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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Seven

Rosie Henderson checked her appearance in a store window for what seemed like the fiftieth time today. At twenty-five and fresh out of art college, this was her big chance. When a Miss Taylor called for an appointment, it had been a godsend. Only six months out from college and with a little help from her dad, she set up her small interior design business. Rosie had no idea Miss Taylor was someone special until she had received a call from a rather stiff-sounding bodyguard. Jackson Hunter had told Rosie that under no circumstances was she to give out any details relating to Miss Taylor or Dylan Morgan. She had been astonished that such a famous couple would choose a small company, that barely had any commissions, to style their home.

The phone call had annoyed Rosie; she would never give out any client information. A request would have been fine but the security consultant, as she described herself, had ordered her as if she were some sort of naughty school girl.

I hope I don't bump into her!

With one last check she walked the few yards further along the road and made her way into the apartment building.

Jackson answered the intercom, "Yes, thank you. Send her up."

She walked to the living room where Emily was sitting on the sofa with the laptop on her knee and Molly was playing with some toys on the floor.

"Emily, the decorator's here." Jackson told her.

She shut the laptop and stood. "Thank you. Could you sit with Molly while I show her the room?"

"I'm sorry, Emily, but I cannot leave you alone with a stranger. I have to be with you."

"Jackson, what exactly do you think is going to happen?" Emily said exasperated.

"I don't have any idea what's going to happen and that's why I must be physically with you. Please let me do my job"

This is ridiculous! But it's not worth fighting over, thought Emily.

"Fine! Molly, bring a toy okay? We're going to meet the lady that's going to decorate your room.

Picking up her toy fire truck, Molly tottered after her mother and Jackson.

Jackson opened the door and was a little confused. This young woman looked about eighteen, not the owner of an interior design business. The young woman was petite and very pretty, with long dark hair and big brown eyes.

Woah! I'll take a guess you were the one giving orders on the phone, thought Rosie.

"I have an appointment with Miss Taylor. I'm Rosie Henderson."

"Come in. Miss Taylor is in the family room. Follow me." Jackson barked.

Yes Sir! Jeez! Have you got a stick up your ass? Rosie followed and entered the room to a much warmer welcome.

She had seen pictures of Emily in magazines, but the pictures did not do her justice. She was beautiful in a very natural way and was dressed simply, in figure hugging jeans and blouse.

With a huge smile, Emily welcomed Rosie. "Hi! Please come in. I'm Emily."

Rosie shook Emily's hand. "I'm delighted to meet you Miss Taylor."

"Emily, please. This is my daughter, Molly. It's her room you'll be decorating. Say hello to Rosie, Molly."

Molly looked up from her toy and smiled brightly.

"Hi Wosie."

"Hi there, Molly. Nice to meet you."

"Let me take your coat, Rosie, and then we can have a chat."

"I'll get it, Emily," Jackson said.

The security guard watched as she took off her jacket to reveal an indie-girl style outfit. A long print T-shirt dress belted at the waist, showing John and Yoko with the phrase 'War is over'. Underneath, her black leggings ended at pink and white checkerboard sneakers. The outfit was finished off with a grey knitted beret and bright pink bangles.

"Going by the FBI report her contact had run for her, the woman before her was exactly as Jackson thought she would be.

An arty, anti-war, anti-globalisation, un-American hippy! Jackson thought with disgust. Everything that Jackson despised.

Rosie handed over her jacket and saw the way Jackson looked at her. As she left the room, Rosie asked Emily, "What's her problem?"

Emily smiled. She had seen Jackson visibly bristle as Rosie entered the room.

"Jackson can be a little ... uh serious, but she's very nice when you get to know her."

"Mmm. Soldier? Ex-police? By any chance?"

Emily laughed. "She was in the army. How can you tell?"

"I've been to enough protests and demonstrations to know military or cop types. They talk and stand like they have a stick up their ass."

Typical old school butch! Thinks it's the 50's. I wonder if she ever smiles, thought Rosie.

Just as Rosie said that, Jackson returned to the room. She obviously heard every word but, just as her training taught her, she did not react and instead kept guard at the door, staring straight ahead.

"Please sit. I love your sneakers, by the way. So cute!"

"Thanks!" Rosie wasn't quite sure what to expect from the woman who was now part of one of the most famous lesbian couples in the world, but she was warm and welcoming, and Rosie took an immediate liking to her.

"I'll need to follow your lead, Rosie, I've never used a decorator before. I'm kind of new to all this."

"Of course. I usually like to spend some time in the space, make some sketches and discuss it with the client. Maybe since it's Molly's room she could sit and draw with me. And we could come up with some ideas? What do you think, Molly?"

Molly jumped up and clapped her hands. "Me elp Mama! Pease?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart. Go get your crayons and some paper."

When she ran off, Emily said. "Thank you. That's a lovely idea. She'll really feel like it's her room now."

"No problem. It'll be fun. I'm kinda of a big kid myself; it'll be much more fun than designing an adult room."

"On that note, we better catch up with her before she starts drawing on the walls.

Jackson stood watching on as Emily, Molly and Rosie giggled and laughed on the floor. They'd got on very well and come up with some plans.

Emily was delighted to have picked Rosie. She was just a few years younger than herself and she didn't seem phased by who she was or who she was engaged to, or the fact that they were gay. She was fun, and Emily and Molly enjoyed their time with her.

"So Molly. We've decided on a jungle theme, yeah?"

"Yes thank ou, Wosie. Mama?"

"I think that would be great, sweetie. So what's next, Rosie?"

"I'll sketch out some more definite plans and come back to you with a price. If you're happy to go ahead, I'll order supplies and we can get to work. I like my clients to get involved with the project if they're happy to. So, we can choose furnishings and things together if you like?"

Emily loved that idea. "That would be fun! Absolutely, I'd love to," Emily enthused.

Rosie stood and got her stuff together. "Okay, well I better get going. I'll get back to you in a couple of days with the plans."

"Excellent. So are you doing anything nice for Halloween?"

"Sort of. I work part time at a bar in the Village. It's always fun on Halloween! I'm gonna try and spend a few hours down at the Occupy Wall Street protest before work, though." Rosie heard Jackson tut and mumble something under her breath.

