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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Six

Lynn hung up the phone to Emily and was more than a little shell-shocked. The crew had told her of the morning news but she couldn't believe it until Emily had called.

After being left in the haunted house at midnight, Dylan and Steve had been placed in the coffins at two am. Dylan had been underground without any communication from the outside for three hours. So had no idea what awaited her outside.

Steve Jones had bailed after half an hour, screaming that he couldn't take the claustrophobia and the rats any longer. So Dylan had won her dare again, and made some good money for charity.

"Pauley, who was standing with Lynn outside Dylan's trailer said, "How do you think she'll take it?"

When Dylan had been helped from the coffin she badly needed a shower, so Lynn ordered no one to tell Dylan of the breaking news. Lynn also still held onto her employer's phone, hoping Dylan wouldn't have the chance to hear the news until she herself could break it to her.

Lynn sighed. "I wouldn't want to be Jimmy Daniels, that's for sure."

Just then, Dylan strode out of the trailer. She was beaming and obviously delighted to have won another dare.

"Woo hoo! What a night! You should see some of the footage I got. Some great noises, I'm sure I got footsteps and …"

She stopped when she saw the looks on Lynn and Pauley's faces. Fear gripped her.

"What's wrong? Did something happen at home?"

"No. Emily and Molly are safe. Don't worry. There was a ... news story, that broke this morning ... it's difficult ..."

"Tell me now!" she demanded.

As Lynn related the details to Dylan, she watched the TV star's face turn to stone.

At the end, she said nothing but took off towards one of the crew vehicles.

"Dylan stop! Call Emily, please! Don't do something you'll regret!"

She was in the car and sped off before Lynn could finish the sentence.

Dylan had sped away from the location, with every intention of breaking every bone in Jimmy's body. She knew he kept an office in the city, but she found herself to driving towards Brooklyn rather than his office. She felt pulled towards Holy Cross graveyard, where Joey was buried. It took over an hour but she felt she had to see him. On the way her rage turned to confusion. She had idea what came next.

Dylan had raced away from the location with every intention of breaking every bone in Jimmy's body. She knew he had an office in the city, but she found herself driving towards Brooklyn rather than his office. She felt pulled towards Holy Cross cemetery, where Joey was buried. It took over an hour, but she felt she had to see him. On the way, her rage turned to confusion. Dylan had no idea what came next.

What will Emily think? Will this just be too freaky for her and she'll leave? And Molly? Fuck!

She pulled into the parking lot and sat staring at the entrance to the chapel. Her mind drifted back to one of the saddest days of her life. Joey's funeral. Her father had been so distraught at his son's death that4 he took his grief out on Dylan, blaming her celebrity lifestyle for pulling him into the world of drinking and drugs.

Their last argument had been the night before the funeral.

You will not stop me from going to my own brother's funeral, Dad!"

The priest shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He had come over to the house to lead prayers before the next day's funeral, and had interrupted Tommy Morgan and his daughter arguing.

Since her father wouldn't return her calls, Dylan had arrived at the house to find out the arrangements only to be informed that her presence was not wanted. Her mother sat weeping, watching her only surviving child argue with her husband.

"You will not keep me from my own brother's funeral, dad!" Father and daughter stood nose-to-nose.

"You brought him to this. He was just a boy and he fell into your lifestyle!"

"And what lifestyle is that, dad?"

"Parties, alcohol, drugs! Whatever else you and those other faggots get up to!"

Dylan's anger was about ready to snap. The familiar feeling of anger twisted through her veins, making her feel a little sick, and her fists balled up ready to strike.

Father Dunne, the silver haired priest whom she had known since she was a child, jumped between them. The look of fire in the woman's eyes making him fear for Tommy.

"Dylan! Calm down. This will get you nowhere. If you strike your father you will regret it for the rest of your life."

It took all of Dylan's strength to move away and head for the door. She turned at the door and said, "I was never part of that lifestyle. Show business wasn't for him, he wanted the fame without the work; and because it didn't come, he filled the gap with drugs and alcohol. Where were you, Dad, when he was left unconscious by drug dealers? Where were you when he had to be rushed to the hospital to get his stomach pumped? You weren't there. I was. I picked him off the floor, cleaned him, paid his medical bills and got him into rehab; but it never worked. He couldn't do it and I couldn't stop him from using. Even when he had no money, and I wouldn't give him any, he found a way. You left me to fight that battle alone, Dad. Think about that when you're throwing blame around. I will be at the funeral tomorrow and I will take my place as his sister."

Tommy turned and walked away from his daughter. After Dylan left, Father Dunne caught up with her and she rolled down her window, "Dylan, he's hurting. I know you are, as well, but I think deep down he blames himself. Give him time."

Tears ran down Dylan's face. "It hurts so much Father. Everything I have, the success, the money, doesn't mean much with this pain."

"It'll never go away but it will get easier with time, and you will know happiness again."

"Why are you so sure?"

"Because I believe God does not give you pain like this without having happiness planned for you. Things will work out as they should."

