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A Divergent Connection
By Annette


Part 3

Oh my! Quickly turning away from her reflection, Blair closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Scant seconds later, her mind was filled with visions of dark hair, blue eyes, and warm arms. What is happening to me? Trying to dispel the images flooding her mind, Blair opened her robe and slipped it from her shoulders. As her hands pulled the robe open, the material brushed against her breasts and she gasped. Dropping the robe, she looked down at her chest – at her nipples – her very hard, very sensitive nipples. Why is this happening? She couldn't help it at this point, she reached up and cupped her breasts, and for the first time in Blair's young life she felt a jolt of pure arousal. Her knees buckled and she slipped to the floor continuing to touch her breasts. Then slowly her right hand slid down her body and slipped between her legs. Another gasp flew from her lips as she discovered just what it meant to be wet. And then it happened… a feeling so intense it left her gasping as Blair experienced her first true orgasm. Resting her head on the side of the tub, Blair recovered enough to reach up and turn off the taps.

Twisting the throttle on her bike Jo reveled in the vibrations it was causing as she rocked against the seat. What the heck am I doin'? Jeez, Polniaczek, keep it in your pants, will ya! She sat up and took a deep breath, then another as she tried to get her hormones under control. What is my problem? Who am I kidding, it's five feet six inches of blonde hair and brown eyes. She's just so amazing and felt so good in my arms. I kissed her neck, for cryin' out loud! And she whimpered! She began her unconscious rocking again. Ah, hell, this isn't goin' away. Reaching up and grasping the zipper on her jumpsuit, she pulled it down and then did the same with the zipper on her jeans. Slipping her hand inside she stroked as she continued to press against the seat of the bike. Harder and faster she rocked until at last the pent up emotions and feelings were released. Pulling her hands from her pants and wiping them on a rag she took a few deep calming breaths and reached up and turned off the bike.

For the next few days the two girls did everything in their power to avoid contact of any kind. Neither was completely sure about what they were feeling and they certainly were not ready to look too closely at what was going on. Blair spent almost all of her free time with Brad and Jo spent most of her time working on her bike. No one seemed to notice that Blair and Jo weren't talking, all they knew was they weren't fighting.

The school bell rang and Jo was making her way up from the basement where she had stored a few bike parts she'd gotten from the shop teacher. As she was about to turn the corner she heard very loud voices laughing and joking and she recognized a name. Blair… who was that and what were they saying?

"Yeah, and she was just as hot as I thought she'd be. Man, it was definitely worth all the hard-ons." Making his way around the corner, Brad had no idea that he was overheard, nor did he realize all his man points were about to be revoked. All he remembered, when he finally woke up, was the blur of a fist heading straight for his face.

Jo just couldn't let this guy talk about Blair like that. She may not like the girl but she certainly wasn't gonna let anyone tell those kind of lies about anyone – even Blair. Unfortunately Jo didn't stop to think about the two assholes Brad was bragging to. They were initially caught off guard but quickly came to their buddy's rescue and Jo found herself with a black eye and a bloody nose.

Jo thought about sneaking into the house and straight up to her room, but she knew it was foolish to think she could hide her injuries. So she decided to come up with a story to explain her appearance. She figured they'd believe it if she said she'd pissed off a couple of jocks. So she took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Oh, Jo, there you are. Could you please go into the back and bring me a bag of… Oh dear, what happened to you?" Rushing over to the badly bruised teen, Edna quickly started poking and prodding.

"I'm alright, Mrs. G, I just mouthed off to the wrong guys. You always told me my mouth was gonna get me in hot water some day."

"Who did this to you? No young man should raise his hand to a young lady, even if she behaves badly."

"I know it was wrong but believe me he got as good as he gave." Seeing the look of disapproval on the older woman's face, Jo quickly interjected, "I'm sorry, Mrs. G, I'll try to do better at controlling my temper."

"Well, we'll talk more about this later. Right now I want you to go have a seat while I get you something to put on your eye." Shooing her toward the living room the older woman went into the kitchen to retrieve a towel and a pack of frozen peas.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Tootie arrive and, seeing Jo sitting in the living room made their way in to greet her. "Hey, Jo, whatcha doin' in here?" Natalie asked just seconds before she saw the black eye. "Oh my God, what happened!"

Tootie just looked at Jo with wide eyes, unable to form a sentence.

"Oh, girls, I'm glad you're here. Would you mind getting me two bags of flour from the pantry? Jo needs to rest and get some ice on her eye so let's let her be." With that said, she handed the towel-wrapped frozen peas to Jo and retreated to the kitchen.

