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The Good No-longer Shepherd
By Reallybigpineapple


Part 4

Izzie sat at the Emerald City Bar next to George, who had just asked her a question.


She had been deep in thought. Her heart was just not in this.

"Which attending would you have an affair with if you had to choose? Shepherd, Sloan or Burke?"


It was Alex, just having arrived.

"What do you mean?"

Izzie had a serious paranoia attack. Did Alex know? How? Had he heard them this afternoon?

"If we're talking attendings, Montgomery should be in the race. That's who I'd pick."

"Duh. Yeah, of course, but I was asking Izzie and it's not like she's going to pick Montgomery, is she?"

Izzie was suddenly very interested in her coaster.

Why had she picked this over a hot date, no, she reminded herself, not date, but hot girl sex?

She loved her friends dearly, but seriously? Had she turned down really, really hot sex to go to Joe's and drink tequila? Like they did every other day? Seriously!

"So Izzie, which one?"

George looked eagerly at her.

"Easy. She'd pick Burke. He's the best attending."

"Right, because you're so unbiased, Cristina."

"She and Burke has some sort of annoying friendship thing going where they sit around and talk girl. So she'd pick Burke. And I'd have to kick her ass."

"I can totally take you, I grew up in a trailer park and I'm twice your size."

The answer was swift as usual, but her mind was somewhere else. She closed her eyes and imagined slowly unclasping the lace bra Addison had worn earlier and pictured how her eyes would look midnight blue in the subdued lighting of her hotel room. And how they'd get all smoky and heavy lidded as Izzie ran her hands up her...

"Come ON, she'd totally pick Derek! He practically lives in our house, she knows all of his quirks already and knows that he doesn't pee on the ring and doesn't leave his underwear on the floor. We call him McDreamy for a reason, you know. Seriously."

"Oh, like Burke pees on the ring. He's Preston Burke. He barely goes to the toilet. And also, annoying friendship thing."

"Hello, McDreamy!"

"Let me get this straight: you're arguing, really arguing, over which one of your boyfriends I'd rather sleep with? Even if you really wanted to know, do you think I'd be stupid enough to comment?"

Meredith and Cristina looked at each other.

"Sorry, Iz, you're right. Do I want to know if an underwear model wants to sleep with my boyfriend? No, I don't."

"Good call, actually, Mer. Here's to my relationship staying model free."

Christina and Meredith raised their tequila glasses to Izzie.

"So, Sloan?"

"Come on, she's not going to go for the She-Shepherds cast-off manwhore!"

"Oh, I don't know Alex, she dated you and you're kind of a manwhore."

"Hey, it beats being emotionally retarded."

"Cristina's not emotionally retarded, she's just... "

"Focused! I'm focused on my job."

"Yeah, you're emotionally crippled."

"Shut up, Alex. And can I remind everyone that the She-Shepherd is no longer a Shepherd of any kind?"

Meredith sounded whiny and a little drunk.

Izzie started to feel a little drunk herself. She was still a bit tired from going without sleep yesterday and having had an intense day. Worryingly, she really felt like making a late night phone call to Addison. Just to hear her voice. But she totally couldn't. Well, shouldn't at any rate. She'd just regret it in the morning.



Everyone around the table gave her confused look.

"I'd choose Montgomery."

All eyes were suddenly focused on her. They all had a different look in them. Freaked out, sceptical, big-bad-wolf-just-having-ate-little-red-riding-hood...

"Heh. Look at George."

Christina casually pointed at George with a potato chip.

It was priceless.

"Oh, I get it. Cute. Thanks for the imagery. You're a pal."

Alex boxed her shoulder affectionately.

George still had a dazed look on his face. He was clearly in a happy but somewhat disturbing place.

"What? What's he talking about?"

Meredith looked from Cristina to Alex with bafflement on her face.

"She said Montgomery to see the look on George's face when he went to the happy place of imagining Izzie and McSatan doing the McNasty all McNaked."

"But why did Alex...Oh."

"Yup. Because he's a perv."

George snapped out of it.

"That is not nice."

He did his normal pout.

"To the contrary, I imagine it would be very nice."