He was right. It never did go away but it did get easier with each day, and meeting Emily had brought the happiness back. As Dylan walked down to the gravesite, she thought, to donate to a sperm bank, he must have been so desperate.

The guilt was beginning to gnaw at her guts, twisting and churning her up.

Dylan found herself standing in front of Joey's headstone. It was planted all around with flowers in different sized pots. "Hey, little bro. I guess dad still takes care of you, huh? I'm ... I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while, Joey. It's difficult. I've missed you, buddy. Ever since you ... left. It's just been me. Dad still doesn't talk, but you know what he's like, he could hold a grudge until the end of time. I met someone but I guess you know that, right? Emily's perfect; she just gets me. I can be myself with her and I don't trip over my words in front of her. Well mostly.

You know how rare that is for me. Remember that time you persuaded me to go out to a club with you? I saw that pretty girl at the bar and you introduced me? And do you remember what the first words out my mouth were? I stumbled around my brain, searching for something to say and my opening line was. 'Uh ... you have ... uh, nice breasts.' She slapped me and stormed off. You laughed for a month over that. Well guess what? I can have whole conversations with Emily without mentioning her breasts if I want. She's the love of my life. Did you send her to me, little bro? Did you send me into the diner that night?"

Dylan leaned her head back and took a deep breath, listening to the wind swirl around the graveyard as if it might carry Joey's voice.

"You helped her get the most beautiful little girl."

I know you never saw yourself as a family man type; it was always me that dreamed of having the wife, the kids, the white picket fence ... oh ... you? ..."

A thought flashed through her brain. She knelt down on the grass and touched the stone, hoping to feel closely connected Joey.

Her mind drifted back to one Christmas seven or eight years ago. She had come home to spend the holiday with her family. After a long day of church and opening presents, they were now enjoying dinner.

"This has been a great day. We're glad you came home, Dylan. We miss you."

"I'm sorry, mom, it's just the show is really taking off at the club and I can't take my eye off the ball."

Tommy stood and clapped his daughter on the back.

"Well. We're together as a family and that's what it's all about. The only thing that will make it better is when you two bring me home some grandkids."

Father and mother left the two siblings alone, while they cleaned up in the kitchen.

"Well big sister, you do know it's your responsibility to provide the grandkids? I know you want to find a little lady and settle down one day. I think having kids would give me hives!"

Dylan laughed. Her brother could be such a queen sometimes.

"I would love that, Joey, but there are a couple of problems with that plan."

"And what would those be, dear sister?"

"One, whenever I talk to a woman I fall to pieces; and two, I lack the necessary equipment."

"Oh come on, Dylan. We both know you've always had more balls than I've ever had. Let's face it, sis, you're the son dad wanted."

"Joey, don't......"

"No. It's okay, Dylan. I'm not sad about it. It just isn't who I was meant to be. You were, and if you ever get that big motorcycle boot out of your mouth and catch a nice girl, I'll help you out. They'll be all yours."

Dylan's heart raced as she realized what this meant. "She's mine!"

She stood and kissed the stone. "Thank you for this gift, little bro. I love you."

She raced back to the car as quick as she could.

A lone individual sat in a room reading the article in People magazine. Their hands began to shake as they read on. All of a sudden, the figure's anger boiled over. "Argh!" They ripped the magazine apart, grabbed the chair and smashed it off the wall.

"Lies! Why are they lying! They're not yours, Morgan! They will never be yours!"

Emily paced up and down the office. "Somebody must know where she's gone, Lynn. How can she just disappear? It's been hours."

"There's nothing. We checked at Jimmy's office and People Magazine's local office. Nothing. I want to find her, believe me; I need to know how she wants to handle this. There are only so many times I can say, no comment," said Lynn sounding exasperated.

Emily sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm just worried. You know what her temper's like. I worry about what she'll do and Molly keeps asking questions. She's scared the ghosts got her last night."

"I'm sorry. Are you two okay? Do you want me to send Pauley over?" Lynn offered.

"It's fine, Jackson's with us. Just let me know if hear anything, okay?"

"Will do. Let me know if you hear anything, too."

"Thanks Lynn."

"Anything?" Jackson popped her head around the door and saw Emily looking worried and hugging her arms round her chest.

"Nothing. I don't understand why she wouldn't come home. I know it's a confusing and unreal situation, but it makes us family. I thought that's what she wanted, maybe I was wrong." Emily wiped away the tears that started to fall.

Jackson debated saying anything. She didn't like to reveal herself so much, but Emily was in pain and she couldn't help but like the beautiful woman.

I hope I don't regret this!

Jackson took Emily's hand and pulled her over to sit down. "I haven't known either of you that long but Dylan seems to me like someone who lives for her family, and this must have shook her to the core. I had a sister." Jackson's voice cracked with emotion.

"She joined the army as soon as she was old enough. She wanted to be just like me, but she was no soldier. She got into the medical corps and was stationed in Iraq with me. They were helping the injured in a local village when they came under attack from insurgents. My unit got the call to go in. When we got there, I found her dead; her body lying across a little Iraqi girl she tried to protect. The fact that my unit was too late tortures me. I should have made it on time. I imagine that's how Dylan felt finding her brother dead in his apartment. If I found out my sister had a child I didn't know about, all of those feelings of pain and hurt would come rushing back. I'm sure she's just gone someplace to get her head around it and deal with the hurt and pain that this has brought up."

