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Spring Fall
By serendipityspinoff


Part Seven

Brooke was actually happy for the annoying, impatient young boy's interruption. She didn't want her first time with Sam…er, Marta…to be in a public place and at the rate they were going, it was going to get very public and very loud. It's just when Sam's hands are on me (crap! Marta! I mean Marta!)…I completely lose all train of rational thinking. I'm somewhat smart but for some reason Sam McPherson, crap! I mean…eh, I give up for right now…Sam, Marta, Sam, Marta…what's the difference really? Maybe a whole lot of pain, but I don't want to go into such heavy thinking right now. Heavy petting yes, heavy thinking no. She makes me dumb as a box of rocks sometimes. The blonde realized she had become a bumbling idiot, with no capacity for doing even simple arithmetic. Unless, of course, said arithmetic included the calculation of just how many articles of clothing were in her way. Brooke just stood there and stared at Sam while she put her shirt and shorts on over her bikini.

Sam looked up and saw the blonde watching her. "You know as Pee Wee says, why don't you take a picture…it'll last longer."

"And if I had a camera on me, I would. Marrrrta." Brooke made sure to roll her 'R' extra thick and long while she winked at Sam.

Sam laughed. The way Brooke was looking at her made her whole body tingle and one specific area feel like a volcano about to erupt. She hated to admit it to herself but she was relieved that impatient little boy had broken their heady, lusty march toward eruption. She didn't think she could stop anymore with Brooke and she really didn't want a smelly shower stall to be their inaugural first time. I should really tell her I'm gay. I don't know why that is bugging me so much but it is. Maybe because it might totally change the way she looks at me and I don't want that look to change, specially the one she has right now.

"Wait, I totally forgot. See…dumb as a box of rocks." Brooke fished her cell phone out of her beach bag.

"Dumb as what?"

"Nothing, just stand still." Brooke was about to take a photo with her cell phone when she reached over and unbuttoned the brunette's shirt to show some cleavage and bikini.

"What kind of photo are you shooting here, Shelly?"

"Don't worry, its tasteful Marta." Brooke found the perfect angle she wanted and got her hot pic. She snapped the phone shut and leered over at the brunette.

"You know I still have sand all over me and…in some hard to reach places…"

"I can help with that." Sam had no idea she nearly yelled this offer. "You know I've read you should wash sand off as soon as you get out of the water." Sam inched her way over to Brooke and stood as close as she could get without making bodily contact.

"So you want to leave for the hotel right now?" Brooke loved teasing Sam in any way possible, some more than others.

"You don't want to get some nasty sand infection."

"I thought I would go for a walk first." The blonde found it impossible not to smile when confronted with the crest fallen face of the brunette.

"A walk?" Sam looked very disappointed.

"And then maybe some shopping…" Brooke couldn't help but giggle a little.

Just then a certain impatient boy exited the shower stall. He stuck out his tongue at Sam and walked away.

"You are so easy to tease." Brooke took advantage of the now empty shower stall and pulled Sam in with her. She opened the brunette's top even further than for the photo and started sucking on her neck.

Meanwhile, the brunette wasted no time in wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist and pressing their bodies hard against each other. Brooke's slow playful kisses made their way up to Sam's face and she let her lips linger a few centimeters from bringing them together. When she was just about to kiss the brunette, her intended's lips moved slightly away.

"So you want to be the teaser now?" asked the blonde.

"Is it better to be the teaser or the teasee?

"I think they both have benefits."


Neither one could wait any longer and their lips were brought together with such lust and force it caused the brunette to push the blonde up against the wall. Brooke let out a deep moan when she felt hands slide down her bikini bottom to cup her ass.

Sam thought for a moment they were just back where they started. Why did I think the shower stall was such a bad idea again? Brooke is the one who initiated this one, so I'm just going to follow her lead. OK, well I did start with the hand/ass thing but I'll wait and see what she does next before going into new territory.

And Sam was very happy to go along when Brooke's tongue slipped past her lips and explored every inch of her mouth. Sam didn't know how much longer she would be able to stand when Brooke's hands started wandering up her midriff and were fast approaching her breasts.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Neither the blonde nor the brunette paid any attention, still completely lost in each other, and more specifically, each other's tongues. The knocking continued and it got louder. This time it was the blonde who lost patience with the stubborn knocker. She very reluctantly disengaged her limbs and hungry mouth from the brunette and was about to start berating one young boy, but then her mouth fell wide open like the door.

"Oh My God, Brooke!" The tall, tanned guy in beach shorts looked as shocked as the two shower stall occupants. "And Sam! Wow, what are the odds?"

Not in our favor if you ask me, was Brooke's first thought at seeing her old Kennedy High classmate.