Occupy Wall Street! Why I am not surprised? thought Jackson.

Very interested, Emily asked, "Oh? How's it going down there?"

"Great. A couple of my friends and I belong to a lesbian protest group, we all go together. The atmosphere is excellent and we're getting good media coverage. The police are their usual pleasant selves though."

She's gay? Great. There will be no awkwardness then, thought Emily.

"Let me give you a bag of homemade cookies and travel mug of coffee to take with you."

Rosie was smiling widely. "That would be really nice, thanks. I probably won't get a chance to eat before I start work."

"Well, you get your stuff and I'll get the cookies and coffee for you."

After Emily left the room, Rosie looked up to see Jackson scowling at her.

Rosie had only met Jackson and, already, she infuriated her.

"Do you have a problem, soldier boy?"

"Yeah. I have a problem with people who make it their mission in life to bring grief and disruption to hard working people just trying to do their jobs."

Rosie said nothing and simply grabbed her stuff and went to march past Jackson.

"A word of advice, Miss Henderson. Emily is a very kind and friendly woman. Don't abuse that kindness."

"I would advise you to mind your own business, soldier boy!" Rosie said angrily and made her way to the kitchen.

Argh! Soldier boy? Jackson normally didn't let people get under her skin, but something about this girl made her feel off balance and extremely irritated.

I'll be keeping my eye on you, hippy girl!

Dylan sat in her office looking over the script. It had taken a lot of hard work during the day to catch up with the week, but in the end the production team had pulled together and got through it. She was pleased, as well, with the crew making a special effort with Molly. They had all taken to her the first time they met her, delighted that Dylan had Emily and the little girl in her life, and now that they knew the truth about her parentage, it was even better . Dylan had been on top of the world all day as crew members would come up, slap her on the back and congratulate her on finding out she had a daughter.

She was looking forward to seeing Molly's costume. Dylan remembered with a smile how they both kept tight-lipped this morning over it.

I have a daughter. Wow! Every so often she would remember and be blown away by the turn of events.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Lynn popping in. She did not look happy and held an envelope in her hands.

"Um, Dylan. This arrived by courier just now."

Dylan stood and grabbed the envelope from her. 

"I'm sorry but security at the front gate has already inspected it. We should probably set in place some new procedures in case the police need to test anything."

Dylan opened the letter gingerly, her heart thudding. It read simply, Trick or treat?

She handed it to Lynn to read and went to pour herself a drink. 

"Trick or treat? What's that supposed to mean?" Lynn asked.

Dylan downed the whiskey in one. "I have no idea. Damm!" She shouted. "Who the fuck is doing this!"

"Should I call the police for you?"

"Yes, and I want security tightened up around here. All crew members must show their passes. I can't take any chances with Emily and Molly coming tonight. Oh, and Lynn? No one talks about this in front of my family."

"Understood. Excuse me."

Dylan poured another drink, the anger bubbling around inside, and dialled Jackson's cell phone. 

"Jackson? There's been another one." 

Rosie left and later in the afternoon, Jackson got a call from Dylan.

"Yes. I Got it. There will be no problems ." Jackson hung up her phone just as Emily entered the kitchen.

"Was that Dylan?"

Dylan had called and warned Jackson of the latest letter. Things were starting to get a little worrying.

"Uh yes. She wanted to know what time we were leaving."

"Oh. Funny, I haven't heard from her since she texted me at lunchtime."

"She's been very busy today, catching up with missed work I expect," Jackson tried to sound convincing.

"Oh okay, well Molly's ready. Wait till you see her. Molls! Come and show Jackson."

The little girl came running through from her room and stopped outside the kitchen door.

"Eady Mama?"

"Okay honey. Just like we practiced. Strike your pose!"

Molly stood side on, leaning against the doorframe, her arms folded, her head turned towards them, and then she winked.

Jackson burst out laughing. It was Dylan's signature entrance. On top of that she was dressed just like her mom. She had on little designer jeans, black boots, a light grey v-neck pullover with white t-shirt underneath and a mini pinstripe suit jacket. With her dark locks slicked back behind her ears, she was her mom's mini me.

"Oh god! That's brilliant. She so cute! You look just like your mom, Molly!"

The little girl beamed. She idolised Dylan and to be compared to her new mom made her very happy.

"Isn't she fantastic? I called Lynn and asked her to find out what Dylan would be wearing this week, so they are exactly the same."

Jackson felt a little sad that no one thought like that about her. Sarah had idolised her and Jackson felt that she had followed her blindly into the military, where Sarah met her death.

No one will ever feel like that about me again. I don't deserve it.

Emily noted the sadness on Jackson face. She touched her shoulder lightly and said, "Are you okay?"

Jackson pulled herself together quickly. "Sure. You ready to get going then?"

Emily wasn't quite persuaded but decided to let it go.

"Alright if you could grab Molly's pumpkin and stuff, I'll just get my coat."

Dylan sat in her office nursing another drink. She never drank on the day of a show but since she started receiving the letters, she found that the warm liquid was the only way of dulling the anger that rolled in her stomach.

Dylan did not cope well with personal stress. Work stress she thrived on, but when it came to dealing with emotions, especially the deep-seated anger that rode so close to the surface, she didn't know how to handle it.

When Joey died she had thrown herself into her work. She worked so hard that she didn't give her brain time to think.

Now, she didn't just have herself to think about, she had a family. A family depending on her to be strong, to protect them. The constant threat was bearing down on her shoulders and without being able to share it with them, the alcohol dulled the stress recently.

Maybe I should tell her. Jackson thinks so. No! You told Emily they'd be safe. It's up to you to bear that responsibility. She'll just worry. She's had so much to handle on her own for so long, it's time she enjoyed being with Molly and planning the wedding. I need to stop this drinking. It's a slippery slope.


Emily came bouncing in smiling. "Hi honey!" She popped herself down on Dylan's lap, temporarily putting aside her fiancé's worries. Dylan's hands automatically went to Emily's buttocks, and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss.

When they broke apart Emily said, "Woah! Did you miss me or something?"

