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Fallen Star
By Lishesque

Chapter 1

This is the tragic tale of two strangers from the stars who, in the short time that they were with us, found love only to lose one another. It has been several moons since these events occurred, but I have been unable to write it all down. Many a night, have I sat, quill in hand, scroll upon my knee, poised to set my story onto parchment – but something always stayed my hand. Now, I finally write, although it is still very hard to express all that I feel in the scroll before me. I only know that I must record what happened – perhaps for others to read, for this tale is already etched in the deepest recesses of my heart.

It began on a night, much like this one, when Xena and I had finished our nightly routines – she sharpening her sword, and I writing in my scroll... as I am now. The embers of our campfire had dimmed to a warm glow, and we lay on our bedroll, Xena listening as I discussed the finer points of why my Bear constellation could not possibly be a "dipper". As we lay, gazing up at the night sky, fingers entwined, and dizzy from our newfound love, a star fell – I had thought it a star at the time. It streaked across the sky in a blaze of fire and light before it crashed to earth, shattering the tranquility of the forest and causing the ground to shake.

My warrior, ever alert, sprung up and grabbed her weapons, ice blue eyes flashing in the moonlight.

"C'mon Gabrielle, lets go check it out" she said to me, grinning, and with that, she plunged into the undergrowth, Chakram on her hip and sword in hand. I quickly followed, pausing only to snatch up my trusty staff...

"Shit!" gasped B'Elanna, as she stumbled, coughing, out of the burning wreck of the Delta Flyer. "Shit shit shit!" Blood was streaming from a cut above her eyebrow, and her skin was dark with smoke and ash.

"I fail to see how the excretion of– "

"Just shut up, Seven, okay?" snarled the enraged half Klingon, "It's your fault we're here in the first place."

Seven somehow looked as impeccable as ever, with barely a strand of hair out of place even though it was a miracle they had survived the hellish descent at all. They were now standing nose to nose a few metres away from the destroyed Flyer.

"I was merely trying to–"

"Get us killed?"

"Lieutenant, if you would just let me finish, I will explain to you why that adjustment had to be made!" Seven shouted, angry that the engineer wouldn't hear her out. This argument was unproductive.

"Yeah, you just HAD to try and improve the efficiency of the Flyer while we were flying through a wormhole, destroying it and stranding us on some backwater planet!" B'Elanna growled sarcastically. "I'm sick of your stupid Borg quest for perfection, I'm sick of you messing with my Engine room, and I'm f***ing sick of you, Seven!"

The borg's eyes hardened, "You are irrelevant." she said without inflection. She was about to turn away, but froze suddenly. "There is someone 15.8 metres to our left, Lieutenant." She slipped her phaser quietly into her hand. "And another one is– "


An earsplitting battle cry filled the air, startling the two, as a leather-clad warrior woman flipped towards them. She landed in front of Seven, her sword drawn and inches away from the borg's neck. The woman was only slightly shorter than Seven, with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. A second woman, smaller and blonde, appeared at the warrior's side. Her eyes widened at the sight of the alien looking half Klingon, who was covered in blood and ash... and looking none too pleased at the moment.

"Who the hell are you?" B'Elanna eyed the taller woman, "Xena the warrior princess?" The engineer had heard of the popular late 20th Century TV program that depicted an acrobatic warrior woman named Xena, she was also a fan of the 25th Century remake.

The warrior exchanged glances with her shorter companion; she lowered her sword from Seven's neck, although not yet sheathing it, and raised an amused eyebrow.

"Yeah," she drawled, "that's what they call me." A pause. "Do I know you?"

"No." Seven replied as she returned her phaser to its holster, sensing no ill intentions. "We are travelers, we're... just passing through."

"Well, it doesn't look like you'll be traveling much if that's your ship I see behind you." Xena's companion motioned to the Delta Flyer; a friendly smile was on her face. Her green eyes were warm, and Seven found that she liked her immediately. "Why don't you come back to our camp and we can get to know each other there."

B'Elanna was still in shock. "You... you're Xena?"


"The backflippin' chick with the Chakram?"

Another raised eyebrow. "Yes."

"Then you must be Gabrielle."



We took the strange looking women back to our camp, B'Elanna – the one with the unusual forehead protrusions – did most of the talking. After her initial hostility she was quite friendly and asked many questions about our lives. She greatly admired Xena's fighting skills. Seven, the other woman who had strange facial armour, was more distant but I could sense that she was a good person beneath the cool demeanor.

There was something between these women that intrigued me. They were like fire and ice, darkness and light, thunder and lightening. Different, yet the same, and strangely complimentary to one another. To me, it was clear that they were meant for each other. However, there were obstacles that they had to overcome, before their relationship could truly blossom. I was determined to help them find happiness.

Gabrielle had settled down for the night, leaving B'Elanna and Seven to their own devices. It was 24 hours later, and they still hadn't spoken a word to each other since their heated exchange after the crash. B'Elanna regretted that she had been so harsh with Seven, but did not know how to approach the borg and apologize.

She thought back to the events earlier in the day. They had spent the day with Gabrielle, as Xena had left early in the morning to relay a message to some nearby monarch. The young bard had eagerly regaled them with stories of her travels with the warrior princess, pleased to find a receptive audience in B'Elanna. Meanwhile, Seven spent her time fixing a salvaged tricorder from the Delta Flyer. A few scans with it verified their fears – they were in an alternate dimension.

Staring into the campfire, B'Elanna wondered if their ship would ever find them. Seven and B'Elanna had been returning from an away mission when they encountered a wormhole. Hopes up, they'd launched a probe and found out that it did, indeed lead back to the Alpha Quadrant. However, it was unstable, and the only way to stabilize it was to fly through and anchor it from the other side. There was an 18% chance of the wormhole collapsing as they entered, though, which would kill them. It was a risk that they were willing to take, however, if it meant that Voyager would finally be able to go home. They knew that Janeway would never have let them take the risk, so they didn't contact Voyager before entering it. Now they were in a different dimension – the wormhole had begun to collapse as they were flying through it and Seven, in a desperate attempt to save them had tried to increase the efficiency of the Flyer. It caused them to crash on the third planet of a system that suspiciously resembled the Earth's solar system.