"Why does it not surprise me to find the two of you together?" Sam and Brooke stood frozen in the shower, both shaking their heads in disbelief at the all too familiar guy who was once their object of a tug of war.

"What does that mean Harrison?" Brooke squinted her eyes and cocked her head to the side while Sam moved around and hugged the intruder.

"Nothing. I just knew the two of you would stay close after high school. And well specifically after junior prom."

"Let's not talk about that again…ever." Brooke couldn't help the bitchiness in her tone. Harrison was way worse than an annoying impatient young boy partly because she couldn't tell him just to 'shoo', which she desperately wanted to. She realized she had never had raging hormones like this before and the only thing that mattered to her in the entire world right now was having Sam's hands back on her almost bare ass. God, I'm horrible. Here is an old friend and I just want him to go away so I can see Sam topless. Its official I'm a horny toad teenager.

"Harrison…oh my god. How long as it been?" Sam had recovered from their extensive groping session rather well and quickly.

"Man, a long time I guess." Harrison eyed them somewhat suspiciously standing in the shower stall together. "I knew girls went to the bathroom together but please don't tell me they shower together too, because I don't think my libido or my imagination could handle that."

Both were a little taken aback, they couldn't launch into their crazy little arrangement and they had no idea how flushed they looked or if their clothing was lopsided. Brooke prayed she had no bikini malfunctions going on. Suddenly, Sam spoke up, "We were…conserving water."

Brooke offered up, "Didn't you see An Inconvenient Truth?"

"Yeah, Lily made me watch it."

"Lily! How is she? When did you see her?"

"Josie and I went up to Alaska to visit her and Josh a few months ago."

Brooke was more than a little annoyed now; this trip down memory lane had definitely cooled anything that was happening before. Just like Harrison to show up and ruin things yet again. He had amazing timing.

"Hey, we were just about to grab some lunch. You two should join us!"

"We can't, but thanks anyway." Brooke cut Sam off, in case she was turning into a softie for her old friend.

"C'mon, a quick lunch. Josie would so love to meet the two people I talk most about from high school."

"Josie?" Sam asked.

"My fiancée. We have decided to wait until after college to get hitched."

"It's just that we're meeting some other people." Brooke didn't let go of her dream of getting Sam back to the hotel while she was still in the holding pattern of being in a heated state.

"Bring them along!" Harrison gleefully exclaimed.

Nice one, never say that Brooke thought. That escape is always flawed, always better to stick to something with more foundation like diarrhea or she hated to use it but 'female' problems.

Harrison grabbed one of Sam's arms and started tugging her along. "This is going to be awesome. You two should totally come along when we hit the golf course tomorrow." Harrison couldn't even hide his smirk. "Kidding! Just lunch, c'mon it's been years and you two have to meet Josie."

"Well, OK but we can only stay an hour tops." Sam felt a foot gently kick her in the butt. "I mean half an hour."

Harrison led them to massive seafood restaurant with 4 levels of deck for outdoor seating. The place was packed, very loud and had stuffed fish adorning every inch of the wall along with every clichéd saying ever thought or uttered.

Brooke whispered in Sam's ear, "You know Marta. I'm glad you didn't bring me here on our first date." For some reason hearing the word 'date' spoken from Brooke's soft lips in her silky voice made Sam's knees go weak and she desperately wanted to flee this eyesore of a restaurant to be alone with the blonde. Of course she wanted to slap herself and remind her dumb brain that Brooke did say 'Marta' not 'Sam'. Little details her heart cried out, trying to be heard over her logical, thinking brain. Plus, there's the whole gay thing which I should really tell Brooke about but keep chickening out.

Harrison continued to lead them to the third deck and a big table where two women were sitting. He walked over and kissed one and whispered in her ear. The young woman got a big smile on her face and shot up from her chair to head towards Brooke and Sam.

"So this is Sam and Brooke! Get out! Here in Ft. Lauderdale at the same time we are!" Sam and Brooke could only politely smile. "I have heard so much about you two I think I could write a 400 page biography or at least fill a MySpace profile." She was very pretty Brooke thought and a red head, maybe Harrison had been scared off blondes and brunettes between the two of them.

"Brooke and Sam, this is Josie." Harrison was indeed smitten with the red head, his face radiated a warm glow that was either love or too much sun exposure; but love was a better bet. He wrapped his arms around his fiancée.

"Oh, the stories I have heard about those Kennedy days," Josie said while squeezing Harrison.

"I can't imagine much of it was very flattering." Brooke managed to squeak out.

