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The Good No-longer Shepherd
By Reallybigpineapple


Part 3

Two conflicting insights battled for supremacy over Addison's sleep addled brain as she woke up.

1: She was a little hung over.

2: She didn't mind.

She felt good. Her body felt good. Heavy with sleep, but also heavy with something else. Maybe… sated was the word?

The realisation of why her body felt sated and a little sore in some places dawned on her when soft lips touched her cheek in a feather light kiss.

"I have to go."

"Whazzat? Whazzetime?"

She blinked sleepily at Izzie, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, head inclined for the goodbye kiss.

"Six. Early rounds. See you later?"

The blonde got up and walked toward the door.

Addison tried to find her speaking voice. She wasn't really a morning person.



"Should we… you know, talk?"

Addison tried to suppress a yawn, but failed.

"Probably. But Bailey will have me for breakfast if I don't leave right now. Later?"



"Last night was…"

Izzie waited patiently with an inquisitive look on her face. Addison drank her in. She was beautiful, with rosy cheeks and eyes not quite awake yet. And she had sex hair.

"…great. It was great."

A smile spread on Izzie's face like the slowly rising sun.

"Me too. Great, I mean."




She loved the way Izzie used her first name now, so naturally. Addison did not want to be the boss of Isobel Stevens any more.


"You have sex hair. It's cute."


Izzie was already out the door.

"Look who's talking…" Addison muttered with a sleepy smile and put her head back on the pillow. Her first surgery wasn't for hours.

The following morning, Addison stepped in to the elevator and felt, once again, like Derek.

Next to Izzie was Mark. With a sigh, Addison stepped in and stood between her two bedfellows, praying that no one would say anything.

Mark, who had an uncanny knack for these things, looked inquisitively at Izzie's conspicuous staring at the ceiling, the walls and everything except Addison, and at Addison's poker face.

Izzie glanced at Addison.

"Busy day yesterday, Dr. Montgomery?"

Addison nodded.

"Extremely, Dr. Stevens. In the OR all day."

"Ladies..." Mark said with a trademark Sloan smile and exited.

As soon as they started to move again, Addison pressed the emergency button and stopped the elevator.

"I guess we need to talk?"

"I guess. So you can do the bit where you say that even though it was nice, it was a mistake and we shouldn't do it again. Because you're my boss."

"And you can do the bit where you say that you agree and you're just glad I said it first and let's not tell anyone about it."

Addison's voice was surprisingly soft when she spoke. Izzie tried not to feel disappointed. She had known it probably wouldn't happen again.

They looked at each other and smiled. Addison started the elevator.

Accidentally, Izzie's hand brushed against Addison's. The attending was shocked by her body's reaction to such a casual touch. Damn it, she had hoped her attraction to Izzie was brought on by alcohol… Tentatively, Addison touched Izzie's hand, feather light.

They weren't holding hands. Nope, definitely not. No hands being held. But Izzie's loose fist was sort of cradled in Addison's palm.

"So, round lunch time?"

"Ok. Page me?"

The rest of the elevator ride was spent pretending they weren't holding hands.

Izzie walked down the corridor looking for Addison. Bailey had actually asked her to and she relished the excuse to run looking for her.

They hadn't had The Talk yet. Izzie wasn't sure if she dreaded it or looked forward to it.

She found Addison sitting next to an incubator with a tiny sleeping infant. She was wearing her glasses, as she did when no-one was looking, and reading a chart with a focused look on her face.

Izzie let her eyes roam along Addison's seemingly endless legs and up to the hinted cleavage. Her auburn hair was hanging down into her face. The attending absentmindedly ran her hand through it. She was gorgeous…

Izzie just couldn't stop staring at her. Why hadn't she noticed Addison before they slept together? Really seen her?

The redhead took her glasses off and started playing distractedly with them, as she also did when no-one was looking.

She supposed it didn't matter, since she saw her now. Really saw her…

Izzie would gradually learn that Addison had a talent for making her desire her the most when she shouldn't.


She treaded carefully so she wouldn't disturb the infant.

Addison slowly raised her head up, took her glasses off and looked at her. Really looked at her...

Her eyes burned, devoured her, wanted something…

Izzie's mouth went dry and her heart started beating fast.

"I've been looking for you."

Izzie tried to produce some saliva to make her mouth function.

"Me too."

She realised how that sounded.

"Bailey sent me. To look for you. Because she wants you. For talking. She wants to talk to you. And there's something wrong with her pager."

She knew she was rambling, but Addison had the ability to make her nervous just by looking at her now, it seemed.

Addison walked over to Izzie and very lightly touched her fingertips to the intern's. She knew that she shouldn't, but she needed to. She had been preoccupied by thoughts of her all day.

She continued her light caress along the back of her hand. She could see her pulse beating. She looked deep into the cinnamon eyes feeling all warm. Everywhere…

"I can still taste you on my tongue..."

Swiftly, Izzie took a step forward and pressed her lips to Addison's. The attending's instincts kissed her back. The kiss and the madness lasted only seconds.

"Isobel, we can't. It's too risky."

