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The Vagina Monster
By trancer


Part 2

They never made it to the bedroom, or the living room for that matter. Both happy George was still at work. Happy their new puppy was outside. Izzie happy she'd managed to stay fully clothed before the front door closed behind them while Meredith pounced on her like a fat kid at a pie eating contest. Her hands everywhere, yanking at Izzie's shirt, her jeans, her jacket, while her mouth stole the breath from Izzie's lungs.

The Vagina Monster, while skinny as a rail, was also deceptively strong. She'd decided she needed Izzie right then. Right there being the small table in the foyer where she held Izzie up by the thighs, her hips thrusting hurriedly, almost forcibly jamming the seven inches of molded realistic polyurethane into Izzie's wanting vagina. Izzie yelped loudly with each thrust, a panting, moaning, keening sound erupting from her throat. Her hands on Meredith's shoulders, fingers digging into the material of her coat. Meredith was such a top which explained why she was still fully clothed and Izzie a perfect picture of disheveled almost nakedness. Her shirt bunched under her armpits exposing her breasts, jacket hanging halfway off her shoulder. Her panties and jeans bunched around the ankle of one leg.

"Harder," Izzie groaned. She grabbed one of Meredith's hands by the wrist, pulling it up and pressing it onto her breast.

"Yes ma'am," Meredith growled back, her hips thrusting in a perfect arc. Until the table legs clacked hard against the floor, the end thumping loudly against the wall and Izzie cried out in an ever increasing crescendo with each back straining, hip swaying jab of Meredith's hips.

In those tiny moments when Meredith was capable of cognitive thought, she thought about the maybe's. Maybe she'd tell Izzie why she always came back to the blonde for more. Maybe she never would. The only definitive she knew - she loved making Izzie come. She leaned back, just enough to watch the woman before her. The lazily closed eyes, the part of her lips, the hands planted against the wall, clawing at the plaster as if she could rip it apart. The shaking of her head, as if fighting back the roiling tide within her. The tiny gasp emitted from her parted lips right before she came.

Meredith followed moments later, buried her head in Izzie's shoulder groaning loudly as the tremors erupted from within her. Realizing the full benefits of a clit stimulator within her harness. Back tensing while her hips jerked spastically, receiving another series of gasps from the woman pressed between Meredith and the wall.

"Have you ever thought," Izzie paused to whimper slightly as Meredith withdrew from her. "That maybe, you're addicted to sex?"

"Maybe," Meredith squinted, smiling devilishly as she began to lower herself to her knees, sliding her face between Izzie's legs. "Maybe I've found my calling."

"Your calling?" Izzie repeated staring down at the blue eyes gazing seductively up at her.

"Yeah," she leaned in, planted a small kiss on the inside of Izzie's thigh. "How many one-night stands have you had?"

"I've had my share."

"Mmm-hmmm," she stated with another kiss to the opposite thigh. "And how many ended with a mind-blowing orgasm?"

"I've had my share."

"Uh-huh," this time, she answered with a slow lick of her tongue. One that made Izzie hiss loudly, her fingers to curl around the edge of the table. "It got me thinking. Like, what we women need is a Sexual Bill of Rights. Claim our inalienable right to be sexually satisfied by lovers who know how to please a woman. The right to have our clits sucked," Meredith demonstrated with her lips, wrapping them around the sensitive bundle of nerves. "Our labias licked," and again with her tongue and another long, luxurious lick of Izzie's flesh. "Our g-spots massaged until our insides turn to jelly and the fireworks explode behind our eyes," her hand curled around her extended middle finger which slid deep inside Izzie, curling, pressing gently upwards, eliciting a choking gasp from the blonde.

"To be touched, and kissed, and licked, and fucked by someone who knows how to please a woman. And I figured, who better than a woman. Hell, why not me? I've discovered I'm very good at it. Wouldn't you agree?" she asked with a playful jab against Izzie's g-spot.

"I hate you," Izzie managed to grunt.

"Of course you do," Meredith grinned. Ran her tongue up the length of Izzie's inner thigh. "Want me to demonstrate article two, section four - the Multiple Orgasm Clause?"

"Yes, but," Izzie reached out with her arm, a handful of Meredith's hair in her hand, holding the woman back from attaching her mouth to Izzie's vagina once again. "Could we do it in the bedroom? This table's kinda cold. And I'm pretty certain article two, section four says nothing about potential back strain."

Meredith stepped onto the empty elevator, slumping against a wall while a hand went to her shoulder massaging away the tension. The doors began to close when George quickly slid through the ever closing doors. They stood in silence, the floors ticking away. Meredith could feel the tension roiling off the man. She slammed the 'stop' button, snapping her head at him. "What!?!"


"Are you sure?" she stared at him questioningly.

"Yes, I'm sure."



Meredith repressed the button, the elevator lurching downward. George leaned forward slamming his hand against the 'stop' button.


"Gah," he shook his head incredulously. "I can't believe you slept with Izzie."

"Is that what this is about?"

"No," he shook his head. "Yes. No!" he sighed deeply. "I just.. I don't want Izzie to get hurt. Or you."