"Of course it was. Please, sit!" Sam and Brooke took uneasy seats in the middle table across from Harrison and Josie while the other young woman sat to Josie's side. "This is Tiffy, we were just waiting for the rest of the gang to get here."

Even before they had a chance to have some awkward silence at the table, something caught Harrison's attention across the room, "Great, the guys are here!"

Sam and Brooke watched as three hunky, extremely handsome guys walked to their table and sat down.

"These are some friends from school, Bret, Nick and Finn." One of the guys, Finn, sat down next Tiffy, they were clearly a couple. The other two guys started to immediately eye Sam and Brooke.

"So are you two down with a group or some boyfriends?" Brooke almost admired the flat out candor instead of working up to this question, but since she didn't really want to be there in the first place, there was no admiration just irritation.

"I came with my roommate from school, Lisa."

There was a slight interruption with appetizers being brought and everyone diving in with a frenzy.

"And my roommate Jenna is probably off somewhere breaking hearts along with laws both judicial and of nature. So, sort of groups, but we planned the trip together," Sam got out in between bites.

"I find it very hard to believe that neither one of you have a boyfriend," Harrison got out in between his bites of food.

"Harrison, stop. This is prime dating time, who wants to be tied down in a place like this. Right ladies?"

"I didn't realize you had that view point." Harrison looked a tad taken back.

"Well, not for me. You're my OTM, sweetie." Harrison and Josie smiled at each other and then leaned to touch their foreheads. Sam and Brooke thought they might gag and it wasn't because of the rubbery appetizers. Sam mouthed OTM with a confused expression on her face and Brooke just shrugged cluelessly.

"It's silly. Harrison is my 'one true match'." Josie kissed Harrison's check.

"I'm sure lack of boyfriends isn't due to lack of interest," said Nick while he stared at Brooke, who stared back briefly before eyeing a stuffed fish on the closest wall. Sam watched this and started to get insanely jealous. She didn't care about being polite and feeling forced to take the lunch invitation. She now wanted Brooke all to herself and certainly didn't want someone named Nick ogling her or lobbying hokey come-ons at her. Sam was so preoccupied with Brooke and Nick's interaction she didn't hear Bret ask her the same question three times.

"Sam!" Harrison finally woke the brunette from her jealous haze. "Are you set to graduate in May?"

"Uh, yes."

"Are you going to stay in New York?"

Sam still couldn't think at all, she just continued to watch the interaction between Nick and Brooke. "I don't know; it depends on where I get a job." Nick was lavishing a lot of attention on Brooke now and Sam couldn't take it anymore. "Excuse me, please." Sam got up and headed towards the bathroom.

She walked into the bathroom and went into one of the fish painted stalls. Before she could even contemplate if she actually did have to go to the bathroom or not, someone walked in and stood in front of her stall.

"I said you were easy to tease." There was that voice that sent shivers up her spine at times and lightening bolts to a more centrally located organ. Sam opened the door and saw Brooke on the other side, smiling at her.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a mean tease?"

"Let's get out of here." Brooke moved closer to Sam and gently touched and held the brunette's hand.

"Let's at least eat the food we ordered, I'm starved." Sam had her own payback plan in mind that she wanted to execute.

They went back to the table and sat down and thankfully their food had arrived. Everyone at the table dived in and Nick started up a conversation again with Brooke. The blonde tried to half heartedly respond and eat at the same time. Suddenly, she almost screamed out when she felt a hand on her thigh. She glanced sideways over to Sam who was engaged in her own conversation with Harrison and Josie.

"I'm sorry what did you say again?" Brooke asked Nick to repeat his last question.

"What have been some of your favorite classes?"

The hand on Brooke's thigh started to travel upwards, thus encasing itself firmly in between her legs. I'm going to kill her for this Brooke thought. The blonde had yet again forgotten Nick's question, however, she could distinctly describe every movement the hand was making. As the hand moved closer and closer to the only area of Brooke's body she could concentrate on, she wanted to throw her head back and yell at Sam to not stop, to keep going further and further, however she realized Nick had just asked the same question, yet again. What are classes, she thought. Sam had started a circular motion with her fingers on her inner thigh and she lost all capacity for speech.

"Brooke likes photography," Sam spoke up for her seat mate. "Are you feeling all right Brooke? You look like you might have gotten too much sun today."

The blonde knew she was close to getting over heated, but it had nothing to do with the sun.

"I think I did. I think I just need to go back to my room and take a cold shower to cool off." Sam gave a light squeeze to Brooke's thigh and then removed her hand. The brunette then stood up and the blonde followed.

"Harrison, it was great to see you and Josie, a thrill but I'm going to have to help Brooke back to her room." And, Sam thought to herself, get cooled off as well but not with a cold shower I hope.

