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Spring Fall
By serendipityspinoff


Part Six

Sam stood there, not believing that Brooke was actually going along with her crazy idea. Why, again, did I even suggest this? Do I have alcohol poisoning? What am I going to do if Brooke really goes along with it? Am I going to be able to go along? After this week is over, will I recover or be a Brookaholic? Sam had to stop asking herself all these inane questions; they were getting her nowhere except a strange look from Brooke.

Brooke eyed Sam and wondered where this crazy idea had come from. I can't believe Sam would come up with this. And if she came up with it, then she must be thinking of me in some way? Is she? Probably not, she's probably just frustrated being here and feeling like she has to babysit me, instead of being out with her wild roomie meeting all kinds of people. But if she is going to offer up a game like this, she had better be fully prepared to participate, because now that the offer is on the table I'm going to order it. Why not? It's spring break, we're young and stupid.

"So Marta, where are you headed?"

"To the beach…care to join me?" Sam motioned with arm towards the beach.

"Only if you promise to rub suntan lotion on my back," Brooke looked at Sam rather seductively and made a small sway with her body towards the brunette.

"Sure…" Sam could only stare into Brooke's eyes, thinking that this had to be the best game they had ever played; hands down beats Monopoly. Well, except if they had ever played strip Monopoly but she still wasn't quite sure how one would play that.

"Actually, I need it all over." Sam tried to hide a small gulp she had been holding ever since Brooke had mentioned the words 'rub' and 'lotion'. Brooke inched closer to Sam, the distance between them only large enough for an Olson twin to pass through.

"…not a problem," Sam ran her tongue along her bottom lip, which caused Brooke to answer more quickly than she had planned.

"I'll do the same for you." Brooke couldn't wait to get her hands on Sam. Wait, I can't wait to get my hands on Marta. Yeah, that sounded better…maybe.

Sam and Brooke both lay on their backs soaking up the sunshine. Brooke was disappointed that her sunmate was wearing a T-shirt and shorts for the second day in a row. She had been informed by the journalist that living on the pasty east coast had left her wanting to slowly re-warm to the sun. Brooke glanced over at the brunette, who had her eyes closed.

"Marta?" Brooke noticed that Sam didn't respond right away, so she nudged her leg. "Marta?"

"Oops…sorry, yes." Sam smiled brightly to Brooke.

"How about that lotion on my back?"

"Absolutely," Sam sat up while Brooke turned over onto her stomach and waited. Sam took the lotion and squeezed some out into her hand. The brunette was tentative at first, very cautious of where her hands were touching. She rubbed the lotion in, on the small of the blonde's back and some on her shoulders.

"I need it everywhere. No need to be shy Marta." Brooke turned her head and smiled up at Sam, who at that moment squeezed the lotion tube too tight and cream squirted out all over Brooke's back.

"Sorry." Sam started to rub in as much as she could and just as she was about to grab a towel to wipe some excess off, the blonde sat up, twisted her arm behind her back and scooped up a handful and put it on her stomach. Sam took a small gulp of air. "I'll let you do the front."

"I thought people from Arizona were bolder."

"I had no idea people from Ohio were so tanned?" Sam didn't know if she was going to get this opportunity again, so she hesitantly started rubbing lotion onto Brooke's midriff and arms, while the blonde reclined slightly on her elbows. They sat there while Sam leaned over and carefully rubbed in any lotion she saw and Brooke enjoyed every moment of the brunette's hands on her body, trying not to outwardly moan.

As soon as the brunette was done, she grabbed one of the blonde's magazines that was lying by and pretended to be totally immersed in it. Brooke thought to herself that she was going to have to be the one to get this thing going.

"Your turn," Brooke grabbed at Sam's shirt to try and take it off. "I know you wanted to wait, but you have to start sometime."

"Oh, I'm trying to ease my way back into the sun."

"From Arizona?"

"Well…I work in a lab…where I spend all my time…and I don't want to fry."

"You won't if I put lotion all over you." Brooke leaned over to Sam and whispered in her ear. The brunette wasn't ready for this close proximity that fast and felt all her blood go to a different area than her head, which caused her to be unable to process grammar properly. "OK, fine, if you're not ready for the sun yet you can tell me all about celebrity fashion." Brooke moved in front of the brunette to position herself so she could lean back in her lap.

"I thought you might make a good lawn chair."

"Did you?"

Sam was taken aback at first, but then she opened her legs wider and let Brooke settle down to lean against her chest. Sam simply could not believe the course this day or, in fact, the whole trip had taken. It was like a very surreal dream. She had no idea how long this fake name game was going to last but she intended to enjoy every moment of it, even if she was getting a slow start. She decided if Brooke really wanted some sort of physical companionship without getting all messy or too serious, she was going to give in completely and damn the consequences. Sam took her arms and wrapped them around the blonde in between her legs and lowered her head to rest on Brooke's shoulder.

The blonde opened her magazine and started reading to the brunette. "Now, it's time for us to learn about where certain stars will be spending their summer vacations and if their toes will be manicured in time."

"Ah, yes. Very important news," Brooke playfully swatted Sam's arm and continued reading to the brunette. However, the blonde found it hard to concentrate at times, like when the brunette ran her fingers down her arms or up along her side. Also when she placed light kisses on her neck. That was doing something to the blonde that dare not be repeated, for fear of a child within a mile radius.

