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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I finally write a Grey's Anatomy femmeslash story and it's with Meredith? Seriously, I have no idea where this came from. Actually, I do. The ending of 2.11 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and the scene where Meredith extends her hand to Izzie and says "Come with me". And I'm like - damn, now I know where all the subtext has been hiding. Figures it'd be Meredith hoarding it all to herself.
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Stevens' Anatomy
By trancer


Izzie yanked out of her clothes in a hurried jerking motion. The material strained from her forceful pulls. Today had been, Izzie decided, the worst day of her life. A day, a life, she wanted to get as far away from as possible. To forget in a fit of sleep so sound as to be comatose.

She jerked back the covers, flopping onto her belly before yanking them over her body. Too tired to put on pajamas, the sheets felt cool and soft against her bare skin. Felt good to be reclined, in her own room, her own bed, on sheets and pillows that felt and smelt like home instead of antiseptic, sickness and all the other reminder's of Seattle Grace.

Izzie rolled onto her side, curling her body into a bow shape. Settled into the twilight stage of sleep. Where her mind was too wired to actually go to sleep and her body too tired to do anything else but lay there. It could have been seconds, minutes, hours when the door to her room opened, the soft pad of feet thudded softly across the floor. The sheets gently pulled back as the mattress dipped lightly to the added weight.

It wasn't until she felt Meredith's arm drawing across her stomach that Izzie stirred from her slumber.


"Mmmm," the woman answered with a soft murmur, her nose settling against Izzie's neck.

"What are you doing?"

"I didn't want to sleep alone," Meredith pulled herself closer to Izzie, molding her body against the blonde's. "Thought I'd come snuggle with you."

"Why don't you go snuggle with George?"

"You really think either of us would actually get any sleep?"

"Fine," Izzie huffed gently. She had to admit, it did feel good. Meredith was warm, soft. Her breath felt good across her neck. The t-shirt and shorts created a thin barrier between them. Made their current position a little less weird. Friendly. That's what Izzie decided upon. Meredith was her friend and sometimes friends snuggle. She had to admit a slight visceral thrill at the idea. She'd always felt on the outside of Meredith's inner circle. And decided there could be no greater 'in' than snuggling. Izzie relaxed. Her mind drifted, settled into a low breathing pattern. The tendrils of sleep crept around the edges of her brain, beckoning her towards the welcome embrace of slumber.

That is, until she felt Meredith's hand. Her eyes blinked open, heart increasing to a faster tempo. Her mind tracing the sensations on her skin, trying to reconcile with the idea that what she felt was indeed real and not some phantom sensation or fevered dream created by her tired mind.

Meredith Grey was touching her breast. Not just touching, caressing. The fingers making a gentle circular motion across the smooth, sensitive skin. Randomly tracing the pads of her fingertips over her nipple.


"Mmmm," she answered, her fingers continuing their ministrations.

"What are you doing?"

"You have nice breasts."

"Thanks. But, that doesn't explain what you're doing to them."

"I believe it's called groping," she answered with a gentle squeeze.

"And why are you groping my breasts?"

"Because they're nice."

Izzie rolled onto her back. Meredith's hand still on her breast. She gazed into Meredith's eyes. They weren't clouded with sleep. Bright. Sparkling. Illuminated, even in the darkness of Izzie's room. Eyes that were awake, alert, and very, very aware of what her hand was doing.

Izzie found her mouth suddenly incredibly dry. "Meredith?"

"Do you want me to stop?"


"Good," Meredith smiled. Her fingers began a wider circular pattern, drifting over the smooth plain of Izzie's stomach. "You have a great body. But, I guess people tell you that all the time."

Izzie wasn't sure how to respond. It was true. She had a great body. The knowledge not borne out of narcissism but fact. She knew how people reacted to her. How their eyes had a tendency to focus on parts of her that weren't attached to her head. Still, being told by her roommate gazing at her with hooded bedroom eyes, while her hand groped Izzie's breast in a manner that made her skin tingle, her temperature to rise, and a tension to build in places Izzie wasn't sure she wanted tension, all had a disconcerting effect on her.

"Can I kiss you?"


"Because I'm trying to seduce you. Figured it was polite to ask."


"Oh? You're not impressed with my technique are you?"

"It could use a little finessing."

"Finessing?" Meredith's fingers drifted lower, now repeated the same lazy circular motion around Izzie's belly button. "How about this?" Meredith leaned her head forward, moving towards Izzie's chest.

Izzie gasped as she felt the raspy sensation of Meredith's tongue on one of her nipples, followed by the gentle suction of lips wrapping around and suckling. Combined with the fingers on her stomach having moved lower, now tenderly petting the gently curls at Izzie's crotch.

Meredith tilted her head up, nipple still in her mouth, until the weight of Izzie's breast popped the nipple wetly from Meredith's mouth. She smiled seductively. "Finessed enough for you?"

Izzie found she'd been holding her breath. Her chest heaved, sucking in the air with a heated ragged gasp. She'd begun to sweat, a light sheen of moisture peppered across her skin. Meredith's fingers hadn't finished their exploration. They were somewhere on the inside of Izzie's thigh, the outside line of Meredith's finger teasing grazed across the now aching flesh of Izzie's pussy.