On the other side of the campfire, Seven was also deep in thought. She hadn't meant to damage the Flyer's warp core. Her excellent mind had found a way to increase their speed by 13.9% – enough to take them out of the tremendous force of the collapsing wormhole, saving their lives. It had worked, although not in the way she'd expected... the Flyer has been damaged beyond repair and they'd been forced to make a crash landing on this planet. She was hurt that B'Elanna blamed her for it, she admired the engineer and B'Elanna's opinion meant a lot to her. They had even developed a tentative friendship over the last month. Seven sighed, it didn't matter now, it was obvious that the half Klingon wanted nothing to do with her. Wrapping her arms around her knees, she stared at the flickering flames, feeling guilty for putting herself and B'Elanna in their current predicament. Maybe they would have flown free of the wormhole anyway, perhaps she'd done nothing by destroy the Delta Flyer, stranding them both. She was surprised when the half Klingon stood and walked over to her side of the fire, sitting down next to her.

"Seven, I... I just want to apologize for saying those things to you earlier."

"I deserved it. I almost killed us both."

"Perhaps, but I shouldn't have yelled at you like that... you were doing what you thought was right."

Seven was silent, so she forged on, knowing she had to finish what she was saying, "... and I shouldn't have been that harsh with you. I'm not sick of you Seven, I like you. I... I'm glad that we've kinda gotten to know each other better over the last few weeks." She finished in a rush, hoping that Seven wouldn't say something typically borg like "friendship is irrelevant." Hearing no response from her companion, she stopped staring at the ground and raised her eyes to look at Seven. Tears were forming in Seven's eyes.

"Seven..." B'Elanna murmured, awkwardly putting a hand on the borg's shoulder, "Please don't cry... was it something I said?"

Seven shook her head. "N-No... I am just unused to people... apologizing." She looked up, into B'Elanna's eyes "Why are you nice to me?"

The engineer was taken aback by this question. "Uh... I don't like hurting your feelings and well, you deserve to have people be nice to you, Seven. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. It's just that your behavior is unusual. Most people are not nice to me." Seven said honestly.

B'Elanna's eyes hardened. "Well when we get back to Voyager I'll deal with those people." She didn't like the thought of anybody hurting this young woman, who for all her intelligence was still quite innocent and childlike. It made her cringe inside to think that only weeks before, she herself had been quite hostile to Seven.

Seven looked down at the ground again, clearly unhappy about something.

"What's the matter?" B'Elanna asked, concerned.

"Your husband is one of those people." Seven said, hoping B'Elanna would not be angry with her again.

B'Elanna growled, "P'taQ!"

Seven flinched.

"No, no, Seven, not you." B'Elanna said quickly, "I'm angry with Tom... I know he's insensitive at times, but it makes me mad that his behavior causes you pain." She hesitated, then pulled Seven into an awkward hug. "C'mon lets get some rest, we can talk more tomorrow."

"I will comply." Seven said, and smiled somewhat shyly at B'Elanna.

B'Elanna stared at Seven.

"What is it?"

"Uh... nothing." B'Elanna said, finally finding her voice. She had almost blurted out 'you have a beautiful smile' but thought that Seven would not have appreciated it. Beauty was irrelevant, after all.

Chapter 2

Xena returned from her journey the next day and the four of us spent some time at a nearby river. It was an unusual experience. Of all the adventures I dreamt up as a child in Potadeia, I never imagined that I'd one day fall in love with the Warrior Princess, and shortly thereafter, take two aliens fishing. For that is what they were – aliens, people from the heavens. They guarded their secrets very closely at first, and we did not pry. B'Elanna eventually told us the whole story, one beyond our wildest imaginings, which I will not set down on paper, for no one would ever believe it.

It was an uneventful day, but a happy one. I noticed that Seven was like a child in many ways, it was most evident when she caught her first fish – apparently there are no fish in the sky. We then made a meal of her catch, which was at least as long as Xena's sword in length, and afterwards, B'Elanna and Seven decided to take a walk. When they returned, they looked happier and more at ease with each other. I'd seen the strain in their friendship on the first night and was glad that they'd taken the time to bond.

Seven hated moments like these. She was unsure of how to behave, whether she was acting in the proper manner – and when she was unsure, she tended to fall back on her Borg mannerisms. Most of the time, it really didn't help the situation – it tended to aggravate people more.

She and B'Elanna were walking aimlessly in silence – they'd agreed to talk the night before, and at the time, it had seemed like a good idea. So now they had to talk. About what? – they didn't know, and both women were unsure of how to start the conversation.

Eventually, the Lieutenant spoke up. "Ya know, you don't have to be so tense, Seven. I'm not going to bite your head off."

"You could not bite my head off. My neck is reinforced with duranium."


Silence descended again. The only sound to be heard was their footsteps, crunching audibly into the forest floor.

"So why are you so tense?"

"I do not enjoy 'socializing'."

"Neither do I." B'Elanna agreed. "So lets just say what we have to and get it over with okay?"


B'Elanna scowled at her Borg response, and Seven smiled.

The half Klingon stopped walking. "You should smile more... it makes you look less Borg."

"You do not like the Borg part of me." Seven noted, frowning. "It is what gets in the way when we try to establish a friendship."

"Yeah, I guess so..." B'Elanna ran a frustrated hand through her hair. Her brow furrowed as she thought about it. "Actually, no. It isn't that..."

"Why do you dislike me then?"

"I don't dislike you– " she began.

"You do."

"Bullshit– "

"Denial is unproductive, Lieutenant."