"You have no idea." Dylan had that look in her eye that she knew only too well. It was the look that said, I want you, fast and hard, right here and now!

The thought made the familiar feeling of heat start to flutter in her stomach but, being responsible, she had to bring Dylan under control.

"Uh uh, TV star. I don't want to mess up your show clothes."

"You're no fun!"

She pecked Dylan on the nose and stood.

Emily was sure she could taste alcohol on Dylan. Looking around, she saw a half empty glass of whiskey on the desk and felt uneasy.

"I thought you never drank before shows because you needed to be clear headed for the stunts?

Shit! thought Dylan. How do I explain this?

"Well, it's just this once because the dare is pre-recorded. I just wanted to relax, okay? So where's my Smurf?" Dylan tried to change the subject. It seemed to work as Emily smiled and said. "Outside. She's waiting to show you her costume. Wait there."

Emily went out and closed the office door to prepare Molly. Dylan looked at the whiskey glass and poured it down the sink.

Emily came back in and left the door open. "Are you ready?"

Dylan sat on the edge of the desk, wondering what was coming. "Yeah. Let me see my Smurf."

Ok Molls! After 1, 2, 3! Welcome to the Dylan Morgan Show! And here is your host, Dylan Morgan!"

Molly popped around the door and struck her mom's pose with a wink.

Dylan was gobsmacked as she watched her daughter dressed exactly like a mini me, with her hair and clothes exactly matching her own. Her heart soared with happiness and pride. She stood and scooped her daughter up in her arms. "Smurf! You look fantastic! Was this your surprise?"

"Yeah Mom! I wanted to be just like ou!"

Dylan pulled Molly in a tight hug. She looked over at Emily with tears forming in her eyes.

Emily turned to Jackson who was hovering at the door.

"Could you give us a minute, Jackson?"

Jackson nodded and closed the office door, leaving the family to themselves.

Molly pulled back from the cuddle and was worried by her mom's tears, wiping them with her thumb.

" Ou sad, Mom?"

"No Molls. I'm happy. Sometimes people get so happy it makes them cry happy tears."

"appy tears?" Molly was a little confused.

Emily walked over and joined in their hug. "Yes sweetie. You've made Dylan really happy."

"I love you, Molls." God! I'm so lucky! This is why you take the pressure Morgan. I'm never gonna give this up. I would die for them!

Pulling her two girls in tighter ,Dylan said, "I love you two more than anything in the world."

"Ou like my costume, Mom?"

Dylan lifted Molly above her, flying the girl around her head. "It's amazing, Smurf! This is what you were keeping a secret?"

"Ha! Ha! Yeah. No ickle monster, Mom!"

Lynn knocked as she walked through the door. "Hey Lynn. Come in and see my daughter!"

"Oh wow Molly! You look just like your mom." Molly and Dylan both beamed with pride."

"Did you clone her?" Lynn said to Emily.

Emily laughed. "There just adorable aren't they?"

Putting Molly up on her shoulders, Dylan said, "Let's go trick or treat!"

Molly had fun visiting the production staff around the studio. Everyone made a fuss over the little girl and agreed she was too cute for words.

Dylan was as high as a kite, showing off her daughter and they all had fun with the monsters from the Halloween sketches. Her earlier anger and fear forgotten.

The show was a great success and after the credits rolled, Dylan gave the studio audience a treat by taking her daughter out to meet them. They loved it and Dylan thought she would put it on the show's website. It seemed a safe way of the audience seeing into her private life and Dylan, who knew TV, understood that you have to give a little of yourself to keep the audience interested in you.

Jackson drove the tired family home after the show. When they got home, remembering the earlier threat, Dylan asked Jackson to look round the apartment while she waited at the door with her girls.

"Is this necessary, Dylan?" Emily, who was visibly tired, was becoming increasingly frustrated with this security.

Dylan had a sleeping Molly in her arms. "Please just humour me." They'd had a wonderful evening and Dylan wanted to keep it that way.

Emily sighed but said nothing. Stubborn TV star!

Jackson came back and opened the door. "Well was there anything sinister?" Emily asked with annoyance.

Jackson looked directly at Dylan. "It's all clear now."

The message was received and Dylan's heart sank. What now!

"Great! Now maybe I can get our daughter to bed." Emily's annoyance was growing to a temper.

"Do you think you could carry her through to bed for me? If you're sure there isn't an assailant waiting in Molly's toy box!" Dylan watched her fiancé march off towards the bedroom.

"I think you're in the dog house." Jackson joked.

"You think?" Dylan answered sarcastically. "Wait for me in my office. I'll be five minutes."

Dylan walked into her office, where Jackson was waiting.

"So? What we got?"

Jackson stood and handed over an envelope she had already bagged up for evidence.

"It was under the door. I thought it best to keep it under wraps until you saw it."

Dylan looked through the bag to see a black and white photo. It showed them leaving for the studio earlier that evening. In the picture Emily's head had been circled and the words 'Emily IS MY TREAT!'

Dylan said nothing and sat down at her desk, head in hands.

"Dylan, you can't keep this under wraps much longer. We're going to need to tighten security and for that we need Emily's cooperation. If she doesn't understand why then we won't get that cooperation."

Dylan looked up, her chin rested on clasped fists.

"I don't want her to worry. I need more time. Can your contact in the FBI get me an address?"

"Sure, but for whom?"

"Toni. Emily's ex." She said calmly.

"The police said there was absolutely no evidence against the ex."

"I know but there's been no one else in Emmie's life. She can at least give me the details of this other guy she named."

Jackson thought this was a bad idea but would she do any different in Dylan's place? She knew if her family was threatened she would want to sort it out herself.

"I'll do it, but you have to promise me you'll wait and give the police a little longer, especially with this new evidence. It's a picture, it can be analysed."

Dylan sighed. "Okay. I'll let the police do their work but if nothing comes from it, I'm paying her a visit."

Dylan made her way to their bedroom. The lights were already off and Emily was in bed turned away from her.

Is it frosty in here or what? thought Dylan.

She began changing into her boxers and sleeveless t-shirt, and then got into bed lying on her back, not knowing whether her usual cuddles would be welcome.

