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The Good No-longer Shepherd
By Reallybigpineapple


Part 2

"Which floor are you on?"

Addison had to think before answering.


In a fluid motion, Izzie pressed the number seven button and pressed Addison up against the wall. Making out in elevators: a proud Seattle Grace tradition.

Unbeknownst to the other, they both felt briefly like Meredith and Derek, before shaking it off. This was their torrid affair, no-one else's. Addison's hands made their way under Izzie's shirt. Isobel Stevens, it seemed, was friction free. Every inch silky soft. When the ding of the elevator announced floor seven, they were both out of breath and blushing. Izzie flashed a tipsy, euphoric smile. Addison couldn't help but to smile back. Why did something she knew was bad feel so good?

"So, what room are we in?"

Izzie's voice managed to be both seductive and childlike with expectation.

Addison surprised herself by giggling. Addison Montgomery-No-longer-Shepherd did not giggle. Except, it seemed that in the company of Isobel Stevens, she suddenly did. There was a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Happy. She felt happy for the first time in months.

She unlocked the door and threw her expensive coat in a pile on the floor. She looked into Izzie's eyes and swallowed hard. In reality, she was nowhere near as comatose from alcohol as she should be to have an excuse for what she was about to do…

She threaded her fingers through the fine white-blond hairs at the nape of Izzie's neck and pulled her close. It felt wonderful and free now that they were finally behind closed doors. Izzie hugged her back really tight and Addison felt the joy of being desired again run through her veins.

"I really need to go to the bathroom..." she whispered as they broke their kiss.

Her voice sounded strange, husky and sensual.

"And they say romance is dead…"

Izzie rolled her eyes and pretended to be offended, but Addison could see a smile lurking at the corner of her mouth.

Addison looked at herself in the mirror of the en-suite. Her cheeks were blushing scarlet and she had a silly grin on her face.

"You're really going to have illicit relations with your very own slutty intern? Slutty female intern?" she whispered to her image.

Having already gone beyond that question, she left the bathroom to find Izzie reclining gracefully on the bed. She sat down on the edge of it.

"Do you want to see her?"

"What? I mean… what? Who?"

"Bethany Whisper?"

Addison nodded hesitantly.

The blonde closed her eyes and seemed to tap into some internal power source. Slowly she draped one arm languorously across her hip and let the other one slide up to the top button of her shirt. She thought to herself that she was just about drunk enough to pull this off...

"Did you look at them, Addison? The pictures of me…?"

"No… "

Addison tried to look her in the eyes and not focus on her hand playing with the top button of her shirt. She failed.

"Ok, so yes, I did. I just thought it would be a good idea for me to hang on to them so they didn't flaunt it to the entire hospital."

"Flaunt it? Like I did?

"That's not what I meant!"

"I know…"

Izzie started to unbutton her shirt. Slowly...

Addison realized that she was teasing her.

"Did you like them?"

"Yes. I mean NO!"

She tried to look away as Izzie revealed more and more skin.

"Ok… Stevens, you win."

She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I liked them."

Her brain was shutting down and letting her body take charge. It felt good.

"How do they compare to the live version?"

Bethany Whisper slowly dragged her fingertips down her now exposed torso, pausing to follow the line of her bra and then down toward the button of her jeans.

"Oh, nothing compares to a live performance."

She tried to keep the tone of her voice light. She wasn't prepared to show just how turned on she was.

"Which one do you prefer, Addison? Bethany Whisper or Izzie Stevens?"

"Bethany Whisper has nothing on Isobel Stevens in scrubs."

Izzie couldn't believe how Addison looked at her. She felt like the last glass of water in the desert on a hot day. Posing in her underwear hadn't made her feel desirable in the least, but the way Addison's eyes scorched her skin made her feel like the woman reflected in the attending's eyes. Nothing had turned her on like that look.



"Then stop being my boss and kiss me!"

Just like that, the centrefold was gone and Izzie was back. She pulled Addison abruptly down towards her and made the attending fall in an undignified heap on the bed.

Addison was so turned on she could hardly breathe, by the display, by the proximity to Izzie, and her scent. The ensuing kiss surprised her with its intensity. It seemed like this had done something for Izzie too… It felt like she really, really meant it…

The intern's lips tasted faintly of strawberries from the daiquiri she had had just before they left Joe's, despite the kissing in the taxi and in the elevator. When Izzie's pink tongue touched Addison's lips again she felt hot and cold all over and oh god, this is actually going to happen …

An intense throbbing started in the pit of her stomach. When she caressed the blonde's shoulder and slid her hand up to her hot cheek, she noticed that her hand trembled.

The kissing and touching seemed to go for ever. She found it surprisingly difficult to restrain herself. She really, really wanted to just rip the intern's clothes off and take her, like the McDreamies and McSteamies of this world had wanted to take her. But she had never quite let them, because she was Addison Forbes Montgomery-No-longer-Shepherd and she would be conquered by no-one.

So far… she thought as Izzie took the upper hand and pressed Addison into the mattress with her weight. She heard her own breaths reverberate through the room as the sensational reality of Isobel Stevens' curvy body pushed into hers. She wasn't quite ready to admit it, but it was one of the most erotic feelings she had ever experienced.