A short time later, Blair made her entrance, looking a bit distraught. Edna noticed her look and quickly went to her side. "Blair dear, what's wrong?"

"Oh, Mrs. Garrett, it's Brad! Someone beat him up and he won't tell me who."

"Oh my." Oh no!

"Here's the flour, Mrs. Garrett." Spotting the blonde in the kitchen, Natalie quickly let her know the scoop. "Oh, Blair, did you see Jo! She got herself beat up – she's got a black eye and everything!"

"What!" Storming into the living room, Blair dropped to her knees in front of the brunette.

Fearing the worst, Edna rushed into the room, knowing there was about to be another brawl. Much to her surprise, she instead ran in to find Blair fussing over Jo.

"Are you okay?" Blair reached up to move the towel and get a look at Jo's eye. "Oh, Jo, does it hurt much?"

"Nah, I'm okay. You should see the other guy." Realizing what she just said, Jo waited for the explosion.

"I think maybe I did. I can't believe Brad hit you! And it's no wonder he's not talking – beaten up by a girl."

"You're not mad?" a disbelieving Jo asked.

"Well, I wish you didn't choose to be violent, but I know you must have your reasons. And I expect to hear what they are – but that can wait. Let's have some dinner and then we'll talk, okay?"

After an unusually silent dinner, Blair asked Natalie and Tootie if they would mind doing their homework in the kitchen so she and Jo could talk. Agreeing readily, the girls were more than happy to delay their questioning. And so the two older girls made their way upstairs. Edna was so very pleased that the situation didn't become a shouting match as she'd expected. Although somewhat confused by the turn of events, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Listen, Blair, I…"

"Not yet, Jo, let's get settled and ready for bed first and then we'll talk." Motioning toward the bathroom, Blair continued, "You go first and I'll go get you another bag of peas."

Jo didn't know what to make of all this; she'd figured once Blair realized she was the one that beat up her boyfriend, she'd get blasted. Instead Blair was treating her nice, real nice. Finishing up in the bathroom, Jo grabbed her pillows and propped herself up against the headboard waiting for Blair to return. A few minutes later the blonde entered the room with a tray of cookies and juice as well as another bag of peas.

"Okay, here's a nice cold compress for your eye and I thought we might want a snack at some point so…" Blair pointed to the cookies and looked at Jo. "Get that on your eye. It still looks a bit puffy." Giving the brunette a smile, Blair moved to her dresser. "I'm going to freshen up and change, is there anything else you need?"

"Nope. I'm good, thanks." Jo placed the compress on her eye and leaned back against her pillows.

A short time later, Blair returned and took a seat on the edge of the bed. "Okay, can you tell me what happened?"

"Blair, I don't really want to cause any trouble between you and Brad." Jo was very uncomfortable – she really didn't want to have to tell Blair that her boyfriend was a pig and he was spreading rumors about her.

Sensing Jo's discomfort, Blair placed her hand on the brunette's forearm. "Jo, you can tell me… whatever it is I want you to be honest with me. Please."

That was all it took, the gentle plea from the blonde made Jo's mind up. Blair deserved to know that her reputation was being sullied. "I hate ta tell you this, Princess, but I overheard Brad saying some not so nice things about you and I kinda lost it."

"So you were defending my honor, huh?"

"Well, yeah, I mean you'd never do the things he was sayin'." Noticing Blair turning away from her, Jo wondered… "Blair, even if you did, um… you know, with Brad he still shouldn't be braggin' about it."

"I didn't, Jo. I almost let him, but I realized I didn't feel it."

Relieved but somewhat confused by that statement, Jo reached out to Blair. "Feel what?"

Eyes brimming with unshed tears, Blair looked up into concerned blue eyes and decided it was time to finish this puzzle. "I didn't feel what I felt when you held me – when you whispered in my ear and kissed my neck." With that admission the tears began to fall. Blair knew that they would never be the same after this night and it scared her. Although it appeared that she didn't care for Jo, she realized that her animosity was just a cover for deeper feelings and she prayed that those feelings would be returned.

Jo couldn't believe what she'd just heard. Was Blair saying she had feelings for me? Those kinda feelings? Wow.

"I'm sorry, Jo." Blair sobbed.

The sobbing of the blonde got Jo's attention and she quickly reached for her and brought her up and into her arms. Holding her closely she rubbed circles on her back as she whispered nonsense into her ears in hopes of calming her. This was unexpected but not unwelcome and Jo knew she needed to convince Blair that she too had feelings for the blonde. "Hey, shh, I got ya. Come on, Princess, it's okay. I feel it too."

To Be Continued

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