"Kahless, Seven!" B'Elanna exclaimed, "Why do you have to be so aggravating?"

Seven smirked.

B'Elanna stared at her, then burst out laughing. "Damn it, you're so... so..."

Seven quirked an eyebrow. "So...?"

The half Klingon paused, looking for an answer, then gave up. "I don't know."

"Annoying?" Seven supplied.

"No, that it isn't... although, I do have to agree – you are extremely annoying at times."

They entered a clearing and B'Elanna sat down on a log. Seven hesitated, then sat down beside her companion.

B'Elanna looked a little startled. "I thought you preferred to stand."

"I do."

"But you sat down anyway so that you wouldn't annoy me, huh?"

"Yes." Seven replied.

"Uh... thanks." A little awkwardly, "I appreciate it."

"Antagonistic behavior is inefficient, I will try to annoy you less Lieutenant."

"No." B'Elanna objected, "I want you to be yourself. Don't try to mold yourself into what other people want, Seven."

"Even if I am annoying?"

"Yes." A grin, "Besides, I wouldn't have anyone to fight with... I'd be bored out of my mind."

"I see." Seven stood, "However, we must concentrate on returning to Voyager. We will cease our quarreling for the duration of this mission."

"Okay." B'Elanna shrugged, "Shouldn't be too hard... right?"

Seven merely stared at her, not even bothering to raise an eyebrow. The half Klingon stared back, then grinned, showing a row of pointy white teeth. The corners of Seven's mouth turned upwards slightly and B'Elanna found herself captivated by those amazing lips – she had a sudden desire to see Seven smile. Her eyes finally left Seven's lips and traveled upwards – only to meet a pair of amused blue eyes staring back at her intently. She looked away quickly, blushing, then peeked back at her companion. Seven was smiling at her, and she felt her hearts share a strange twinge. Oh Kahless, this was not good.

The walk back to camp was a quiet one; both women were very thoughtful. Seven glanced at B'Elanna who was busy studying leaves on the ground – she had not looked at Seven once since their little exchange on the log. Seven had easily detected the signs of arousal in B'Elanna, desire was nothing new – she'd seen it often in looks directed at her by other crewmembers. But what confused her was her own body's reaction to it. Her heart had started to beat faster, and she'd felt hot and flustered all of a sudden. So why was she feeling this way now? Why B'Elanna? She was curious as to what would happen should she follow up on these feelings, but Seven didn't want to destroy the fragile friendship they'd painstakingly built. She'd just have to wait and see what happened.

"Lieutenant." Seven hesitantly reached out her hand and shook B'Elanna gently. It was the middle of the night and everyone was asleep.

A mumble.

"Lieutenant, wake up..."

"What is it Seven?" B'Elanna said her voice still rough from sleep. She sat up. "And call me B'Elanna."

Seven nodded, "B'Elanna, I require your assistance... I..." Seven hesitated, blushing, "I... need to..." She trailed off, unsure of herself.

"Go to the toilet?" A guess.

Seven nodded again. B'Elanna frowned, she knew that Seven had to regenerate all the time, but didn't know that Seven's body depended on it so heavily.

"You've never had to pee before?"

"I did prior to my time with the Borg... but I am unsure how to now." She squirmed a little.

B'Elanna grinned to ease her companion's embarrassment, and stood up. "Well, lets go teach you before you have an accident."

"Borg do not have 'accidents.'" Was the cool reply, and B'Elanna could have sworn that Seven almost poked out her tongue.

They moved off away from the camp, and Seven hid behind suitable shrubbery while B'Elanna leaned against a tree and looked the other way.



"My biosuit is in the way." Seven stepped out from behind the bush. "I require your assistance in removing it."

B'Elanna gulped as she reached up to the nape of Seven's neck and tugged on the tiny zipper there. It unzipped smoothly, allowing B'Elanna to catch a tantalizing glimpse of the unmarred, alabaster back, before Seven disappeared behind the bush again.

Soon they were back at the camp, snuggled down in Xena's spare furs that she'd allowed them to use.

"This is going to be a problem isn't it?" B'Elanna asked.

Seven turned over to look at her. "What is?"

"You not being able to regenerate." A pause. "How long can you last without it?"

The borg's brow furrowed thoughtfully. "Normally, I would be required to regenerate within another 96 hours, I could... prolong that time to a week if I eat and rest regularly."

Warning bells rang in B'Elanna's head. "And what happens after that?"

"My cortical node would shut down my implants consecutively and divert energy to itself as I cannot function without it. Eventually, I will die." Seven said calmly.

"Kahless, Seven! How can you be so calm about this?" B'Elanna exploded, then toned down her voice as she remembered their slumbering companions. "How long do we have to contact Voyager before..." she swallowed convulsively, "Before you die?"

"Three weeks at the most." There was a hint of fear in her eyes, though she struggled to keep it hidden. B'Elanna realized, then, that Seven's cool, arrogant exterior was only a facade to hide her inner turmoil.

"We'll get to Voyager before then, Seven, I promise you."

The two women fell silent, lost in their own thoughts, as they waited for dawn. Neither expected to fall asleep again after their talk, but the first rays of sunshine found them holding hands, fast asleep. They had dozed off to the soft sounds of each other's breathing.

On the other side of the campfire, Xena shifted in her bedroll. The warrior could awaken at the slightest noise and had heard the entire exchange. Her keen mind was already trying to find a way to help B'Elanna and Seven. She was out of her depth though, two strangers fallen from the sky, one who would die within a month if they didn't somehow get back... it was too much. What could she possibly do to help? Xena sighed and snuggled closer to her bard, grateful for the warm comfort of Gabrielle's sleeping form. Right now all she could do was help bring these two women together.

Chapter 3

Xena and I had been on our way to Athens when we met B'Elanna and Seven, but when Xena learnt of Seven's predicament we were reluctant to continue on our journey. They had decided to stay near the destroyed flyer incase Voyager somehow came looking for them, and we offered to stay nearby incase they needed assistance in anything. They declined the offer, however, so we continued on our way to Athens, planning to return as soon as possible.