This is ridiculous! Dylan was used to the constant touch and connection between them. She felt like a little puppy that needed reassurance.

Dylan moved over to Emily's back, and leaned over her.

"Emmie? Are you okay? Are you talking to me?"

She heard Emily sigh and turned over. "Of course I'm talking to you, Dyl. I'm just annoyed. There is absolutely no reason for this level of security. Nothing has happened."

What can I say? I don't want to lie to her but ... She stroked Emily's hair.

"You're so beautiful. Do you know that?"

"And you're not answering the question."

"I know it must feel like that, but listen, you're new to this. Being known, followed wherever you go. Even if there had been no threat, no intruder, I would have been getting you a guard to drive you around, keep the press away from you and our little girl. But there has been a threat, an intruder, so that makes me want to be doubly careful .

So you see, when you put it like that, it doesn't sound so bad. Does it?"

Emily thought about it. Maybe I'm being a bit hard on her. It's true, I don't know this world.

Emily looked into Dylan's eyes, seeing the insecurity and fear there. She reached up and caressed her face.

"I understand that you know more about this. It's just hard to be cooped up all the time."

Dylan took hold of the hand at her face and kissed it tenderly.

"I know it's hard, but you get on with Jackson don't you?"

"Oh yes. Jackson's really nice. I feel safe with her. She's a bit uptight but she's a sweetie."

"Not too sweet I hope?" Dylan took one of Emily's fingers in her mouth and swirled her tongue round it.

"Not as sweet as you, goofy." Relieved that this wasn't a serious argument, Dylan smiled and lay back down, opening her arms to her fiancé.

"Come snuggle, baby girl." Since being with Emily, Dylan had discovered there was nothing she liked more than simply snuggling in bed or on the couch with her fiancé, with no expectations of anything more.

Emily went willingly to her arms, her head resting on Dylan's chest and her hand that always went straight under Dylan's t-shirt, rubbing soothing circles on her stomach.

"Hmm. This is so good." It always made Dylan purr with pleasure, to have such attention and comfort lavished upon her.

"Did you like the show, baby?"

"Sure did. You were so funny, goofy, with those monsters, and my heart melted when you brought Molls out with you."

"I've never felt prouder. My little girl with me, showing her off to the world, and my baby girl watching us. Do you think our next one will be like you? I hope so."

The thought of having more kids with Dylan thrilled her. "I would be happy just to have a little goofy gang that all looked like you."

Dylan smiled thinking of chasing after that goofy gang and causing mischief with them.

"I can't wait to see you pregnant. I'm going to treat you like a princess, just like I should have been able to with Molly."

"I think I'll lap up any attention you give me, honey. Oh, I got on great with the shopping online today; I'm really starting to pick up the internet. I got some lovely stuff for Molls, for when she starts preschool. I hope this place we're going to see on Monday is as good as it looks. I think she needs to mix with more kids."

"I'm sure it will be, and if not we'll keep looking till we find the right one. I sent for some kid games, you know, for the consoles? Watch for them when you get deliveries in the mail."

"You're going to spoil her. It's not long till Christmas you know."

Dylan kissed Emily's head. "Indulge me. I have a lot to make up for. I can't wait to spend my first Christmas with the little Smurf."

"She's going to be so happy, not because of the things you can buy her but because she has you, her mom, to spend it with."

"Yeah. It'll be great. How did you get on with the decorator?"

"Oh she was really nice. I thought a designer would be uppity, snobby you know? But she was just a normal girl, not long out of art school. She got on great with Molls. Jackson didn't take to her though." Emily smiled as she remembered the irritation on Jackson's face.

"Oh, why?"

"I guess she's everything that Jackson hates. An anti-globalization protestor, anti-war demonstrator. Jackson positively bristled when she was around and Rosie didn't like Jackson's soldierly 'do this, do that' attitude. I'm sure though that Jackson is a loyal, caring person, but she hides it deep down.

"Some people just don't like showing emotions, baby. You're the only one I've ever been able to talk to."

Emily raised herself up over Dylan, smiling. "I guess it's that butch thing you've both got going on in abundance, eh?"

Dylan smiled back cheekily and asked in a low husky voice.

"I guess so. Don't you like my butch thing?"

Emily lowered her lips to Dylan's. "Oh I love your butch thing, TV star, but I'm afraid I'm too tired to handle it tonight."

Dylan laughed. "Me too. Let's go to sleep. Since there's no show tomorrow, let's make plans for the wedding."

"I'd love that and I love you. Goodnight goofy."

"Night night, baby girl."

Dylan had a rare Saturday off after her special Halloween show last night and was up early.

She knew that Emily and Molly had been inside too long and decided she wanted to take her family out for the day. Her plans set in her mind, and with a couple of hours before her girls would get up, she called Jackson and invited her over early to spar. Jackson jumped at the chance to spar with an Olympic champion and made her way over with her gear.

Dylan was downing a protein shake when Jackson arrived.

"Hey buddy. Thanks for coming over early," said Dylan.

"No problem. I'm always up early, and it's great to get a chance to spar."

"Let's get started then. I want to see how easy it is to kick a special ops soldier's butt!"

Jackson smirked and rose to the challenge. "Well, TV star, show me what you got."

An hour later, both were sitting on the matted gym floor gulping down water, sweat streaming off them, and trying to catch their breath.

"Woah! You aren't half bad for a civilian. I wouldn't have minded having you by my side on operations."

"Thanks. Your style is different to what I've come up against before."

"Our training involves non-lethal moves in order to subdue targets, so it's probably a little different than what you're used to. I don't get a chance to spar much anymore. Mostly it's individual training I do now."

"It was great. Any morning you want to spar or train with me just come over early. I usually work out with Mark and Patrick on a Monday but I'll probably be scaling that back with this threat hanging over us."

"Sure, I'd like that," Jackson said with a smile, after taking a long gulp of her water.

"Did you get out of the dog house last night?"

Dylan laughed. "Yeah after a while. I understand how frustrated she is, but what other choices do I have?" She sighed and rubbed her face.

"I wish there was some sort of handbook for this relationship business for us newcomers. Most of the time I'm stumbling around in the dark," complained Dylan.

