A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Fantastic PG-13 Abbey/C.J. A lovely birthday present. Complete

Giving Thanks PG-13 Abbey/C.J. CJ's Thanskgiving dinner won't be quite as lonely as she says it will. Complete


Reality PG-13 Abbey/C.J. CJ wants to believe what she's seeing is real, but she's always been a realist. Complete


Can We Talk? PG Donna/Joey Why was she so keen for Josh and Joey Lucas to get together? Complete

Tell Me What You Want PG Donna/Joey Sequel to 'Can We Talk?'. Complete

Putting Words in my Mouth PG C.J./Joey Could I would I should I give it all up for her? Complete

Gunpowder Treason and Plot PG-13 C.J./Kate The war on Terror takes on many forms. Complete

I had a thing... 18 C.J./Kate Co-ordinating diaries can be a problem sometimes. Complete

Life's Coming Attractions PG-13 C.J./Kate   C.J./Ainsley Four years after leaving the West Wing, C J encounters a familiar face in a moment of crisis. Complete


Secret Servicing 18 Abby/Lorelai The Gilmore Girls crossover - Sometimes Abby just needs to get away and find what's real. Complete


Repetition series

Broken Record PG Abbey/C.J. A late night visit between C.J. and Abbey suggests something more. Complete

Habits PG Abbey/C.J. There is no need to clarify the subject of what she is about to say. Complete

Deja Vu PG Abbey/C.J. A party gives C.J. and Abbey the chance to talk. Complete

Deja Vu Again PG Abbey/C.J. A party gives C.J. and Abbey the chance to talk. Complete

Consistent PG Abbey/C.J. Abbey watches C.J. give a press conference and remembers an old conversation Complete

Another PG Abbey/C.J. C.J. catches Abbey watching her while she's giving a press conference, which brings back old memories for the press secretary. Complete

Over PG Abbey/C.J. C.J. and Abbey have a conversation which changes the atmosphere of their relationship. Complete

Again PG Abbey/C.J. Abbey sat up in bed, her smile fading into a frown as the silence continued. "C.J., honey, what's wrong?" Complete

In Addition PG Abbey/C.J. She was both wary of and grateful for the other woman's presence. She knew she could find solace in the First Lady's words, but she didn't want comfort, especially from the person she felt she was betraying with her grief. Complete

After PG-13 Abbey/C.J. It was getting ridiculous - this need to be around her - but she had yet to find a cure. Complete

Say It Again PG-13 Abbey/C.J. "I can't qualify it, but I know I love you." Complete

Come Back PG-13 Abbey/C.J. "Seduction complete." Complete

Second Thoughts PG-13 Abbey/C.J. "I just want you to keep your options open. You know mine aren't." Complete

Imitate PG-13 Abbey/C.J. "Thank you for coming back," she said. Complete

Echo PG-13 Abbey/C.J. C.J. had not yet figured out how to ignore the end of their affair. Complete

Renew PG-13 Abbey/C.J. I would much rather spend a few minutes with you than wasting away my life sleeping. Complete

Go Back PG-13 Abbey/C.J. Abbey could read her mind anyway. Complete

Holy Night and Mistletoe PG Abbey/C.J. C.J. struggles with a hidden desire during the holidays. Complete

Days PG-13 Abbey/C.J. She has gained nothing but sadness and sex and wisdom she has no use for. Complete

Perspectives PG-13 Abbey/C.J. She does not remember what marriage was like before she got married. Complete

Multiply PG-13 Abbey/C.J. C.J. tries to stop her fingers from twitching as she pretends she does not want to touch the silk and satin and rosemary which is Abigail Bartlet. Complete

Thoughts PG-13 Abbey/C.J. Our production now includes credits of a great love affair. Complete

Lessons PG-13 Abbey/C.J. C.J. had never thought of Abigail Bartlet as a woman. Complete

