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What Goes Unsaid


The room was totally black except for the dull illumination eerily cast across it by the active computer that had long since switched on to its screen saver. It was sometime after one in the morning and Brooke could hear the wind forcing itself through the cracks in the window frame, followed by the smattering of rain hitting the pane. It was a typical winters night, one that made bodies cling together, safe from the elements and basking in the warmth and comfort of security.

The body next to Brooke however was by itself, curled up and alone on one side of the bed while the blonde occupied the other, sitting up, head resting back partially on the wooden head board.

There was a long wardrobe in front of the bed, its doors mirrored. She watched herself in the half light, blowing purple blue smoke from her mouth, cigarette held in her fingers. The reflection didn't look like her. Not Brooke McQueen, Prom Queen, Head Cheerleader. Not Brooke McQueen, the all American poster girl, the definition of 'normal', the very essence of nice. But it wasn't Brooke McQueen in this bed, wasn't the girl staring back at her from the mirror.

"I hate it when you roll away from me."

The body next to her had stirred.

"Sorry." Brooke murmured, without looking down.

"No. You're not." The girl with black hair stated before sighing and sitting up. She took the cigarette from Brooke's fingers and sucked on it deeply.

For the first time, Brooke looked over at her. "I have to go."

"It's late." The girl said, though she wasn't surprised.

"I know."

Brooke quickly dressed and donned her jacket.

"I'll call you." She said as she made her way to the door but her voice held no promise.

"Let me drive you." The girl called, though she didn't move.

"It's ok." Brooke didn't turn back around from the door.

"At least get a cab."

"It's ok." The blonde repeated as she opened the door and headed out into the elements. She didn't even feel the cold.

"Seriously Carm, if you want to swap, I will." Sam offered for the fifth time.

Carmen shook her head, though never took her eyes off of Sam's plate of fries.

"Ok." Sam shrugged and lifted a few of the potatoey goodness to her lips. Carmen reluctantly looked down at her own plate of salad.

"I can't crack this early in the week. It's only Monday!" She protested, mostly to herself.

"Why are you punishing yourself?" Lily chimed in, nursing a cheese and tomato sandwich herself. "Why must you suffer to adhere to a social conformity? Who says you need to lose thirty pounds to be worthy?"

Carmen looked up hopefully for a second, almost letting herself believe Lily's words. Then her eyes narrowed.

"Shut up." She grumbled, prodding her lettuce with a fork.

Sam suddenly sat up straight and looked over her friends heads to the back of the canteen.

"There's Brooke." She murmured.

"So?" Lily shrugged, chewing her sandwich.

Sam's eyes continued to trace the blonde girl's journey across the canteen to her regular table where the other blondes were already in attendance.

"I just haven't seen her lately. She's never at home." Sam finally tore her eyes away.

"Where's she been?" Carmen asked, curious as always to life on the other side of the cafeteria.

"I've no idea. We don't really talk." Sam looked down at her fries, appetite suddenly gone.

Carmen and Lily shared a quick look and decided a change in subject was a good idea.

Much banging and general sounds of chaos greeted Brooke as she let herself into the Palace that evening. She had gone for a drive after school, stopped off somewhere quiet for a drink and was expecting to find the house in darkness.

"Hi." Sam smiled up from kitchen cupboards she was seemingly decimating as Brooke came through the back door.

"Hello." Brooke seemed as surprised to see Sam as she did her.

"The parentals left a note." Sam pointed to the page stuck to the fridge. Mike and Jane had planned a weeklong trip to see Jane's sister and had left that morning. Brooke nodded but didn't move. There was an awkward moments silence before she spoke.

"I thought you were staying over Carmen's tonight."

"How did you know about that?" Sam asked, surprised.

"I over heard." Brooke gave a little shrug, a sheepish look flashing across her features.

She thought she'd have the house to herself Sam realised. She forced another smile.

"Change of plan."

Brooke nodded again, seemingly digesting this information before moving toward the stairs.

"Do you want to have dinner with me?" Sam called out suddenly.

Brooke turned quickly, shocked at the proposition.

"I mean here, not out anywhere." Sam rushed to clarify. She motioned to the pots and pans she'd accumulated. "That's what I'm attempting to do, they'll be plenty so…"

"That sounds great." Brooke smiled properly for the first time in what felt like ages.

"Great." Sam repeated, grinning.