"Well I'm no help to you. I've never been in a relationship that lasted longer than a night, and never will," Jackson stated.

Dylan stood and offered her hand to Jackson and they both walked over to get their towels.

"That's what I thought, buddy. Then I walked into a diner to get a coffee, looked into Emmie's eyes and I was gone. Bagged and tagged. Now I have a family and I'm getting married. I never imagined I'd have this, and I can tell you my friend, it feels fantastic."

Jackson saw the love sick look on Dylan's face and felt a pang of regret that she would never know that feeling.

"I'm glad you're so happy, you should be. Emily is a wonderful woman and I could see how she would bring down the walls around anyone's heart, but there aren't many Emily's about. Most women, in my experience, are not like her. I'm not going to put my heart out there unless it's for something as special, and I don't believe that is possible, for me anyway."

Dylan clapped her on the back. "Never say never, buddy. That's what I've learned. You can use the shower in the third bedroom, okay? Then come out and get some breakfast. We'll be going out today but I want to speak to Emmie first."


Emily was slowly wakened by the noise of someone else in the room. She saw Dylan exit the bathroom, completely naked, towel drying her hair as she went.

Emily smiled. One of the things she loved, and found so attractive, about her fiancé was her complete unabashed and unashamed confidence in her body. Right from the beginning of their relationship, Dylan had been so open and affectionate with Molly and herself.

"Honey? Come snuggle with me." Emily said seductively.

Dylan looked over her shoulder to see Emily patting the bed with a coquettish look upon her face.

Dylan gave her a wry smile and quickly pulled on her jockey shorts.

"Oh no! If I get into that bed, we won't be snuggling."


Dylan finished putting on her jeans and t-shirt and sat on the bed.

"Come on, baby. I have a Saturday off and I've got plans for us."

Emily reached out and took Dylan's hand.

"But honey, I never get a chance to sleep in with you. You're always up at the crack of dawn to train or run or work!"

Dylan lifted Emily's hand and kissed it tenderly. "Emmie, I want to spend a quiet Saturday with my family and we have got a lot to pack in. I tell you what, why don't you go and take a nice relaxing bath and I'll get Molly up and dressed."

"You've convinced me. What about breakfast?"

"I think I can be trusted to handle a cereal box, what do you think?"

Emily sat up and smacked Dylan on the arm.

"Yeah, even you should manage that, goofy. It's the dressing your daughter part I'm worried about, remember the socks have to match." Emily stood and put on her dressing gown.

"Hey! I can dress my daughter fine." Dylan said pouting.

Emily sensed a little sadness in her partner's voice; she took Dylan's face in her hands and gently kissed her lips.

"I know you've missed out on Molly, but I know you are going to make the rest of our little girl's life happy and fun. I couldn't have asked for a better parent for Molly."

Dylan grinned and pulled Emily into her lap. "Yeah. I am pretty great, aren't I?"

Emily kissed her. "Yes you are. So what are these plans you have for us today?"

"Well, we were going to set a date for the wedding and decide what kind of ceremony we wanted. I thought we could do that over a quiet dinner tonight. First, though, I would like to take you both out to Long Island. Have a nice lunch, do some fun stuff, look at a couple of houses...."

"Houses? Why?"

"Well, we're getting married, we need a family home."

"This place is huge; I'd hardly say we're struggling for space."

Dylan gently stroked Emily's face. "Yeah, but it's not a home. I want us both to have our dream family home. Remember we talked about dreams? You wanted that big old warm kitchen? And I wanted somewhere by the sea with a big training space, and a place to play with my tools?"

Emily smiled and nodded.

"That's what we're shopping for today. Somewhere Molly can run and play outside in the fresh air. Somewhere we can build a family. We can't do that here."

Emily sighed happily and kissed her partner on the nose. "You, Dylan Morgan, are a girl's dream come true."

"I aim to please." Dylan swatted her lightly on the butt. "Come on, baby girl. Get going! We've got so much to see and do. We're meeting the realtor at one so we can look around first."

"Okay. Make sure Molly wears a sweater, its cold out."

"Emmie ..."

"Okay! Okay! I'm going! I'm going!"

"Lift up your foot, Smurf."

Dylan knelt on Molly's bedroom floor helping her get dressed; the little girl wasn't helping by jumping about.

"Ou not going to work today, Mom?"

"No Molls, I have a whole day to spend with you and Mama."

Molly bounced on the bed, full of excitement. "Yeah! Where we goin, Mom?"

"Hey. Quit bouncing, Smurf, and I'll tell you."

"Sorry, Mom. I just cited."

It made Dylan's heart soar to think that just spending time with Molly, made the little girl so happy.

"It's okay, Molls. Well, we're going for a drive to a place called Long Island. It's by the sea, so we'll go on the beach. Your Mama thinks it's too cold but it's never too cold for the beach, is it?"

"Nuh uh, Mom!"

"That's my girl! Then in the afternoon, were going to look at a new home for us, 'cause remember Mom and Mama are getting married?"

Molly nodded enthusiastically. "Well, we need a family home."

"A foever home?" Molly asked.

"Yeah, a forever home. Somewhere you can play, and Mama will be happy."

"Mama always happy wiv ou here, Mom."

Dylan stood to help Molly on with her sweater. "Yeah? That's nice to know, kid."

"She sad before, but now she smiles."

Dylan's heart was overwhelmed with happiness and she lifted Molly into her arms and cuddled her tight.

"I love you and your Mama with all my heart, Molls."

Molly kissed her on the cheek. "We love ou too, Mom."

"Let's get some cereal in you so we can start our day."

After a few false starts, the family plus Jackson set off on their journey to their meeting with the realtor in Southampton village, Long Island.

Dylan drove with Jackson in the front seat, while Emily tried to keep Molly occupied with the Nintendo 3DS Dylan had bought her.

They arrived at twelve, later than Dylan had hoped, so they grabbed some lunch quickly and went to meet the realtor at the first property, Dylan promising Molly they would get a chance to play later.

Emily wasn't sure what she was expecting when they pulled up at the first house, but it wasn't this. It was extremely large and ultra-modern, on a large expanse of beachfront.