They were both smiling and very happy with their current situation, when a mob of people came along the beach urging everyone to head towards a stage area in the distance.

A woman wearing a bikini with a beer logo stamped all over her body walked past with a megaphone. "It's a chance for cash people! You can buy an extra keg for the night. Come take part in a contest and win!" Quite a few of the mobs of people were following her to the stage. Brooke turned in Sam's arms and watched the mob.

"You should enter wet the T-shirt contest Marta."

"No thanks. I was really hoping not to turn up on 'Girls Gone Wild' this year. My parents hate it when that happens."

"How many volumes have you been on?"

"Let's see there was 'Girls Gone Wild Phoenix 4' and 'Girls Gone Kind of Kooky in Scarsdale 7' so I'm retired."

"Come now Marta…your fans want more."

Another beer employee walked past with a megaphone, this time a hunky guy in long shorts with the phrase, 'Beer Me' embodied on his ass. "We need some more people! You are guaranteed to win money. I promise!" Brooke and Sam caught his attention. It wasn't often he saw two extremely beautiful women only interested in each other, and not for show, in the hope of attracting a guy. He also happened to hear the tail end of their conversation. He stopped walking and bent down next to them.

"Hello, ladies. I couldn't help but hear you encouraging your beautiful friend to join the festivities and get some money for your vacation out of it."

"Maybe you shouldn't eavesdrop on private conversations then," Sam said rather coldly to him.

"This is the beach, it's like the subway…your private talk is my public conversation." He then focused entirely on Sam. "What do you say? Up for some big cash? "

"Absolutely not. I'm not taking part in some chauvinist contest, on how lustily I eat a banana that is hanging out of a guy's crotch. Take her, she'll do it." Brooke scooted away from Sam.

"Hey!" Brooke decided she would help this guy to get back at Sam for her little back handed comment. "I'm not the one who has starred in more than one direct to skank video."

The guy looked over to Brooke who winked and then nodded back to Sam; he smiled.

"I think you're the one we need. C'mon!" He stood up and brought Sam along with him. "You're going to love it." He then lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder. Brooke wasn't quite prepared for this. She had wanted to tease Sam, not have her taken away by a hunky guy who was strong enough to lift her as if she were a rag doll. He continued walking down the beach towards the massive stage area. Sam lifted her head from his back and yelled out for Brooke.

"Shelly! Payback is a bitch! Remember that." Sam dropped her head slightly and patted the guy's back. "All right already, put me down!"

"Not until we get there princess." This totally took Sam off guard.

"Who are you calling princess?! I'm not a princess! If you wanted a princess you should have taken the blonde!" Sam saw her princess getting further and further away, as she was hauled to huge stage set up on the beach. After a minute, they finally reached the back of the stage area.

"But you're cuter and I knew you would be the fiery pepper one." He smirked at her as he lowered her to the ground. "Name is Jock. And you are?"

"Jock? What kind of name is that?" Sam was more than irritated now. She wanted to be back in the beach with Brooke in her arms.

"Pretty self explanatory I would say." He flexed his muscles and winked at the brunette.

"Hey…" Brooke caught up with them after gathering up her and Sam's belongings; however, she did not want to show that she was out of breath and had followed their trail that hotly. "I got your stuff." Brooke handed a bag to Sam and stood next to her.

"I didn't catch your name princess." Sam and Brooke both turned to Jock. The blonde saw that Jock was only focused on the brunette; this was a time when she was not the princess.

'Uh…Marta," Sam managed, while turning to Brooke.

"Nice to meet you Uh-Marta," Jock extended his hand to shake the brunette's. "Let's get you signed up."

"You dragged me all the way over here for nothing. I'm not doing it." Sam started pushing Brooke away from Jock.

"Whoa, wait there. I pegged you as the smart cookie. Don't you want to win $500?"

Sam thought for a moment, winning $500 did sound greatly appealing; primarily because it meant that she could rent her own hotel room in hopes that the game with Brooke would get really out of hand. Don't even go there her brain thought; it's too hopeful and too dangerous.

"I'm talking trivia here, not crotch eating banana stuff." Jock argued his case to get the stunning brunette to take part in his contest because he knew she would draw a crowd, from both sexes.

"That would be more her style." Sam didn't know why she said the mean comment, maybe it was because Brooke was not helping her at all in getting out of this, and had somewhat instigated it.

"My style?" Brooke felt her face flame up and wanted to hit back. "Well, at least I know how to eat a banana."

"Well, maybe you should try an orange instead sometime."

"Bananas have potassium."

"Oranges have Vitamin C." Sam inched closer to Brooke to stand right in front of her.

"Bananas are less messy. Oranges get too sticky and juice runs everywhere." Brooke stared intensely into Sam's eyes.

"That's the best part."

"So you've had a few oranges?" Brooke was somewhat nervous to hear the answer.

"A few," Sam focused on Brooke's lips for a moment. "You can dive into an orange in a way that's not possible with a banana. You can lose yourself in an orange." Brooke almost whimpered when Sam used her biggest weapon; she ran her tongue in front of her teeth and opened her mouth slightly revealing the activity.

"God, I want an orange." Jock was brought out of staring at the young women. He listened in on a small headset he had on, nodded and then turned to Sam. "So trivia, c'mon Marta, are you in?"