Emily took Jackson's hand and said, "I'm so sorry about your sister."

Jackson looked down at her hand clasped in Emily's. She didn't normally let anyone this close, but Emily was a kind caring person and she trusted her with the truth.

You are one damn lucky woman, Morgan. If she weren't taken I would love to be the one to make her smile.

Feeling a little exposed, Jackson decided a tactical retreat was in order.

"I'll just go and make sure Molly's okay."

"I'm going to run her bath and put her to bed. She wanted to stay up to see Dylan, but who knows what sort of mood she'll come back in.

"Okay, can I make us coffee or something?"

Emily could sense Jackson was itching for something to do.

"That would be great. Thank you."

Please be safe, honey.

Sometime later, Jackson jumped from the couch when she heard them door being opened; her hand hovered over her weapon.

She relaxed when the door opened to reveal Dylan creeping in.

"Dylan. You're back at last."

Dylan detected annoyance in Jackson's voice. "Yes, I'm back. Any problems?"

"No. Just Emily and Molly being worried where you were."

Well what happened to Miss Emily and Miss Molly?

There was something in Jackson's tone that irked Dylan. "Well, I'm back, so you can get home now. Tomorrow we'll discuss the package from last night. Where's Emily?"

"I think she's in her room now. She was putting Molly to bed."

Jackson gathered her case but couldn't help having another shot at the TV star.

"You know Emily's been in tears. She's been so worried and Molly thought the ghosts had gotten you."

Jackson saw a steely look come over Dylan's usually warm eyes.

"I'm back now, so you can go home and leave me to see to my family."

After Jackson left, Dylan went over to the liquor cabinet, poured herself a whiskey and downed it in one.

This it, Morgan. You have to face her and if she kicks your butt then you take it. You deserve it.

She made her way down the hall and, taking a breath, walked into the bedroom. Emily was sitting at the dressing table in her nightgown, brushing her hair.

She turned and, when she saw who it was, launched herself at Dylan, kissing all over her face. Dylan gathered Emily up and squeezed her tight.

When she was sure her girlfriend was alright, the temper came. "Why didn't you tell me you were safe? I have been worried sick all day! And Molly has been asking for you every five minutes! Did you call Lynn?"

"Yes. On the way back. I'm sorry. I had to think. I was so confused."

"You were confused? I heard it this morning on the news, don't you think I was confused and needed you?"

"I went to the graveyard to talk to Joey," Dylan said sadly.

Emily immediately calmed down. "Oh? And did you come to any conclusions?"

Dylan stroked the side of Emily's face tenderly. "Yes. Molly is mine. Yours and mine."

"Of course she is, honey. You know I want us to be a family, even if the donor hadn't been your brother ... "

"No, you don't understand. She really is ours. She was meant to be mine."

Dylan explained the memory that had popped into her head when she spoke to her brother at the grave.

"Oh my God. You're right. If he had lived, he would have helped us with this donation. He would have helped us conceive our babies."

Dylan looked down at Emily with a new, deeper connection. She didn't think she could love Emily or Molly anymore than she did, but something had changed. They were forever linked. A family not just of the heart, but of flesh, blood and DNA.

"She is ours," Dylan said huskily.

Emily saw the look of hunger and want on her partner's face. She felt a pull in her stomach and a steady thud begin deep inside.

Their mouths came crashing together in a fiery passionate kiss.

They both felt the need to connect at some deep level, to confirm the bonds between their souls were now unbreakable.

Dylan needed to take, to prove what was hers and hers alone. She untied the dressing gown, delighted to find Emily naked underneath. She picked Emily up, her girlfriend's legs wrapping around her waist while the bruising kisses continued. She carried Emily over to the wall, balancing her against it. Dylan's big hands found Emily's breasts, alternating between squeezing them hard and pinching the hard nubs with her fingers, while Dylan's teeth bit and marked their way down her neck.

"Oh God yes, Dyl! I like it hard. Take me. Take me fast and hard. Please?"

Dylan growled and felt a rush of power. She thrust two fingers straight into Emily, who still had her legs wrapped around her.

"Ah! Oh God! Yes! That feels so good, Dyl. Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

Dylan felt she could come any second without any stimulation. It always made her so hard and ready to come hearing the normally very polite Emily talk in vulgar terms.

Dylan used her hips to thrust her hand into Emily harder. She could feel Emily tighten around her fingers and knew it wouldn't be much longer.

"Oh! I'm going to come, Dyl."

Dylan thrust even faster then said into her ear, "you're mine. Mine forever. Come for me now!"

Emily's legs tightened around her waist and her nails dug into Dylan's shoulders as she fell over the edge into a white hot heat that seared though her body, soothed by the words of love Dylan was whispering over and over in her ear.

Panting, Emily came back to earth and opened her eyes, holding onto Dylan's neck like a life preserver.