Dylan saw the shock on Emily's face and said, "Hey, I know it's not what you're used to but give it a chance, alright?"

"Of course I will, honey."

Dylan kissed her forehead. "That's my girl."

She lifted Molly up in her arm and took Emily's hand as they met realtor.

"Ms. Morgan, pleased to meet you. I'm Pam Scott and I'll be showing you around today."

"Pleased to meet you, Pam. This is my fiancé, Emily Taylor, and our daughter, Molly. Oh, and our security consultant, Jackson Hunter."

"Pleased to meet you all." Molly, typically, buried her head in Dylan's shoulder.

Emily did keep her word and give the place a chance as they walked around but she knew this could never be the warm home she was looking for. Everything was minimalist, chrome and white. It did have everything they were looking for in terms of outside space, but it just wasn't a home.

Jackson took Molly for a walk down to the beach so they could talk.

They stood in the stark white kitchen. "So? What do you think?"

"I don't mean to seem ungrateful, honey, but it's so huge. It's just a bit too much."

Dylan took both her hands. "You know anyplace we look at is going to look big. We need somewhere we can grow into with space outside for play stuff for Molls, a pool ..."

"Yes, I know, but it has eight bedrooms, Dyl. There's space, and then there's too much, and I've got to look after the place."

"We'll get help in."

"Honey, I'm not going to be a pampered rich wife, spending my days getting my nails done. I may need someone to help with the cleaning but I'm going to look after our home, and you and Molly."

Dylan smiled warmly, liking that idea immensely. "Alright. More homey, less bedrooms, but still lots of outdoor space."

Emily hugged her partner. "Exactly. How much are these houses anyway?"

Dylan pulled away and cleared her throat. "Um, we better find Pam and tell her what we've decided." Dylan pulled Emily on quickly.


They made short work of the next house. It was a little smaller, but again a little too modern for Emily's tastes. They arrived at the third house of the day, which Emily had insisted be the last due to Molly restlessness.

They pulled into the driveway of a classic shingle style house, which had large grounds to the front and sides, the beachfront to the back.

Emily stepped out of the car and came to Dylan's side. "This is beautiful, Dyl."

Dylan was a little surprised. "Really? You like this, Emmie?"

Emily lifted Molly up. "Yes. It's traditional, like a home."

"Great. Tell us about the place, Pam." Then turning to her partner. "Here, let me take the Smurflet."

Jackson came up beside Dylan and said, "Do you want me to take Molly around the grounds?"

"Not just now thanks. Molly, I want you to tell us if you can imagine living here when we go in and which would be your room, okay?"

"Otay Mom."

"Please Pam, carry on."

They walked towards the front door as Pam described the estate.

"This property is set on over two acres of land with two hundred and fifty feet of ocean frontage. The house itself offers six bedrooms with seven and a half baths. It has a large living room, formal dining room, large kitchen and breakfast room."

Dylan smiled at the look on Emily's face as they went from room to room. She was sure this was the kind of house her fiancé would like, a traditional home on a modern beachfront.

They stepped into the living room and were blown away. The dark wood floored room was open and light as it had big windows and French doors on three sides of the room, looking on to the ocean.

"Wow! This is nice. Look Molls, can you see the beach and the waves?" Dylan asked her daughter.

"Mom! We play on the beach all the time!" Molly said excitedly.

"We sure could, kiddo. Here, go and take a look out the windows, Smurf," Dylan said putting her down.

Jackson immediately followed Molly across the room, giving the couple some space.

"It's a great room, Emmie." I hope you like this one, Emmie, because I think I've fallen in love with it, thought Dylan.

Emily looked a little in awe of the surroundings. "I can't imagine a room having a more beautiful outlook. Could I see the kitchen?" Emily asked Pam.

Dylan smiled at the obvious excitement in her voice.

"Of course. Come this way."

"Molly? Come with us, we'll look outside soon." Jackson took the little girl's hand and headed her towards the kitchen.

"The house also includes staff quarters, media room and panelled library. The guest rooms on the north side have great views of the Old Town pond."

Emily's heart soared when they entered the kitchen. Oh my God! This is my dream kitchen.

It was a large traditional kitchen. Wooden cupboards, stone floors, and in the centre was an island area. The cupboards, built-in appliances and stove ran around three walls. The fourth was given over to floor to ceiling sliding doors, which led out to a grassed sitting area and views right onto the beach.

"Dyl! Look at this, I can be cooking or baking and looking out to the ocean."

Dylan walked over to her fiancé and put her arm around her.

"Can you imagine baking in here, baby?"

"Oh yes! It's warm and cosy and Molly could play out on the grass there, so I could keep an eye on her. Even like now, in the winter, it would be wonderful to be all cozy in here and watch the stormy sea."

Dylan brought her lips to Emily's ear and said quietly, "It makes me feel so good to see you so excited and happy."

Then speaking to Pam, she asked, "What do we have outside?"

There is a pool and a pool house, which has two bedrooms and kitchen. There is a tennis court and, also, you have a private wooden walkway that leads straight onto the beach."

"Sounds fantastic. There's a lot I could do with all that space."

Emily smiled, she could see Dylan's mind whirling over ideas.

"Honey, maybe we should let Pam show us upstairs now?"

"Oh sure, carry on. Hey Molls, let's see if you could find a nice room here."

"Yeah, come on Mom, Mama!"

They walked around the impressive top floor and were very impressed. Molly was walking around the bedrooms with Jackson, as Dylan and Emily looked at the master bedroom. It was a large, long room in which the bed sat against the back wall to look out of the entirely glassed opposite wall. The couple had been completely stunned with this room. Pam had discretely left them to talk. As soon as she left, Emily came into Dylan's arms.

"Have you ever seen a bedroom like this, honey? We could lie in bed looking out on the ocean. The whole house is simply amazing."

"I'm so glad you think so, baby, 'cause I love it. I can really picture us here. I think we would be really happy here."

Emily pulled Dylan over to the windows. "What about the studio? That's a really long journey for you every day?"

"Most of the people who live here commute every day, and they have to do it in rush hour first thing in the morning. Most days, I don't really have to be in till 10 or 10:30. I'll get a driver from the studio and we'll keep our apartment in the village, so we can have somewhere we spend over nights and stuff."

