway/Seven Post Endgame. Complete

The Other Liz

Latin Girls PG B'Elanna/Seven She loves Latin girls. Complete

Split Seconds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 PG B'Elanna/Seven Follow Alexa's journey through life, love and the in's and out's of growing up. This fic is supposed to make you laugh, cry and something else in between. On-Going

Some Hearts PG B'Elanna/Seven Song fic. Complete

Need for Speed PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Sibling rivalry. Complete


Arrow of Eros PG-13 Janeway/Seven A gift from an alien race becomes the catalyst for realization of what is important in both the Captain and Seven's lives. Complete


Kitten PG Janeway/Kes Kathryn, unable to tell anyone that she loved Kes, writes a letter to her long-departed 'Kitten'. Complete

Patricia L. Givens

A Rose By Any Other Name G Janeway/Seven Janeway has a secret admirer. Complete

Perfection 18 Janeway/Seven A first time story. That's it. The Delta Quadrant is peaceful at the moment. Complete

Seven Past Midnight 18 Janeway/Seven What happens when only the Captain and a Borg are left on the ship during shore leave? Complete

The Captain That Might Have Been G Janeway/Seven First person musings from the Admiral when she was Captain. A little bit of angst, nothing more. Complete

What Comes After...

The Sum Of Her Parts 18 Janeway/Seven Post Endgame - Janeway and Seven's correspondence takes an unusual turn but before they can truly start to relate to each other, Seven goes missing. Complete

Everything 18 Janeway/Seven Continues where The Sum Of Her Parts left off. Janeway and Seven's Homecoming . Complete

A Very Special Woman 18 Janeway/Seven We are gathered here today to witness the union of two very special women... Complete

Black Velvet 18 Janeway/Seven This is a small addendum to the What Comes After series that tells a little bit more of the first night of love between Phoebe and Celes. Complete

Between 7 and 9 18 Janeway/Seven The only turbolift story I will ever write lol Complete

Viva Las Vegas 18 Janeway/Seven Janeway and Seven must take drastic measures to protect the integrity of the time line. Complete

Puss In Boots 18 Janeway/Seven Just a bit of silliness. Someone gave me a title and said write a story. So here it is. Janeway and Seven return from an away mission to find some things have changed on Voyager...and that they are still changing. Weirdness Warning. Complete

Voyager Eternal 18 Janeway/Seven My Halloween offering. No warnings but one: Darkness must feed too... Complete

Unspoken 18 Janeway/Seven Inner musings from both our girls lead to some serious holodeck emoting... Complete

Distortion 18 Janeway/Seven Seven is suddenly in love and Janeway doesn't like it one bit. Complete

A Captain's Carol 18 Janeway/Seven Janeway needs to learn the true meaning of Christmas. Complete

The Water Witch 18 Janeway/Seven Janeway's home and in need of some renewed hope. Based on cygirl1's Pulp Cover 'Water Witch'. Complete

Cupid Has Been Assimilated 18 Janeway/Seven Cupid crosses path with the Borg... The rest you gotta read! Inanity Warning. Complete

Past Tense 18 Janeway/Seven A threat from the past returns to threaten the very existence of Voyager and her crew. Can Seven save them, and deal with the realization of her changing feelings for the Captain at the same time? Complete

Dust to Dust 18 Janeway/Seven A little piece of lovey fluff for St Patricks Day. Complete

The Years Between Us 18 Janeway/Seven My first Uber... A little of the military two-step... Complete

Seven Seconds 18 Janeway/Seven Chakotay's foot in mouth disease lands Voyager in hot water... And Janeway and Seven in an interesting position... Complete

Pavlov's Bell

The Raven PG B'Elanna/Seven Poe's classic gets a Voyager twist. Complete

quiethearted (QH Fletcher)

A Good Little Admiral PG-13 Janeway/Seven If you've been very good, you may get everything you want for Christmas. Complete

Deflection 1-10 11-20 21-25 26-Epilogue 18 Andy/Miranda   Janeway/Seven   Emily/Serena The Devil Wears Prada crossover - There has been a change in the life of Miranda Priestly and it endangers the existence of descendant Kathryn Janeway. Will Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna and the doctor be able to set things right? Complete


Words Mean Nothing 1-8 9-12 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A transporter accident leaves B'Elanna trapped and confused in a world populated by familiar faces. Complete

Finding Evil 1-5 6-10 18 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager meets Resident Evil in a country house filled with creatures you couldn't take home to meet the parents. Uber. Complete

Janeway's Problem PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A Captain and her coffee are not easily parted, as Seven and B'Elanna soon find out. Complete