"I'm going to kiss you now, Izzie," Meredith explained. "And just when your lungs are about to burst, I'm going to touch you."

Izzie nodded her head eagerly. She'd never wanted to be kissed so bad. Never wanted to be touched so bad. Already, she could feel her legs moving of their own volition, opening herself to Meredith. Tongue sliding across her lips, wetting them in anticipation.

Meredith did as she said. Leaned in, pressing her lips against Izzie's. Traced her tongue across the opened lips, Izzie moaning into her mouth as she acquiesced and Meredith was tasting, exploring, consuming. Until their mouths were gaping open, hungrily battering their tongues against the other's.

And Meredith did as she said. Just as Izzie felt her lungs were about to explode, like a diver hurriedly swimming towards the surface, Meredith touched her. Her fingers mashed down against Izzie's flesh, a lone digit wiggling between the folds pressing against Izzie's already aching clit. Her hips bucked spastically, her face pulling away from Meredith's to suck in a gulp of air, followed with a hurried whine from her lips.

Meredith, not content with having nothing to do with her lips, connected them to Izzie's neck. Gently suckled, kissed, licked her way down the gently curve. Until she, once again, found Izzie's breasts. She alternated between the two, saliva mixing with the light sheen of sweat. Trailed her mouth, her body down, between the widening legs. Inhaled the deep heady scent of Izzie's pussy now dripping wet and wiggling forcefully under Meredith's fingers.

Izzie held her breath in anticipation. Hands balled into fists, gripping the sheets between her fingers. Felt the slight quavering in her stomach at the hot breath panted onto her wetness. Then, she felt it, slow, languid, exploratory licks of her flesh.

There was something strange, in a good way, about Meredith's ministrations. The eager suckling of her lips. The hurried lapping of her tongue. Izzie rose slightly onto her elbows, the sight of Meredith between her legs causing a flutter of tremors to erupt deep within her belly.

"Meredith?" escaped her throat in a rushed gasp.

"Mmmm," she didn't slow her movements, merely mumbled with her mouth full. The vibrations triggered another set of spastic tremors in Izzie's belly.

"Have you done this before?"

"Ummm-ngnnnnn," rumbled against her skin between loud slurping.

"Well," Izzie sighed. "You're very good at it." Meredith had never been with a woman. And she'd chosen Izzie as her first. It was the kind of information Izzie would have preferred to have known beforehand, kinda like knowing Meredith wanted to sleep with her before she slid into her bed. Still, she liked the idea of being first. Of having something shared between them that was just them. She was Meredith's first. And Meredith was about to make her come.

"Mere," the words came out in a hurried whine. The tightening coil in her stomach had wound tighter, almost painfully so. As much as Izzie wanted to extend the pleasure, Meredith was really good, she couldn't fight back the rising tension within her.

"Could you," she panted breathlessly between words, trying desperately to hold back even while Meredith's lips seemed to have a death grip on her clit. "With.. your finger."

Meredith seemed to comprehend Izzie's request, fulfilled it by sliding her index finger deep within the blonde. Began a quick thrusting motion in time with the hips thrusting hurriedly in her face.

It was just what Izzie needed. Release. Her back bowed, lifting from the bed as her head slammed back onto the pillow. Her lips pantomimed a howl as the words choked somewhere in the back of her throat. The sparks exploded on the backs of her eyelids. Her body spasming, trembling, hips jutting chaotically against the pressure, the penetration. The release.

Izzie opened her eyes in what seemed like an eternity later to see Meredith gazing triumphantly down at her. "And that," Meredith smirked, "is what we call finessing."

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Not long, really," Meredith rolled onto her side, propping her head up with a hand. "It just kinda came to me."


"When I was groping your breast."

"Oh," Izzie paused. "Do you want me to return the favor?"

"Nah, that would be weird."

She gaped at her. "You crawl into my bed, grope me, decide to seduce me, go down on me, but me returning the favor would be weird?"

"Hey, I'm new to this whole seducing women thing. Cut me some slack here. Besides," she paused, lips smiling seductively as she brought a finger to her mouth, sliding it inside and sucking it in a manner that would be, Izzie thought, pornographic on anyone else. But, on Meredith, caused Izzie's already tingling insides to throb dully. "I was hoping for a further examination of your anatomy."

Izzie swallowed hard. "I don't know, Meredith, I.."

She never finished her sentence. Meredith pulled the sheet over her head, a cocky grin on her face before disappearing from view. Izzie could feel the woman scrambling down her body, situating herself between Izzie's legs; legs moving of their own volition, opening to Meredith, and Meredith's tongue already lapping eagerly once again. And her fingers, sliding in the slick, tight wetness still throbbing dully but willingly opening to Meredith. To feel the friction produced inside her.

She'd been dead exhausted the moment she stepped into her bedroom. But, there were worse ways to spend an evening. Maybe Meredith had some things to learn in the art of seduction. But, when it came to Izzie's anatomy, she'd already mastered the art.

The End

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