"Then don't look at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like you want me to kiss you like I really mean it. Like you want me inside you right now, like you would want me to touch you, even if the Chief were here watching us."

The words whispered close to her ear made her so aroused it was embarrassing.

"We need to talk. The on-call room. Now?"

It sounded like a command, but she couldn't help it.

"Bailey will be furious."

"I'll think of an excuse, I promise."

Izzie nodded reluctantly and promptly walked out of the room.

Addison paced impatiently for a few seconds before following at a stride.

Izzie waited for her in the nook furthest from the door.

"So... Talk..."

Addison didn't want to talk. She wanted to taste her and slide her naked skin against hers.

"I suppose we could. Should. We should."

She walked into the nook and stood close to the blonde. She gently breathed in her scent.

"So you want to?"




The last word was spoken when her lips were already on Izzie's and her arms around her neck.

She actually whimpered when Izzie pressed against her. Addison was shocked by the sound of her own voice. Unceremoniously, the intern pushed her white coat off and made the shirt follow. She dexterously continued with her bra. As she made Addison gasp by taking an erect nipple into her mouth and swirl her tongue, her hand travelled down the attending's stomach and around to her back to unzip her skirt.

As it would turn out, Izzie had a talent for reading Addison's signals, and this was not Foreplay Time.

When she slid her hand down the front of Addison's underwear, she felt how ready she was for her. She felt her own body respond with an ache in her lower abdomen, a tension that was crying out for release.

Addison moved towards her hand instinctively to increase the pressure and Izzie obliged immediately.

This was not Teasing Time.

Her attending was almost ridiculously aroused and three of Izzie's wonderful fingers presented no problem. Her fire made Izzie's body burn in kind and it felt like she couldn't get close enough, deep enough...


She hardly recognised her own voice, it was almost a growl.

Addison nodded, threw her head back and gasped as Izzie buried her hand to the knuckles in her.

This was not Subtlety Time.

She tangled her hands in Izzie's hair as the intern obligingly sought her lips out and kissed her like she meant it. Really meant it... Addison had to close her eyes to block out the little dancing stars in front of her eyes as Izzie filled her up and took her, never taking her lips away from her mouth. Her other hand found her sensitive little hill and kept her touch very light. Addison's over sensitized, humming body responded like an erupting volcano and it took her mere minutes until the waves crashed over her.

As it would turn out, Addison was pretty good at reading Izzie's signals too.

Normally, she liked to relax and luxuriate in the afterglow of an orgasm, especially one like this, that had left her drained and gasping for air. Just for a moment, she rested her forehead against Izzie's shoulder.

But this was not Taking It Slow Time. Oh no...

Addison knelt down and swiftly removed the two layers of fabric before burying her face at the apex of Isobel Stevens' perfect thighs. She sensed that she just needed to come, right now. She remembered just how to move her tongue and lips. She had always been a quick study; it was a requirement in her field of expertise. Funny how this activity had made her feel tentative yesterday but suddenly seemed like second nature to her. She felt the tension building up as certainly as she would have felt rain fall on the tip of her nose. When Izzie with a subconscious gesture gently put one hand on the back of her head, Addison remembered it from yesterday and knew she was almost there, so she increased the pressure just a little. Not too much, Izzie had proven to be surprisingly sensitive. She thought briefly that they were being quite loud, but then forgot all about that as Izzie trembled against her tongue and made her taste coat her lips.

Addison smiled as the intern slumped down on the floor and put her head on her shoulder.

"Wow. That was…"

"Yeah… I guess I really shouldn't look at you like that, huh?"

"And I guess you really didn't want to talk, huh?" Izzie said with a sated smile and kissed her.

Addison laughed.

"Your lipstick is smudged."

Izzie used the sleeve of her discarded shirt to wipe it off.

"That will leave a stain."

"I'll blame a patient."

"You'll say what? That a patient had oral sex on you?"

Izzie shrugged.

Addison had to kiss her. Isobel Stevens didn't seem to know the meaning of the word inhibition. She found it endearing and also furiously arousing.

"I have you take you to my leader now."

Addison sighed.

"I know. Can I see you tonight?"

Addison spoke so quietly Izzie almost couldn't hear her. She knew it sounded desperate, but frankly, she was still hungry...

"I'm supposed to meet Meredith and George at Joe's."

Addison looked disappointed but nodded anyway. She shouldn't expect Izzie to drop everything just because Addison had an itch that needed scratching. After all, Izzie wasn't her girlfriend or anything.

They tidied up as well as possible (Addison's shirt was suspiciously wrinkly) and opened the door a few seconds apart, looking carefully before entering the hall again and tried to look unencumbered (Izzie' shirt had a stain the same colour as Addison's now ex-lipstick).

They walked in silence to see Bailey, Addison checking her appearance obsessively in every surface with any hint of a reflection. She totally looked like a woman who had just had a mind blowing orgasm, but there was nothing to be done about that.

Now and then, she let her hand accidentally brush against Izzie's. It was all perfectly innocent. People touched accidentally every day. True, she had never accidentally touched say, Yang. But still, it could happen. Right?

There was no more talk of The Talk after that.

Part 4

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