Sam and Brooke finally made it back to the hotel without running into any more disruptions, old high school friends or hurricanes. They walked into Brooke's room with the evening sun fading away and casting a nice glow about the room.

"I had no idea surfing was so hard. I used muscles in my back I didn't know existed and now they are crying out for making them known." Sam rubbed her shoulders.

"Here, let me help loosen you up," Brooke said while motioning for Sam to lie down on the bed.

"Shelly, I don't think you could get me any looser than after that shower stall, without breaking several state laws." Sam adored the pink shade coloring Brooke's cheeks.

"I meant a back rub, smutty Marta," smiled Brooke.

"Actually, that sounds wonderful."

"Well, lay down then and take off your shirt…and your bra too." Brooke leered at Sam.

Sam stood there, gaping open mouthed at Brooke. "Do you want a professional massage or not?"

"Turn around please."

"What, no floor-show?" Sam smirked at Brooke and motioned for her to turn around.

"I had no idea Shelly was such a perv," laughed Sam, she quickly took off shirt and bra and positioned herself on her stomach on the bed. "OK, work your magic fingers Shelly."

"They're not just magic fingers, they're spirit fingers." Brooke could hear Sam groan into the mattress at the bad joke.

Brooke turned around, saw Sam topless on the bed and she was awestruck. She suddenly got very nervous, her stomach filled with butterflies and this freaked her out, yet also excited her. She crawled on the bed and straddled Sam's buttocks; she started rubbing the brunette's shoulders and then moved down to her lower back. Sam let out several moans and whenever she did, it shot straight to Brooke's core, like an arrow hitting a bull's-eye. She decided to take a chance.

While continuing to massage with one hand, she quietly removed her shirt and rather awkwardly her bra. She peeked down at Sam lying there peacefully and beautifully, eyes closed. She slowly lowered herself onto Sam's back; completely lying on top of Sam, pressing bare skin against bare skin, her breasts pressed against the brunette's back. The initial contact made both of them gasp, Sam's eyes flew open and wide.

"Uh…Shelly…I don't think that is a good idea…" Sam couldn't process rational thoughts anymore in this aroused state and certainly not with Brooke's top off.

"Why? It was a good idea today in the shower," Brooke had a wicked grin on her face as she buried her face in Sam's hair.

"Uh…yeah, but…we had on bathing suits…no bathing…suits makes it more…" Brooke started kissing Sam's neck. "It's uh…god, uh…more personable?"

"But you know Marta? I want to get to know you on a…more personable level." Brooke planted kisses along Sam's back and then said rather huskily, "Time to turn over. I need to do the other side," it came out somewhere in between a request and a demand.

"I don't think I should."

At this point Brooke ran her tongue along Sam's back. Suddenly, Sam turned over, Brooke lifted up her body slightly while she turned over. They both looked into each other's eyes as Brooke lowered herself onto Sam.

Sam pulled Brooke into a passionate kiss and before Brooke knew what was happening, she had flipped them over and was now on top. This kiss was something that neither of them had ever experienced before. Sam finally tore her mouth away and they both panted against each other, trying to catch their breaths. Sam then started kissing Brooke's neck and continued across the very available chest in front of her.

When Sam reached Brooke's breast she heard a moan and groan, possibly a mcgroan, she thought, which made her smile. She hesitated just briefly before taking a nipple into her mouth. She was rewarded with Brooke arching her back off the bed and 'oh god' repeated several times, which made her smile again.

Sam realized her hips had entirely a mind of their own, as they ground against Brooke's pelvic bone and part of her thigh. She knew they had to stop what they were doing, and very soon or there would be no point of return. In fact, she wasn't entirely sure if they hadn't already missed the last exit and were both now too distracted to notice.

Brooke slowly slipped her hand down the back of Sam's shorts, underneath the brunette's bikini. She let her fingertips run along Sam's bare buttocks. Sam moved her attention to Brooke's other breast. After a few well ministered minutes, Sam's mouth trailed back up and captured Brooke's lips in a kiss that let her know that there was no going back now.

Suddenly, the hotel door flew open and Lisa burst into the room. Sam was on the floor so fast Brooke thought she had been canoodling with the Flash. Brooke frantically reached for a pillow with which to cover herself. Lisa only caught a blur of movement but was greatly amused at seeing Brooke topless, completely flustered and blushing; so much so that she looked like she had a third degree burn.

"Brooke McQueen! Way to go girl! I'm impressed. You finally took my advice." Lisa was all smiles. "Here I came to check on you and…well do I get to meet the lucky guy? Hiding behind the bed?"

Lisa couldn't tell which of Brooke's facial features were wider in shock, her eyes or her mouth. She must have really taken the poor girl by surprise.