"I love you, Dyl." She reached down between them, starting to undo Dylan's belt.

"No. I want to feel closer. Inside you. Please?"

Emily knew what she was asking. It had arrived in the mail yesterday. They hadn't used it yet but Dylan had worn it around the bedroom. She said she had to bond with it.

As soon as she put it on, Dylan felt at home; it felt like a natural extension of herself. She knew that as soon as she touched it and felt the pull in her clit at the same time. Emily had loved seeing Dylan wear it. The coloring was a near-perfect match for Dylan and it felt so real.

Emily ran her fingers through Dylan's thick dark hair. "Yes. I want that. I'll wait for you in bed.

Dylan lowered her to the ground, letting her get into the big bed. Emily watched as Dylan got ready. She began to throb again when she saw her girlfriend stalk towards her with the look of a predator about to devour her prey.

Dylan slipped between the sheets and on top of Emily, resting her elbows either side of Emily's head and looking deeply into her eyes.

"I want you so badly it hurts; I want to be so deeply inside that I'm a part of you." Emily saw the look of longing in Dylan's eyes, and could feel the new feeling of hardness between them. "Then take what's yours."

Dylan reached down and felt the copious amount of wetness Emily had produced.

"Oh God! You're so ready for my cock." Dylan felt her own hard nub stiffen to an almost painful point underneath the base of her strap on.

"Yes I 'am. Let me feel you, stretch me, fill me up Dyl!"

Dylan eased in slowly until she completely filled her partner.

"Feels so good inside baby."

Emily ran her hands up and down Dylan's muscled arms and shoulders. They were among Emily's favorite parts of her partner's body, and to know that she was the only one who could enjoy them like this thrilled Emily.

Dylan moaned as she started a gentle thrust. Emily looked up at Dylan, mesmerised by the look on her partners face. She saw only pleasure, love and devotion.

"Baby? Can you feel me? I'm deep inside you. I feel like I can't get close enough."

"I feel you, honey. You're part of me."

"Need ... need to be closer. It's not enough." Dylan quickly came up on her knees, all the while staying inside, and placed Emily's legs on either of her shoulders. She pulled Emily's hips closer. Dylan then leaned forward a little and began a long slow thrust.

"Oh god, Dyl. It's so deep!" This new position touched a place inside her that made her feel exquisite pleasure but made her want to cry at the same time.

"You feel so good around my cock. Shit!"

"Yes, give it to me harder. Make us come together!"

"Fuck yes!" Dylan grabbed on to her hips and pulled Emily towards her thrusts, which were getting faster and faster. The erotic sound of slapping flesh spurred her on towards the end.

Dylan felt all the tension and pleasure begin to build up to a point where she knew she couldn't stop.

"I'm coming baby. Can't stop!"

"Yes, come now. With me, please?"

"Fuck!" Dylan leaned back and roared, holding onto Emily's legs and thrusting fiercely as her orgasm seemed to flow from her groin into her girlfriend.

Dylan collapsed on Emily, whose arms came around her reassuringly and held her tight as she shook from the power of her orgasm.

"It's okay, honey." Emily cooed.

"I ... I ... love you." Dylan's voice sounded raw.

"I know, honey. I love you."

Dylan lifted her head and tears were running down Emily's face.

Oh God! What have I done!

"I'm so sorry, baby. I was too rough wasn't I? Shit! I ... "

Emily placed a finger across Dylan's lips.

"Stop. You didn't hurt me and you weren't rough. You were passionate and in control, just the way I like it. You had me so turned on." Emily smiled saucily. "And that way you made love to me? You touched places so deep it made me want to cry, scream, scratch your back and smile at the same time."

Emily watched a cheeky smirk develop on Dylan's face. She waggled her hips, her strap on still inside. "It was that good?"

"Ugh. It's tender in there, goofy!" Emily play slapped her partner's backside. "Yes, it was that good. I loved it."

Dylan pulled out gently and, lying on her back, gathered Emily in her arms.

"I got to tell you, baby girl, that was fucking amazing. I thought I was gonna pass out!"

Emily leaned up on her elbow full of smiles. "Yeah?" She stroked Dylan's hard abs. "And how did you like using our new friend?"

"It was amazing! It was like it was a part of me. It felt like nothing mattered but being deep inside. I think it's gonna be my new favorite friend."

Emily grabbed Dylan's cock and gently stroked it from base to head.

"Ugh! Baby. I can't concentrate when you do that and we have to talk before tomorrow."

"You can it feel it when I do this?"

Dylan nodded. "Dylan nodded. "Yeah. I told you it's like it's connected to my clit. It feels like a part of me and watching it in your hand just blows my mind."

"Could you come this way?"

Dylan put her hand over Emily's and brought it up to her waist.

"Yes. Easily. So that's why you have to a good girl so we can talk."

Emily smirked. "Okay I'll be good, but you do realise my mind is now whirling with things I want to do to you and have you to do to me?"

Dylan whimpered. "Yeah. I think you might kill me, but I'm looking forward to it. Come here, baby girl." Dylan quickly took off the strap on, so they could talk without temptation.