Seven yawned and stretched languorously, she lay on a large, flat, sunbaked rock by the riverside, napping as B'Elanna tried unsuccessfully to catch a fish with her hands as they had seen Xena do. She propped herself up with one elbow, in time to see B'Elanna plunge her arms into the water in an another attempt to grab their lunch, drenching herself in the process. She couldn't help but smile. B'Elanna sensed her presence and looked up. Their eyes met, and Seven felt the smile on her face grow.

"What are you smirking at, borg?" B'Elanna mock-scowled at her.

"Your inefficient methods of catching fish."

"Inefficient eh? I'd like to see you do some of the work around here Ms. I'm-to-cool-for-my-biosuit."

"Very well, I will comply." And with that Seven dived off the rock, smacking into B'Elanna and bowling them both over. When they resurfaced, spluttering, Seven held a large trout in her hands, a triumphant grin on her face.

"How'd you do that?" demanded B'Elanna, grumbling, "I've been trying for the last half hour and you get one as soon as you jump in the water."

"I have many skills." Purred Seven, in imitation of Xena. B'Elanna burst out laughing at the inaccurate portrayal of the warrior princess. They had both seen Gabrielle roll her eyes the first time Xena had said it, finally understanding that gesture when Xena repeated it for the third time five hours later.

"If you will come here I'll teach you how to do it." Seven offered B'Elanna, then released the first fish.

"Hey, what did you do that for? I'm hungry." The half Klingon almost pouted.

Seven laughed at the pitiful expression on B'Elanna's face, "Don't worry, we'll catch many more before the day is over."

B'Elanna was amazed at the way Seven had opened up, laughing and smiling like any young woman. Only the metallic implants that adorned her fair face gave any clue to her Borg history.

She felt Seven's hand take hold of her wrist, the mixed feeling of the warmth and the cool metal of Seven's hand sent a tingly sensation through B'Elanna. Guiding B'Elanna's hands underwater they waited for their first victim.

"Be very quiet Lanna," whispered Seven, "Do not move or you will miss the water's rhythm..."

B'Elanna looked a bit started, "You called me Lanna."

Seven was standing behind her, arms encircling her waist so that she could guide B'Elanna's hands. She could feel the half Klingon's warm body pressing into hers, could smell the scent of B'Elanna's hair... she felt intoxicated.

"May I call you that, B'Elanna?"

"Yes... I like it when you say it."

"Acceptable." Seven smiled. "Now hush."

Silence descended as they waited quietly for their lunch to show up. Soon, B'Elanna felt something brush past her legs. Her eyes widened and Seven, who felt her tense up, whispered encouragement "Shh, relax... wait for it to swim into your hands." It wasn't long before B'Elanna felt a similar brush against her hands and suddenly seized the unsuspecting prey, lifting it out of the water in triumph. It squirmed and wriggled, splashing water on the women who giggled like schoolgirls, shrieking as the cool water drenched them. In this manner, they proceeded to catch many more. At the end of their fishing session, Seven didn't feel like a former borg drone very much, nor did B'Elanna feel like a Klingon warrior.

Captain Janeway was in her readyroom, sipping her coffee when Chakotay walked in, a distressed look on his face.

"What is it?" She said, immediately putting down her mug.

"Captain... it may be too early to be certain but..." He paused, unsure how to break the terrible news to Kathryn.

"Spit it out." Snapped Janeway. She hated being interrupted at this time of the morning – she was only into her second mug, it was much too early to be hit with bad news.

"Ensign Kim has detected signs of a collapsed wormhole in the vicinity. There are also signs that it collapsed while someone was traveling through it... We think it might be B'Elanna and Seven – they've disappeared."

Janeway felt a migraine coming on. "Are you absolutely certain it was them?"

"Captain, if they were caught inside it, it's highly unlikely that they survived... There isn't a debris field large enough to be them, but they could very well have traveled to the other side before..." he trailed off, seeing the expression on Janeway's face.

"Keep searching for them Commander."

"Kathryn, it had a 20% chance of failing... and our sensors have picked up all the signs of an extremely unstable..."

"Keep searching, Commander." Repeated Janeway icily.

Chakotay sighed. "Aye Captain." He left the ready room, doors hissing shut quietly behind him. He prayed that Janeway was right, that B'Elanna and Seven had somehow survived, but he held little true hope in his heart.

It was now the fifth day they'd been stranded, Seven and B'Elanna had just finished constructing a small hut. Seven stepped back from their new shelter, eyeing it in the fading light with satisfaction.


After their little fishing expedition the day before, the two women returned to the Delta Flyer and salvaged what they could, including some ration bars and a few tools. They then spent the next day constructing a hut, which was 4 by 5 meters long and just high enough for Seven to stand up in. It still needed some work, but for now, it was adequate. There were two windows that could be closed to keep the warmth in as well as a door that could be bolted from the inside. Logs were strategically placed for use as chairs, and they'd moved the few possessions they had into the shelter. Their sleeping furs were arranged carefully near a small fire that was burning below a crude chimney, and a small pile of firewood lay in the corner. All in all, it looked very snug.

B'Elanna opened the door. "After you." She flashed a smile at Seven.

Seven stepped in, looking around and feeling pleased at their handiwork. B'Elanna entered too and closed the door behind her; she turned just in time to see Seven crumple. She rushed to Seven's side.

"Lanna, I'm okay." Seven struggled to stand up.

"Are you sure?" B'Elanna said, eyes filled with worry. "Is it... is it because you aren't regenerating?"

"Perhaps, but I assure you B'Elanna, I am fine. My legs just gave way suddenly, that's all." Seven stood, although she did not pull away. Her voice softened seeing how distressed the other woman was "Thank you for caring."