Breakdown in Communication 18 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager has been boarded by aliens and the universal translator is off-lind. PWP. Complete

Intergalactic Spanner of Doom 18 B'Elanna/Seven Another answer to Odon's super challenge and again you have to read to believe. PWP. Complete

The Shatner Directive PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Captain Janeway unleashes possibly the most vile sound in the universe on her crew, singalong-a-Shatner. Complete

Nothing Else Matters PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager is caught in a plasma storm which leave some of the crew dead and Seven of Nine fighting for her life. Angst Complete

The Overseer PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Have you ever thought that there was some mystery force keeping the crew of Voyager in their nice little celibate closets? Well just watch and see what happens when the members of a certain list/ship decide to interfer. Complete

Perfection isn't Everything PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven searches for perfection until B'Elanna asks the obvious question, 'why?' Complete

One Week 1-3 15 B'Elanna/Seven An object from the future could hold the key to keeping the crew of Voyager in one, healthy piece. On-Going

Unexpected Question PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven has a question for the lieutenant. Complete

Watchful PG B'Elanna/Seven A response to the VJB memory loss challenge. Complete

Memory Loss Blues 1-4 PG B'Elanna/Seven Another response to the VJB memory loss challenge with B'Elanna forced to accompany an amnesiac Seven to a party. Complete

Stronger 1-4 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven are caught in a malfunctioning turbolift, but all is not as it seems. Complete

How Could You PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is not happy about something, but Seven's not quite sure what. Complete

An Unusual Holiday PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A Halloween story - Seven arrives on B'Elanna's doorstep and shocks the engineer in a way not envisioned by Bram Stoker. Complete

When All Else Fails 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven tries using her hidden talent to get what she wants. Complete


The Journey Home 18 Kathryn Janeway/Regina Mills Once Upon a Time crossover - This all started as a comment fic on tumblr, and then Kayryn made a fucking gorgeous manip and so it kind of…took on a life of its own. There is really no plot, just some fluffy interaction and a "what if Regina was in Starfleet?" exposition. Complete


The Other 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has a mysterious night-time visitor. Complete

Speechless 15 B'Elanna/Seven Tom pushes B'Elanna into finally letting Seven know how she feels.. Contains implied m/m romance. Complete

Jealous Much? 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven gets a little jealous.. Sequel to Speechless. Complete

Two Days 15 B'Elanna/Seven It has been two days since they first made love, but B'Elanna still hasn't called. Complete

Corrupt PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Knowledge is power and power corrupts. Complete

Bless You PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven has a cold. Complete

Tell Me! PG B'Elanna/Seven Kathryn demands Seven tell her where she's hidden it or else. Complete

Gossip 15 B'Elanna/Seven For once Seven is the spreader of gossip not the subject. Complete

Ms Friendly 15 B'Elanna/Seven Uber - a conversation between two friends about rites of passage and the back seats of cars. Complete

But Why? PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna doesn't understand why. Complete

A Plan PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven tries to gain the Doctor's assistance for a cunning plan. Complete

Foolish 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven decides humans are a sanctimonious bunch of liars. Complete

Hot Monkey Sex 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven has a question for the senior staff. Complete

Shore Leave 15 B'Elanna/Seven Forced to take shore leave, B'Elanna finds herself reluctantly taking part in a bet with Tom. Complete

Cliché 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven reflects on the course of her relationship with B'Elanna. Complete

Shakespear Challenge PG B'Elanna/Seven An irrevarant answer to Odon's Shakespear challenge that was lurking at the back of my hard drive. Complete

Argh! PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is mad and wants to crack heads, or more precisely, one head. Complete

Remember? PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A bit of silliness that looks at the end of a relationship and a little fashion advise. Complete

Ready? PG B'Elanna/Seven A response to the VJB memory loss challenge. Complete

A What? PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A fluffy and brief answer to the memory challenge. Complete

Memory Smemory PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven wakes to a world she can no longer remember - another answer to the memory challenge. Complete

Rodent, mind control and holiday cheer PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna takes Seven somewhere and when she's never been before. Complete

A Moment or Two PG B'Elanna/Seven A Few precious moments in Seven's life. Complete

A Very Short Conversation PG B'Elanna/Seven It's very short and it's a conversation or in other words it does exactly what it says on the tin. Complete

Travel the Voyager Line PG B'Elanna/Seven Kathryn decides that Voyager needs to advertise for paying customer to join the starship turned holiday cruise vessel. Complete

Clarity PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is trapped and dying. Angstish. Complete

Forever PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Very short story set amidst a storm on an alien planet. Complete