"So how do you feel about today?" Asked Dylan.

"Well, apart from the way we found out via that horrid man, Jimmy Daniels, I'd say it's the most wonderful thing that I could ever have dreamed of. I was meant for you, Dylan Morgan. Even before I knew you, I had your baby."

Dylan's smiled a goofy smile. "It makes me so happy to hear those words."

"When I went to the clinic and looked through the available donors, you would think that I would pick a blonde donor because Toni and I are blonde, but when I came to your brother I just pictured a beautiful dark haired, blue eyed baby. I knew it was right. It was meant to be, Dylan. From the moment we met, it's just been right. Look at the way Molly took to you right away? She's always shy with strangers, it's as if she knew you were her other Mom."

"Mom? I'm a mom? Woah. I never thought of that. Wow." Dylan looked stunned.

Emily ticked Dylan's stomach, smiling."Well you're not exactly the mama type like me, are you?"

Dylan laughed. "I guess not. Too butch huh?"

Emily raised herself above her partner and kissed her obviously wanting more. "Yeah. But that's just the way I like you."

Dylan pulled away moaning. "Baby girl, you're killing me here. I'm trying to be all grown up and talk about this, and you're making me want to have you again!"

Emily giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. "I'll behave. Sorry. Eh ...I was looking at your brother's picture today, the one in the frame on the bookcase?"

"Yeah, that was taken when I made him go hiking with me. He hated it. He could be such a queen. You would have had fun with him. Shopping and that boring stuff."

"All that boring stuff?"

"You know. Girl stuff."

"Oh. I see." Emily nodded indulgently. "Well even though he's Molly's biological parent, she's so much more like you. He's dark and blue eyed but he's smaller in height and build. I think Molly's going to have a bigger build like you. And going by her love of all things like cars, gadgets and games, I think she'll have your personality too."

"Well what do you expect, she is my kid?" It feels so good to say that!

Dylan said proudly, "But there's one thing she doesn't have."

"What?" Dylan rolled Emily over onto her back and placed a big hand in the centre of her chest.

"She doesn't have my heart. That little girl's loving and caring nature is all yours, Emmie."

Emily ran her fingers through Dylan's hair. "You are my everything, Dylan. Molly and I couldn't live without you."

I hope this isn't pushing to soon! thought Dylan.

"That's good because I've something more to say. I want no more talk of going back to your apartment when things are safer. I want you both with me forever. I'll be dammed if my family is going to live in two different places." Emily went to speak and was silenced again. "I'm not finished. I also want no more talk of giving me time and space before committing to me. I want that commitment, especially now."

Dylan caressed Emily's face, her heart thudding at what she was about to do. She had decided at the cemetery what she needed to do, but deciding and actually doing it were two different things. She got up, got the box from her jeans pocket, and walked around to Emily's side of the bed. Dylan got down on one knee.

"This should probably be done in a much more romantic way but ... well today pushed things along a bit."

Oh my God! She's not going to ... is she?

Dylan took her hand, held out the open box and said, "Emily Grace Taylor, you are the mother of my child and the love of my life. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and making us a family?"

Emily sat up, holding the sheet around her. A million thoughts rushed around her head as she looked down at the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

"When ... " gasped Emily.

"I stopped off at DeBeers on the way back. They weren't too impressed with how I was dressed but when they realised what I was buying, they changed their mind. Is it okay? I ... I wasn't sure what to get but I told the assistant that you liked simple, but that I wanted something really special. She suggested this."

Emily looked open mouthed at the large square cut diamond atop a platinum band.

"Yes." She whispered.

Dylan looked confused. "Is that a yes you like it or yes you'll marry me?"

Emily smiled warmly. "Yes to both. I'd love to become your wife."

Dylan launched herself towards Emily and squeezed her tight.

"Really?" Emily laughed and nodded vigorously.

"Wow! You've made me the happiest I've ever been in my life. Oh, the ring."

Dylan very carefully took the ring from the box and placed it on Emily's finger. Emily lifted her hand to admire the ring.

"It's beautiful, honey. It's like a ring from a fairytale. I'm sure you spent too much money on it."

Dylan peppered little kisses across her knuckles.

"You deserve everything. I'm only sorry that you had to go through hard times when you were having Molly. You should have been at home enjoying every minute of your pregnancy, but I can promise you and Molly that from now on neither of you will want for anything for the rest of your lives.

Tears ran down Emily's face. She had always resisted Dylan spending too much money on them, having to be independent through necessity for so many years.

"But the declaration Dylan had just made was not about control, it was about showing how much she cared. About how she loved Emily and Molly in a way that Toni never had. Dylan was a provider and protector by nature and it filled Emily with joy to know that she and her daughter were the sole focus of that protection.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying, baby girl?"

"I'm just so happy. I know we have more to talk about but please, will you make love to me now?"

"With pleasure."

And Dylan did just that. She poured all the love in her heart and soul into their passion, trying to show Emily just how much the blonde meant to her.

After making love long into the night, the two newly engaged women slept wrapped around each other.