"I don't want you to work too hard in the future. You need to conserve your energy." B'Elanna said as she hugged Seven close. Her twin hearts beating rapidly from the fright she'd had and from being pressed close to the beautiful woman she was beginning to fall in love with. "Please, Seven."

Seven was about to argue, but found she could not resist B'Elanna's plea. "I will comply." She relented. "But I will continue to fish." She added, not about to give up her newfound hobby.

"Of course." Grinned B'Elanna, and then seeing the other woman yawn, she said, "Lets get some rest now. I don't want to tire you out any more."

They settled down by the fire, side by side. B'Elanna was tempted to wrap her arms around the borg but didn't want move too quickly so she just whispered "G'night."

To her surprise, Seven snuggled closer and whispered "G'night Lanna, sweet 'dreams'" into her ear.

"Do you ever have dreams Seven?"


"Even now that you're not regenerating?"

"No, I would like to experience one." Seven replied, "What are dreams like, B'Elanna?"

"Well ...to me, it's always been like a story unfolding inside my head, and I never know how it's going to end." B'Elanna explained. She turned to look at Seven, the borg's pale skin set aglow by the firelight, dancing flames reflected in her eyes. B'Elanna felt her breath catch. "Would you like me to tell you one of my dreams?" she asked Seven, trying to push the amorous thoughts from her head.

"Yes," said Seven, "That would be very acceptable."

B'Elanna lay back onto the fur. "When I was a little girl," B'Elanna began, a faraway look on her face as she brought up the memories of her past, "the other children weren't allowed to play with me... so I'd make believe of living in a magical kingdom far away. After a while, I began dreaming it in my sleep. And in these dreams, I would be a knight, or a warrior... kind of like Xena." She grinned at Seven. "Sometimes, a fair maid would appear, you know, a damsel in distress and I'd rescue her from some terrible fate. She had long blonde hair and the softest, fairest skin you ever saw." She smiled in fond remembrance. "And in the dreams, she would sing for me... sometimes I would wake up with the sound of her voice and a sweet haunting melody in my head." B'Elanna sighed, "The last dream I had of her didn't end like the others... she was clinging onto a ledge, about to fall into a dark chasm. I reached out and grasped her hand, but I couldn't hold on and her fingers began to slip away... I never dreamed of her again after that." B'Elanna looked over to Seven whose eyes were closed and was breathing deeply, she'd fallen asleep. B'Elanna's heart filled with affection for the young woman, leaning over, she kissed Seven gently on the forehead. "Sleep well, BangwI."

"Am I your beloved?" B'Elanna suddenly found herself looking into two blue orbs that were staring intently into hers, scanning her face in wonder. Seven's arms had captured her as she was about to pull away and now she was held partly on top of Seven, her head just inches away from Seven's.

"Yes." B'Elanna replied, finally finding her voice. "Always... if you wish it."

"I do."

"You do?" B'Elanna's smile lit up her whole face.

Seven simply nodded, unable to speak for the elation that was coursing through her.

Their lips met briefly, a fleeting gentle touch, which quickly became a hungry, searing kiss. Seven could hear B'Elanna growl softly as she slipped a tongue into her mouth. B'Elanna lips were soft and sweet, and tasting them was unlike anything Seven had ever experienced. She moaned into B'Elanna's mouth, kissing with a fierce yet gentle passion.

"I... I think love you, B'Elanna." She whispered.

A joyful smile spread across the half Klingon's face, "And I love you, my sweet, beautiful Seven of Nine."

Seven leaned down for another kiss and B'Elanna responded fervently, moaning as Seven's leg maneuvered itself between her thighs, pressing gently into her throbbing centre. Their lips were locked in a long passionate kiss, releasing the fiery emotions that both women had pent up for so long.

"Are you ready for this Seven?" B'Elanna touched her face gently.

"Yes." Seven replied breathlessly, "Extremely ready." She flipped B'Elanna over so she was on top, straddling the other woman's waist. "I wish to engage in non-reproductive copulation with you." She said, somehow making all the Borg vocabulary sound incredibly sexy.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be rush- Mmm oh that feels good. Yeah... Oh sweet Kahl-mmmmphh."

"Less talking." The borg commanded, then kissed her again, finding that it was an efficient way to shut her up. Seven's hands began to roam, kneading B'Elanna's breasts through the thin material of her singlet, causing her nipples to strain against it. She removed the item of clothing, then bent down, her tongue flicking gently over each taut nipple. B'Elanna arched her back, whimpering as she felt Seven's warm, wet mouth cover her breast, sucking gently while the other breast was being caressed. As Seven lavished attention on her breasts, B'Elanna's hands were free to explore her lover's body. She reached behind Seven's neck and unzipped the biosuit, pulling it mostly off Seven in one fluid motion.

"I need to see you, Seven." She whispered in her lovers' ear, nibbling an earlobe.

Seven paused only long enough to step out of the biosuit before pouncing on B'Elanna again.

"Whoa tiger," B'Elanna gasped, unable to laugh with Seven touching her like that. "I'm the Klingon here." She growled before nipping at Seven's collarbone and nibbling at the soft skin of her neck. B'Elanna sucked harder, as she felt Seven's hand stroke her thigh, inching upwards towards her moist opening. She heard Seven gasping out her name and whimpered as long fingers stroked her before entering her deftly, making B'Elanna cry out with pleasure. At the same time, her lips captured Sevens' again while her fingers dipped into Seven's silky soft entrance, her fingers brushing gently against the small nub as she filled the other woman completely. Their heated bodies moved together as one, in perfect rhythm as B'Elanna sunk her teeth into Seven's cheek, and then Seven into hers. The lovers screamed their release simultaneously – and for a single, brief moment both women felt as if they were suspended in eternity.

