A.M. Glass

Decisions 18 Bianca/Lena I consider this an AU (alternate universe) piece. Complete

The Tape 18 Bianca/Lena A little surprise. Complete


Whole 15 Bianca/Lena Lean tries to comfort Bianca after her ordeal. Complete

Truth PG-13 Bianca/Lena   Bianca/Frankie (sorta) A phantom from the past helps Bianca decide on a future. Complete

The Fluffy Bunny series 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 Bianca/Lena A series of erotic encounters. On-Going

Untitled PG-13 Bianca/Frankie Bianca fears that Frankie has left for good. Complete

A Weekend of Freedom 18 Bianca/Frankie Bianca's mother goes out of town. Complete

Through the Eyes of A Simple Box PG-13 Bianca/Lena Life from the perspective of a simple box. Complete

The Struggle PG-13 Bianca/Lena Bianca visits Lena in jail. Complete

That All Depends 18 Bianca/Lena An encounter at work. Complete

She Loves Me PG-13 Bianca/Lena Three little words can be enough. Complete

Prom Night PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Maggie asks Bianca to go with her to the prom. Complete

Off-Camera Monday PG-13 Bianca/Frankie Bianca brings Frankie home. Complete

Lost Scene PG-13 Bianca/Frankie What might have happened. Complete

Lost Scene 2 PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Another might have scene. Complete

Fumbling Towards Ecstacy 1-20 PG-13 Bianca/Frankie What happens after Bianca leaves Frankie's room in a huff. Complete

Crossing the Line 1-13 PG-13 Bianca/Lena   Kendall/Greenlee Lena tries to bring Michael down. On-Going

Boathouse PG-13 Bianca/Lena Could a meeting at the boathouse bring reconciliation? Complete


How Much Is Enough? 1 2 PG Bianca/Maggie After leaving Pine Valley on Bianca's request, Maggie decides that she left way too easily, and she's back to prove to everyone, and maybe herself that she is right for Bianca. On-Going


Surrender PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Maggie comes to terms about her feelings for her best friend. Complete


A Good Thing PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Bianca and Maggie first time story. Bianca tries to show Maggie how she feels. Complete

A First Time For Everything PG Bianca/Maggie A jealous Maggie makes for an amusing mix up. Complete

2 a.m. PG Bianca/Maggie   Kendall/Greenlee What comes to us late at night can often mean the difference between truths and lies. Complete

Perfect Love PG Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

Always Protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres... PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Sometimes coming home for dinner is a nice thing. Complete

A Star To Wish Upon PG-13 Bianca/Maggie A Christmas moment. Complete

A Single Moment PG Bianca/Maggie Coming to a decision isn't always easy. Sometimes saying goodbye is easier then dealing with the fight. Complete

You've Got To Let Go PG Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

You're the Only One PG-13 Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

Word To The Wise PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Maggie and Bianca take their friendship to the next level and it's due to the most unusual person/reason anyone would/could have imagined. Complete

Chasing the Butterflies PG Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

What If I Found My Answers PG Bianca/Maggie What if Maggie never got on that plane to go to Paris? Complete

Falling Down Means Getting Back Up Again PG Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

Chocolate Raspberry Mornings PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Waking up to coffee and conversations in the morning. Complete

Why you should avoid Proposal Ideas from TV shows PG-13 Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

Secrets Within the Heart 1 PG Bianca/Maggie A/U Tragic circumstances bring Maggie Stone home again after being gone for 10 years. A message scribbled on a scrap piece of paper will change her life forever. Will Maggie learn the true meaning of Christmas with the help of an old friend? On-Going


Easier Road... PG Bianca/Maggie After an argument Bianca decides she needs to confess her feelings to Maggie. Complete

You Watch That?!? PG Bianca/Maggie A little shared television watching brings revelations for Maggie and Bianca. Complete