Advice PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is given some advice from a bard named Gabrielle and an ex-con called Nikki, who know exactly what she's going through. Complete

Taking Advice PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Advice. Will Seven take the advice? Complete

Graveside PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven of Nine's thoughts as she stands beside the grave of her dead husband. Complete

Room 256 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Ever wondered where the madness that is Voyager originated? Complete

Holo-novel Hiccup PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven doesn't take too kindly to Tom's inacurrate holo-novel about Xena and Gabrielle. Complete

Creation PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The pain, heartache and joy of creation. Complete

Love PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven One woman's view as she fears the loss of the one she loves. Complete

Adultery PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Infidelity and the pain it leaves behind, for all involved. Complete

Letters PG B'Elanna/Seven The Captain suggests B'Elanna and Seven communicate via letters in an attempt to stop their squabbling. Complete

The New Script PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The crew of Voyager sit in terror, waiting for the next script from the Paramount devils to arrive. Complete

Touch 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven experiences an unsettling sensation while regenerating, resulting in a security investigation and personal realisations. Complete

Acceptance PG B'Elanna/Seven You can sometimes find just what you need in the most unlikely of places. Complete

Ifs and Buts PG B'Elanna/Seven If only... But what if? Complete

Turbolift 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna's anger turns to something else when she has an encounter in a turbolift. Complete

Another Day, Another Turbolift Scene 15 B'Elanna/Seven What is there to do when you're stuck in a turbolift with only a beautiful woman for company? Complete

Threesome Minus One 18 B'Elanna/Seven After an altercation with an alien politician, Seven has some questions for B'Elanna. Complete

The Specimens PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven What if Starfleet decided Voyager's ex-Borg would make perfect test subjects? Complete

Perfect Bloom PG B'Elanna/Seven Is it the perfect or imperfect flower that Seven really wants? A response to the Voq_Je_Bang flower challenge. Complete

Rose Petal Dreams PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven needs help learning how to sleep. Complete

Christmas Morning PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven and the Borg children experience their first real Christmas, courtesy of the Voyager crew. Complete

Valentine Rules of Engagement 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven follows the 'supposed' rules of Valentine's, with interesting results. A response to the Voq_Je_Bang Valentine challenge. Complete

Valentine Challenge Story 15 B'Elanna/Seven Valentine's Day proves an interesting time for the crew of Voyager. Another response to the Valentine challenge on VJB. Complete

Not Such a Fools Day PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is introduced to the custom of April Fools in a rather unorthodox manner. Complete

Where is it? PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The day after 'Collective' and Seven's sure she has misplaced something. Complete

The Count PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven share a fascination with numbers. Complete

Please Seduce My Husband 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has a request of Seven. Complete

Behind You! PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Humour? - Seven tries to divert someone's attention. Complete

Experiencing Your Humanity 15 B'Elanna/Seven A party leads to some interesting, or just plain frightening, romantic encounters. Complete

Alien View PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A piece of insanity - aliens' eye view of the crew of Voyager. Complete

Scent of Decay PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna reflects on the balance of life and death. Complete

Valentine's Sucks PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Miral Torres-Paris discovers that Valentine's Day makes people insane. Complete

No-Way PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna get into a heated game of poker. Complete

Night PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven lies awake feeling trapped by her mistake. Complete

Car Shopping PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Uber - Annie and Isabel go car shopping. Complete

Sigh 15 B'Elanna/Seven Staff meetings can be extremely boring, they can also be extremely arousing, as B'Elanna discovers. Complete

Comply 18 B'Elanna/Seven PWP - Seven is determined that B'Elanna with comply. Complete

Interviews with a Potential Lover PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is encouraged to interview for the post of her lover. Complete

Love Unrequited PG B'Elanna/Seven Being loved just isn't enough. Complete

Confused PG B'Elanna/Seven Harry Kim is confused. Complete

Chocolate PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna introduces Seven and Mitzoti to the wonder of chocolate. Complete

Own 15 B'Elanna/Seven The worse thing in the univers would be her indifference. Complete

English 101 PG B'Elanna/Seven Miral is taught the finer points of the English language. Complete

The Panto PG B'Elanna/Seven The senior officers put on a Christmas pantomime. Complete

The Gift PG B'Elanna/Seven Annika Hansen has to make a decision that could transform her life. Complete

Tired PG B'Elanna/Seven Drabble - blink and you'll miss it fic. Complete

Turbolift, I think Not PG B'Elanna/Seven Turbolifts aren't always that romantic. Complete

