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There are so many Xena stories on the web that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming for newcomers. So in addition to the stories housed on the site, all of which I'd recommend reading, we have a number of story and video recommendations, as supplied by members of the site's lj community, to help feed the addiction that will soon be brewing. More will be added throughout the month.


Stories involving Xena and Gabrielle in a recognisable universe.

Tales of Dark and Light a.k.a "Chiaroscuro" by SL Bowers

Blood Bond by D

The Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle by DJWP

A Bard Day's Night by DJWP

The War by Kauri

A Story of Magic by CL Bactad

Comparing Notes by Charmer

The Second Time by L. Graham

The Binds that Tie by Bat Morda

A Journey of Soulmates (series of 16 stories) by Melissa Good

Visiting Hours by Ella Quince

Enemy Mine and Enemy Ours by G.L. Dartt

Sinful Adventures by Mil Toro

Beneath The Smouldering Amour by Mil Toro

Nipple, Nipple II - The Re-Erection, Nipple III: Twin Peaks and Nipple IV - Therein Lies The Nub by Archaeobard

Illuminations of the Soul by Cousin Liz

Storms of War by JLynn

Between the Lines series by Linda Crist

Waking Up by Pendaran

Childish Games by Ella Quince

The Raising Melosa series by T. Novan

Xena's Fantasy by Kodi Wolf

The Queen series beginning with To Become a Queen by LJ Maas

Return from Poteidaia by Ella Quince

Three Naked Bards...Oh My!(The Quill is Mightier—The Director’s Cut) by Anima

It's a Beautiful Life of How Xena Got Her Groove Back by Creme Brulee

Like You Really Like It by Xena's Little Bitch

The Marriage of Heaven and Helicon by Fialka

Wounded by Tonya Muir

Each and Every Day by Tonya Muir

Habáname by Ana Ortiz

The Charioteer: in the City of Har by Susan Smith

Mel & Janice

Stories featuring Mel & Janice, reincarnations of Xena and Gabrielle introduced in the episode 'The Xena Scrolls'.

Home Fires by by Christine "Roo" Toups

Southern Hospitality By Enginerd

Is There a Doctor on the Dig? by Bat Morda

The Circuit by Seana James


Stories set in the alternate universe set up in the Hercules episode 'Armageddon Now'.

If...This Had Been the Beginning by Planet-solin

Soul Searching by T.Novan & Advocate

Shadows of the Soul and Queen of Hearts by Melissa Good

Penance, Blood Meridian, Ascension and Opacity by Penumbra

Maleficent Beauty by Creme Brulee

Seven Wonders Series beginning with Aftermath: The Tree of Life by XWPfanatic

The Conqueror Series beginning with Journey's End by LJ Maas

Destiny Conquered by Linda Crist

Loving the Conqueror by Mythe

The Leader by Storm

Breaching Barriers by C. Paradee

The Conqueror's Stone by DJWP

Conqueror series beginning with Negotiations by Gin

The Embrace and Freedom series by CJ Wells

I, Conqueror by Sword'n'quil

The Storyteller by Katrina

My Lord series by Mayt

Chattle and Thrall series by Dark Angel


Stories involving characters similar to Xena and Gabrielle but set in a different time and/or universe.

Lucifer Rising by SL Bowers

Glass Houses by Llachlan

I Found My Heart in San Francisco by SX Meagher

The Deal by Ryan

The Blind Side of Love by Dreams

Tiopa ki Lakota by Redhawk

Finding My Way by Mavis Applewater

Wednesday Afternoon series by Mavis Applewater

Exposure by Xwpfanatic & TNovan

Life's Little Edge by Roselle Grazkey

High Intensity by BelWah

Redemption by Sword'n'Quill

First by Kim Pritekel

The Road From Kilimanjaro by K.G. MacGregor

Madam President and First Lady by TNovan and Blayne Cooper

The Sunne in Gold and The Sunne in Scarlet by Nene Adams

The Light Fantastic by L.A. Tucker

Above All Honor, Honor Bound and Love and Honor by Radclyffe

Cooking on High by Creme Brulee

Into the Dark by Sharon Smith

Iron Rose Bleeding by Anne Azel

Dar and Kerry series (starting with 'Tropical Storm') by Melissa Good

Break Out '99 by Barbara Davis

Frederica And The Viscountess by Barbara Davis

Gaslight series by Nene Adams

Warlord Daze (warlord/slave) by Katrina

What I Did for My Summer Vacation by AndiM

Adept series by PsiDraconis

Blazing Dreams, Da Nang and Flames of a Soul by Larisa

Amicus Humani Generis by S.B. Zarben

Black's Magic by MJ and Cephalgia

Reece and Faith series by Vertigo

The Kink Series by Penumbra

The Road To Glory by T. Novan

The Speed Of The Beat Of My Heart by Michal Salat and Joann Muscolo (Unfinished)

Only One and Oktoberfest by Redhawk

Breaking Chains by Rooks

Charlotte Bell by Angelrad

What Goes On Behind Closed Doors by Infinitely Abstruse (Unfinished)

Tumbleweed Fever by LJ Maas

Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe

New Life by A.K. Naten

Surfacing and Persistence of Memory by Paul Seely & Jennifer Garza

My Protector by J.C. Wilder

The Foundlings by Gabrielle Goldsby

Truth or Dare by Meghan O'Brien


YouTube links.

I Know You By Heart

For Good




Ballroom Blitz

Black Fingernails, Red Wine

Boom Boom Ba



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