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The Vagina Monster
By trancer


Part 3

Izzie stood in the doorway of the Neo-Natal ward. The clipboard pressed against her chest by her folded arms. She was supposed to be angry at the woman standing before her. Addison had been deemed not so much 'the enemy' as much as 'the betrayer'. Her lesson still stung, the wound still open.

But, she'd never been one to stay angry for long, an inherent part of her nature, she supposed. Maybe it had to do with the growing feelings inside her, or Meredith's words ringing in her head. Maybe it had to do with the woman herself. She stood over one of the incubators, one arm folded over the top holding up her head, while her other thread through the incubator, gently caressing the tiny baby's head, all while she cooed gently to the ill child.

"Dr. Stevens?" Izzie didn't feel good about interrupting the moment. Addison looked up at her perch, staring back at the intern. Izzie walked softly into the room, holding out the clipboard in her hand. "The Chief wanted me to give this to you."

"Thanks," Addison took the clipboard, stepping aside as she began thumbing through the pages.

Izzie approached the incubator, tilting her head to gaze inside. "How's she doing?"

"Better. She's a fighter. All the odds say otherwise and still she keeps beating them."

Izzie leaned up, turning her head to face Addison. "Why?" The woman merely gazed back at her. Until the pregnant pause skirted on the edge of uncomfortable, and Izzie realized she hadn't answered because she had no idea which 'why' Izzie searched an answer for. "Why neo-natal?"

Addison's brows lifted in recognition, almost relief. She stepped closer to the incubator, to Izzie, turning her eyes to the tiny body sleeping softly. "Because we all come into the world the same - naked, vulnerable and screaming at the world. And some of them are a little more behind the curve, and they need all the help they can get. They deserve the best. They deserve someone who'll fight for them as much as they fight to stay in this world." Her voice lowered, laced with a tinge of sadness. "Even when this world doesn't want them in it."

"You're wanted Addison."

"Now," her brow lifted, lips curving into a slight smirk. "You're just being polite." Izzie's lips opened to retort, Addison cutting her off. "I know you hate me right now, and justifiably so. I don't know if you're going to choose neo-natal as your specialty. All I ask is, if you don't, do it because you found something you love more and not because you hate me."

"I just," she lowered her eyes, suddenly feeling the blush creeping on her cheeks. Addison was easier to hate, easier to not want, when she was being a bitch. "I don't understand why you did it."

"I thought I did. Now," she ran a hand over her head. "I'm not so sure. Uncertainty is not a great attribute for a doctor. I keep forgetting we're not automatons. We all don't learn, or feel, or think the same way. And we shouldn't be punished for our differences, or weaknesses."

Izzie continued staring, unsure if the conversation had jumped rails or not. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think you're weak."

She chuffed softly, adding a smirk on her lips. Addison continued gazing at Izzie. Until the pregnant pause in the air turned uncomfortable and the blonde shifted in her shoes. "Can I ask you a question? It's about Meredith?"


"If you don't answer, I understand. Just wondering if I should start wearing Kevlar. She's been," Addison paused, uncertain how to ask the question. "Staring at me, lately. Wondering if I should start looking for a knife stabbed in my back."

Izzie snorted. "Believe me, it's not a knife she wants to stab you with."

"What exactly does she want to stab me with?"

Izzie's eyes went wide, doing their best impersonation of two saucers planted on her face. Her pager went off. Izzie saying an internal prayer to the Gods of Perpetual Foot in Mouth. "I've gotta go."

It was the dead of night by the time Izzie made it home. She slid her key into the door, stepping softly across the wooden floor so as not to wake her roommates. But, as she noticed while walking past the living room, not all of her roommates were asleep.

George was by the video cabinet, hurriedly yanking out tapes, opening the case, then slamming it back onto the shelf before searching for another. Izzie stepped into the living room. "George?"

He continued searching the cabinet, barely acknowledging her. "This is the problem with having women for roommates, no porn. Guys would have porn, lots of porn, especially lesbian porn."


"What?" He looked back at her.

"Do I even want to know why you're looking for porn?"

"I can't sleep," he blurted, exasperated. "It's, like, I've gotten so used to the sound of screaming banshees gone wild and, now, it's gone. And I can't get any fricken' sleep."