"Uh…" Brooke looked around for her shirt. Suddenly, a shirt was thrown up on the bed by Sam. "Thanks."

Reluctantly, Sam stood up wearing a shirt inside out from the side of the bed and heard a small chuckle from Lisa as she looked at her from head to toe.

"Well, hello," Lisa couldn't hide her surprise that her roomie and all around, straight laced appearing friend, had been heavily making out with someone of the same sex. This was an amusement that was going to last months, she thought, as she smiled to herself. "I'm Lisa. And you are?"

Sam shifted awkwardly standing there next to the bed, while Brooke struggled to get her shirt on.

"I'm…Marta…nice to meet you."

"And what college do you go to Marta?"

"Lisa, she didn't come here to be interviewed."

"No, she came here for other things, I know," Lisa had a truly evil grin on her face as she stared at Brooke.

"I need to go see if my friend is back…or something." Sam moved very quickly to the door.

"Wait Sa…Marta!" Brooke jumped off the bed and ran to the door.

Lisa watched all this with rapt attention.

Brooke walked over to the door where Sam was standing. She pushed her gently out the door, away from the prying eyes of Lisa.

They stood in the hallway of the motel.

"Sorry, let me just talk to her for a few minutes. Then you want to go grab some food or something?"

"Sure. Just come get me." Sam found it difficult to make eye contact with Brooke at the moment, so her shoes had became utterly fascinating.

"OK." For some reason Brooke didn't want to let Sam just walk away without some kind of reassurance after what had just happened. So not even really thinking about it, Brooke leaned down and kissed Sam lingering and sweetly on the lips.

Lisa couldn't see Brooke and her new friend Marta, but she could hear a kiss goodbye and she smiled.

Brooke closed the door and stared down at the carpet as she went back over to her bed and started straightening up the bedspread.

"Marta…seems really nice." Lisa had started going through her open suitcase. "It is Marta, right? It almost sounded like you called her Samarta?"

"OK, get it out Lisa!" Brooke said in a teasing tone.

"She is really hot. I could see why you were tempted to swing that way. I didn't know you had it in you."

Brooke stood for a moment with a serious gaze. "Me neither, really. I don't know."


Part Eight

Sam wandered down to the beach instead of going to her room; she needed some air after the intense groping session with Brooke…or was it Shelly? The name didn't matter anymore; all she knew was that in a day and a half she was going to be nursing a serious blonde hangover.

She watched all kinds of people while she was lost in her thoughts. If Lisa hadn't come in I'm pretty sure Brooke and I would have slept together. She's the one who initiated the topless situation! And that was her hand in my pants. In fact this whole cuddling thing was her idea to begin with…so I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to say…Brooke might actually be a little bit bi. And what if she is? Am I just convenient or is she genuinely attracted to me? Where does that leave me? I should really tell her I'm gay and that I'm not just pretending. That I'm not just playing at pawing her here, and that I've wanted to paw her since I can't even remember when anymore.

As Sam aimlessly wandered, she almost collided with a stand selling just about every cheap plastic accessory imaginable. One item in particular caught her eye. She bought two and shoved them into her pocket.

Not really paying attention Sam sat down on a bench attached to a picnic table, where a chess game was going on. Two older women were involved in an intense match, although one of them did glance up when Sam sat down. She looked at the young brunette lost deeply in thought.

"Has your boyfriend run off with some other girl in a smaller bikini?"

"Excuse me?" Sam looked over to the older woman dressed in what appeared to be a housecoat with a butterfly print design.

"You've got a long face honey. Looks like boy troubles."

"Oh, leave the poor girl alone. Maybe she just wants some peace and quiet," piped up the other woman in a clashing plaid ensemble.

"Uh…no…just tired I guess." Sam smiled weakly at the two older women.

They both laughed. "We know that cliché all too well. If I fell for that every time she used it, I would have been a spinster long ago."

"Well, let's thank your lucky stars you were smart enough to figure out what you did wrong."

"Why am I always in the wrong?"

"Just going by averages. You ain't got the greatest track record sweetie. Look at what your wearing," said the housecoat woman to the plaid clashing woman.

Sam immediately recognized a domestic couple squabble when she saw one…she couldn't help but smile. These two older women were obviously a couple and they appeared to have been together for ages.

"OK, so maybe I'm not tired," Sam admitted shyly.

"Great thing talking about stuff with strangers is that they only get your side of the story…you can paint yourself in the best light."

"I think my problem is fairly simple." Sam looked up into the sky and grimaced. "I like someone I shouldn't like."

Both women fired questions at Sam. "Already got a girlfriend?"