Chapter 4

B'Elanna was drifting in a pleasant haze, a warm, fuzzy pleasant haze. 'I must be in heaven' she thought idly. Her eyes opened slowly and she found herself staring at the soft curve of a breast. 'Not heaven,' she corrected herself happily, 'Seven.' She sighed in contentment and stretched, careful not to disturb the sleeping beauty beside her. A lock of blonde hair had fallen over Seven's face and she gently brushed it aside. A giddy smile spread over B'Elanna's face as she thought back to the previous night, after a long session of lovemaking, they'd fallen asleep in each others arms whispering declarations of love. Now it was almost midday, it had been a wonderful night's sleep, made all the better by waking up next to this beautiful woman. It was the first time B'Elanna had seen Seven while she was sleeping. All the other times, Seven had woken up when she did, and it just wasn't the same when Seven was regenerating – she didn't have the same look on her face, that peaceful, sweet, serene expression that B'Elanna felt an irresistible urge to kiss. She didn't though, not wanting to wake Seven. 'Our 'activities' must have tired her out.' B'Elanna thought with a smirk. She carefully extricated her leg, which had been trapped between Sevens' and gently moved the arm that had been draped over her shoulders. Calling on extreme willpower, she forced herself to climb out of the warm furs. Quickly pulling on her clothes, B'Elanna decided to try and catch their lunch before Seven awoke, hoping to surprise the borg with breakfast in bed. Then she scrawled 'gone fishing' on the dirt floor with a finger, gave the sleeping woman one last glance, and hurried off to the river.

Seven awoke, feeling vaguely uneasy. B'Elanna was not with her; she should be with her... why was she not there? She looked around in the dim light of the cabin, and saw 'gone fishing' scratched into the floor. How long ago was that? She touched the furs beside her, they were still warm – B'Elanna must have only recently left. Seven felt slightly better at knowing where B'Elanna was, but was still a little worried. 'This is irrational.' She tried to reason with herself, but the uneasy feeling persisted. Knowing that it wouldn't go away until she was beside her lover again, she decided to go find B'Elanna.

It was a lovely morning, Seven noted as she made her way down to the river along the familiar trail. The sun was high in the sky, and Seven wondered at how she could've slept for so long. Perhaps it was a side effect of their lovemaking, she thought, but then reasoned that it was most likely due to not being able to regenerate. She frowned at how fast the effects were catching up with her. The borg was broken out of her reverie by sounds of harsh laughter and jeering. She broke into a run, berating herself for not bringing the phaser.

"What are you, freak?"

Seven reached the riverbank in time to see a man kick B'Elanna in the stomach, causing the woman to double over in pain. The half Klingon had armed herself with a stout-looking tree branch and was trying her best to defend herself. Half a dozen mean-looking men surrounded her, trying to get close enough to disarm her but too cowardly to rush her by themselves.

"Do you like the pain, bitch?" Snarled a man in perverse joy as he slipped past B'Elanna's defenses and smashed a mace into her ribs. It was the last thing he would say. Seven had reached the group by now and plucked him up with her borg enhanced hand, cold fury in her eyes as she snapped his neck and flung him aside. She reached for her next victim, who cowered, shrinking away before her mesh-covered hand. He squealed in pain as she kicked him and crashed into a nearby tree, causing it to shake with the force. At the same time she'd grabbed another by the neck as was in the process of squeezing the life out of him.


Seven didn't hear, intent on destroying the weasel of a man who would dare to hurt her beloved. His eyes had begun to bulge, a terrified expression frozen on his face.


B'Elanna's voice finally cut through her rage, and she dropped the man. The others had all fled before her attack. She turned to find the half Klingon holding her side with a pained expression on her face.

"Lanna," Seven whispered "are you hurt, my Lanna?" She caught hold of the injured woman, cradling her in protective arms. "B'Elanna?" She couldn't stand the thought of her beloved being damaged.

"Shh," B'Elanna soothed "I'm okay." She hugged the frightened borg awkwardly with one arm, then winced "Just a little sore." She closed her eyes for a second before smiling bravely, trying to reassure Seven, "They got in a few hits there, but I'll be fine."

"You are damaged." Seven said with a disapproving tone, "Where are your injuries?"

"I think my shoulder is dislocated, and my ribs hurt." B'Elanna winced as she gingerly pressed the area where the mace had caught her.

"Can you walk? We must return to the cabin." Seven paused. "I will carry you." She said decisively, then added "Resistance is futile." when she saw B'Elanna about to protest. This made the half Klingon giggle.

"Ow." B'Elanna complained, "Don't make me laugh, Seven."

"Yes dear." Seven leaned down to kiss her on the nose, then gently picked up her injured companion.

The walk home was long and arduous; taking almost ten minutes as Seven walked extra slowly, careful not to jolt B'Elanna. The women sighed with relief as they entered their hut, which already felt like both a haven and a home to them. Seven carefully laid B'Elanna down and knelt by her.

"I will set your shoulder, this may hurt." Seven said, then grabbed hold of B'Elanna's arm and pushed it back in place before the other woman had time to react.

The half Klingon blinked in surprise. "Whoa, it's done?"


"It ...didn't hurt."

"Good." Seven replied, "I've noticed that the human brain often does not register senses when it is surprised. My hypothesis was correct, it seems." She looked at B'Elanna who was staring at her. "What is it?"


"Me?" Seven asked, puzzled.

"Yes, you. You're beautiful."

"You are incorrect, I am not aesthetically pleasing."

"You are, Seven." B'Elanna insisted, taking up Seven's hand and kissing the cool mesh. "I love everything about you. To me, you're the most beautiful woman in the world." B'Elanna gazed into Seven's eyes. "I love your nose," she put the tip of a finger on Seven's nose, "and your lips," she kissed them, "your ears" she nibbled a lobe, "eyebrows", she ran her thumb gently over one eyebrow and then kissed the implant that framed the other. "I love all of you."

Seven looked expectantly at her. "The rest of me is waiting."