"Meredith's not home?"

"No, she's home. Alone. No bedsprings squeaking. No moans. No headboard slamming against the wall. Nothing," he paused, looking up at Izzie with an expectant expression. "Hey, you could have sex with her."

"I am not having sex with Meredith."

"Oh sure," he tossed an empty cassette case onto the couch. "Now you get some scruples."

"God George," she rolled her eyes, turning on her heel. "Swallow a damn sleeping pill."

"I would," he called out to her. "If we had any."

"Meredith," Izzie lightly knocked on Meredith's bedroom door. When she didn't receive an answer, she knocked again before entering the room. Meredith lay on her bed, on top of the bed sheets, fully clothes, arms folded across her chest, eyes staring at the ceiling. Izzie joined her on the bed, mimicking Meredith's position, without the arms folding thing.

Meredith sighed. "I lost my mojo."


"I went to Joe's after work," Meredith continued staring at the ceiling as she spoke. "And there was this woman, and she was hot. I'm talking smoking hot. And she'd heard about me. Like, my brain told me she was hot, and that I should want her. Except, there was nothing. No twitch in my groin, no lip smacking salivating. My nipples didn't even get hard."

"Wow," Izzie lifted her brows in surprise. "The vagina monster lost her mojo. Maybe you're not into girls anymore."

"No, that's not it," she shook her head. "I totally did her in the bathroom. I do have a reputation to maintain, after all. But, it was like I was going through the motions or something."

"Well, if that's not the problem, then what is?"

"You really wanna know?"

"No," Izzie snorted. "But, if it'll help."

Meredith tilted her head until she faced Izzie. "I can't stop thinking about you and Addison."

"Meredith," she sighed in a soft whine. Lifted up onto her elbows. "You've really gotta let this Addison thing go."

"I know," she pulled both her hands behind her head, returning her eyes to the ceiling.

Izzie gazed down at Meredith, her eyes taking on a hungry gaze. "Have you ever thought that maybe this isn't about Addison at all?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, since you started this whole Sexual Bill of Rights thing, how many times have you orgasmed?"

"None," she shrugged indifferently. "I mean outside the times with you."

"Wow. You've been doing this for like two months and not once? What are you, saving yourself or something? That's it isn't it?" Izzie lifted into a seated position. "God, you're such an egomaniac."

"Hey, could you slow down a sec? What makes you think I'm an egomaniac?"

"You don't think a woman can fuck you as well as you do them?"

"I do not," Meredith huffed.

Izzie paused, grinning down at her smirkily. Drifted back down onto the bed, resting her head on her hand. "How many times has a woman gone down on you?"

Meredith folded her arms across her chest petulantly. "That's not important."

"Ha!" Izzie gloated. "I'm right."

"Fine. Maybe I am a little egotistical. But, you can't say I'm not really damn good at what I do."

"Take off your clothes."


"You heard me. I said.."

"Yeah, yeah, I heard you. What for?"

"Because, I'm going to prove you wrong," she leaned into Meredith, her fingers trailed down the line of Meredith's sweater, slowly undoing the buttons as her lips found the nape of her neck, purring into her ear. "Sexual Bill of Rights. I'm going to suck your clit like it's never been sucked, lick your labia until you're dripping wet, then.." she paused deliberately. Her fingers rested right on Meredith's lower stomach, right below the waist band of her jeans.

"What?" Meredith panted, licking her lips.

"Then," she slid her fingers lower, between the silk of panties and skin. "I'm going to slide my finger inside you. Find the spot that makes your toes curl, and your eyes to roll back into your skull until all you can see are stars. Make you admit there's someone out there who can fuck a woman just as good as you can. Now," she quickly withdrew her hand from Meredith's jeans, a slight whimper escaping the woman's throat as she did. "Get undressed."

Izzie delivered on her words. Until Meredith was clawing at the headboard, a continuous guttural moan releasing from her throat. Back arched to the point of breaking, skin covered in sweat and tingling. Until her toes curled, and her eyes rolled into the back of her skull, and all she could see was stars.

And, somewhere deep inside the house, a voice called out.

"Thank you!!"

The two women answered in unison. "Shut up, George!"

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