"I know this one…a professor?"

"No and no," Sam answered both questions.




"Eh, sort of?"

"Well, you could always move to a state where that's legal honey."

"There is another problem on top of that."

"More than being related?" The look of confusion and slight shock was hard to mistake on both women.

"What do you do when you like someone more than they like you?"

At that moment Brooke walked up and stood next to Sam. The blonde gently put her hand on the brunette's shoulder and their eyes met.

"There you are. I thought you were going back to your room?"

"I needed some fresh air."

The two women watched this exchange with the long gazes and then turned to each other knowingly. It was a dead give away when the blonde left her hand on the brunette's shoulder and slightly twirled the hair between her fingers.

"Are you both in town for spring break?" Sam didn't know whether to give out their fake bios or their real ones. She decided she wanted to live in make-believe land a little longer, where she might actually have a pseudo girlfriend named Shelly who apparently wanted to get into her pants as much as she wanted the same thing.

"Yes," Sam replied. "I'm Marta from Arizona State and Shelly here is from Ohio State."

"That's nice. Are the two of you long time friends? Or…"

"We just met here," Brooke tried to get out very nonchalantly. Sam could tell there was confusion on the older woman's face probably from her 'we're related' comment.

Sam leaned over to the nearest woman and whispered, "It's a long story."

"Honey, we're here every day if you want to enlighten us. I'm Ruth and that woman in the blinding outfit is Lynney." Ruth smiled and patted Sam's hand. The brunette wished she could stay and tell them the whole story, just to get another person's perspective but she was afraid of how the whole thing might sound. Plus, she didn't want to waste any more of the dwindling time with the blonde who still had her hand in her hair.

"Thanks…have fun with the game." Sam stood up next to Brooke, who dropped her hand from the brunette's hair. They walked off toward the motel together.

When they were out of earshot of the two older women, Lynney turned to Ruth, "That girl doesn't have a problem."

"Well, except for maybe the related part…but they don't look related," Ruth squinted as she watched the two young women stroll away.

The sun was completely gone now. Brooke and Sam walked along the beach, each of them a little unsure on just about everything.

"So you made some new friends?" Brooke broke the silence.

"Yeah, I think I might have. So…what was Lisa up to?"

"Not much." Brooke very cautiously took Sam's hand and held it while they walked, intertwining their fingers. "You know Marta…it's going to be funny when Lisa meets my step sister one day…cause you're a dead ringer for her."

"Well, maybe your step sister and your roommate will never meet?" Sam squeezed Brooke's hand.


Sam decided it was now or never…there were way too many thoughts plaguing her brain and she couldn't take it any longer. So she stopped walking and stood in front of the blonde, still holding onto her hand as a life preserver.

"I just have to ask you about what happened before…" Sam didn't know quite how to continue but she desperately wanted to know what the blonde was thinking. So she took a big gulp of air, shoved one hand in her pocket, held firmly onto Brooke's hand with the other and forged ahead. "I know you had said that you just wanted someone to like cuddle, hold, kiss…whatever…and well…back there…things were going in a certain direction…and if we start up again…I don't think I could stop…in fact…I think I might spontaneously combust or something…in fact now…I think there might be some pain involved…" OK, so it's not an admission that I'm gay but its baby steps, at least I have put it out there that I want to be with her, uh rather desperately.

The silence was a little hard to take…every second felt like an eternity to Sam, as she watched the blonde, who had the look of someone concentrating on a particularly hard puzzle.

"You're right, maybe a re-negotiation is needed…because…I couldn't have stopped of my own accord either." Brooke smiled warmly at Sam and the tension that had built up in the brunette in the last few minutes melted away like hot chocolate on frozen vanilla ice cream.

"That's good to know." Sam stared intensely into Brooke's eyes. "So we're on the same page…"

"And both on spring break," replied Brooke. Except, you're just using that as an excuse to get close to her, well close to her with no clothes involved. At least she admitted that she was in pain? Is that a good or bad thing? All I know is that if I don't have her hands on me again, hopefully within ten minutes, then I will seriously be in pain myself. It is a good thing! So we're compatible on a physical level I believe.

Sam knew in her gut that she didn't like the sound of Brooke's response, but she did like the feel of Brooke's lips against her neck, as the blonde leaned over and did that very thing while continuing to talk to her.

"…and I still need a shower." And Sam did like that thought…very, very much.

"I need one something fierce. My room?"

When they entered Sam's room they were already in a serious tongue thrusting lip lock with shirts open and bikini tops soon to be littering the floor.