"Trivia?" Sam had to admit that didn't sound as scary as a smack down in pudding or being hosed down in baby oil.

"Yes, trivia and look at your competition. I know you can slam those bimbos." Jock pointed to some girls; one was reading Star magazine, one was downing a Jell-O shot out of an ice tray and one was painting her nails with white out. Judging by their bikini covers, Sam did feel confident she could beat them in a trivia brawl.

Jock could see Sam's resolve was weakening. "OK, go back stage and we'll get you ready!" He then turned to Brooke who didn't look entirely pleased with this situation as she watched Sam walk away from her. "And you….how about a game of Twister…with K-Y jelly?" Brooke just gave Jock a snarl. "Come on, it's something to do while your girlfriend is busy. We need another contestant. And you look very limber and lean."

"She's not my girlfriend."

"Right…I see a lot of girlfriends on my trips and then there are girlfriends…and you're definitely in the latter category even if you don't know it yet."

"We're not in any category, we're on vacation."

"Uh huh. Guess you want to cheer her on. You can stand back stage over there if you want."

"Actually, I'll be back when it's over. This whole thing reeks of '92."

"So does denial." Brooke didn't bother to look back at Jock. "Don't worry. I'll take good care of her." Those words stung a little as Brooke continued to walk away. Who was this guy? And he had no idea what he was talking about.

Sam stood in front of a large hot tub with the three bikini bimbos, as Jock walked up next to her. "OK, smartie get in!"

"No, you did not tell me the contest would be in a hot tub."

"Its spring break, what did you expect, c'mon. Think about the money and how you can buy your girlfriend something nice."

"She's not my girlfriend."

"You two should have T-shirts printed up. In you go." Jock shoved Sam into the hot tub. At that moment a curtain that had been hiding the hot tub opened and hundreds of eager spring breakers shouted with glee as a DJ cranked up a sound system to a near deafening level.

Sam already regretted this bad idea for winning money. She stood up in the tub and looked around at her three opponents. She felt totally out of place amongst the bikini bimbos, as she was standing there in soaking shorts and a T-shirt.

Brooke walked around to the side of the stage so she could see what was going on but hopefully not be seen. She thought Sam looked silly in the hot tub with her clothes on, which made her she smile. Sam's three opponents were all blonde and looked like bikinis were made for them. One blonde in particular looked like she could have been Dolly Parton's long lost child. She had to smirk, as Sam looked like she were a deer caught in the headlights and about to be run over.

Jock strutted onto the stage. "Hello Spring Breakers! Having any fun out there? Ready to have some more fun? " The audience whopped and hollered back. "Welcome to Trivia Rub a Tub!" The audience roared and DJ pumped up the jams like it was '89 again.

"Our first question for our lovely contestants is…What is the nickname our 37th President of the United States?"

Sam inwardly groaned. She knew where the questions were headed. She hated to speak the answer, she hoped one of her tubmates would blurt it out; however, there was dead silence and blank stares.

"Dick." Sam uttered as quietly as she could.

"I'm sorry, what was your answer?" Jock toyed with Sam.

"Dick! You dick!" Sam stared up at Jock as he smiled down on her.

"You are correct!" The crowd hollered and the three blondes adjusted their bikinis for the next question. "Ready for the next one?"

"What is the last name of our 43rd President?"

Sam hoped her bikini competitors would at least get this one. She cringed when all she saw was rapid blinking from them.

"Bush," Sam looked over to Jock who raised his hand up. Sam rolled her eyes. "Bush!"

"I like a girl who goes both ways. You are correct!" The crowd cheered Jock. "Let's get to know our contestants." Sam cringed while Brooke shook her head off at the side. Jock walked over to the hot tub and bent down, he pointed his microphone to the extremely chesty blonde next to Sam. "Let's get to know you…"

"Sasha!" She smiled brightly and waved to the crowd. Jock waited for more information from Sasha.

"And what school do you attend?"

"Pink Air Stewardess Academy!" Sam had to smirk, it's like her fellow contestant was on a 50s game show and not a raunchy cable dumbfest.

"Awesome." Jock smiled and moved onto Sam. "Let's get to know our champion." Quite a few whistles echoed throughout the audience. Brooke looked around and wasn't surprised that the brunette was getting such attention. In fact, she was amazed Sam was here on spring break with no one but her.

"I'm Marta from Arizona State." Sam was happy to already have a fake alias ready, there was no way she was giving her real name for it to pop up on some random web search probably about the time she was trying to get a serious job.

"What are you studying Marta, besides dead presidents."

"I'm undeclared."

Suddenly, a siren went off causing the entire audience to search where the offending sound was coming from. Jock stood up and walked to the center of the stage.

"Looks like the trivia is over and now it's time for the rub! Bring on the mistress of condiments!" Sam did not like the sound of this at all, and looked for the nearest exit. However, her eyes were transfixed when a woman was being lowered onto stage by a harness. She was in huge mustard bottle. Jock walked over to the giant mustard bottle when it was finally standing on the stage, the crowd cheered on and on. "Oh, Mistress of condiments! What is the condiment of choice today?"

Sam looked closely and nearly fainted. She swore she was seeing a ghost in the mustard costume. And then the mustard bottle spoke and she gasped for air; she spritzed some of the hot tub water on her face. For good measure, she also gestured the sign of the cross for protection, even though she wasn't Catholic.

