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The Good No-longer Shepherd
By Reallybigpineapple


Part 13

Later, Addison cornered Miranda Bailey to talk about O'Malley's behaviour. Ok, so he was Izzie's friend, but she simply couldn't accept that an intern treated her like that.

For some reason, there was a little smile in the corner of Bailey's mouth all the way through her rant. Like she was amused by the whole thing, for some reason.

"So...Couldn't keep your hand out of the intern jar, could you?"

"Excuse me!?"

Addison was so shocked by her comment she struggled to find words.

"I expected better things from you, but apparently, I was very wrong. I do not like being wrong, especially not very wrong.

I blamed myself for Denny Duquettes death. And I blamed myself for Yang's bad judgement about Dr Burke. This time? I don't. I blame YOU. You were Isobel Stevens' boss. You know how involved she gets and you still picked her up off the bathroom floor to play with for a while. And now what?  You just drop her right back where you found her? And now she's broken again, because YOU put her back on the bathroom floor!"

"What do you mean? I just saw her down the hall."

"In HERE, Montgomery!"

Bailey tapped her forehead and her chest aggressively.

"You had no right. You are my friend, Addison, but she is my intern. My responsibility. And now she will have an inferior education because of this sorry mess you got her into. Mercy West! So, all and all, I'd say O'Malley made a pretty fair assessment."

Bailey turned and walked away. Addison was left standing, all the colour drained from her face. For the first time, she knew why Bailey' interns feared her.

 (Martha Wainwright, Who was I kidding)

Addison was sitting a table at Joe's. Alone. She listlessly sipped gin and tonic. She wasn't sure what she was doing there, she had just felt like she needed to do some drinking to see if she could make O'Malley's crushing assessment to stop ringing through her head.

She looked over to the empty bar. No Izzie. She didn't seem to come here anymore. That didn't stop Addison from thinking of her whenever she went to Joe's. No matter, it wasn't like they broke up or anything. Nope, never together, can't break up if you're not together. So it didn't matter if Joe's had Izzie's imprint all over it.

"Addison. You look awful."

Miranda Bailey's voice was neutral, devoid of emotion.

"Why thank you, Miranda." Addison replied acerbically, but her heart wasn't in it.

"Thinking of how you hurt a good woman?"

"Please, just leave me alone."

"You know the funny thing about this whole disaster?"

"No, but I have a feeling you're going to be kind enough to tell me, Miranda."

"You actually made a whole lot of sense as a couple."

Addison looked up at her in shock. She had expected some tart, stinging remark. But not that. Certainly not that...

"But we... I'm not..."

She pulled herself together and cleared her throat.

"It wasn't like that. We were never a couple."

"So you keep saying, yes."

And then she turned her back and walked over to the bar and started talking to Joe, just like that.

Addison tried to muster up the energy to feel angry with her, but she couldn't. Instead, she just felt tired and numb. She knew the evening wouldn't get any better than this, so she picked up her coat and left. No one even looked in her direction as she went out the door.

She stopped abruptly and looked at the wall around the corner from Joe's. Once, when she had been there with Callie, she watched Izzie sitting by the bar, surrounded by her friends. She had studied her every movement, listened to every word. She really disliked sitting there so close and not being able to go up to her, take her hand, kiss her and ask if she wanted to get the hell out of there...

"Earth to Montgomery? Hello?"

"Right, sorry.  Actually, I have a bit of a headache; I'll just go get some air."


 She paged Izzie with an emergency code.

About two minutes later, the intern came running out of the bar.


"Addie, hi! I've got to run, I've just been paged and... Oh, wait a minute. It was you?"

"Well, I had an emergency..."

Addison smiled at her.

"Addie... you can't just page me like that..."

She pretended to be annoyed. It was a game they played...

"Well, I DID have an emergency..."

"Really? What kind of emergency is that..?"

"I really, really needed you to kiss me right away..."

Izzie shook her head, but moved closer.

As Addison felt the rough tiles press into her back as Izzie's lips warmed hers, still cold from the ice in her drink, she felt how her 'headache' was miraculously better...

As Izzie slowly slid her skirt higher up and ran her hand up the inside of her thigh, Addison suddenly yanked her hand out from underneath the intern's shirt when they heard steps close by.

"You want to get out of here? My place for a night cap, perhaps slip into something more comfortable?"

"Like you?"

Addison giggled.

"Isobel... You're a bad girl, you know that, right?"

Izzie nodded happily.

"Let me just go and tell Callie I have to go home for my 'headache'."

"Oh, do you need some aspirin for that?"

"Not really, but I can think of several other things that might make me feel better..."

"I bet you can..."

Addison sighed and pulled her collar up against the wind. Just a little fun to pass the time...

The rain started to pour as she tried to find a taxi to take her back to her lonely hotel room.

Part 14

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