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A Divergent Connection
By Annette


Part 2

After seeing Mrs. Garrett, Natalie and Tootie off on their trip the girls turned and walked back into the house. "So, Princess, how about we order some pizza and watch a movie or somethin'?"

"Well, I suppose that would be fine." Blair said as she moved into the kitchen. "Just as long as you get half veggie."

Grimacing Jo reached for the phone. "How can you eat that crap, pizza is supposed ta have sauce and cheese… and MEAT."

"Ooh, you are such a Neanderthal!" Opening the refrigerator Blair asked. "Do you want a soda?"

"Yeah, thanks!" Finished placing the order Jo hung up the phone and took the can of soda from the blonde. "And I ain't a Neanderthal."

"Fine, I'll give you that, but still you are just so… I don't know – boorish perhaps is a better word."

"I ain't boring either."

Chuckling at Jo's misinterpretation Blair decided not to correct her. She'd never admit this out loud but she'd sometimes found Jo's behavior endearing.

"What's so funny Princess?"

Just then the doorbell rang and Jo jumped up from her seat to answer it. Dropping the pizza on the coffee table she called out to Blair. "Hey blondie, grab me another soda and come on out here."

Coming out of the kitchen with sodas and napkins in hand Blair was chuckling again. "Awfully bossy there Jo. You sound like such a guy."

"What are you talkin' about! I just asked ya ta bring me a soda."

"Yes, but it was the way you asked. I was almost expecting you to club me over the head and drag me off to your cave."

"I told you I ain't a Neanderthal, Blair." Glancing over at the blonde Jo continued. "Besides, if I was dating you, you'd never let me touch your hair like that."

Both girls fell silent after that, eating their pizza and sneaking glances at each other. Jo started flipping through the stations to see if there was a good movie on.

"There ain't nothin' good on TV so I think I'll just go work on my bike for a while." Jo started cleaning up the living room and bringing the trash into the kitchen.

For some reason Blair didn't want Jo to go but she couldn't come up with anything that would make her stay. So she decided to try to strike up a conversation. "Jo?"


"I was wondering… if you were dating me how would you treat me?" I can't believe we're having this conversation!

How am I supposed to answer that? Normally I would come up with some smart-ass remark but I can't even think of one! "Well, I'd treat you like a Princess I guess." Jo could feel the blush creeping up her neck. "You know, I couldn't afford to buy you nice things but I'd do my best to make you happy."

"Oh, Jo, that's so romantic!" Did I just call Jo Polniaczek romantic? Well, that really was beautiful… Why couldn't she be a boy "Sometimes I wish you were a boy." Turning away Blair added. "Why couldn't you be a Jo with an 'e'?"

Stunned by Blair's admission, Joe was momentarily frozen in place as she tried to find the proper answer to that question.

Blair, meanwhile, seemed to realize what she just said and turned, wide-eyed toward Jo. "Did I say that out loud?" Quickly turning her back to Jo she fled toward the door.

Jo, finally coming out of her stupor, rushed over to her distraught friend and wrapped her arms around her from behind. Leaning in toward her ear the brunette whispered. "I don't have to be a Jo with and 'e' for you to be with me." Feeling the woman in her arms shiver she nuzzled at her neck and placed a soft kiss there. Blair emitted a low whimper and then, realizing what she just did, she stiffened. Feeling the change in the woman in her arms caused Jo to make a similar realization as she too stiffened and released the blonde.

Backing away from Blair, Jo stuttered. "I'm, um… I'm just gonna go out to the garage and work on my bike." And with that she breezed past the blonde and out of the house. What the Hell just happened? Why did I say that? Why did I kiss her? Flinging open the garage door Jo slipped on her cover-alls and continued her internal dialogue. What was I thinking? You obviously weren't thinking Polniaczek, at least not with your head. Hoping beyond hope that Blair would just act as if nothing happened Jo decided to concentrate on her bike.

Blair stood rooted to the spot for a few moments after the brunette left the room. Her mind was whirling trying to make sense of everything that just happened. She kissed my neck! What did she mean she didn't have to be a Jo with an 'e' for me to be with her? Wait… Oh my, is Jo… Pushing that unfinished thought from her mind Blair gathered her composure and climbed the steps to her room. Opening the closet she busied herself with sorting through her wardrobe. Does Jo really feel 'that way' about me? Why isn't this bothering me? I should be freaking out, I mean this is Jo! Not only is she from the wrong side of the tracks, but she has no fashion sense and she's… she's a girl! As Blair sorted through the outfits in her closet her thoughts turned back to Jo, and the feelings she elicited in Blair when she held her in her arms.

Jo wiped her hands on a rag as she finished with the tweaking of her bike. Turning the bike over she made a few minor adjustments until the engine smoothed out. Straddling the bike seat the brunette revved the engine a few times, happy with the sound she settled down onto the seat. Her thoughts returned to Blair and the way she felt in her arms. I have no idea why I did that, but ever since she broke down in my arms I've felt protective of her. I don't know what I'm doing here, what I'm feeling. She smelled so good I just couldn't stop myself from kissing her neck. And with that thought, Jo began an unconscious rocking against the bike.

Blair turned back toward the bed, taking a few outfits from her closet and laying them on the comforter. Dropping down next to them the blonde placed her head in her hands. I can't believe I whimpered! But she felt so good – I felt so good in her arms. I've never felt like that before, but I can't… How can she make me feel like this? Blair stood and began to undress with the intent of taking a bath. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the taps to begin filling the tub. Adjusting the temperature and adding her favorite oil she turned toward the vanity to remover her makeup. Gazing into the mirror she looked at herself hoping to find an answer in her reflection. Instead she closed her eyes and remembered the feel of Jo's arms around her. When she gazed once again at her reflection her eyes were darkened with desire.

Part 3

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