"Jock, the mistress of condiments hereby decrees salsa as the condiment of the day!" That gruff voice had always caused annoyance in Sam's life. How did a biology teacher end up as mustard?

Brooke blinked several times and stood open mouthed at the sight of Bobbi Glass on the same stage as Sam.

The crowd roared while four hunky guys started carrying out huge buckets to the stage, followed by two attractive women with bags of tortilla chips. Sam didn't want to know where this was going, but it was truly turning into a spring break nightmare. She wondered if she clicked her feet together, would she would be back on the beach with Brooke?

Suddenly, the water drained out of the bottom and raised two feet and the edges extended. What is this, a Cirque du Soleil stage? Sam thought.

"My subjects…prepare the tub!" Ms. Glass, aka the mustard bottle, mistress of condiments, ordered the hunky guys who proceeded to dump all their buckets of salsa into the hot tub. Sam didn't think she would ever want to eat salsa again, after smelling and feeling the sauce fall all over her body and down into her pants. The three blondes laughed and waved to the rowdy crowd, while Sam looked out in the sea of people for a certain blonde to save her. She couldn't see Brooke hiding off in the sidelines.

Jock had been gleefully watching the women get salsaed up and now he walked back over to them. "Ladies, whoever is left standing, wins!" Sam thought that didn't make any sense, since they were sitting to start with. "And when I say standing, I mean whoever is left in the tub." Sam realized this was her chance, she would just run out then. However, the hunky guys moved and surrounded the tub like guards while mustard bottle Bobbi Glass laughed.

No, no, no, Sam thought. I am not wrestling with these attractive blondes, while my favorite blonde is out there somewhere.

Sam shot Jock a killer look. If she could murder with her eyes, she would be on death row because of him. Jock just mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." At that moment, the buxom blonde grabbed Sam and threw her down in the expanded hot tub and sat on top of her. Brooke just watched on, with her mouth wide open again. Here she was, watching Sam wrestling with an attractive blonde woman in a hot tub of salsa; not how she thought her spring break would turn out. Of course she also didn't think it would involve getting a 20 minute rub down from Sam with wandering hands…hands that she wanted to go even further and a mouth that she wanted to follow the trial of those hands…Focus Brooke! She needed to get Sam out of this now! She ran away from the side of the stage and started to scan the crowd. She could not believe her luck when she came across a certain red head dancing in the middle of guy and girl.

"Jenna! Jenna!' Brooke rushed over to the red head, who looked at her confusedly.

"Brooke! Hey, what's going on? Where's Sam?"

All Brooke could do was point up to the stage where poor Sam was about to get pummeled by other two blondes. Jenna laughed. "That is riot! Glad to see she's having fun!"

"I don't think she is. Can you help me?"

San didn't know if it was luck or dumb misfortune that had her head being pushed down into a beautiful blonde's cleavage. How can I not enjoy this?! Because there is another's blonde cleavage that I want my head pushed into. I know Brooke is out there, just watching and for some reason that is killing it for me. Suddenly, in addition to the hands wrapped around her head, legs were added to the mix. To make her situation even worse, the other two blondes began tackling her also. One blonde hopped out of the hot tub and then jumped on all three of her competitors. Sam got the brunt of most of the fall. Now all three blondes had a piece of the brunette…she could feel her clothes ripping. I'm getting pummeled! What is Brooke doing? I hope she at least has popcorn to enjoy the show!!

Brooke walked out from around the bar where she and Jenna had come up with a plan. She looked up and saw the buxom blonde completely wrapped around Sam's body and the other two going at her brunette; she felt her cheeks grow hot.

"Are you sure Sam's not having a good time?" Jenna was afraid to point out that she thought Sam was having a swell time since it had been awhile since the brunette had some female companionship. However, she didn't know how much Sam's step-sister knew about her romantic life so she decided to leave that part out.

"I don't care if she is; we're getting her out of that porn pretzel." Jenna was a little taken aback at Brooke's fiery delivery.

Sam was having a little bit of hard time breathing, with her face slammed into the blonde's chest along with some tomato bits stuck in her nose, she knew she would be sworn off salsa for years to come.

"Looks like our trivial champ Marta is no match for Sasha and the other girls! Go Sasha!" The crowd eagerly cheered on the salsa wrestlers while Jock yelled into his microphone. "An extra $500 for the girl who ends up with all the bikini tops!" The crowd exploded into screams with the announcement. Sam's own screams were lost in between the lustful shouts from the audience. Brooke better do something soon to help me or I'm going to make her have salsa with every meal until she's 80!!

A few people in the back of the audience started getting distracted by shouts coming from off to the side.

"You sluttrash whore!" The shouts got louder and louder. A small section broke apart, clearing a path to make room for the commotion.

"I only fucked him because he was begging for it! You should feed him every once and while!"

"I can't help it if he likes to eat trashy fast food that will make him hurl afterwards!"

"You're dead!"

And with that a red head ran toward a blonde and jumped her back. They twirled around a few times, bumping into people and knocking over promotional beer displays, all the while screaming expletives at each other. The audience's interest grew and grew in them as the name calling got worse and worse, 'Asslicking cunt!' 'Flea bag fuck whore!' 'Stanky greasy bitch!'