Tradition PG B'Elanna/Seven Tradition...tradition... Complete

Cottage Cheese PG B'Elanna/Seven An X-Files crossover with a little L Word thrown in for good measure. Complete

Science Experiment PG B'Elanna/Seven Don't try this at home. Complete

New Memories PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is meant to be helping Tom with his memory problem, but she's easily distracted. Complete

Hollow Man PG B'Elanna/Seven Chakotay asks Seven to dinner. Complete

A Little Dinner Conversation PG B'Elanna/Seven The senior staff relax after Christmas dinner. Complete

What Else? PG B'Elanna/Seven Everything has a purpose. Complete

Why Here? PG B'Elanna/Seven Just fluff. Complete

On This Day PG B'Elanna/Seven Angst - as pointless as anniversaries are, they can still stir the emotions. Complete

Be Who You Are PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna tries to convince Seven to be her true self. Complete

Drabble PG B'Elanna/Seven The charade of grief. Complete

The Eve of a New Life PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven is on the eve of a new life. Complete

I Don't Do Christmas PG B'Elanna/Seven Both B'Elanna and Seven seek refuge from the Christmas celebrations. Complete

Contemplation PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven contemplates life. Complete

Mistletoe PG B'Elanna/Seven The randomness of human traditions never fails to confuse. Complete

Trouble with a capital V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven can't seem to stop getting into trouble. Complete

B.F.A.G. PG B'Elanna/Seven Multi-fandom crossover - a meeting of the 'Blonde Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

Fear and Loathing in a Turbolift PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna/Seven Being stuck in a turbolift isn't always fun. Complete

Test Group PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven has a request for B'Elanna. Complete

Testing PG B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to 'Test Group' - the day of the test arrives. Complete

And Then . . . PG B'Elanna/Seven Ship's scuttlebutt. Complete

A Lift to the Wedding PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven share a turbolift on the way to B'Elanna's wedding. Complete

Joining In PG B'Elanna/Seven Janeway has a suggestions for Seven. Complete

Naomi Keeps Watch PG B'Elanna/Seven Naomi grows suspicious. Complete

A Christmas Turbolift Conspiracy PG B'Elanna/Seven The turbolifts are up to their old tricks. Complete

The Wedding Series

Wedding # 1 PG B'Elanna/Seven Borg do not do weddings. Complete

Wedding # 2 PG B'Elanna/Seven Would practice make perfect? Complete

Wedding # 3 PG B'Elanna/Seven Avoiding the crew's pity. Complete

Quiet Chats PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven of Nine has some questions for her captain. Complete

A Glance PG B'Elanna/Seven A single glance can change everything. Complete

Messages PG B'Elanna/Seven The former command crew of Voyager exchange messages. Complete


Kathryn PG Short challenge response Complete

Being Marquis PG Even shorter challenge response Complete


Did You Hear PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Answer to the rumour challenge - Strange noises are heard and conclusions reached. Complete


Complete 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-11 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna's feelings for a certain ex-Borg are hampered by Seven's relationship with one of the crew and that darn inhibitor. Complete

The 'R' Series

Resistance 1-4 5-7 8-10 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna, Seven and the Captain are caught by a dispicable government and forced to withstand a horendous ordeal. A Dark but wonderful story. Complete

Retribution 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 18 B'Elanna/Seven The story picks up where Resistance left off and promises to be one heck of a ride. Complete

Resolution 1 2 3 4 18 B'Elanna/Seven The story picks up where Retribution left off, with our ladies in deep trouble. On-Going

Snow 1-2 3 4 5 6 7 8 18 B'Elanna/Seven Another answer to the VJB snow challenge sees B'Elanna and Seven trapped on a desolate, snow driven, planet with only each other to rely on. Complete

Want 1 2 3a 3b 3c PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A couple of responses to the streaming challenge, with a choice of three different endings. Complete

Lucky 7 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the holiday challenge. B'Elanna takes Seven on shore leave and introduces her to the wonders of roulette. Complete

Valentine's Day + 1 PG B'Elanna/Seven It's Valentine's Day onboard Voyager and the spectre of another Paris organised party looms. Complete

Justifying the Means 1-2 3-4 5-6 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Voyager is invited to share alien technology, but the aliens have some upsetting principles. On-Going

Fairground Attraction PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna disproves Seven's theory that escapism is irrelevant. Complete

Realisations 1-2 3-4 5-6 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven realises that there is no 'spark' when she kisses Chakotay and admits as much to B'Elanna. They decide to discuss the situation over dinner in the Mess Hall... Complete

Recurring Fault PG B'Elanna/Seven It's that darn turbolift again... do these things ever work? *g* Complete