"How much is it? Can I see the information sheet?"

Dylan became a little nervous. Oh boy! This is gonna be the hard part!

"Em ... it's reasonable compared to others around here."

"Dylan Morgan! Give me that flyer."

The TV host handed it over and watched nervously as Emily read it through. "Now, bear in mind that this is a home. A home for our family for the rest of our lives, and we can easily afford it."

Oh my God! 26 million? I knew she had a lot but this ...

"You can easily afford this?"

Dylan took Emily's face in her hands. "We can easily afford it. We're going to be married, you're my family, Molly is my daughter, it's our money. I told you I've made a lot of money since I own the production company and the format. I've sold it all over the world, it's made me a load of money. That plus investing, advertising, I guess we're worth close to 100 million. So, in fact, we could afford a much bigger place but you said you weren't comfortable with that."

Emily's eyes were wide. "I can't believe ..."

"Listen, we're going to have a great life. This is a home and Molly will love growing up here. I'll put playground equipment up for her, build a tree house, and maybe before long we can add another couple of kids to our little family?"

Dylan smirked at her fiancé and pulled her in closer.

"Come on, baby girl. We love this house, don't we? Let's buy it, let's make this our family home."

Emily sighed drastically then burst into smiles and laughter.

"Yes. Let's buy it, honey. This is the one. This is our home."

"Yes!" Dylan lifted Emily and swung her round in a circle, raining kisses on her fiancé.

"Oh baby girl, we are going to be so happy! Let's go tell Molly and Jackson, and then put in our offer to Pam. Come on!"

Dylan took Emily's hand and they went in search of their daughter.

The young family had been as high as kites when they returned home. Pam had contacted the seller and their offer had been accepted. Molly had been difficult to settle down, after not having as much time to play as they had planned, but after Dylan promised her a day at the park tomorrow, she soon settled down. Jackson had left early since the couple were in for the night.

Dylan ordered in some dinner from a nice little local Italian restaurant and Emily set the table in the dining room. They both wanted this evening to be special.

Molly had been fed earlier, so Dylan told her to rest while she bathed their little girl.

Molly had loved Dylan before she found out they were family but since she knew she had another mom, she was constantly glued to Dylan as if trying to make sure she wouldn't disappear. The feeling was entirely mutual, Dylan felt she had a lot of time to make up for and loved the time she could spend with her little girl.

After getting her washed, the two were now engaged in ocean warfare with Molly's toy boats.

"Ombs away! I get ou, Mom!"

"Boom! Ah! We're going down, captain! Help! Ugh!"

Molly laughed and splashed the water as Dylan theatrically had the boat sink in the bath. Dylan was soaked.

"Woah Smurflet! I really did get sunk." Dylan was soaked but smiling.

"Come on kid, let's get dried up."

Dylan got Molly settled in bed and read her a story. She was nearly asleep by the time Emily came in to kiss her goodnight.

"Night night, sweetie." Emily leant over and kissed her head.

"Night Mama, night Mom. Love ou."

Dylan stroked Molly's head. "We love you too, Molls."

Emily took her partner's hand and pulled her through to the bedroom, where she began undoing Dylan's shirt buttons.

"Let's get you out of this wet shirt before dinner comes."

Emily took off Dylan's shirt and went to get a t-shirt for her out of the dresser. Dylan pulled her back in a panic. The TV star knew she had a box with all the threatening letters from the stalker hidden under a pile of her t-shirts.

"Uh ... why don't you go and pick out a bottle of wine for dinner?"

Emily looked at her quizzically. "I don't know about wine, honey? I wouldn't know which to choose."

Dylan stroked Emily's cheek. " It's easy, Emmie. Pick a red one for Italian and then just choose the nicest looking label. That's what I do." She gave her fiancé a quick kiss.

"Besides, I want to freshen up before dinner."

"Okay, but don't be long, honey." After Emily left the room, Dylan sank onto the bed and held her head in her hands.

You are going to be in so much trouble, Morgan, when she finds out.

The couple enjoyed a delicious romantic meal and were now finishing the bottle of wine on the couch.

Emily was cuddled into Dylan, who had her arm tightly around her.

The blonde sighed in contentment. "Hmm. That was amazing, honey."

"Yeah, it was. It's a great restaurant. Well, what a day. We bought a house."

Emily giggled and cuddled in closer. "We sure did. Oh I can't wait to live there. I'm going to bake every day. It'll be heaven!"

"Aw, baby, I'm so glad you're happy. I'm going to order some playground equipment for Molly, maybe I could change the tennis court into a playground area and basketball court. I'll bet Molls would love to play ball with me when she gets bigger."

"I think that's for certain, our little girl is a little tomboy in the making."

Emily turned to Dylan and said, "Molly adores you, you know. She just loves spending time with you, and just loves the rough and tumble fun you have with her. You've made her so happy."

"The feeling is entirely mutual, Emmie. I've never been happier in my life. Having a daughter is just ... wow! I don't have the words to describe it."

"You're just a big old softy, aren't you, goofy?"

"Huh? Never! Now, about this wedding. Lynn is looking for a wedding planner for us but we need to decide on a date and what kind of size we want."

"Well, the realtor told us we can't move in to the house until January, but you wanted to get married as soon as possible."

"We can still get married before that. We're comfortable here in the meantime, and once you see how Rosie works out, maybe you can use her for the new house?"

"Yes, that's a good idea. She's a lovely girl, I'm sure she's going to work out. So what kind of date do you think?"

"Well. I have this romantic vision of us spending Christmas together as a family, you know, legally. I want to have the perfect family Christmas."

Emily's mind envisioned Dylan decorating a big tree with Molly, hanging lights and stockings. Giving the little girl the warm family Christmas she'd never had.

"I think that sounds perfect, but what about the show? Do you get any time off?"

"Yeah, we stop two weeks before Christmas then back the middle of January. We run right through till April, then we're off till the new season in August."

Emily jumped onto Dylan's lap. "You mean you'll have all summer to spend with us!"

"Yeah. I mean, I will have commercial things to do but just a day here and there. We could go on vacation then; make it our belated honeymoon."

