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The Vagina Monster
By trancer


Part 5

Izzie stood in front of the penthouse door, heart in throat, stomach twisting in knots and somewhere around her ankles, and her hand hovering over the door frozen in place. She honestly couldn't believe she'd made it this far. The courage that had driven her there, to Addison's hotel, to her front door, had turned into something akin to abject fear. The desire twisted into a deep nausea.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Izzie found herself face to face with a very surprised Addison. "Izzie?"

"Hi," she stated wanly, almost warily.

"The doorman said I had a visitor. I," she paused, staring at Izzie disbelieving. "Would you like to come in?"

"Sure," Izzie stepped nervously into Addison's room. The suite everything Izzie expected of a woman like Addison, yet, nothing quite like she imagined; elegant and understated at the same time. Addison stood before her wearing satiny deep blue pajamas, probably silk. Figures she'd wear something, even to sleep in, that accented her eyes and complimented her hair, Izzie thought to herself. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"At three o'clock in the morning, what could possibly make you think that?" she couldn't help the sarcastic tone, one practically a reflex at this point in her life. Addison softened. "It's okay, Izzie. I'm glad to see you."

Izzie shuffled nervously, blushing from the soft smile creeping at the corners of her mouth. She hadn't really planned on getting this far, inside Addison's penthouse, alone with the woman. Figured she'd slam the door in her face. It was three o'clock in the morning after all. She didn't plan on Addison inviting her in.

She reached into her coat pocket, pulling out a small red box with a white bow. "This is for you. It's your Christmas gift."

"Christmas was two weeks ago," Addison accepted the gift.

"I know. But, I wasn't planning on being pissed off at you when I bought it. And, I didn't want to throw it away."

"Thank you," Addison walked towards the couch. Sitting down, patted the space next to her, setting the box down onto the coffee table.

"You're not going to open it?" Izzie asked as she joined Addison on the couch.

"Not yet, I want to savor the moment. Besides," she stared at her with a coy glint. "I bought you something."

"Really?" Her eyes lit up with an almost childlike glee. Christmas had, for lack of a better word, completely sucked.

"Yes, really," Addison rose. Proceeded to disappear into the bedroom. When she returned, still fully dressed, Izzie didn't know whether to exhale in relief or disappointment. As she approached, Addison pulled her own perfectly wrapped and bowed box, handing it to Izzie. "I didn't know if I should give this to you or not."

Surprised, Izzie accepted the box, unable to keep the excited grin from lighting up her face. "You bought me a Christmas present?"

"Of course I did," Addison sat next to her, draping an arm casually over the back of the couch. "You are my favorite intern."

"Thank you." It started as nothing more than pure gratitude. Izzie reached out, wrapping her arms around Addison. Embraced her out of joy, the gratitude of someone who enjoyed getting gifts. Addison returned the embrace. And Izzie could smell Addison's hair. Could feel Addison's breasts against her own, the soft silky feel of her pajamas as her hands caressed Addison's back.

She pulled back from the embrace, still keeping her hands draped over Addison's shoulders, because she felt too good to let go. Addison's hand was on her cheek, staring longingly at Izzie's lips. Izzie thought about asking questions, questions of whether the thing that occurred in the stairwell was only a thing. Whether the feelings she had were just a figment of her imagination. Except, Addison's thumb was grazing across her lips. And all the memories, of how Addison felt, touched, tasted came flooding back to her.

"Izzie?" Addison asked, her thumb still caressing Izzie's lips.


"If you're wondering whether it's okay to kiss me," she paused again, licking her lips surreptitiously, while her eyes met Izzie's gaze. "The answer's 'yes'."

"Oh thank God," rushed from Izzie's mouth in heated exhale, right as her hands cupped Addison by jaw and she crashed their lips together. Kissed her, not with tentative exploratory kisses, but a hurried urgency. As if the moment could end at any time. She didn't want to savor her, she wanted to consume her. To have Addison inside her soul because she was pretty certain this moment would never happen again.

The heat between them didn't so much as crescendo as explode upwards like a rocket held back by restraints suddenly lurching skyward. They became a tangle of arms and hands. Izzie hurriedly straddled Addison's hips. Mouth clamped to the other's woman's while she shirked out of her jacket, tossing it onto the floor. Addison's hands on the hem of her shirt, jerking upwards. Izzie broke the kiss only so she could pull the material off her body. Except, as the sweater covered her face, she felt lips, Addison's lips, on one of her breasts, suckling a nipple through the material of Izzie's bra, while her hands reached around Izzie's back, expertly releasing the clasp.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" Izzie purred, tossing the shirt aside and staring down at hungry blue eyes.

"Would it offend you if I said 'yes'?"

"Only if you don't do that to my other nipple."

Addison cocked an eyebrow before hungrily attaching her mouth to Izzie's unattended nipple, hungrily, all sloppy tongue and suction. Izzie gasped. Eyes snapped closed. Head thrown back to release the guttural moan that rumbled upwards from her chest. As her hips writhed sensually on Addison's lap. And, in the tiny moments of cognitive though, Izzie wondered who was supposed to be seducing whom. Because Addison played her like a fiddle, with her mouth and tongue and teeth, with the fingers that danced up Izzie's spine and back down again. The other hand that slid down the back of Izzie's jeans, cupping her ass.

The men, and women, in Izzie's life had always been entranced by her breasts. Approached them as if they were some new toy to be fondled, groped, even molested.