Izzie moved against her, slowly and sensuously. Their lips were in constant touch. Addison was beginning to feel uncomfortably aroused. Izzie's jeans felt like an unacceptable barrier. Addison's bra chafed against her nipples and Izzie's top was waaay to thick...

Izzie tried to take it slow. Her boss was an extraordinary woman and deserved to be seduced with respect, finesse and subtlety. So she tried to take it slow. Even though she was convinced she might spontaneously combust if she had to wait for her skin much longer...


Addison's voice sounded out of breath and unsteady.


"Do you think we are wearing too much?"


The answer came without hesitation. Izzie started tugging at her silk shirt.

When they were finally down to their underwear, Addison felt so grateful she could have cried.

'You are beautiful…"

Her voice was full of awe as she drank in the glory of almost-naked Izzie.

She got an incredible Izziesmile as a reward.

"Do you know that George and Alex used to call you McHot" Izzie whispered against her neck.

"They did?"

"Yes, but you can't tell them that I told you."

Addison tried to picture that scene.

"'Oh, Dr. Karev, Dr. O'Malley, Dr. Stevens told me during intercourse that you sometimes refer to me as McHot' That would have been priceless. Almost worth doing just for the hell of it. I take it you used to call me something else. Satan, if I remember correctly?"

"You are."



"I am?"

"Oh yes..."



"No more talking…"

Izzie pulled her close and kissed her roughly while she tried to remove her bra with a one hand grip.

"Now I know why men seem so flustered by this. It's harder than it looks."


Izzie occupied her mouth with something else.

Addison felt a temporary flash of guilt as she put her hand on one of Isobel's glorious, now fortunately naked, breasts. Was this objectifying? And Stevens was her student, this was certainly against the rules... But when Izzie gasped and raked her nails along her back as she moved her palm across her nipple, the thought went away. All thoughts went away.

When she bent down to kiss the alabaster skin, she had only one more: why the hell hadn't she done this before?

(Goldfrapp, Physical)

They're sitting face to face and no-one knows whose sweat is running down whose front and they're licking and kissing and biting and Addison has been almost coming for what? Twenty minutes now and it feels like she's going to explode and Izzie just uses her amazing, magical hands, or tongue, and it's so very light, the touch, so light and Addison is almost coming from the very first touch and she just keeps on almost coming and now her knees are trembling, because she's so tense with the need for release and she is making a conscious effort not to whimper like a baby and there's comes that look, finally, that shows that Izzie knows that she can't leave her hanging anymore and she increases speed and urgency and fills her up and Addison's stomach is sore with the tension of being so close and then Izzie is inside of her so deep inside and she carefully bites her shoulder and how Addison loves that, she never has before but now she does and then she feels it building and building and there it is, the moment just before, the second before Izzie makes her come, and she has to close her eyes because everything's is so bright and her grip on Izzie's shoulders hardens and here it is, now, the wave and she draws oxygen into her lungs like a drowning woman and it's so powerful her stomach aches from clenching and her face is all hot and she's being very noisy now, like normal Addison never used to be, and when she lays her head down, spent, exhausted, on Izzie's shoulder she's so grateful and she had no idea she could be played like a musical instrument, be made to sing like this, making this tone and the way Izzie plays with her hair and strokes her back so lovingly as she comes down from this high, this buzz, this flight even though tenderness is not required, strictly speaking, but she feels reborn and as soon as she can breathe normally again, there's really only one possible option as she bends down to the blonde sensitive place she feels just how ready she really is and she is grateful that she has the power to give it back, that she's good at this, because she could do this all night, or cry, just letting the taste of Izzie flow over her lips over and over, because this is ecstatic and real and so much better than the rest of her life and she really doesn't want it to stop, ever…

Izzie feels possessed, enclosed, Addison is everywhere and she feels awake for the first time since... and how her attending is holding her so very tight it almost hurts and surgery is truly not her greatest talent after all and Izzie is used to being the intense one, but the way Addison's lips are branding her and the way her tongue talks of experience is mesmerising but yet at the same time there's a tentative shyness that makes Izzie's heart ache because Addison is such a... what's the word she's looking for, she's having trouble with words right now but she's such an... honest lover, Izzie senses no holding back and she has to answer in the same way, she has to, because she has no power to keep her distance anymore so she kisses Addison's eyelids, her cheekbones, the spot just under her chin and Addison is very still for a moment, just a moment; a look of reverence on her face.

Izzie looks surprisingly comfortable as she lies down between Addison's knees.

Addison has never felt so naked in her entire life as when Izzie studies her sex with an inquisitive look on her face. Always so keen on observing and learning, these interns…

"I think I'm going to be very good at this."

Izzie sounds confident. Perky even.


Addison cocks an eyebrow. She needs her so desperately, but she isn't ready to show how much...


Izzie nods and runs her finger nails in a feather light caress along the inside of Addison's thigh, making a shiver go through her.

"What makes you say th…. Ohmygod!"

Her eyes flows shut and her back arches up off the bed.

Izzie lifts her lips from Addison's needy sex and smiles.

"I'm a surgeon. I strive for excellence."

Part 3

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