As they stumbled towards the bathroom, Brooke took the bold move, pulled Sam towards her by the waistband of her shorts and slipped her hand down the front of them. She was rewarded with a load gasp and a falter of feet that almost caused both of them to hit the floor. Sam plunged her own hand down Brooke's shorts, underneath the bikini bottom and was exhilarated and speechless beyond words, especially for a long winded journalist, to know that the blonde was just as aroused as she was. They continued to clumsily maneuver towards the bathroom door, so lost in each other's hands and sounds that they didn't hear that the shower was already on.

They slammed up against the door and it flew open to reveal Jenna and Jock already occupying the shower. The groping couple was so oblivious to the showering couple that it took a few seconds for both of them to realize they weren't alone. The groping couple were the last ones to figure this out and were momentarily frozen with their hands down each other's pants.

"Woohoo! McPherson!" Jenna exclaimed, still encased in Jock's arms while they both enjoyed the floor show. "I can't tell you how relieved I am to see some girl's hand in your pants…besides your own, I mean."

Sam and Brooke extracted their hands quickly, somewhat ungracefully and stood awkwardly side by side, ready to bolt.

"Jenna!" shouted Sam.

"OK, I've never caught you, shall I say…wet handed, but I think I've come close a few times. I'm just so happy you finally got a girl." Jenna stood there with Jock; they still had their bathing suits on, thankfully for Brooke and Sam.

"I need to speak to Jenna alone please." Sam gritted through her teeth so severely that Brooke and Jock eyed the situation and both made a move for the exit in the cramped quarters as fast as they could.

"I told you they were together! You didn't want to believe me…prejudiced against the name, were we?" Jock said as he exited the bathroom.

"It's not you, idiot! They're sisters."

"Sisters? Whoa…that is sort of hot."

"We are not sisters!" Sam protested and she could tell by the look on Brooke's face this had hit a sore spot.

"I think I'm the one that needs air this time." Brooke exited the room while doing up her shirt and shorts. Sam turned her rage on Jenna in the shower, as she slammed the bathroom door.

"If I have one more interruption my fucking head is going to explode!" yelled Sam.

"I'm guessing your little head too," Jenna smirked as she reached for a towel and pointed to Sam's still opened shorts. Sam looked away and adjusted her clothes.

"That is not funny Jenna! Get out of the shower!" Jenna reluctantly left the shower. The two roommates stood fuming at each other.

"Hey, you're the one who interrupted me! I was just about to finally get Jock out of his trunks. Turns out he's a sensitive dude…I've had to wine and dine him…and then you! Yes, you! Ruined the mood! So take your Mchotpants and let me back to where I was with Jock."

"Why do I have to be the one to leave the room?"

"Cause I was here first. "

"Jenna, c'mon! I need the room…I mean like I really need the room."

"Sam, so do I. Besides you two owe me for getting you out of that contest."

"And now you're hooking up with the guy who was running it, so you could say you owe me! Jenna this is so unfair."

"Let's flip for it? Or…" Jenna eyed Sam up and down, "we could have a really wild party…I knew there was something between the two of you at the airport."

"Fine, we'll flip for it but I still think it's horribly unfair."

"I'll give you tail since you're chasing it…"

"Jenna, just throw the freakin coin!"

Jenna threw the coin and slapped it down on her palm.

"This is not your day, heads. Which makes sense for me. I'll see you later." Jenna tried to push Sam out of the bathroom.

"Jenna…give me a break, I'm dying here."

"You must be if you're willing to bang your sister, sorry step sister."

"I'm so glad there is only two months left on our lease," said the brunette while staring angrily at the red head.

"Sam, I'm kidding. You know I am." Jenna rubbed Sam's back. "I had a feeling you had a crush on someone, that's why you were never gung ho about anybody…I didn't think it was her."

"You really saw something at the airport?"

"Yeah, yeah I did. And now I think back about it…you have always been weird about her."

"But what about her? Was it all me at the airport?"

Jenna thought long and hard on her answer, she could tell this was like a super duper final jeopardy type of question for her roomie.

"It was her too I think. When she saw you, her face lit up like it does when you recognize someone you haven't seen in ages but I saw that hug." Jenna smiled at the little shock on Sam's face. "Yes, I was watching from afar. She dropped her bags with wild abandon…pure, joyous abandon. I wouldn't do that for just anybody. Especially, with nice bags like she has." Sam smiled at Jenna.

"Thanks. That almost makes up for you taking the room. No, it doesn't." Sam worked her best pouty face on Jenna.

"Gawd, not that face!"

"Seriously, what do I have to do to get the room? Doesn't Jock have a room?"

"That he's sharing with like 7 other smelly, sweaty guys. Do you have any idea how rank that room is? I could suggest you two take a bed and we take a bed, but that seems seedy."