Brooke pushed Jenna towards a bar area, where the red head jumped up on the bar and grabbed bottles to throw down at the blonde, missing each calculated time of course, but causing huge crashes and getting the audience more and more involved into their girl trash drama. Brooke got a hold of one of Jenna's ankles, which made her lose her balance and fall into the blonde. They toppled onto the ground where Brooke tore off Jenna's top, revealing her purple bikini underneath. This caught more of the crowd's short lusty attention span.

"Cat fight! Cat fight!" started being chanted through the crowd, a ripple effect that eventually made its way to the stage. Where Jock tried, but could not see where all the action was coming from.

Brooke and Jenna maneuvered their whore cat fight back out into the chanting crowd where they pulled, yanked and made angry faces at each other while bumping into people like a pin ball machine, bouncing off one person to the next. Jenna ripped off Brooke's top revealing her pink bikini top which got quite a few whoops and whistles.

Suddenly, the DJ got more interested in this cat fight than in the slow moving one in the salsa hot tub. He cued up The Donna's 'Take It Off' and it blared through the speakers and people started chanting, 'Take it off! Take it off!' to the dueling red head and blonde.

Jenna smiled at Brooke while she eyed her bikini top, the blonde leaned in, "Don't you dare. I'll kill you." For some reason Jenna had a random thought that Sam might kill her also.

"We got to up the ante Brooke. Give Sam enough time to run away." Jenna tugged on Brooke's shorts which gave away a little tear. The blonde pushed hard against the red head and they went slamming into a bulky guy holding a beer, which spilled all over them.

Sam managed to get one of the blonde's arms off from around her head, to look up where everyone's attention was now directed. She saw two blurry figures fighting. She then ran her hand over her face and removed some cilantro from the corner of her eye and focused again on the commotion. Her mouth hung open as she saw her roomie and step-sister engaged in a heated bikini cat fight out in the audience and shouting pretty blue comments at each other that would make even make George Carlin blush.

The next thing Sam saw made her cheeks beam red, but then again it could have been the cheap tomato paste used in the salsa. Jenna grabbed Brooke's head and started kissing her passionately. "I'm going to kill Jenna!" Sam couldn't believe her eyes. The crowd roared when the two started kissing. Brooke pulled away for a moment to slap Jenna. The red head looked up stunned as did the audience, then Brooke grabbed and started kissing the red head again. Sam couldn't believe that Brooke was giving back as good as she was getting from her soon to be dead, slutty roomie. Well, she doesn't need me or my lame plan anymore; she's got a pro now.

Sam squinted and saw Brooke open her eyes; she locked eyes with Sam and motioned with her hand in the direction off stage. The brunette's smile was so big it went from ear to ear. OK, so maybe my blonde is not enjoying it as much as I think she is, my stomach has risen from the pit it dropped to.

When Brooke saw Sam make her move she broke off the kiss with Jenna and then slapped her again. "I told you no!" Jenna stood for a moment perplexed as to what to say next. Then Brooke planted a small kiss on her check and whispered in her ear. "Thanks, I owe you." The blonde took off running for the stage when she noticed another obstacle headed towards her brunette.

The crowd stood silent for a moment staring at Jenna alone now. "She said if she was gonna go gay, it would be my way." The crowed cheered for Jenna who pumped her arms in the air.

Sam looked over at Jock who was preoccupied in trying to get his audience back. She pushed the buxom blonde with all her might aside. The buxom blonde lost her balance and sank to the bottom dragging along another blonde with her. Sam made her break, leapt out of the tub, and scurried across the stage. She was almost off stage when the mustard bottle swept in and blocked her exit.

"Where do you think you're going?" Bobbie Glass, mistress of condiments, stood between Sam and her freedom.

Sam didn't know how she was going to get around the enormous and impending mustard bottle.

"Glass! Sir! Could you grade these?" Bobbie Glass turned around and there was her former blonde golden student with her top pulled up flashing her chest.

Good God! She's killing me! First, Jenna. Now Glass! Sam stood frozen for a moment staring at Brooke and yes, specifically her exposed breasts. The brunette shook her head and jumped off the stage and sprinted down the beach out of sight. When the blonde saw her brunette off the stage, she lowered her shirt.

"A plus McQueen as always! Excellent work!"

Brooke was a little dumbfounded but smiled in regards to the glowing grade. She quickly ran off in the direction of Sam as fast as she could.

Jock came back to the stage and noticed that Marta was gone. Right before he could spot Brooke off in the distance, Jenna launched herself at him.

"Hey! Can I join the salsa wrestling team?" Jock looked down at the red head in his arms and smiled.

"I think you and salsa might be a killer stellar combo."

Brooke kept running down the beach but there was no sign of Sam yet.

"That was some kiss." Sam appeared out of nowhere and caught the blonde by the waist.

"It saved your ass." Brooke turned around so she could face Sam.

"OK, thanks. But did you have to kiss Jenna and flash Glass! That was like being in an Eli Roth film! My eyes! My eyes! Not to mention my stomach."

Sam plopped down on the sand and pulled Brooke down with her. She sat behind the blonde and enveloped in her arms, assuming the position they had before the whole trivia debacle.

"You're getting salsa all over me! It's kind of gross. Here, change places." Brooke crawled around Sam and sat behind her, positioning the brunette in between her legs. The blonde started to remove chunks of vegetables from the brunette's hair. "God, I wish I had some chips."