Dylan woke up early, around 4:30, and went to make them coffee.

She came back with the tray and tried to wake Emily gently.

"Emmie? Wake up, baby girl."

"Hmm. Too early, Dyl ... go back to sleep."

"I know its early, baby, but I've got to go to work in a while and we need to talk before Molly gets up, and decide what to tell Lynn to tell the press. I brought coffee. It's not as good as yours, but it's drinkable."

"Alright! I'm up! I'm up! Give me a nightgown, will you?"

"Dylan grabbed one from the dresser and gave it to Emily. Dylan sat down and Emily took the cup of coffee and sat down beside her.

"Hmm. tastes good." She looked down at her sparkling ring smiling and said, "We're engaged."

"Yes, I know. You've made me a happy TV star. Just don't lose that or a small insurance firm may go out of business.

"It wasn't too expensive was it?" Emily asked worriedly.

"You don't need to worry about that, all you need to worry about is how beautiful you look wearing it."

"You know, I feel a little smug." Emily said.

"Oh? And why, apart from having a devilishly handsome fiancé, would you feel smug?"

Emily smacked Dylan on the arm. I feel smug because Jimmy Daniels thought he had something on you that was really going to make you angry and upset out lives but, in fact, finding out about Molly was the happiest news that we could have been given."

"You're right. This is all I've ever dreamed of. That little girl through there is part me, part of my blood, my DNA, my family, and my heritage. Nothing could make me happier. What will we tell her?"

"I think we should tell her today in case she hears anything on TV. I think if we tell her the truth, that your brother helped me make a baby so you and I could be her Moms, I think that would be best. She's going to be one happy girl having you as a Mom."

Dylan smiled shyly.

"I hope so."

"There's one more thing you need to know about the donation."

Dylan's heart sank. Shit I knew it couldn't all be good news!

"What is it?"

Emily put her coffee down on the bedside table.

"You know that my dream had always been to have a large family?"

Dylan nodded. "Well, when I chose your brother's donation, I bought the whole lot so that Molly could have full brothers or sisters in the future, if I could afford to have them. I didn't want anyone else to have it. I checked with the clinic when I called yesterday and the donation is still healthy and viable."

Dylan looked a little stunned. "You mean ... if we want to have some more kids, they'll be ours? The same as Molly?"

"Yes honey. If you want to, you can get me pregnant whenever we want."

Dylan leaped on Emily, pinning her to the bed and raining kisses on her face and neck. "I want! I want! When can we start?" She wiggled her hips suggestively into Emily's groin.

Emily chuckled. Hay calm down, goofy! How about we wait till we're married? You really want to have more children with me?"

"Are you kidding? I want as many as you're willing to have. Remember I told you about how I wanted to buy a house on Long Island on the beach? Fill it up with a family? Have a workshop so I can play with my tools, a boat maybe to take the kids out in? I'll have a big gym, I can teach Molly Taekwondo, and whoever else comes along." Dylan said excitedly.

"The night you walked into my diner you made my dreams come true, you know that?" Emily replied.

"I think both our dreams came true, and I think Joey guided me to that diner. I can't imagine my life without you."

Their lips met, not in fiery passion this time, but in a tender way the spoke of all the love these two people held for each other.

"I guess we've decided how we'll handle the press, huh?" Dylan asked.

"Yes. Tell them we were delighted with the news and announce that we're getting married. No angst or pain here."

"You do realize, with this story and the wedding, you're going to be in the papers even more. They'll be speculating on what dress you'll be wearing, where we're having it, guest lists, the whole lot." Dylan warned.

"I don't care. I have you and that's all that matters. I think I'm ready to become the wife of a TV star."

"Great I'll go and phone Lynn before Molls gets up."

Suddenly a thought flashed through Emily's mind.

"Honey! Did you put away your ... your ... you know, before Molly comes in?"

Dylan laughed at Emily's embarrassment over it. "You weren't so shy about it when my little buddy was inside you! You were screaming his name."

Emily threw a pillow at Dylan's head. "That's enough, TV star! That is if you ever want to have sex again?"

Dylan dropped to her knees on Emily's side of the bed. "I'm sorry, baby girl." Dylan leaned in to kiss Emily's neck. "You know I can't live without your touch, your sweet kisses."

"Get going you goof!" Emily smacked Dylan on the arm.

After getting dressed and making her calls, Dylan made her way back to the kitchen. Lynn gave her an earful for leaving yesterday but she soon cheered up when she realized she had a wedding to help organise. Lynn advised that the couple should do one big interview with a major TV station, so the public could see them, and then ask for privacy for the wedding. Dylan had promised she would ask Emily.

When she entered the bedroom, she found Molly cuddled into her mother.

"Dien! Ou back! I miffed ou. Did da ghosts get ou?"

Dylan lifted the girl and, lying down beside Emily, brought Molly into her lap.

"Nah! They were scared of me, Smurflet! I missed you an awful lot yesterday too, and I'm sorry I didn't come home till after bedtime but something came up I had to sort out."

Molly cuddled into her chest, seeking reassurance. "It's otay Dien. I ove ou."