She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"So do I..."

Alex leered at her and wiggled back.

Alex didn't get on her nerves like he did with the others. Izzie still kinda loved Alex, actually. But suddenly, the joke didn't seem so funny anymore. The more she thought about it, she realised that she didn't like the idea of Alex thinking dirty thoughts about Addison. She didn't like it one bit.

She made a split second decision.

"Be right back, just have to make a phone call."

She took a deep breath before dialling the number. She knew she was taking a risk. It was eleven o'clock and Addison might be sleeping for all she knew. Or worse, she might be really annoyed that Izzie assumed that it was ok to just call her whenever because they had slept together. Or even worse, she might think Izzie was a scary stalker and wouldn't want to see her ever again. But Addison had asked to see her, right, and...


Izzie swore under her breath. That was obviously the voice of someone rudely woken up by the phone ringing...

"Hi. It's me."

It's me? Way to go... 'It's me'. You've been sleeping with her for all of two times and you think you are already the 'me' in her life? You moron!"


"I woke you up. I'm sorry, I'll just hang up and let you go back to sleep."

"That's ok, I wasn't really sleeping."


"I just wondered if... If you... never mind, it's stupid, I'll let you get back to sleep."

"Stevens? What is this? A booty call?"

Izzie didn't know what to say. She couldn't just say 'yes, this is a booty call', right? Maybe Addison really was annoyed?

"Honestly Stevens, how old are we? Drunken late night booty calls from shady bars?"

"You're right. I'm sorry, I should go home."

"Who said anything about going home? I'll send a cab for you. It'll be there in ten minutes. Text me when you arrive."

And then the line went dead.

Izzie just stood there staring at the phone with a goofy smile on her face. Then she snapped out of it and hurried into the bathroom to put some lip gloss on, really hoping it wouldn't stay on for long.

After she had called the taxi, Addison looked around and saw what a mess the place was. But when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she forgot all about that.

You could totally tell that she had fallen asleep in front of the TV; rings under her eyes, messy hair and a mark from the sofa cushion on her cheek.

She ran into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. She picked the mascara brush up to shoosh her make-up, but then slowly put it down again. She had a funny feeling that Isobel Stevens just might find her attractive the way she was.

But Derek's old sweats, with a hole on the left knee, and the over-sized Han Solo t-shirt? They HAD to go!

"Where's my blue robe?"

Great, so now she was talking to herself. She stopped.

"Oh, god, The Chief... And Callie!"

Izzie's phone rang while she was about halfway there.

When she saw Addison's number her heart sank. Maybe she had had a change of heart?


"Isobel, when you get here, please try to avoid the Chief, I think he lives here still? Does he? Do you remember? If you run into him, just tell him that Mark's torturing you and making you bring me some test results or something like that. And if you bump into Dr. Torres, then well... Just hide, she's not going to buy that. I have a suspicion she might have good intuition, you know?"

She kicked the sweats off and tried to look for her midnight blue silk robe while she held the phone between her ear and her shoulder. She hadn't used the robe in ages. Derek hadn't really cared what she wore in the end, unfortunately.





"Operation top secret, I get it."

She smiled as she hung up the phone. This was a whole new side of the seemingly flawless Dr. Montgomery.

Addison ran a brush through her hair on record speed. Evilly, Izzie had texted her in the lift going up and not when she got out of the car, like Addison had assumed she would.

There was a knock on the door.


In a about a second flat, she put some perfume on and ran to open the door.

She tried to look suave, but failed on account of being seriously out of breath. But Izzie didn't seem to notice.

"You look really nice..."

She ran her finger tips over the shiny warm material. She gently grabbed the now resurrected midnight blue robe gently by the hem and pulled Addison slowly toward her.

Addison leant forward and pushed the door closed behind her guest.

"Are you drunk?"

She wasn't upset, she was amused. Secretly, she was thrilled that she had become the recipient of Isobel Stevens' drunken phone calls in just two days.

"My brain might be, a little, but my tongue isn't."

She slowly kissed her way up Addison's neck.

Addison had never been a neck person. So why could she barely remain standing?

"And my hands? Steady as a surgeon's."