After most of the chunky stuff had been removed from Sam's hair, they both sat back and watched the impending sunset.

The two young women sat and basked in the after glow of the sun and each other's close proximity.

"So Shelly…do you have plans for tonight?"

"No, actually, Marta I don't."

"Great." Sam ran her hand up and down Brooke's leg. "I was hoping you would have dinner with me." Brooke caught Sam's hand and entwined their fingers.

"That would be nice…just as long as it's not tacos. My step-sister made me eat tacos this morning for breakfast and that was pretty nasty. I mean who seriously eats tacos for breakfast?!"

"Well, my step-sister actually drinks these nasty health shakes for breakfast. You should see what she mixes in them. The smell of them alone makes me want to gag."

"She sounds really healthy and smart compared to my junk food junkie of a step sibling." Brooke stood up and dusted the sand off body.

"Is that so?" Sam got to her feet and crossed her arms against her chest.

"Oh yeah. One time I saw her eat an entire bag of M&Ms and wash it down with a Mountain Dew and Cheetos. So gross."

"Well, maybe she hadn't eaten for the whole day. And that was all the gas station had in food related items."

"Then she should have waited for dinner." At this point the brunette started inching closer and closer to the blonde with a playful angry look in her eyes. "I've seen dogs eat better than that." Brooke ran away from the brunette who made a lunge for her.

"I should warn you Marta I'm on the track team at Ohio State." Brooke smiled wickedly as she took off sprinting down the beach. Sam followed in hot pursuit. She knew Brooke was indeed a faster runner; she thought it had more to do with the blonde's long legs rather than her speed. The journalist knew she would have to use a different tactic to catch the ex-cheerleader. While the blonde was still running, not looking back at her, Sam ran towards the water and jumped in. She swam out a little ways, held her breath and went under.

Brooke stopped when she didn't hear anyone running behind her anymore. She turned around and didn't see the dashing brunette anywhere. She turned both ways and didn't spot anyone at all. She was confused. Where had she gone? Brooke ran back a little and stood for a moment. Sam took this moment to emerge from the water and run as fast as she could towards the blonde. She managed to get close enough that by the time the blonde heard her approach it was too late to flee. The dripping wet brunette grabbed Brooke by the legs and pulled her to the ground. Sand clung to both of them as they rolled on the beach. They both laughed and wrestled until Sam got the upper hand and straddled Brooke.

"I should warn you Shelly, I'm on the wrestling team at school." Sam leaned over Brooke, her wet dark hair dangling around her face and dripping water onto the blonde's forehead and checks. Brooke struggled against Sam, who suddenly now realized that she could go where she always wanted to go with this playful flirty fighting. Being this Marta character gave her that chance. So while her blonde nemesis was playfully pushing up against her, Sam leaned down and captured Brooke's lips. The blonde was taken off guard at first but then opened her mouth immediately to grant the brunette full access.

Sam moaned into the kiss, Brooke took this opportunity to plunge her tongue into the brunette's mouth. The brunette was surprised how quickly this kiss had escalated but she welcomed it whole heartedly. There was nothing chaste about the kiss, they both poured years worth of pent up frustrations and longings into their tongues and lips. Sam lowered her arms and placed one on each side of Brooke's face never breaking contact of the heated kiss. Brooke's hands wandered up Sam's back and got tangled in the brunette's wet, sandy locks. She loved feeling Sam's mouth on her; she knew she would after staring at those incredible lips for years and years. She just couldn't believe she finally was doing it. She didn't want to think what this kiss could do to her life, she just wanted this kiss.

Brooke had no idea how long the heated mouthy exchange lasted, a wave came up and water splashed up on their legs. Brooke was reminded of an old movie where a couple kissed passionately on the beach. What was that movie called? From here to…Sam…Sam…what are you doing with your tongue? I'll just google it later, google…google, sounds almost erotic…I want to google Sam later or I might have to google myself; yep kissing Sam is causing my IQ to drop. Brooke almost laughed to think how fitting it was for a former Homecoming Queen/head cheerleader that the single most romantic kiss of her life was with her step-sister. Should I be worried? Should I book a therapist? Or a guest spot on Springer?

When they parted due to lack of oxygen and not due to lack of desire to continue, they were both covered in sand. Sam looked at Brooke's swollen lips. I did that. Brooke actually kissed me back, a full blown kiss. Or should I say, Shelly kissed me? I guess she was serious about this whole physical thing. What are we going to do now?

While Brooke was taking a shower, Sam had used her journalist skills and found a restaurant off the spring break path, a romantic spot that supposedly served some of the best food in town. Sam wanted to get away from the whooping boys of the beach and have a nice meal with Brooke that didn't involve plastic eating utensils or the song 'Tequila' in the background.

Sam showered and dressed rather quickly and waited for Brooke. The door finally knocked and there stood the ex-cheerleader in a simple beautiful sun dress. Sam couldn't stop a goofy smile spread her face; it was contagious too, as Brooke caught it and had the same response at seeing the brunette in a sleeveless dressy top with skin tight white jeans. Brooke let Sam take the lead since the journalist said she had a plan.

The restaurant was small, intimate, darkly lit and smelled heavenly of fresh baked bread and pasta. Sam and Brooke sat with three small candles in between them as they sipped some wine, gazed about the restaurant and each other.

"Nice choice, Marta. How did you find out about this place?"