I'm Not...But 15 Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete

Feel Alive... 18 Greenlee/Kendall No synopsis given. Complete

Two Bitches...and a White Picket Fence? 1-8 9-16 18 Greenlee/Kendall   Bianca/Maggie No synopsis given. Complete


All These Things That I've Done 1-16 17-18 19 20-23 24-25 26 27-29 15 Bianca/Maggie Maggie crosses the line to show Bianca how much she truly means to her, but crossing that line yields the ultimate consequence that may just keep them apart for a lifetime or two. Complete

Paging Dr. Stone G Bianca/Maggie Maggie's finishing her residency in Pine Valley, and Bianca returns home to set things right. Complete

Mutual G Bianca/Maggie The holidays always have a way to bring out hidden desires, and it always takes two to make it happen. Complete

Home Is Where the Heart Is PG Bianca/Maggie Bianca decides to make a last minute trip to Pine Valley to reunite with family, friends and the "new" doctor in town. Complete

How Reese Found Out G Bianca/Maggie Reese drops Gabrielle off with Bianca only to find a familiar face has resurfaced. Complete


November Rain PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Saying goodbye is SO hard. Complete

Countdown to Midnight PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Jumping off of Maggie's sudden absence from the carriage house after Bianca went boom. Complete

Under Heaven's Skies PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Maggie contemplates her return to Pine valley. What did it really accomplish? Complete


Out of The Ashes 1-7 18 Bianca/? General Hospital crossover - New lives and new loves await Kendall and Bianca when they hit Port Charles. Can the sisters reinvent Deception Cosmetics? Will Bianca follow her heart and for once not get it broken? Featuring: Kendall, Bianca, Jason, Carly, Elizabeth, and Gia. On-Going


The Simple Things PG Bianca/Maggie This story is set three years in the future. Maggie and Bianca are together and Maggie is struggling to ask Binks something, but will she do it before the night is over? Complete

It's About Time 15 Bianca/Maggie Even though Maggie tries to deny her feelings for Binks, she knows that sooner or later they will rise to the surface. Complete

If You're Not the One 15 Bianca/Maggie Bianca pours her heart out over the airwaves. Complete

Have a Little Faith in Me PG Bianca/Maggie Bianca doesn't want to live a life of regret. Complete


Fusion series

Denial Isn't Just a River in Egypt PG-13 Greenlee/Kendall   Simone/Mia Kendall and Mia discuss their confusion over the events of the night before. Complete

Friendly Banter PG Greenlee/Kendall   Simone/Mia Kendall and Greenlee have a first date. Complete

Brown Eyes PG Bianca/Lena   Greenlee/Kendall   Simone/Mia Lena takes action to guarantee that the Fusion four don't ruin her and Bianca's anniversary. Complete


What Happens When Bad Dressers and Drama Queens Fall In Love 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 Maggie/Kendall   Lena/Bianca. After the truth about Miranda's parentage is revealed Maggie and Kendall find themselves growing close, much to their and Pine Valley's surprise. On-Going


Learning To Love Once More PG-13 Maggie/Kendall What if Maggie and Kendall found a connection with one another after the whole trail of Michael Cambias' murder was done with? Would one tough medical intern and a cold hearted woman finally find the love the deserve with each other? Or will they complexity of how different they are to one another be the driving force to dividing them forever? Complete

Trials of Love 1-4 PG-13 Maggie/Kendall Sequel to 'Learning To Love Once More' - Now that Maggie and Kendall have made a step towards having a solid relationship, will they be able to survive a few roadblocks that threatens to tear them apart? In this sequel to "Learning to Love Once More"; Maggie and Kendall will be tested by past loves, tabloids, and a blast from one of they're pasts. Will the prove that they're love is strong or will it be the end of they're relationship? On-Going

The Kiss PG Bianca/Maggie What if Maggie and Bianca gave into the attraction that's been boiling between them for years? Complete