"I love you too, Molls. More than you know."

Emily cleared her throat. "Molly, Dylan and I have something important to tell you. Come sit between us."

The little girl looked at her mother with Dylan's big blue eyes. How did I not see it before? She's like a little clone!

"Remember when you asked me before if you had a daddy?"

Molly nodded.

"I told you mama went to the hospital and a man helped me make you? Well we found out that the man that helped me make you was Dylan's little brother, and he wanted Dylan to have a baby with mama. So that means you belong to both Dylan and me."

Emily watched her little brain trying to work out the puzzle, she probably wouldn't understand fully until she was a little older.

"Dien are you my daddy?" Dylan gave Emily a panicked look.

"That's sort of true honey, but Dylan is a girl so it's probably better to call her your other mom. We are family sweetie; we all have the same blood, just like you and mama."

Molly crawled up to Dylan and touched Dylan's cheek with her little hand. "Dien? Ou my mom?"

"Yeah Smurf. Is that okay with you?"

Molly threw her arms round Dylan's neck. "Ou my Mom! I have a mom and a mama!"

Dylan thought her heart would burst from the joy she was feeling.

"That's right, Smurf. You're my kid and I love you. You know what else?"

Molly shook her head. "I asked your mama if she would marry me so we could become a real family and she said yes. Look at your mama's pretty ring."

Molly's mouth formed an "o". "That's so pwetty, mama. We going to be a family? Mom won't ever go away?"

"Never. I don't think we could get her to leave even if we hit her with a big stick!"

"Ha! Ha!" Molly laughed and jumped up and down on the bed. "I have a mom! I have a mom and a mama!"

Emily kissed Dylan on the cheek. "You've made her the happiest little girl in the world."

"Come play wiv me, mom." Molly tugged at Dylan's hand.

Feeling she should let them bond more, Emily said, "You two play and I'll make us breakfast, but after that mom has to talk with Jackson and get ready for work. She's on the TV tonight."

"Otay mama. Come on, mom!"

"I think she may never let you go now," said Emily.

Dylan had a happy, goofy look on her face. "Good. My daughter is someone you never let go of."

Molly pulled Dylan off to the playroom.

Emily sighed. Well, you've done it, Emily. You've got the family you always wanted!

Jackson walked up to the door of the Morgan home at 7 am, unsure what she would find. When she left the night before, Dylan had been AWOL all day and Emily was getting madder by the second. When Dylan eventually came creeping in, she was glad she wasn't the one to face the young woman.

When she knocked and Emily opened the door, whatever scene she thought she would find, it was not this. Dylan was on the floor wrestling and tickling Molly, who was laughing and having the time of her life, and Emily was beaming watching them.

"Good morning Jackson. Come in, I kept some breakfast for you. Dylan Morgan! If you make your daughter sick, you can clean it up!" Emily chastised.

Her daughter? That's new, thought Jackson.

"Alright Smurf! We better calm down before your mama kicks my butt!"

"Otay mom, but mama wouldn't tick your butt, she oves ou."

"That's good to know, Molls." Dylan patted Molly's head.

"Dyl, I'll go and get her dressed so you can talk to Jackson. Before I do … Jackson? We have something to tell you."

Emily had lifted Molly up and Dylan stood proudly with her arm round Emily's shoulders.

Emily nudged Dylan in the ribs. "Oh yeah. Uh ... last night, I asked Emily if she would do me the honor of becoming my wife, and she said yes. Lynn is releasing it to the press today."

Emily held out her engagement ring for Jackson to see.

Well played, Morgan. In one fell swoop you save yourself getting your balls busted when you get home by bringing a huge diamond ring, and you make sure this little family is yours legally, thought Jackson cynically. To Jackson, people and especially people in relationships always had agendas. She didn't believe in the love from romance novels, soul mates who would do anything just to make their partner happy, because even family went away eventually.

Jackson leaned in and kissed Emily's cheek. "Congratulations Emily. I hope you'll be happy. You too, Molly."

She then shook Dylan's hand. "You're very lucky, Dylan."

"I know," replied Dylan. "I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy. Come, have some breakfast while we talk."

Jackson watched Emily walk off to get Molly ready for her day, the little girl chattering away to her mother.

They seem so happy. Maybe real love is possible for some; but not for me, thought Jackson sadly.

Dylan noticing her security guard looking off after her fiancé shouted, "Hey Jackson! Let's get started, shall we?"

"Sure, sorry. I was just thinking." She sat down and Dylan took breakfast out of the oven for her.

"Thanks. I'm going to put on weight doing this job!" Jackson joked.

"Tell me about it! Ever since I met Emmie, I've had to work a lot harder in the gym. I called Patrick this morning. He's got nothing on the letter or the package I got on location. They looked into the guy that Emily's ex flagged up but he has no criminal record, pays his taxes, and goes to work. Nothing unusual. Patrick tells me that without any evidence there's nothing they can do. They have to wait till he does something."

"My contact in the FBI traced the email you got to an internet cafe on west 49th Street, no traceable details."