Emily kissed Dylan on the lips. "That would be fantastic! Oh, but we wouldn't leave Molly, would we? If we went somewhere in the summer?"

"Of course not. It would be a family vacation. Maybe we could get Lynn to look after Molly, just for a few nights after the wedding. So we could have some time alone?"

"Absolutely. So, date?"

Dylan opened up the calendar on her phone. "What about December 16th? Will you marry me then?"

Emily looked deeply into Dylan's blue eyes. "I can't wait to be your wife, Dylan Morgan."

Dylan gently kissed her lips.

"You'll make me the happiest TV star in the world."

"Make love to me, Dyl," Emily said huskily.

Dylan growled deep in her chest. She stood and lifted Emily off the couch in one movement and carried her to their bedroom.

Dylan undressed Emily slowly and asked her to lie on her front.

"What are you doing, honey?"

"Patience, baby girl. You'll get what you want. I'll be back in a sec."

Dylan went to the wardrobe and got out a bag of things she had bought when she ordered her strap-on.

What is she up to?' thought Emily.

Out of the bag Dylan brought out candles, an incense burner and massage oil. Having placed and lit the candles and incense, she divested herself of her clothes. Next she opened her iPhone to set her love playlist to start playing through the speakers.

"Honey, the room is beautiful."

Dylan straddled Emily's buttocks, and leaned over to whisper in her Fiancé's ear. "I'm going to rub every part of you, baby girl."

Emily shivered. "Yes, please!"

Dylan poured a generous amount of oil onto her hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil.

She began by massaging Emily's upper back, pushing her strong fingers into Emily's tired muscles.

A series of moans and groans came from Emily as Dylan worked her way down. When she started working on Emily's buttocks, the moans became louder.

"Oh god, Dyl. That's so Good! You're making me so wet."

"Good. I want you to be really ready for me."

Dylan smiled when she felt Emily lift her hips to try and direct Dylan's hands to her centre.

When Dylan moved down to her thighs and legs, Emily whined in frustration.

"Please honey. I'm ready for you now. Take me."

Dylan leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Be a good girl now, Emmie. Just relax and enjoy. I'm in charge tonight, okay?"

Dylan resumed working on Emily's legs, down to her feet. Then instructed the blonde to turn


Emily's eyes widened as she watched Dylan hold the oil bottle over her chest and drizzle it

over her breasts. She could only moan and gasp as Dylan's big hands massaged and squeezed


"You like that baby?"

"God yes! Squeeze harder."

Dylan did just that and also brought her lips into play, sucking and licking the hard nipples in

front of her.

"I can't take much more!"

Dylan, deciding it was time to put her girl out of her misery, began kissing her way down

to Emily's wet center.

She lifted the blondes legs over her shoulders and licked her way along the length

of Emily's sex.

"Oh yes, just like that Dyl!" Emily felt her orgasm build steadily until she was pushed over

the edge by Dylan's fingers thrusting inside her, while her tongue laved Emily's nub.

"Oh God. Oh God, Dylan!!!!!" she screamed.

While Emily tried to catch her breath, Dylan climbed up her body and began to devour her


"Was it good, baby?" asked Dylan.

"Are you kidding? It was amazing! I love your mouth!"

When Emily went to reciprocate, Dylan stopped her.

"I'm in charge, remember?" Emily smiled and nodded.

"Turn over on your front again." When Emily complied, Dylan grabbed her buttocks and

said, "I love your ass; it sways in front of my eyes and makes me drool. I want it!"

Emily moaned. "Oh yes, Dyl. Take it!"

Dylan opened herself up and placed her center on Emily's ass cheek. She then gathered

up her fiancé's hands and pinned her wrists above her head with one hand.

Emily was so turned on; she loved to be pinned down by her partner. Dylan began thrusting

against Emily's buttock.

"Oh yeah! I love your ass baby! I've dreamed about doing this."

"Yes, Dyl! You feel good on me." Emily pushed herself up hard into Dylan's sex.

She felt Dylan thrust faster and felt her partner's wetness paint itself over her behind.

"Ugh yeah! I'm gonna come all over you baby! Shit!" Dylan fell over the edge into her

release ...

An hour or so later, the couple lay sated and exhausted, cuddling close. Emily's mind had been whirling with an idea for a while now, but hadn't known how to bring it up. Now in the dark quietness, she felt it was as good a time as any.

"Dyl? Dyl, are you awake."

"Hmm? Yeah. Just about." After making love to Emily, Dylan's whole body felt languid and pleasantly tired, and she was gently drifting off to sleep.

"Can I talk to you about something?"

Dylan's eyes snapped open, tension returning to her body.

What could be wrong? I thought everything was going perfectly.

"Of course. You know you can talk to me about anything." Dylan rolled onto her side and leaned on her elbow above Emily.

"I've been thinking about us. Us, you and me, and us as a family."

Please don't tell me you've changed your mind. I can't live without you!

"Okay..." Dylan replied nervously.

"We are already a family but when we're married, I want us to be one in every sense of the word. I want to start proceedings for you to adopt Molly. I want there to be no doubt who her other parent is."

Dylan's face lit up in smiles. "Really? There's nothing I would love more."

"I haven't finished yet, goofy."

"I'm so sorry, do carry on." Dylan gave Emily a kiss on the nose.

"How would you feel if Molly and I took your name after the wedding? I want everyone to know we belong to you. I would understand if ..."

Emily was silenced by Dylan's passionate kiss. "Tell me. Are you a dream? This can't be real, because I don't deserve this much happiness. I would be honoured, baby. The Morgan family. Has a nice ring to it, huh? I know Molly's part Morgan already but won't you be sad to lose Taylor completely?"

Emily stroked Dylan's cheek.

"My family didn't care about me or who I was. Apart from my grandmother, and Molly's middle name is after her, the first person to care was you. So no, Taylor doesn't mean anything to me. We want to be part of you."

"You both are part of me, part of my soul. I love you both with everything that I am and I can't wait to introduce you as my wife, Mrs. Morgan."

Emily smiled warmly.

"Kiss me, Dyl."

Part 8

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