West Virginia PG-13 Abbey/C.J. They had been in West Virginia. Back then, there were times CJ was not sure where they were or even what day it was, but occasionally something happened which forced her to remember. And she knew they had been in West Virginia. Complete

Visions PG Abbey/C.J. It has been the same in every dream she's had in the last six years. Complete

Breathing Fire and Water PG Abbey/C.J. C.J. has been drinking. Complete

Absolution and Chinese Food PG Abbey/C.J. "Did you come here for absolution?" Complete

The Letter PG Abbey/C.J. Her presence had been requested, and if it was one thing people knew of her, she never let down a Bartlet. Complete

Never Sent PG Abbey/C.J. Sequel to 'The Letter' - Do you remember your whispered words? Complete

Summer in California PG-13 Abbey/C.J. "We both know what will happen if I stay." Complete

The Color of Whiskey PG-13 Abbey/C.J. Fifteen years ago, C.J. was a senior graduate student at Berkley. Complete

The Sighs, the Tears and the Hopeless Dreams PG-13 Abbey/C.J. They know how many people they will hurt, but so many people hurt them, too, in the end. Complete

Five Times C.J. Cregg Did Not Kiss Abbey Bartlet PG-13 Abbey/C.J. Pushing aside the impious hypocrisy, she feels an almost religious wonder that her life contains this moment. Complete

Five Times Abbey Bartlet Did Not Kiss C.J. Cregg PG-13 Abbey/C.J. Sequel to 'Five Times C.J. Cregg Did Not Kiss Abbey Bartlet'. Complete

Broken Glass PG-13 Abbey/C.J. No synopsis given. Complete

Watching the Watched PG-13 Abbey/C.J. C.J. was listening, but she broke into a million pieces with every word. Complete

Still... 15 Abbey/C.J. Abbey was right. In the past ten years, they had rarely talked. Their history was based on discussions and sex. Complete

Glass and Other Things That Hurt PG Abbey/C.J. Sharp glass isn't the only thing that makes you bleed. Complete

Writer's Block - "Dead Irish Writers" PG-13 Abbey/C.J. No synopsis given. Complete


A Wonderful Thing 15 C.J./Sam Stargate: SG-1 Crossover - A daring little one-evening f/f PWP. Complete


Busted PG C.J./Ellie A press secretary's day is never over, and when the President's middle daughter gets into trouble it's not even a good never-ending day. Complete


Lovers At Christmas PG C.J./Abbey They had been lovers for years. This Christmas was no different. Complete


Surprising Moments PG C.J./Zoe Written for the femslash_fluff challenges - CJ Cregg/anyone, Oval Office, muffin by ncruuk & CJ Cregg/anyone, West Wing corridor, balloon by ncruuk Complete


Past Tense Story New PG C.J./Kate Maybe Kate is desperate, or lonely, or maybe, just maybe, she is missing C.J., but she'd never admit that. Set after the show. Complete

An Air of Secrecy New PG C.J./Kate "You know, C.J.? Part of what keeps me coming back for more is this air of secrecy that surrounds us," Kate admits. Complete

Marlene Willows

Come Out Of The Closet 15 C.J./Abbey A chance meeting between CJ and Abbey takes an unexpected turn. Complete


Xena to my Amazon PG C.J. Cregg/Gina Toscano CJ really hates her Secret Service Codename…. Complete

Cocktails at 30,000 feet PG C.J. Cregg/Kate Harper Just something light and fluffy...a moment in a couple of busy lives... Complete

Who needs roses when you have Kazakhstan? PG-13 C.J. Cregg/Kate Harper For Kate and CJ, they'll always have Kazakhstan.... Complete

Alabama's gotten me so upset... PG Kate Harper/Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie JAG crossover - An unexpected meeting. Complete

Second Favourite Coffee Mug PG C.J. Cregg/Kate Harper You should always listen to the personal secretary. Complete