"I need you to be extra vigilant. Whoever this is doesn't like Emily being in a relationship with me, so it might get worse once our engagement's announced."

Jackson finished eating and lifted her cup of coffee. "Emily have any plans today?"

"Yeah. I don't want her to, but how can ask her to keep Molly cooped up for another day without answering some awkward questions? She wants to go shopping. Oh, and she has an appointment with a decorator this afternoon.

Emily going to the park worried Jackson. A big open space would be hard to keep safe.

"I wouldn't recommend it. The press are camped out on the street downstairs. I don't think I could keep them safe without more people. I think you should tell her the truth."

Dylan looked down at the floor. "I can't. Not yet, at least. She'll be so angry that I've kept this a secret; they've both been through so much over the last few days. I need to let them settle a bit first. I will tell her, just not yet. I'll just tell her it would be too unsafe with the press and stuff."

Jackson sighed. "It's your call. Listen, the decorator Emily set up the appointment with, Rosie Henderson?"

Dylan nodded. Emily had finally found a decorator she liked. After going through all the usual big companies, Emily had found the website of Rosie Henderson. A recently graduated artist, who had just started her own business. That's so like my Emmie, Dylan thought. She'd rather give a chance an enthusiastic beginner than a slick conventional business.

"I had my associates run her details."

Dylan had no idea who Jackson's associates were, but she was delighted that she had employed such an excellent professional.

"I don't have to worry about anything, do I?" she asked Jackson.

"Not as such. She seems to be your classic arty hippy type. A couple of warnings and an arrest at an anti-war rally."

Dylan tried not to smile as she observed the disgusted look on the very conservative soldier's face.

"Well, she's young. I'm sure she's not much of a threat. Do you?"

"Maybe not, but I'll be keeping my eye on her. I don't trust that un-American, anti-government sort as far as I can throw them."

"Okay. Whatever you think's best. Remember, Emily and Molls are coming into the studio tonight. I'll leave the Jeep with you, the studio is sending a car for me. I need to get another car organised from the dealership."


"In the meantime I'm going to try and convince my fiancé that she can't go out today."

Jackson smirked. "Rather you than me."

"Gee thanks!"

"Look, I'm sorry Emmie. It's just till things settle down a bit. The press would make it impossible to look in the stores anyway."

Dylan had broken the news to Emily that she must stay in today. She had not taken it well and was now, rather forcibly, folding the laundry in their bedroom.

When Dylan received no answer, she tried again. "Emmie please. I'm doing my best here to try and make things okay for you both."

Emily ceased her frantic folding and sighed. "I know you are. I don't have to like it though. We're like virtual prisoners in here, and all because of a one-off burglary and some empty threats."

Dylan stood and walked over to Emily. Slipping her arms round her fiancé's waist.

"Even if the intruder thing hadn't happened, the press following would be the same anyway. Why don't you get on the net and do the shopping you wanted to? I'm sure you'll still find it fun. There's more choice and less hassle, and it's exciting to get deliveries." Dylan was trying hard to sell the idea.

Emily let her head fall back onto Dylan's chest in resignation. They had decided last night that Emily would shop for new clothes for Molly and herself. Since they were now engaged, Emily had accepted that their finances would now be shared and let go of her fierce independence and Dylan, as Molly's mom, said she had a lot of birthdays and Christmases to catch up on.

Emily turned in Dylan's arms. "You know what's so infuriating about you, goofy?"

Dylan smiled, knowing she was going to be let off the hook.

"I'm sure there's a ton of things annoying about me, baby girl."

"Well yes, but the main thing is that no matter how angry I am at you, I can't stay mad with you. You look at me with those blue goofy eyes and I want to hug you tight and kiss you." Emily proceeded to do just that, her hands going straight to Dylan's butt. It was one of the many places on her fiancé's body that she adored. She loved the way it felt rock solid but also how it looked in the type of slouchy jeans Dylan wore, with the low hanging back pockets and buckles, her Calvin Klein jockey shorts visible above the waistband.

Dylan broke the kiss while she still could. "Hmm. I love your kisses, Emmie, but you shouldn't kiss me like that unless you want me to rip your clothes off! And, unfortunately, I have to go to work."

"Alright, spoil sport!"

Still holding Emily in her arms, Dylan asked. "So? You gonna buy up the internet? Remember, get everything you both need and even if you don't need it, buy it." Dylan gave Emily's nose a quick kiss.

Emily placed her head on Dylan's chest. "It's going to be hard getting used to not worrying about what things cost. I had to struggle to get what Molly needed. So be patient with me."

I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone. Never again, Dylan vowed as she kissed Emily's head.

"I understand, but you don't have to worry again. I'll always take care of you. Your bank and credit cards will take a few days to be posted but you have my card in the meantime, so just enjoy it. What time's the designer coming?"

"One o'clock. Going by her website, she seems quite the colorful character. Should be interesting."

"Well, have fun. I better get to work. Jackson will bring you to the studio later. Make sure you do what she tells you and follow her advice when you go out."

"Yes dear!" Emily said sarcastically.

Part 7

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