B'Elanna eyed the borg's body suggestively, then sighed. "I'd show the rest of your body how much I love it, but I don't think my ribs would like it very much."

"Do not hurt your ribs!" Seven was alarmed, "I love them!"

B'Elanna chuckled softly, "My ribs love you too, sweetie. And don't worry, they'll get better soon."


B'Elanna's stomach growled.

"Is your stomach jealous because I love your ribs? Please assure it that I love it just as much."

B'Elanna laughed, then sucked in her breath as her ribs protested at the sudden movement. "My stomach is assured– " she began to say, but was cut off by another loud growl from the vicinity of her abdomen. She glared at it. Seven quirked an amused eyebrow.

"I'm hungry, okay?" grumbled B'Elanna.

"I see." Seven stood up. "I will go secure our afternoon nutritional supplement."

"Is it safe?" B'Elanna frowned, "Take the phaser... just incase those men come back."

" I do not require a phaser, they are easily dealt with." Seven argued, "You should keep it, you are damaged. You will be unable to defend yourself if they come here."


"You may come after me with the phaser if I do not return within half an hour."


Seven turned and crossed her arms over her chest, a stubborn look on her face. "Yes?"

B'Elanna sighed, "Nothing." She knew when to make a tactical retreat. It was no use trying to argue with a borg, especially when that borg had learnt how to be stubborn from Janeway herself.

B'Elanna needn't have worried though; Seven was back before 10 minutes had elapsed, holding two large fish in her hands.

"Honey, I'm home!"

B'Elanna winced. "You sound like Tom when you do that."

"That is only logical seeing as I learnt the phrase from him." Seven replied, as she briskly began to prepare the fish for cooking. "However, I will no longer use it if you dislike it."

"Anything you say is music to my ears, BangwI, I just... I don't like being reminded of Tom or Voyager at the moment." B'Elanna sighed. "What if they never find us?"

"They will," Seven reassured her, then bent down to kiss B'Elanna's forehead ridges. They smiled at each other for a moment before B'Elanna sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose.

"You smell like fish."

Chapter 5

"I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, may we be of assistance?"

The alien on screen resembled humans greatly, Janeway noted with interest. He was slightly chubby, and looked like a balding human male in his early fifties. The only visible difference was that their eyes tended to be slightly larger and situated more towards the sides of the head. It had been two days since B'Elanna and Seven disappeared and they'd still discovered nothing. Then alien vessel had approached Voyager, hailing her only a few minutes before.

"My name is Captain Launssomi*, I am the representative of my people, we occupy this system. Welcome." He greeted her cordially, "We've noticed that you seem greatly interested in this area. We are willing to offer you information about the Tambius wormhole in exchange for... some information of your own, perhaps?"

Janeway uncrossed her legs and sat up in her chair, suddenly interested. "You said there was a wormhole. I don't see any wormhole here."

"Ah, but the Tambius wormhole does exist." Captain Launssomi smiled, am I correct to assume that you would be willing to partake in this mutually beneficial trade?"

She did not need to be asked twice. "Yes."

"Good, good! Shall I beam over then? I'm sure we'll have many things in common to discuss."

Voyager's Captain could see him almost rubbing his hands together in glee, and wondered what he was up too. Well, they would find out soon enough, she mused.

Footnote: *Launssomi – Rearrange the letters and you'll get... ::drumroll:: ...Salmonius! Yes, he was the long lost twin brother of our pudgy little alien friend. Shocking, but true – our favorite salesman was actually an alien from another dimension! <pause> Uh, right, I'll shut up now, this isn't even a Xena list, nobody's going to understand my nonsensical ramblings. ::Grin::

It has been a fortnight since B'Elanna and Seven arrived, and nine days since we left them near the Athene River. Please forgive my hurried writing, as I am trying to set down all the events of the previous days in the short time that Xena is allowing for rest. Soon, we must resume our journey. The lives of our two new friends may depend on our speed.

Xena and I have been travelling at a hellish pace ever since we stopped by a tavern outside Athens two days ago. The weather had been particularly hot, and the road dusty. We saw a pleasant looking tavern that was hidden invitingly in the cool shade of olive trees, so we decided to rest there for awhile and soothe our parched throats with a drink. I stepped through the tavern doors into a crowded room filled with boisterous laughter and good humour, and as I made our way to the bar, a slurred, drunken comment chilled my bones, freezing me on the spot.

"... shtupid bitches will get what they desherve. Damn freaksh."

A rough looking man sat at a table with his companions, making ribald jokes about what he'd do to B'Elanna and Seven once he'd captured them. Xena was in the stables, and I was reluctant to approach them alone. Still, I knew I had to find out more. I approached them timidly.

"Excuse me sir," I said to one that looked slightly more sober than his companions, "I overheard your friend here talking about some uh... women."

"Ha. Those creatures aren't women..." the man sneered, "unlike you." He eyed me appreciatively.

"Have you seen them yourself?" I asked, dancing away from a groping hand and trying hard to sound like an innocent young village girl fascinated by his daring exploits.

"Not myself, no. But my brother here was part of the original group that saw them. Two of them never made it back." He shook his head in sorrow. "Those abnormal she-devils killed them."

"Oh. That's... terrible." I was actually more worried for my friends. What had happened during our absence? I hoped fervently that they were all right.

"Aye, just tragic." Agreed the man, "Don't worry, girl. Justice will be done... even as we speak a group of bounty hunters are travelling towards them. Their heads will be upon pikes by the end of the week." He laughed cruelly, "I hope they're captured alive though..."

I did not need to ask why, I had a pretty clear picture of what he wanted to do and the thought made me ill. I exited the tavern quickly, almost crashing into Xena's breastplate as I rushed toward the stables.

"Gabrielle? What's wrong?" Her strong arms caught hold of me, comforting me in an instant.

"I... I heard some men talking. There's a group of bounty hunters that are about to arrest B'Elanna and Seven." I pressed my body closer to her as she hugged me. "We must hurry... we have to get there before they do."

