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A Winning Hand
By Ann


The tall redhead strolled leisurely through the casino, watching as coin after coin slid into the one-armed bandits. She shook her head at the thought of the normally level-headed, hard working individuals throwing their earnings into machines that would more than likely gobble it up without any return. Continuing towards the rear of the casino, she left the loud noises of the slots behind. It was much more entertaining to watch the high rollers lose their money.

Addison smiled when she noted the chair sitting against the wall, and taking a seat, she quickly scanned the table to note the same players from the night before. Her eyes immediately zoomed in on the woman sitting directly across from her. The midnight hair, the teasing eyes, and the killer smile were exactly as she'd remembered. The c-note she'd slipped to the doorman last night had been well worth it.

"Read them and weep, Gentlemen." Helena laid her cards down one by one as soft moans filtered around the table. The brunette smiled brightly, raking the chips in her direction.

Helena was on a roll and having the time of her life. Catherine had been called away on business, and Helena feared that her fun was over, but her on again/off again lover insisted that she stay and have a good time. Catherine even went so far as to promise Helena she could keep 5% of her earnings. With a penthouse suite and all her food and drinks paid for, Helena decided to take advantage of the situation and pretend that she had her old life back.

As she anted for the next hand, a movement caught her eye, and Helena looked across the room, noting the redhead from last night. Helena smiled sweetly at Addison and winked as she picked up her cards. There was no way she was going to let Addison get away tonight.

A few hands later, Helena purposefully lost, blaming her lack of concentration on a migraine. "I'm so sorry, Gentlemen, but I don't think I can possibly continue." Helena closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead gently. Every player to a man swallowed her lie, hook, line, and sinker, and insisted that Helena call it a night.

"We'll add your earnings to your previous ones, Ms. Peabody. Do you need assistance to your room?" The dealer moved to help Helena from her seat.

"No, thank you, Paul. I think I can make it just fine." Turning to the other players, Helena asked sweetly, "Tomorrow then, Gentlemen?"

Five nods answered her question, and Helena sighed as she headed towards the door. Walking in front of Addison, her steps faltered, and Addison reached out to keep Helena from falling.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Um, I'm not sure. I'm feeling a little dizzy."

"Why don't you let me see you to your room?" Addison was clearly worried about the other woman.

"I think I can make it." Helena swayed towards Addison, and the doctor placed her arm around Helena's waist to steady her.

"Oh no, I insist. I'd like to check you out, if you don't mind?"

Helena's eyebrows rose, and Addison quickly added, "I'm a doctor. Doctor Addison Montgomery."

"Really?" Helena grinned. "Well, then I think it would be just fine if you checked me out."

Addison suddenly noticed the sparkle in Helena's eyes. She'd seen the same look on numerous occasions when the other woman was playing a bluff. Addison returned the grin.

"Why don't we get you in bed, and I'll see what I can do for you?"

"Yes, I think that's a lovely idea, Dr. Montgomery."

Addison tightened her hold on Helena and ushered her from the room. The doorman smiled after the two and looked down at his palm. Addison had slipped him another c-note.

The End

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