"Oh, I have my sources."

"You're a journalism major?"

"God, no. I'm studying to be a meerkat specialist."

Brooke nearly choked on her wine as she started laughing at this reveal.

"Meerkats? I didn't know they were…so important."

"Well, they have their own soap opera don't they?" Sam ran her tongue along her upper lip which she noticed didn't go unnoticed by her dining companion.

"Even though I've only been in Lauderdale for like two days it's nice not to see drunken frat boys for a few hours."

"I was hoping you would think that." Sam gave Brooke a sparkling smile.

Brooke opted for a simple spaghetti dish with a light sauce, while Sam ended up with veggie lasagna because her dinner companion couldn't decide and now could try both.

The blonde took one long strand of pasta in her mouth and decided to torture the brunette while she sucked the entire piece slowly, never breaking eye contact with her enraptured audience of one. Sam contemplated on orchestrating her own 'Lady and the Tramp' moment but was unsure how gracefully she could find the end of that strand and get it started in her mouth, whilst simultaneously making it look spontaneous. Recreating a romantic movie scene is near impossible; recreating one with animated dogs eating people food should probably not even be attempted. She opted instead just to lean a little across the table and was reward with Brooke running her finger up her arm.

Sam dipped into her plate and brought a spoonful of lasagna up to her mouth and smiled enticingly across the table. She first licked the melted cheese falling from the spoon, with Brooke watching every moment like it was the last 30 seconds of a tied overtime super bowl game. After the utensil was divulged of its content, Sam took another scoop of the Italian delight and this time offered up to the blonde's hungry mouth. Brooke not only managed to wrap her mouth around the spoon but also graze her tongue along Sam's finger. At this point the brunette thought she might have to drag the blonde to the bathroom for a few minutes. What the pair didn't realize was that two waiters, three bus boys and a female hostess were all watching the interplay so intently that either popcorn was going to be brought out or cigarettes lighted.

The rest of the meal went by in a blur to the two young women. They ate up not only the rest of the delicious food but each other's company and had fun coming up with fake histories for their fictional alter egos.

When they arrived back at the hotel, they wanted nothing else but privacy. During dinner a slow burn of attraction grew and grew until Sam thought they would never be able to leave the restaurant fast enough. Relief came later in the cab, for as soon as the door closed Brooke was all over the brunette, which satisfied both of them temporarily. All Sam had to do now was get to the room…which room didn't matter.

As soon as the room door slammed, Sam took the initiative and gently pushed Brooke down on the bed, lowering herself on top of the blonde. Brooke happily welcomed the brunette and the two were engaged in a heavy make out session with no end in sight. They couldn't get enough of each other. Too soon the erotic haze was broken by the motel phone ringing, Sam looked up momentarily distracted by the irritating sound and Brooke pulled her back down to her lips. The ringing continued and continued until Sam couldn't take it anymore; she reached across Brooke and grabbed the phone.

"What!" Brooke kissed Sam's neck and ran her tongue up and down the length of it causing Sam to shiver and let out a small moan until she jerked up. "MOM!" Sam jumped off of Brooke and fell on the floor. The blonde looked over while the brunette scrambled to compose herself.

"Yeah…sorry. Uh…we got some prank calls before…I thought you were them. Things are good. Uh, yeah…Brooke is good," Sam looked up briefly at Brooke and then away, her nervous energy peaking through with the twisting of the phone cord. "What are we doing to each other?" Brooke kicked Sam in the leg. "I mean what are we doing?" The brunette ran her hand over her embarrassed face. "Uh, just the usual stuff…the beach, shopping…yes, we could have done that back home…" Brooke watched the nervous Sam shifting awkwardly from foot to foot. "Sorry. I must have forgotten to check my cell. Sorry, didn't mean to worry you. OK. Sure…just a second…" Sam moved over to the bed and handed the phone to Brooke. "She wants to talk to you." Now it was time for Brooke to look a little nervous and wide eyed, she smoothed down her rumpled dress, ran a hand through her disheveled hair and let out a deep breathe she didn't know she had been holding.

"Jane! Hi!" Sam poked her suddenly and made hand movement motioning her to bring down the acting a notch. In a slower more subdue voice, Brooke tried again, "uh…it's good to hear from you." Brooke tried not to think that she just had her hand on Jane's daughter's ass for fear she would speak that aloud. "You know the beach and stuff…" The blonde stole a glance at the brunette who was blushing something fierce. "He is? Great….Daddy, hi. How are you? And Mac? Great…OK. I will, I promise. Bye Daddy." Brooke put the receiver back on the cradle. She stared ahead, not looking at Sam.

They both knew that phone call was like icy cold shower, bringing them back to their real selves and far from their imaginary roles. Sam didn't know if she should try and ignite the past mood or wait for another one, she prayed there would be another one. Brooke looked pretty confused, lost in thought.

"Wanna watch some TV?" When Brooke asked this question, Sam knew the phone call had definitely ripped apart the mood of the evening and that she was powerless to fight against it.

"Sure, why not."

Neither one of them spoke aloud about what had just happened. They both sat on opposite sides of the bed. Sam was going to stay until she was kicked out. After two hours or so they both had fallen asleep during a Felicity marathon.