Freebies PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven arrives at B'Elanna's door. Complete

Anniversaries, anniversaries... PG B'Elanna/Seven Planning an anniversary. Complete

RJ Nolan

Unexpected Arrival 1-4 5-8 9-11 12-15 15 Seven/f Janeway and the crew while still in the Delta quadrant, encounter escape pods with Federation signatures, and faint lifesigns in one. Unexpectedly, they find Commander Delores 'Del' Ray MacMillan, hurt but still alive. The tall blond addition to the crew will bring a few surprises to Voyager, and will make more than a few re-examine how they view themselves and each other, especially Seven of Nine. Complete

Into the Void 1-4 5-10 11-16 17-27 28-34 15 Seven/f Into the Void is a continuation of Unexpected Arrival, but not what you think. Here we get a tale of adventure, discovery, romance, and self-realization in the Delta Quadrant. Commander Delores 'Del' Ray MacMillan and Seven of Nine are back, but they support new characters, and even a Captain Janeway you thought you'd left behind in another time and place. You get surprises, heartache, the first blush of love, and another dose of the dreaded Put-Him-Out-the-Nearest-Airlock Daniels. Hang on for RJ's latest trip into the Delta Quadrant and beyond! Complete


The Gateway 1-10 11-14 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven is in stasis, where she learns to dream. Her cortical node is fused, her nanoprobes have ceased to function and yet her imagination creates what her heart desires and her head has trouble comprehending. Test Pilot, Beylan Torrens to the rescue.. On-Going


The Brig 1 2 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna risks her freedom and her future with Seven of Nine to save her Captain from herself - or so she thinks. Complete

There's none so blind... 1 2 3 4 PG Janeway/Torres When Kathryn Janeway teaches B'Elanna how to accept the Klingon half they both find more than they bargained for. Complete

It's a Good Day to … Get Married! PG B'Elanna/Nerys Missing scene from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, season 6, episode: "You are cordially invited", explaining what really happened to make Lady Sirella change her mind about Jadzia joining the House of Martok. Complete

Sara Crusade

Possessed 1 2 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven of Nine must face their fears, and survive real and imagined dangers on the long road to healing. On-Going

Lament PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven of Nine must save the crew from the Void, but it may just cost her own life and her hope for love. This story is an answer to Ralst's Happy/Sad challenge. Complete


Love PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna point of view on Love Complete

Two Souls in One PG B'Elanna/Seven Poem. Complete


Can You Hear Me? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven There's a mystery afoot. Seven of Nine is seen throughout the ship, playing and childlike yet she remembers nothing of these incidents. Complete


The Phantom's doing 1-2 3-5 15 Janeway/Seven Partly post endgame. After seven years in the Delta Quadrant, the Phantom brings with him a realization. On-Going

Shufflebum Munky

Attentions 1 2 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna overhears something she shouldn't and it gets her thinking. On-Going


Longing PG B'Elanna/Seven Sometimes you long for someone, although you know that you never can get him, or her in this case. Complete

What's Left Unsaid PG B'Elanna/Seven Some things will forever be left unsaid, but it hasn't to be that way. Complete

Quiet PG B'Elanna/Seven It's getting all quiet, when you lost the one, who shared your life. Complete

A Cheer Up PG B'Elanna/Seven Just a little funny fluff. Complete

Gotcha! PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven gets B'Elanna, who'll have an immediate revenge. Complete

Symphony PG B'Elanna/Seven How to tell someone, that you love her? Seven finds her own way. Complete

To Date or Not to Date PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven wants to date. But who? Complete

After All We've Been Through 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven After Voyager made it home, Seven tries to find out what exactly that means to her and where she might find her home. Complete

For The First Time PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Set after 'Infinite Regress'. Oh, not to forget, Tom never took the opportunity to go with Janeway. So he's still in that prison on earth and out of the way. Complete

An Unexpected Turn PG B'Elanna/Seven When B’Elanna is very angry and needs to let off steam, she finds herself turning to Seven of Nine, which has rather unexpected consequences. Complete


Freedom PG-13 Janeway/Seven Set during 'Killing Game'. Complete


I Quit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has had enough. On-Going

Forget Me Not 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has lost her memory. Seven is the only one who can save her. On-Going

Slavery Suits You 1 2 3 4 5 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna, Seven, Tom and Harry are trapped and Voyager is three weeks away. On-Going

Vignette Series

Vignette (1-3) 18 B'Elanna/Seven Three short, connected, vignettes of our favourite ladies. Complete

Vignette (4-6) 18 B'Elanna/Seven Three more short, connected, vignettes of our favourite ladies. Complete