She snaked her hand under Addison's robe.

She was right, Addison thought as her breath quickened and she turned to jelly under the blonde's competent hands.

"Any particular procedures you want me to assist you with today, Dr. Montgomery?"

"I think just a general physical will do the trick, Dr. Stevens."

"I see. Would you please remove your clothes and lie down and relax, Dr. Montgomery? Or would you like me to assist you with that?"

Izzie stepped into her personal space and rested her forehead against Addison's. Slowly, she pushed the compliant silk off the attending's shoulders. The feather light kisses she placed along her collarbone were followed by her hands, gently but insistently pushing on Addison's shoulders to get her to lie down.

When the attending obliged her, she didn't follow, like Addison had expected her to.

Instead, she knelt at the end of the bed.

She took one of Addison's feet in her hands. Then she shocked the attending by kissing the arch, the ankle. Her hands caressed their way up her calf, very lightly massaging the tense muscles. Addison had to close her eyes. How long ago was it that Derek had touched her like this? Had he ever? With such dedication?

"Your attention to detail is excellent, Dr. Stevens", Addison whispered when Izzie reached the soft skin at the back of her knee, which mysteriously shot arrows of arousal through her.

"Thank you Dr. Montgomery. I've had an excellent teacher."

When Addison closed her eyes, Izzie seized the opportunity to really drink her in with her eyes. Was she on dangerous territory? Was her heart at risk here? Her stupid, impulsive, passionate heart?

She told herself sternly no.

This is just sex, no strings attached. Careful...

She took a deep breath to shake these thoughts and inhaled the elixir of Addison. Since she was new to this, every part of this lover was a challenge to face, a puzzle to be solved.

How did she react when you kissed that spot? Touch her like this? Is this a sensitive place?

Sometime she would pause for a few seconds, watching Addison squirm a little, but being too polite, reserved or self-disciplined to ask her to continue. She had no intention of making this quick. She was going to savour this moment, savour Addison. Just because she had invited her to her room and her bed tonight didn't mean she would do it again. Or at least that's what Izzie tried to remind herself. So, she was savouring.

A satisfied smile formed on Addison's lips as Izzie climbed higher, but no...

Izzie was intent on exploring her hands, finger by finger, which Addison discovered was so arousing it was almost too much to bear, and then her wrists, where she discovered a previously unchartered erogenous zone on the soft back side. The skin above her elbow turned out to be a little ticklish, but that was OK, just don't stop...

The soft part between her shoulder and the clavicle tuned out to be squirm inducing. The spot where her neck met her shoulder elicited so strong a reaction that Izzie stayed long enough to leave a mark.

And then the skin just under her marked chin, the place that only Izzie seemed to know to kiss...

And just when she thought she couldn't take it anymore, Izzie kissed her on the lips...

Addison ignored the throbbing in her own body as she rubbed her cheek against Izzie's beautifully shaped backside. She placed butterfly kisses all over her delightfully womanly hips. Two could play at this game...

She spent extra time on the soft curve just above the hip bone and decided it was one of her favourite spots on Isobel Stevens' glorious body. Moving an inch up, Izzie burst out giggling as Addison discovered one of her rare ticklish places.

"Is this amusing you, Dr. Stevens? If you don't intend to take this procedure seriously, maybe I should stop."

Addison used her sternest attending voice and tried to keep the mirth to a minimum.

"I'm sorry Dr. Montgomery. Please don't stop."

Addison heard the smile in her voice, but also how out of breath she was. Being bossy Dr. Montgomery was obviously a useful tool in the seduction of Isobel Stevens...

Spine, ribs, atlas muscle, biceps, triceps, nape, ear... Addison's lips and tongue continued to give her intern a crash course in human anatomy.

When they were finally entangled and moving against each other, breathless, sweaty and overheated, the eruption was monumental after the slow continuous build-up of pressure.

Addison usually liked to take a shower after sex. Neither she nor Derek had been particularly cuddly sleepers.

As she lay closely spooned with Izzie, still sticky from the blonde's arousal, talking sleepily about everything and nothing, taking a shower didn't even occur to her. And she had no desire to move to her side of the bed.

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