Sam awoke in the middle of the night by the fuzz from the TV. She smiled as she removed Brooke's arms and crept out of bed to turn off the TV. She had no idea when they had drifted to each other's arms, but she was thankful for it. Before she had even fully gotten back into bed Brooke had her arms wrapped around her waist and was snuggling into her. Again, a goofy grin spread across the brunette's features because the whole thing just felt very natural to her.

The morning came and Brooke's cell phone started singing No Doubt's 'Just a Girl', she untangled herself from Sam and retrieved it from the night stand. Sam reached for Brooke and pulled her back to her chest where she had been spooning her. She smiled as she buried her face in the blonde's hair.

"C'mon, Marta. We have to get up. Surf lessons." Brooke was cursing herself for signing up for a surf lesson now, she couldn't think of anything better than spending the morning in bed in Sam's arms.

"Won't there be surf lessons when there is more sunlight Shelly?"

"C'mon, it will be less crowded and we catch some good waves early." Sam continued to hold onto the blonde who now had her hands on the brunette's arms, stroking them.

"Spoken like someone who already knows how to surf," Sam said suspiciously.

"Just because I know where the best swells are doesn't mean anything."

"Oh, I think it does."

"OK. So I'm on the surfing team back at Ohio State." Brooke grinned and could fell Sam smile into her back and place a kiss there.

"I thought so."

The water was bitterly cold and Sam had already hit her head twice on her board. She was not digging surfing yet, although any excuse to see the blonde in her bikini was always good. Brooke had obviously taken up surfing and was quite good at it, while Sam looked like a wobbly weeble wobble on her board. She twisted her body into so many positions to stay upright on the board she knew she was going to be sore later.

Brooke knew surfing lessons would pay off, if only because her brunette surfing classmate had to strip down to her bikini for practical reasons. The blonde was indeed enjoying the sight of the brunette in a black bikini. She thought maybe too much because she did find it hard to concentrate on the instructor. However, since she did learn to surf over the first summer Sam didn't come home she felt safe with her lusty daydreaming.

The blonde sat on her board as she floated in the ocean watching her uncoordinated classmate. Sam finally got up on her board, Brooke was proud of her. The brunette gave her a thumbs up and then promptly got knocked down by a thunderous wave. Brooke watched for Sam to emerge as the board popped back up. She started getting worried with no sign of the brunette. Brooke plunged into the water off her board and swam over to the area where she last saw the brunette as fast as she could. Brooke dove under water and frantically searched and looked for Sam. She busted through the surface of the water, eyes scanning for any glimpse of Sam. Her heart stopped when she found her holding onto her board. Brooke grabbed the board, hung onto Sam and pulled them both ashore.

Brooke looked over Sam's unconscious state and panicked full throttle.

"C'mon! Breath!" Brooke bent down and put her mouth on Sam's mouth to start CPR. As soon as she did she felt Sam's mouth move against hers and a hint of her tongue enter her mouth. She jerked back and stared wildly at Sam.

"You bitch! That's not funny!"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. The water was so cold, we had to get up so early, I hit my head like three times…and I needed some mouth to mouth."

The blonde stared back at the brunette with such a cold hard glance Sam felt a shiver go down her spine.

Just then the instructor ran up to his arguing students.

"Shelly, I saw you pull Marta ashore. Is she OK? How is her breathing?"

"It's fine." Brooke said as she stood up and stomped off.

"Not when you're around." Sam mumbled under her breath and stared after Brooke as she walked away.

Sam trailed after Brooke to the beach showers to wash the sand and sea water off. The blonde entered one of the enclosed shower stalls, she turned on the water and stood under the stream letting the clean water wash over her. She didn't hear the door open, her eyes popped open when she felt Sam lean into her and press her bikini covered breasts against her almost completely bare back. She hated to admit but her knees went a little weak. Sam ran her hand down Brooke's side, over her stomach, pulling the blonde very tightly against her body.

"Someone must have scared you before pretty badly," Sam whispered in Brooke's ear.

"Yeah." Brooke could only get a whimper as Sam enclosed both her arms and placed a kiss on her neck.

The blonde only took so much of this before she turned around and kissed the brunette senseless. Hands roamed all over exposed skin, the great thing about bikinis Sam thought. The temptation to untie those little strings and have the bikini top vanish away was something the brunette was fighting against with every fiber in her body. Instead she decided to move her hands lower and away from the tempting strings. She cupped the blonde's ass and was rewarded with a loud moan released into her mouth.

With Sam's hands all over her body and now concentrated on her ass Brooke was extremely happy they were in a shower so when they exited the water would hide all the other wetness generating from her body. She squeezed her arms tighter around Sam's head pressing their bodies even closing together and now causing a delirious friction between the two.

They were both completely lost in each other in each other's bodies, they didn't hear the constant knocking on the shower stall door until it got louder and louder. Sam removed her tongue reluctantly from the blonde's mouth and peaked out the door. There stood a very impatient little boy.

"Aren't you done yet?"

"No. Shoo." Sam slammed the door shut.

Brooke looked at Sam who tried to position herself before. "Did you just tell a little boy to shoo?"

"Maybe. He can wait for the other showers."

"Marta, I think all the sand is off," Brooke laughed.

"No, I don't think it is. But we could always go to the hotel shower." Sam leered up and down Brooke's body, stopping longer in certain areas.

The blonde grabbed the brunette's hand and led her out of the shower stall.

The little boy entered and said very loudly, "Finally!"

Part 7

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