"Even by your standards."

"Do you really want your first time with her, and I think I'm right assuming it's the first time for you two, to be in a grungy motel room?"

"At this point I just want a first time with her!"


"You're just trying not to feel guilty! You've already gotten laid like 20 times I'm betting this week, give me a break!"

Jenna slammed the toilet lid down and sat down.

"Actually…I haven't had sex since I dumped Adam." Jenna tilted her head up a little to see the shocked expression on her roommate's face.

"But…that was…like…"

"A hell of a long time ago."

Sam bent down and ran her hand through Jenna's hair in a comforting gesture. "I'm still mad over the room thing…but also confused…why did you ever dump Adam?"

"Because…I had this like flash forward one day…I could actually see us an old couple…"

"That's nice." Sam smiled weakly while searching her friend's face.

"Nice? Scared the shit out of me. I'm not supposed to find the love of my life when I'm 21! It's too soon!"

"What about 16?"

"16? That's not even possible, that's just hormones." Jenna grabbed one of Sam's hands. "I need this Sam. I have to prove to myself I can get back up on that horse."

"Jenna, I need this too."

"No, you don't. You've already got it. Don't ruin it like I did."

"You're making it hard to keep hating you right now. And I really want to hate you right now, you selfish wench." Sam couldn't help but let a small laugh slip out.

Sam grabbed a few essentials and then left the room. She wandered around the moonlit beach looking for Brooke; she found her sitting on a comforter in the sand, staring out at the ocean. She plopped down next to her.

"You would think you got enough beach time back home. I should be the one staring longingly out over the ocean."

"You see water a lot; you do live on an island."

"True. This is a nice spread you have here." Sam noticed not only the comforter but a pillow, some food and drinks. "It almost looks like you're camping."

"We're camping. I figured you would lose the room."

"How did you figure that?" Brooke raised her eyebrows at Sam. "Good point." Sam stretched out on the comforter and ran her hand along Brooke's leg. "I'm not going to even start something coz I'm pretty sure a moment-killer is lurking around here somewhere, just waiting to jump out."

"Yeah, they do seem to follow you around Marta. You're the moment-killer attractor, not me."

"Me?! I think it's you."

Sam pulled the blonde down to her and started kissing her neck.

"You just said you weren't going to start anything." Brooke smiled and immediately started enjoying the attention her neck was getting.

"I wanted to provide something for the moment-killer to end."

Suddenly, a Frisbee landed on Sam's legs and two guys nearly squashed the couple to retrieve it.

"Got it! That's two points blue!" The guys jumped up and continued their game.

"Who plays Frisbee at night, I ask you!" Sam sat up a little and watched the guys run off.

"Did you notice that it landed on your legs? You are the true moment-killer." The blonde smirked at the brunette.

"Fine…maybe we could actually get in that cuddle time instead then."

After they had eaten a little, they both laid down in each other's arms staring up at the stars. A few whoops and screams of rowdy fun could be heard off in the distance. Even though the food was less than romantic the atmosphere still was. They spent hours talking and cuddling on the beach, wrapped up in the comforter. They eventually dozed off in each other's arms.

Sam and Brooke were all cocooned up in the comforter as the sun broke over the horizon and sunlight started to stream down the beach.

Underneath the comforter, they were wrapped tightly around each other. Brooke stirred; she burrowed her nose deeply into Sam's neck. Sam rubbed Brooke's back in slow circles.

"I could get used to waking up like this." Sam broke the silence.

"You mean the feel of sand in your underwear?" Brooke smirked into Sam's neck.

"It's a very unique feeling."

They both just laid there in each other's arms, enjoying the feel of each other and listening to the waves of the ocean, time didn't seem to matter. They had no concept of how little or how much of it had passed.

"Yeah, I think I could get used to this too." Brooke ran her hand up Sam's stomach and kissed her neck.

Sam was happy and thankful Brooke couldn't see the goofy grin planted on her face.

After awhile Brooke broke the silence, "I still need that shower and as you can smell, rather desperately now." Brooke's head was laying on Sam's chest by this point just listening to the brunette's heartbeat. She was surprised when the chest started to move and down from Sam's small chuckle.

"Are you trying to kill me?"

"What?" asked Brooke not sure what was so amusing.

Sam chuckled more at the absurdity of the situation. Brooke really didn't have any idea what she was doing to her. Sam thought she was going to explode with having so many heavy make out sessions with the blonde over the past few days and not going any further. What she wouldn't give to be in that shower.

"What?" Brooke asked again. "Oh…you need a shower too huh Marta?" Brooke lifted her head and gazed into Sam's eyes.

"Hello, sand in my underwear?"

Part 9

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