Vignette (7-9) 18 B'Elanna/Seven Three more. Complete

Under the Mistletoe PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven In spite of the title, this is not a Christmas story. It's a vampire story. You'll have to see for yourself. Complete

The Wrong Button PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Why is Seven being transported, naked, to the bridge? Complete

After Midnight PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven tells the captain about B'Elanna's strange night time visits. Complete

Not Interested PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Everyone thinks Seven is looking for a date.... she isn't. Complete

Ponn Farr PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is again under the effects of the Ponn Farr Vorik attempted three years ago. Complete

Missing You PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven After two weeks stranded on a barren planet, the away team is glad to be back. So why is B'Elanna so aggravated? Complete

In the Night PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna keep waking up in strange places.... together. Complete

Solitude PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Circumstances result in B'Elanna and Seven being confined to the holodeck for an indefinite time. Complete

Fling PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Tom sleeps with the Captain, then has to face the music. Complete

Home Sweet Home PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Too silly to describe. Complete

In Code PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna gives Seven a challenge. Complete

The Piano PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Just a short bit of silliness. Poor Tom. Complete

Yet Another Turbolift Tale PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and Torres are stuck in a turbolift....again. Complete

Showdown PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven It's the OK Corral, Klingon style. Complete

Rage 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is in a bad mood.
This story is NOT about non-consensual sex. However, that is not revealed until near the end of the story. If you are sensitive in any way to this topic, you may want to give this story a miss.

Conversation PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven discuss a new idea (very short) Complete

All's Fair in Fairhaven 1 2 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna wants a quiet drink, Seven has other plans. Complete

Tom's Bet PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven (part one) Tom proposes a bet. Complete

Meanwhile on the Dance Floor PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven (part two) Harry proposes a bet of his own. Complete

Scary Story PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Not quite a Hallowe'en tale, but very much inspired by this ghoulish season. Perspective definitely defines perception. Complete

Twas the Night Before a Voyager X-mas PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven My turn to thoroughly destroy this old classic. Complete

Gone PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Happy/Sad challenge response. Very short and very sad. Complete

Susan P

Steam 18 Janeway/Seven A long-overdue response to the Janeway 'sauna challenge' posted on the J7_Faction list back in the day. Janeway, sauna, towel... Seven enters the picture and, well, you know... Set some time after "Hope and Fear." Complete


Families 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 15 B'Elanna/Seven While Reg Barclay and others in the Alpha Quadrant work on a way to extend Voyager's ability to contact people back home, B'Elanna teaches Seven about families. Complete

In-Laws 1-6 7-16 17-19 18 B'Elanna/Seven A sequel to Families - the Torres/Hansen family become embroiled in Klingon heroics and Federation conspiracies. On-Going

Inquiry PG B'Elanna/Seven Response to the Holmes and Watson challenge - Seven and B'Elanna team up to solve a mystery. Complete

Nutcracker Q PG B'Elanna/Seven Response to the Christmas challenge - Q helps Seven realise music and art aren't irrelavant. Complete

The Best Christmas Ever PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna experience a very merry Christmas - another response to the Christmas challenge. Complete

Holotherapy Series

Holo-Therapy 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven seeks some help to deal with her feelings. Complete

On the Couch 15 B'Elanna/Seven Second in the Holotherapy series. Complete

Breakdown 15 B'Elanna/Seven Third in the Holotherapy series. Complete

Breakthrough 15 B'Elanna/Seven Fourth in the Holotherapy series. Complete

Co-Dependence 15 B'Elanna/Seven Fifth in the Holotherapy series. Complete

Closure 18 B'Elanna/Seven Final part of the Holotherapy series. Complete

Tina LaMarch

Baby Anomaly PG B'Elanna/Seven A Voyager mystery revolving around the missing Borg baby. Complete

Change PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven are fighting.... again. Complete

Toby Conquers the Borg PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna is ready to change the way they relate, but how to get Seven there? Complete

Ecce! A Posse Ad Esse PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna has a chance to make things right, all she has to do is the impossible. Complete

Odon's Phrase Challenge PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Challenge answer. Complete

A Little Truth PG B'Elanna/Seven A mysterious virus infects Voyager and forces everyone to say what they really think. Complete

Echoes in the Void PG B'Elanna/Seven What will it be like for Seven to go from thousands of voices to just her own. Complete

The Gift 18 B'Elanna/Seven Someone has left B'Elanna a gift. Can she find out the truth before it's too late? Complete

A Paris Night PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven It's Tom's birthday and B'Elanna wants revenge.. Complete

