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By carpesomediem


Deep down inside, Callie knows she's pushed everyone in her life away. Arizona is no different. Even if it feels different, Callie can't stand the thought of her staying. She doesn't know how to handle a future where things work out. Because, she can't help asking herself: When does anything ever work out for me? At least the way I want it to…

"What am I doing?" Callie asked aloud, looking at herself in the mirror. She ran a hand through her hair, scratching her scalp a bit and then sighing deeply. She'd just stepped out of the shower, scrubs were laid out casually on the bench and she needed to get some sleep. She'd spent four hours in surgery resetting a broken tibia that turned into a mess thanks to a mishap by Karev who still didn't get he couldn't just force a bone to set itself if it didn't want to snap back into place. "Why do I keep doing this?"

Callie knew what she was doing, all she wanted to do was keep Arizona at bay. Keep her far enough away she wouldn't realize exactly what a complete and utter mess she was. It's ironic that's exactly what pushed everyone away, George having been the latest to do just that. She hadn't expected George to go as far as Izzie but after having gone as far as Meredith, I guess Cristina was the only notch left on his bedpost. Luckily, Callie didn't have to worry about Cristina Yang: The girl was a bitch and she had commonsense.

"Calliope?" Arizona's voice brought Callie out of her reverie.

"Hey. Yeah. Arizona." The blonde didn't say anything else, just stared at her curiously. "Hey?"

"You said that already," Arizona pointed out with a smirk. "I paged you."

"Oh, yeah," Callie nodded. "I was in the shower. I just got out of surgery."

"I know. Mark told me where to find you." Arizona leaned against one of the lockers, crossing her arms.

"Mark always knows when I'm in the shower." Callie didn't even think before it came tumbling out.

"I bet he does," Arizona muttered to herself, kicking off the locker and heading out of the room in a huff.

"Damn it!" Callie cursed. "Why me?"

The End

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