"Izzie's a big girl."

"That's not the point, and you know it. You guys keep doing.. this thing. And you keep saying it's about sexual freedom, and experimentation and the bonds of sisterhood. Whatever that means. But, it's more than that and someone's going to start to get feelings because it's never really just about sex, not with Izzie, or with you. And I'm going to get stuck in the middle like I always do. And," he slumped against the wall, the anger deflating from him like a saggy balloon. "I just don't want you guys to get hurt."

A pregnant paused filled the air. Meredith could feel her lips pulling into a smile. George stepped aside allowing Meredith to restart the elevator. She nudged George with her shoulder. "You know, if you were a girl, I'd totally have sex with you right now."

"No thanks," he grinned as the elevator slowed to a stop. "I've already had my lifetime encounter with syphilis."

"Hey!" Meredith gaped at him, George slipping past Addison as the redhead stepped into the elevator. Meredith squinted at him while the doors closed. "I don't have.."

"Bye Meredith," he waved between the closing crack.

"Dammit," she mumbled under her breath, realizing she'd missed her floor. And also realizing she was no longer alone in the elevator. She turned her head the slightest of degrees, enough to see Addison standing next to her. "Dr. Sheppard."

"Dr. Grey."

The moments ticked by as an uncomfortable silence filled the small room. Meredith tried valiantly not to stare. But couldn't keep her eyes from moving towards the corners of her sockets, from examining the woman standing next to her.

"Is something the matter?"

"No," Meredith faked a smile. "Just admiring your shoes."

"Thanks," Addison stated in a questioning tone right before the elevator doors opened.

Meredith continued not watching Addison as she walked down the corridor. Her line of vision getting smaller and smaller as the doors began to close again. Meredith realizing, too late, she'd missed her floor. Again.

"Son of a bitch!"

Izzie sat on a gurney somewhere in the lower bowels of Seattle Grace. A large book sat on her lap, next to a notebook where she furiously scribbled her notes.

Christina turned the corner, coffee mug in hand, hopping onto the gurney next to Izzie. She sat for several long moments, enjoying the quiet before turning to the blonde next to her. "Izz?"

"Yeah?" Izzie continued scribbling in her notebook.

She inhaled deeply. Exhaled an annoyed, uncomfortable sigh. The kind of sigh as if Christina was shedding her pride to engage in something she abhorred - asking for advice. "When you slept with Meredith, that.. thing she does with her tongue?"

Izzie looked up from her book, staring blankly at the wall, a tiny smile on her lips. "The swirly thing?"

"Yeah, did you teach her that?"

"No, that's all Meredith," she returned her attentions to her book. "Along with that little finger flick."

"Really?" Christina smiled dreamily. "The finger thing too? Damn."

"Why are you asking me this?" she lifted her eyes from the text, turning her head towards Christina. "You're not asking for sex, are you?"

"Don't flatter yourself, blondie. I just need some assistance."

"Assistance with what?" Izzie gaped. It wasn't like Christina to ask for advice. And Izzie was pretty certain if she did, the last person on the list would be Izzie, or George.

"To get Burke to learn the swirly tongue, finger flick thing," she waved the coffee mug around, gesticulating with her hand. "I mean, how do you tell your boyfriend that your best friend eats pussy better than he does?"

"Oh no," Izzie raised her hands defensively. "I am soo not going there. And when the Hell did I become Dr. Ruth?"

"Right around the time you started putting out for Meredith."

"I am not easy."

"I never said you were," she sipped from her mug. "You're more like accommodating. You want everyone to be happy, even if that includes giving it up to Meredith. Hell, I'm surprised you haven't knocked boots with George. I can see why she chose you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Christina ignored the question, lost in her own thoughts. "Do you think I could get her to write it down or something?"

"It's because she thinks I'm easy, isn't it?"

Christina hopped off the gurney. She patted Izzie's leg placatingly. "Of course she does. Who else would she ask?"

"She could have asked you."

"Oh please," Christina smirked, disappearing around a corner. "I'd break her."

Christina eventually left. Soon replaced by Meredith. She sat on the gurney next to Izzie, turning fully towards the blonde, one leg tucked under the other. Izzie tried valiantly to avoid the silent stare boring a hole into the side of her face.

"No," she broke the silence.

"Aw, c'mon, you haven't even heard the question."

"I know that look, Meredith," she glared at her with suspicious eyes. "It's the look you give me right before I'm being bent over something, figuratively AND literally."

"I don't want to have sex."

"Yes, you do."

Meredith rolled her eyes. "Okay, fine, I do. But, not with you."

"Why not?" Izzie shook her head. "Never mind, forget I asked that question."

"You know my rules. Except, now I have a problem. A big problem. Like, I want to break them, but I don't wanna break them."

Izzie thought for several moments. "So, you wanna have sex with someone at Seattle Grace, someone already in a relationship. Hrmm, you've already slept with Christina, and Derek. Bailey?"