All in the Box 18 B'Elanna/Seven A way home. B'Elanna and Seven just need to put it all together. Complete

Alternatives PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna's marriage falls apart and Seven has a headache. A recipe for adventure. Complete

Amateur Hour PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven The Family Seven is making the Captain gifts. Will Voyager survive? Complete

Class Act PG B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna as teacher. Complete

Conversation in the Shaft PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Trapped in a lift B'Elanna an Seven talk. Complete


What the Heart Wants 1-10 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven of Nine must deal with their pasts before they can find out what their heart's truly want. Complete

Happy Turbolift Day 18 B'Elanna/Seven Valentine's Day and turbolifts...quite a combination Complete

Pon Far 18 B'Elanna/Seven Seven years after her encounter with Vorik, B'Elanna begins to experience overwhelming bouts of lust. Can the object of that lust save her in time? Complete

In Vino Veritas PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven After a very bad day B'Elanna decides to unwind with a few beers. Complete

We'll Always have Paris 1-4 5-10 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna struggles to cope with her baby daughter and a demanding work schedule, while Seven of Nine faces some serious medical issues. Could they find the solutions to their problems together? Complete

Pas De Deux PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna reluctantly finds herself stuck with a new dance partner. Complete

A Kiss is Just a Kiss PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Is a kiss ever just a kiss, when it's delivered by a former Borg drone? Complete

Knight Falls 1-7 8-11 12-18 19-26 18 B'Elanna/Seven Uber: B'Elanna Torrence comes to the aid of her Lord's son and together the two face the challenge of surviving unaided in the England of Henry V. Along the way fortunes are waged at the edge of a sword, as Lord Beyla becomes a knight and meets a beautiful young woman. Complete

The Gift of the Magi PG B'Elanna/Seven Christmas brings unexpected bonuses for B'Elanna and Seven. Complete

Valentine's Challenge 18 B'Elanna/Seven A wonderful answer to the VJB challenge for a romantic Valentine's story. Complete

Shadows and Light 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven needs a hobby, at least according to the Doctor...and for once he might be right. Complete

Cold Day in Hell 15 B'Elanna/Seven A reply to VJB's snow challenge, where Seven and B'Elanna are forced to land on an inhospitable planet. Complete

A Reluctant Solitude 1-3 4-5 6-8 9-11 15 B'Elanna/Seven During her time alone in the nebula, it is B'Elanna's image that keeps Seven from going insane with the isolation. How will she react when reunited with the real, live, woman? Complete

Airlock 18 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna and Seven have to work closely together on the ship's exterior. Complete

This Cannot Be PG B'Elanna/Seven Streaming challenge - what should not be often is, no matter if you want it. Complete

Rumour Challenge PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Seven overhears some crewmen gossiping about her and B'Elanna. Complete

A Life Half Lived PG B'Elanna/Seven Sometimes you hide for too long. Complete

Past Imperfect PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven An answer to the memory loss challenge - B'Elanna and Seven are on an away mission when an accident causes one of them to lose her memory. Complete

Holodeck Boo PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven Halloween story - Neelix has created a haunted house on the holodeck for young Naomi and all the crew are invited to explore. Complete

Contact 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven feels the need for simple physical contact with those around her. Complete

It's a Wonderful Life 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven experiences what life would have been like if she'd never been born. Complete

Double Dog Dare 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven has been learning about humour, but is she really joking? Complete

Heaven and Hell 15 B'Elanna/Seven After suffering a terrible loss, B'Elanna is comforted by her supposed enemy. Complete

Close Quarters 1-3 4-8 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven and B'Elanna have to share the same quarters after the engineer's relationship with Tom Paris disintegrates. On-Going


Series - The Ranger

The Ranger PG-13 Janeway/Seven Seven of Nine's killing spree at Freecloud has had an immediate and dire impact in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet and The Federation, secretly controlled by the ruthless Section 31, begin to hunt down the former drone, who had slipped through their fingers once before. At the same time, her former Captain on Voyager, Kathryn Janeway, along with Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres go in search of their wayward friend. Will Kathryn reach Seven before Starfleet? Will the almost two decades of bitterness and estrangement between them destroy them once and for all, or can they salvage what they once had? Complete

The Ranger, Part 2: Hunted 15 Janeway/Seven Part 2 of The Ranger Series. After Seven's spree of killing in the Alpha Quadrant, which has thrown it into turmoil, Seven found herself a hunted woman. One person hunting her-Kathryn Janeway, along with three of her former Voyager crew members, had found her quarry. Yet another, more dangerous foe is hunting her: Section 31, the clandestine organization that is hurtling Starfleet and The Federation toward a dictatorship. Unlike Janeway, who wants to protect he former charge, Section 31 wants one thing-her death. Complete