Salvage 15 Lena/Bianca This is a story of Lena's attempt to save Bianca's life, and the aftermath. Complete


Ces't Dur la Vie 1-5 15 Bianca/Maggie Bianca and Maggie are in Paris with Miranda. Will the change of scenery change their relationship or just make it more difficult? It's a hard life for Bianca and Maggie. On-Going


Not Pretending Tonight PG Bianca/Maggie Bianca's left Maggie behind and Maggie can't deal. Complete

New Hope PG Bianca/Maggie Miranda goes missing. Maggie comes to the rescue. Complete

In The Eyes Of The Child PG-13 Bianca/Maggie   Bianca/Reese From the eyes of the child is their (Bianca/Maggie, Bianca/Reese) stories told. Complete

In The Eyes of The Sister PG-13 Bianca/Maggie   Bianca/Reese Today is my sister's 21st birthday and all I want to do is call her and wish her a happy birthday but I can't pick up the phone. Complete

In The Eyes of The Mother PG-13 Bianca/Maggie   Bianca/Reese Today is March 19th 2030 my eldest daughter's twenty-sixth birthday and for the first time in years my entire family is here to celebrate it with her. Complete


The Stranger Series

The Stranger PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Maggie gets a phone call in the middle of the night, her mother has died. Maggie must return back to her childhood home to deal with making arrangements. She leaves unaware that her sudden departure leaves her as the top suspect in Michael Cambias' murder. While home in Green Bay what Maggie thought she knew about her mother and her past is suddenly worthless as her father, her biological father, reveals himself. After only a week away, Maggie returns to Pine Valley a changed woman with a secret that could mean the end to the only deep relationship she has left; her relationship with Bianca. What happens when Maggie's secret is revealed? Will Bianca's opinion of her change or will it remain the same? What happens when the truth about who killed Michael comes out? Complete

The Stranger Standing Before Me PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Installment two of The Stranger Series. Complete

The Stranger In Me PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Installment three of The Stranger Series. Complete

A Stranger Comes Home PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Installment four of The Stranger Series. Complete

There Is No Stranger PG-13 Bianca/Maggie Installment five of The Stranger Series. Complete

M&Ms New PG Bianca/Maggie The Montgomery-Stone family have a Halloween party to cheer up their children, whose Halloween has been rained out. Complete

Nightmares New PG-13 Bianca/Maggie   Reese/Bianca Mary Margaret Stone is being haunted. Haunted by the past she can never go back to. Complete


Trans Atlantic Thoughts PG Bianca/Maggie Bianca and Maggie leave for Paris and the long plane journey gives them plenty of time to think. Complete

Settling 1-4 5-8 PG Bianca/Maggie Second story in the series. Complete

Empowerment 1-4 5-8 PG Bianca/Maggie Third story in the series. Complete

Perceptions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PG Bianca/Maggie Fourth story in the series. Complete

Flight 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 PG Bianca/Maggie Fifth story in the series. On-Going


Somewhere In Time 1 PG-13 Bianca/Maggie A dying young writer and a stage actress find a love that transcend time. On-Going

Susan P

One Moment of Normal PG-13 Lena/Bianca She just wanted to feel as if everything were normal again, if only for a moment. Complete

Necessary Truths PG Lena/Bianca Bianca faces the possibility that Lena might decide to move on without her, and it pushes her to tell her (former-?) lover some necessary truths. Complete

Fantasy Lianca Dialogue, Part 1 PG Lena/Bianca This is the way the Lianca scene in Maggie's dorm room (from the 10/7/03 episode) *should* have gone. Alack and alas, the first line is the only one that was *actually* in the episode, so this definitely departs from the show canon. Complete

Perversity and Other Embarrassments 15 Greenlee/Erica Greenlee. Erica. Temporary insanity. Complete


Bianca's Butch 1-4 5-8 9-11 15 Bianca/female Bianca meets a tall, good-looking Texan. Complete