Meredith paused, eyes gazing out of focus as if she hadn't even contemplated the question. "I think she'd hurt me," her lips stretched into a wide, broad grin. "A lot. Besides, I don't think she'd go for it. She already looks like someone who's getting her trigger pulled."

"Well, I've got work to do, so I don't have time to play twenty quest.."

"It's Addison."

"What!?!" Izzie hopped off the gurney, hurriedly scooping up her books. "I soo did not need to hear that."

"C'mon Izzie. You can't leave me like this. You gotta help me."

"She's my boss, Meredith. And the wife of your, whatever Derek is right now. How could you.."

"Have you seen her breasts? She's got a rack about as hot as yours. And those legs? I can't stop imagining them wrapped around me while I.."

"Lalalalala," Izzie dropped her books onto the floor, sticking her fingers in her ears. "I'm not listening."

"Wait," she placed her hands on Izzie's wrists, pulling the blonde's hands from her. "I'm not going to sleep with her."

"Thank God."

"You are," Izzie's hands went immediately back to her ears. Meredith pulled them back down again, gripping them to keep Izzie from placing them in her ears, or walking away. "Hear me out. You know how they say when you sleep with someone you're sleeping with everyone they slept with before you. I figured, technically, I don't have to sleep with Addison, you could do it, then I could sleep with you."

"Meredith, with that logic, technically, you've already slept with Addison. You know, when you slept with Derek."

"That's not the same," Meredith huffed. Certain she wouldn't run away, freeing Izzie from her grip. "It needs to be a woman."

"Well, maybe Addison's already slept with a woman. Go find her."

"Izzie," she sighed, realizing this was going to take more finesse than she'd planned on. She gazed at Izzie's face, her eyes lighting up in recognition. "You like her, don't you?"

Izzie ran her hands over her hair in frustration. "Why'd you choose me?"


"Out of all the women in Seattle, Hell, on the planet, why me?"

"Because of this," Meredith whipped her hands forwards, grasping Izzie by the face. She pulled their lips together, pressing her mouth eagerly against the blonde's. In moments, the kiss was returned. Hands placed gently on Meredith's hips, while their bodies moved closer. Meredith pulling away only when the need for oxygen overran her desire to kiss Izzie.

She grabbed Izzie by the wrist. Izzie allowed the woman to pull her into the tiny storage closet. She was supposed to be mad at Meredith, walking away in a huff with a curt retort still hovering in the air. Instead, she was letting Meredith have her way with her. Again. For reasons she hadn't fully comprehended other than Meredith was really good at giving orgasms. It's what allowed her to let Meredith back her against the tiny space of wall between the door and a rack. Pressed against her as Meredith's mouth found Izzie's once again.

"I chose you," she sighed into Izzie's panting mouth. "Because you don't expect anything from me. Because you're soft in all the right places," her hand slid between the waistband of Izzie's scrubs, dipping into the wet heat below. "And sweet. And you make the cutest little gasp right before you come."

Izzie sucked in a large gasp, chewing on her lower lip to keep her moan from echoing off the walls. There was something frustratingly irresistible about Meredith, and they both knew it. If Izzie kept acquiescing to Meredith's demands, she'd end up submitting. And, they both also knew that. "She's my boss, Meredith."

"But, do you like her?" she nibbled on a pulse point, her hips gently joining the rhythm of her hand, pressing against Izzie.

"Mere.." Izzie purred as her leg lifted, hanging over Meredith's hip and the long nimble fingers slid inside her. One of these days she was going to have to figure out why she was so damn accommodating.

"You like her don't you?"


"Enough that you wish it were her inside you instead of me?"

"That's not fair, Meredith."

"What? That you're thinking of her while you're with me," she smiled as her voice purred into Izzie's neck. "That you can imagine her red hair tickling across your stomach, her eyes gazing into yours as she goes down on you. Those perfect red lips touching you right there."

A small choking gasp erupted from Izzie's throat right as her body shuddered violently, her fingers digging into Meredith's shoulder and back, hips bucking onto the hand between her legs.

She allowed Meredith to hold her. Well, more like pin her to the wall while her legs remembered how to stand of their own accord. Stood and was held by Meredith while the woman gently brought her down, casually massaging, caressing, milking Isobel of every shudder, tremble and quake. Izzie finally found her ability to speak, mumbling into Meredith's shoulder. "I hate you. You know that, right?"

"You'll hate me more if you don't do as I say."

She tilted her head up to look "What's that?"

"Sleep with Addison."

Izzie opened her mouth in an attempt to argue. Instead, Meredith took the moment to jam her tongue in Izzie's mouth, effectively shutting up any retort.

It was then Izzie realized why Meredith had chosen her. And that George and Christina had been right -

Isobel was easy, and very accommodating.

And had an incredibly hard time denying Meredith, especially when the woman had her pinned against a wall, finger pressed expertly against her g-spot, on the verge of giving her an orgasm - again.

Which, in the end, despite all her protestations to the contrary, meant she would be sleeping with Addison. And, in the end, when she's pressed against a wall about to have another orgasm, didn't really sound like such a bad thing.

There were, after all, worse ways to spend an afternoon.

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