With Addison, Izzie's breasts weren't fun bags to be played with like a new toy, without care or concern for the person they were attached to. They were an erogenous zone, an extension, a representation of the woman before her, full and soft and sensitive. She made love to them as if she were making love to Izzie herself. Caressed the sensitive skin until her flesh rippled with goose pimples. Suckled her nipples until Izzie groaned in her arms. And when she used her teeth, it was like her nipples became electrical sockets that jolted with wave after wave of electricity shocking her straight between the legs. A heat so intense, Izzie had to pull back, had to pull Addison's mouth from her chest to keep from coming right then and there. She tilted her head down, gave Addison's lips, lips still wet, still hungry, gave them something else to suck on.

"You know," Izzie panted, coming up for air. "I came here to seduce you."

"Did you now? Well," she purred, running her tongue up the line of Izzie's neck. Felt the vibrations as Izzie purred beneath her. "You're very, very good at it."

Izzie leaned back. Enough to watch her hands drift down Addison's chest, slowly unbuttoning her top. "I mean it. I was going to be all smooth and coy. Use some lame pickup lines," she slid both hands inside the top, cupping Addison's breasts. "Get you all hot and bothered."

"Hot and bothered, huh?" Addison's hands had found their own task, working on the top button of Izzie's jeans.

"Mmm-hmmm," she lifted her hips to help lower the zipper currently heading southwards. Internally cursing herself for wearing the tightest damned jeans today of all days.

"Hot and bothered?" she gazed seductively into Izzie's as her fingers maneuvered between the tightness of Izzie's jeans and the smoothness of her skin, dancing playfully across wet heat. "This hot and bothered?"

Izzie grunted, a low carnal animalistic grunt as her hips shuddered, thrusting spastically onto Addison's fingers. If her nipples were electrical sockets, Addison had found her power coil. The energy radiated outward in a series of shivers and shudders.

"Or this hot and bothered?" Her fingers slid lower, dipping inside. The heat soft, wet, gripping around her finger.

"Addison," it was almost questioning. A word whispered in a keening whimper. Questioning because Izzie was certain she'd never wanted this much before. Her previous affairs, not so much going through the motions, but doing what she thought was expected of her. So, she desired, and loved, and fucked. But nothing compared to this, where her skin felt on fire and she thought her insides would explode. Where her hips thrust hurriedly onto the hand between her legs and she held back because she never wanted the feeling to end and drove forward at the same time because she wanted it to end. Wanted to feel the culmination, the explosion, from the rising tension in the pit of her stomach.

Addison thread her free hand into Izzie's hair. Pulled the woman towards her. Pressed her mouth against Izzie's. Felt her panting, groaning, grunting as she kissed her like she'd never get the chance to again. Only pulled away when she saw Izzie's eyes snap closed.

"No," she softly gazed into Izzie's questioning eyes. Her thumb grazing over the still panting lips, as if her finger were an extension of her own mouth. One that never wanted to stop kissing Izzy. "I want to watch you," she paused to lick her lips hungrily. "Come for me, Izzie."

Izzie grunted, forcing her eyes open. "I'm supposed to be seducing you."

Addison stared back, lips smiling with a smile Izzie was certain she'd never seen on Addison before, seductive and caring and wanting. "Who says you aren't?"

With that, Izzie came, and came hard. Her fingers clawed into the couch. Her back curled, hips jutting forward. The fingers inside her, the ones pressed against that spot, drove harder. And she kept her eyes open, even when she thought she couldn't. Stared at the woman pleasuring her as her insides exploded.

When the shudders subsided, Izzie collapsed bonelessly onto the couch, pulling Addison down with her. Allowed herself to drift in post-orgasm haze. She could feel Addison on her skin, casually exploring Izzie's breasts then stomach with her lips.

"So, how'd I do?" Izzie purred, back arching as Addison licked a particularly sensitive spot. "Did I seduce you?"

Addison lifted her head, "I think you can say with complete confidence that I have been 100 percent seduced."

"Good," she smiled smugly.

Izzie rose from the couch. Thankful she'd still remembered how to stand. She extended a hand to Addison. The woman cocking an eyebrow as she accepted the invitation and allowed Izzie to pull her off the couch.

"Are you still seducing me?"

"Mmm-hmm," Izzie purred, tossing a coy look over her shoulder. "And I have it on good authority I'm very good at what I do."

"Are you now?"

They were in the bedroom, both standing at the edge of the bed.

"Oh yes," Izzie leaned in, drew her lips across the line of Addison's jaw. Drifted her fingers across and over Addison's shoulders, taking the woman's top with her, dropping it to the floor. "I am completely and thoroughly well-versed in the art of female pleasure."

This time, it was Addison's turn to groan as Izzie's lips discovered an erogenous zone on her neck. "So, it's like a zen master thing."

"It's more like," she pushed Addison's shoulders, the woman flopping backwards onto the bed, "orgasm-Fu."

Addison couldn't help the giggle that erupted from her throat. Even as Izzie clambered over her, crawling up her body in a manner that made the pit of her stomach to twitch. "Orgasm-Fu?"

"Yeah, it's like Kung-Fu but like only about a hundred times better," she kissed Addison's stomach. Painted it with light butterfly kisses, felt the muscles fluttering beneath her lips. "It's the most ancient and erotic of Fu's. One in which you conquer your opponent with multiple orgasms. So," she stretched her body over Addison's, hands clasping around the woman's wrists. "You ready to be conquered?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really," she smiled seductively, going in for another kiss. "But, like I said, no one is immune to the charms of an Orgasm-Fu Master."

To Be Continued

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