The Ranger, Part 3: Showdown PG-13 Janeway/Seven Part 3 of The Ranger Series. With The Federation attacking and occupying Covis III, and learning that Seven of Nine and Kathryn Janeway were recently on that planet, the Alpha Quadrant is inching toward war. From the planet of Fenris, home of the Fenris Rangers, which Seven of Nine is a member of, to Vulcan, to a former base near Mintaka III, and in the Terran Sector, forces on both sides are on the move. Can war be averted? Complete

The Ranger, Part 4: Unto The Breach New PG-13 Janeway/Seven Admiral Elizabeth Shelby's Federation fleet has arrived at Fenris, in an attempt to apprehend Seven of Nine, wanted for a series of murders in the Alpha Quadrant, when freeing former Drones. Admiral Alynna Necheyav, C-in-C of Starfleet, and the mysterious leader of Section 31, Sloan, believe having Seven can usher in a new era of Borg-inspired weapons, allowing them to turn The Federation into the terror of the Quadrant. Meanwhile, Kathryn Janeway, Seven, Jean-Luc Picard and others, are trying to keep Seven from Necheyav and stop the slow procession of The Federation toward dictatorship. Complete



Labyrinth 15 Janeway/OFC While traversing a quagmire of navigational anomalies, Voyager stumbles upon a starship graveyard. In it is a functioning Cardassian sleep tube containing an Deltan/Orion female wanted for crimes against the Federation. However, there are more alien things to be worried about in the center of a labyrinth... Complete

Through the Looking Glass 15 Janeway/OFC Voyager is pulled through a subspace tear into a galaxy of dying stars and dead planets. As Janeway and the crew try to find a way back to the Delta Quadrant, they discover that sometimes enemies can be found much closer to home. Complete

Holohell 15 Janeway/OFC The crew of Voyager finds out that the dead really do travel fast. Complete

Into the Fire 15 Janeway/OFC The Land of the Dead contains enemies who are very much alive and hungry for vengeance. Complete

Murder on the Dead Zone Express PG Janeway/OFC Motives for murder are never alien. Complete

Points of No Return 15 Janeway/OFC It's doomsday in the Dead Zone when an old enemy returns... Complete


A Fine Fluff(y) Turbolift Tale: (The Great Lint Challenge!) 1 PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven A little lint can go a long way. On-Going

Caught Looking PG-13 B'Elanna/Seven wasn't going to touch.. really! Complete


Truly Free 1-6 7-12 15 B'Elanna/Seven After Voyager's returned to the Alpha Quadrant, B'Elanna Torres leaves in order to live a quiet life on a Bajoran colony. Quiet that is until the arrival of a Federation technical advisor, Seven of Nine. Complete

Razor's Edge 1-10 15 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Truly Free - Life at the Jalaran Institue of Technological Development provides some new hurdles and enemies for B'Elanna and Seven. Complete

Flashes of Fire 1-5 6-9 10-11 15 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Razor's Edge - Seven's reaction to her ordeal could spell the end for the couple. Complete

Wings Unfurled 1-4 5-6 7 8 15 B'Elanna/Seven Sequel to Flashes of Fire - Seven and B'Elanna visit a new planet on Institution business and run into some surprises. Complete

One True Thing PG B'Elanna/Seven Seven, B'Elanna, Tom and Harry play a game of 'One True Thing'. Complete

World Enough, and Time 1-3 4-5 15 B'Elanna/Seven Seven wakes to a different universe. On-Going


Inevitable 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 15 B'Elanna/Seven B'Elanna encounters change and so much more when she and Seven are caught in the pull of a nebula. On-Going


Go Inside! PG Janeway/Seven Iimzadi dared me to write a J/7 drabble using the now ridiculously infamous phrase, "Go Inside." Ala the bloopers from the audio play of Cupid has Been Assimilated by Patricia L Givens. So it's all her fault, like we all didn't know that already. Pffffffffttt. Complete


Too Human PG Janeway/Torres This fic is a rewrite of the scene in B'Elanna's quarters at the end of the episode. Thought it was a very powerful thing but it didn't meet its full potential. This is how it could/should have been (in my humble opinion). Complete

An Angel In The Night PG Janeway/Torres B'Elanna studies her captain/lover while she sleeps. Complete


Dating Manual PG B'Elanna/Seven Dating Manual by Seven of Nine. Section 2, Subsection 4: Issuing the Invite Complete