Xena nodded, trusting me explicitly. As we saddled Argo and set out, I related the rest of the story to Xena. She was as worried as I had been, knowing that the bounty hunters would not treat B'Elanna and Seven as humans, but rather as beasts to be hunted. I can only hope that we will arrive in time.

B'Elanna sat, cross-legged beside Seven, whittling quietly at a piece of wood. Her beautiful companion was still asleep, and B'Elanna was reluctant to wake her. Everyday Seven lost a little bit of vitality, it seemed – every day, she'd awaken a little later, and the smile she always gave B'Elanna upon waking would be a little more weary. Still, Seven tried her best to adapt to her weakening body. She refused to be confined to the hut, and accompanied B'Elanna wherever she went. It had been a little over two weeks since they'd been stranded now, and things were going fairly well despite Seven's declining health. The pleasant summer weather was holding up, and they'd heard nothing more from the men who attacked them, although B'Elanna still kept her phaser by her side at all times.

The two women had fallen into an easy routine, the days passing swiftly but quietly. In the mornings, B'Elanna would watch Seven sleep while doing something to occupy her time. Today, she was trying her hand at woodcrafts – she planned on carving a wooden rose for Seven as a surprise. On most days, after Seven awoke, they'd take the short walk down to the river where they'd bathe and catch some food. The failing borg would then rest while she collected firewood. By afternoon, they'd return to the hut where B'Elanna would fortify their home as Seven watched her work. A high, sturdy fence now surrounded their cabin – Seven had insisted that it be built fearing that they'd be attacked again. After nightfall, they would spend time cuddling and talking in the soft, flickering light of their fire. It was the time of day that B'Elanna treasured most – everything, even being stranded, was worth it as long as she and Seven could be together. It was during these sessions that B'Elanna and Seven grew closer, bonding through words, through touches... and by the sweet lovemaking they indulged in whenever Seven wasn't too tired for it.

The half Klingon looked up to see Seven stir in her sleep, her smooth, pale brow furrowing slightly. B'Elanna leaned down and awakened her beloved with a gentle kiss upon the lips. Blue eyes slowly fluttered open, focusing on the welcome sight of B'Elanna's face.

"Good morning," smiled Seven, and pulled B'Elanna into a warm hug "I wish to 'snuggle' with you a bit before I get up." She wrapped her arms around her lover. "Is that acceptable?"

"Do I have a choice?" Grinned B'Elanna, wrapping her own arms tightly around Seven.

"No." A pause. "Resistance is– "

"Futile." B'Elanna finished for her, capturing Seven's lips in a passionate kiss which left them both breathless.

They found themselves looking at one another, the same love mirrored in the other's eyes. B'Elanna leaned over to kiss the tip of Seven's nose, causing Seven to smile.

"You're my everything, you know that?"

Seven was about to reply when she tensed suddenly. "I hear something."

B'Elanna couldn't help but note remorsefully that only a week ago, Seven could have determined what that 'something' was and how far away it was correct to two decimal points.

"It's coming closer..."

B'Elanna drew her phaser and looked out the window, in time to see someone hoist themselves over their fence. She did not hesitate to shoot him, sending him back over the fence with a startled oath. Her keen hearing picked up the soft creak of a numerous bows being drawn and she flung herself at Seven, knocking them both flat onto the ground. A second later, dozens of arrows thudded into their cabin, many of them puncturing the walls.

"Damn," B'Elanna swore softly, "We must be surrounded." She knelt under the window, took a deep breath and flung open the shutters, shooting randomly at the men that were climbing over the fence. Seven rushed to the door and bolted it, then she piled the logs against it.

"Who the f*** are they?" growled B'Elanna. "And why are they shooting at us?" Another volley of arrows rained down on their shelter, causing it to shake slightly.

"Seven?" B'Elanna inquired curiously as she watched Seven get up and begin breaking off arrowheads from the shafts stuck in the wall.

"I will collect a handful of these and throw them at the attackers." Seven explained, and before her companion could protest, she opened a window and found a man who had succeeded in breaching their first line of defense. She flung the arrowheads with deadly speed and accuracy, killing him immediately as his chest blossomed with red.

"How many do you think there are?"

"Over fifty, I believe." Seven replied, "Should we try diplomacy? They are too numerous, we cannot win this fight."

B'Elanna ducked as an arrow whizzed through the window and over her head, narrowly missing the borg behind her. "Yeah. We could try... but somehow, I don't think they came here to talk." She took a deep breath, then shouted "Stop attacking us. We want to talk... what do you want?"

"We want you." A commanding voice boomed out, then laughed harshly. "Our king has offered twenty thousand dinars for both your heads."

"And why are our heads so valuable?"

"His nephew was one of the men that you murdered."

"We were acting in self defense!"

"Hey, don't argue with us, we're just doing out jobs." A pause. "Well I am anyway. Some of my boys here aren't as professional... they want to have some fun. I'll make a deal with you – if you surrender now, I'll make sure your end is quick."

B'Elanna and Seven looked at each other.

"Resist, and I'll let my men do what they want." He delivered the ultimatum with a chilly voice; "The king only wants your heads, after all."

B'Elanna's felt bile rise in her throat. "Seven?"

"I will not surrender."

B'Elanna nodded. "We do not accept your terms."

The attack resumed immediately. And the women were forced to hug the ground again as another wave of deadly arrows was released, bombarding their hut.


"What was that?"


"Oh shit."

Crash. It was the sound of splintering wood.

"They've knocked down the fence..." B'Elanna clenched her jaw. "Damn..."

Their eyes locked.

"We'll go down fighting, I won't let those bastards touch you." B'Elanna promised Seven, holding her close protectively.

"I will defend you to my last breath, beloved."

"Good, it's all settled then..."

They shared one last kiss before turning to stand back to back, ready to meet their attackers.

Chapter 6

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