Brave New World PG Kate Harper/Ainsley Hayes Set on the day of Santos' Inauguration, Kate Harper is not anticipating her future with enthusiasm. Complete

What shall we do today? PG CJ/Kate Politics is brutal... Complete

They have memos for that? PG CJ/Kate No synopsis given. Complete

Ignorance is Trust PG-13 CJ/Kate It's Thanksgiving, and CJ's not in the Bahamas...but then maybe that wasn't where she needed to be... Complete

Happy Meals and Grasshoppers PG CJ/Ainsley Even lawyers can be big kids at heart... Complete

Go-to-Gal PG CJ/? Abigail Bartlett's angry and hurt: only the foolish or the very brave continue to do battle with her. CJ thinks she's foolish, Abbey learns that in fact, her husband's Chief of Staff is anything but.... Complete

Five Resolutions PG CJ/Kate For Kate Harper, resolutions are for keeping. Complete

Even War has Paperwork PG-13 CJ/Kate Sometimes, paperwork can be a good thing. Complete

Ancient Secret Service Tricks... PG CJ/Gina Compared with catching bullets, asking CJ out on a date was easy... Complete

Introducing Kate Harper - Admiral Percy Fitzwallace PG CJ/Kate Admiral Fitzwallace has new orders for one of his finest officers... Complete

Introducing Kate Harper - Dr Nancy McNally PG CJ/Kate Dr McNally learns a thing or two about military strategy... Complete

Day One Down PG CJ/Kate The first day of a new job is always... uniquely stressful. Any day in the West Wing is a challenge... why does anyone let themselves be volunteered for the resultant experience? Complete

Explaining Kate Harper - Charlie Young PG CJ/Kate First impressions matter... and not just with the Boss. Complete

Meeting Kate Harper - CJ Cregg PG CJ/Kate Rampant Thing inflation. Complete

Lock Down PG CJ/Kate Despite cutting the Panama joke which wasn't funny, it was still being talked about. Complete

Relationship Management according to CJ Cregg PG CJ/Kate Friends help other friends stay hydrated. Complete

Decorated Action PG-13 CJ/Kate A little painting... Complete

Negotiating Sunday PG-13 CJ/Kate A little negotiation and diplomacy never goes amiss in a new relationship. Complete

The Raven

An Inexpressible State of Grace PG-13 Ellenor Frutt/C.J. Cregg The West Wing/The Practice crossover - While reveling in post-coital bliss, Ellenor reflects on picking up the 'wrong' C.J. at a hotel bar. Complete

Fulfillment PG-13 C.J. Cregg/Debbie Fiderer C.J. can be a little clueless at times, so Debbie decides to clue her in a little... Complete


Two Beers 1-16 17-22 18 C.J./Kate After watching the show for the umpteenth time, I figured that there was definitely a background story between the two characters and thought I'd write the in between the lines part. It follows the story of CJ and Kate from the moment Kate arrives at the White house, up to the Inauguration of the new president, and the battles and obstacles that were bestowed upon them. Complete

Sterling Sky

Magdalene Laundries G Abbey/C.J. CJ knew that if she didn't stop her now, she never would. Complete

Suzy Creamcheese

Riding Bicycles 18 C.J./Addison Grey's Anatomy crossover - One-night stands with women aren't a good idea when you're the face of an administration. Or when you're a newly divorced adulterer. "We're on different sides of the country," CJ had said. "I don't think you have to worry about sex." So she didn't. For once in recent history, Addison didn't worry about sex. She just thought about it. A lot. In itself, that wasn't so bad, except that she didn't just think about it and neither did Claudia. Complete


Exhaustion PG CJ Cregg/Kater Harper CJ comes home after Toby's confession. Complete

Victoria Anne

The First Lady Is One Hot Lady 1 New PG Abbey/C.J. No synopsis given. On-Going

More Than A Job 1 New PG Abbey/C.J. No synopsis given. On-Going