"I'll um…just go get changed." Brooke motioned upstairs.

"Ok." Sam nodded and watched her go, still grinning.

"I think I used too much spice." Sam commented, inspecting the food on her fork.

"Which spice?" Brooke asked, inspecting her dinner less thoroughly.

"I don't know. The orangey one?" Sam guessed.

"Possibly." Brooke couldn't help but smile faintly.

"You don't have to eat it." Sam offered.

"It's nice. Stop being a perfectionist."

"I'm not." Sam frowned, but continued to eat her own concoction.

There was a few minutes of silence as both girls ate before Sam spoke again.

"I haven't seen you lately." She said lightly.

Brooke shrugged. "I've been around."

"Around where?"

Brooke stopped her fork and looked over the table at the other girl.

"Why so interested?"

"I'm just making conversation." Sam replied, defensively. They glared at each other for a moment before the blonde backed down.

"I'm sorry." She sighed. "I just…I've been distant lately I know."

"Is everything ok?" Sam asked genuinely, going from angry to concerned in seconds.

Brooke looked like she wanted to say something but changed her mind. Smiling weakly she shook her head. "Teenage angst eh?"

"Brooke-" Sam began but was cut off by the vibrating of Brooke's mobile phone on the table.

Wordlessly, Brooke stood and walked over to it, checking the called ID on the screen.

"Sorry Sam, I've got to take this. Thanks for dinner. It was nice."

And then she was gone. Sam heard her footsteps pad up the stairs to her room and then her door click shut. Silently, she began to clear the remnants of dinner away.

"So we're agreed then? 11 o clock outside the centre and ready to bring the system down!" Lily hit her clenched fist into her palm for effect and was displeased with Sam's non-reaction.

"Sam?" She prodded.

"Huh?" Sam looked back to Lily. "Huh?" She repeated again at the expectant look.

"11 o clock on Thursday, Sam." Lily stated. The school was shut for training days from Thursday onwards so Lily was planning a weekday protest.

"What about it?" Sam frowned, ignoring the looks from Harrison and Carmen.

"We're gonna smash the sickness that is-"

"Heads up." Harrison interrupted. "Here comes the Pink Ladies."

Sam looked up as Brooke, Nicole, and Marry Cherry approached from down the corridor.

"Hi Brooke." Sam called out, wincing as Nicole and Mary Cherry turned feral looks her way.

"Hey Sam." Brooke slowed in front of them. "Sorry I had to rush off yesterday, dinner was nice. Just the right amount of orangey." She joked.

Nicole looked between the girls, annoyed at the show of friendship.

"Lets break up the sisterly love here for a minute and focus on more important matters like where the hell did you find those shoes Carmen? Was a tramp having a sale on your street or something?"

"Yeah, did you swap 'em for that sheep disguised as a jumper you were wearing last week." Mary Cherry joined in gleefully.

For just a second, Sam saw a weary, tired look flash over Brooke's features before her mask came back into place.

"Come on guys, lets go." She instructed coolly.

"Gladly." Nicole spun on her heels and marched away, MC scampering after.

Brooke turned and mouthed 'Sorry' to Sam, as she too walked away.

"When did Brooke turn into the rational one?" Lily questioned, watching them go.

Sam frowned. "She always has been."

"You've changed your tune." Harrison chimed in, surprised. "I remember when Brooke was all that was wrong with the world and you were going to stop at nothing to bring her down."

The bell rung sharply cutting off Sam's reply. She merely shrugged and turned to walk to class, walking a little quicker when she remembered it was Miss Glass's lesson and she would be sitting next to Brooke.

They weren't Brooke's shoes, Sam recognised as she shut the front door behind her and looked up the hallway. She could hear voices in the front room and sighed. She so wasn't in the mood for Nicole.

"Sam?" She heard Brooke call out, obviously having heard the door shut.

"Yeah." She called back, making her way through resigned to having to at least say hello. She stopped in the doorway as she realised it wasn't Nicole Brooke was talking to. A girl Sam had never seen before was sitting on the sofa. She had black hair, cut shoulder length and fashioned in a way that was supposed to look bed head messy but obviously took time to style that way. Punky was how Sam would describe her, the makeup, the ripped tight jeans with studded belt, black tank top showing off the small black symbol tattoo on her upper arm.

"Sam, this is Elizabeth. She's going to be staying while the parentals are away." Brooke said in a monotone, not seeming too happy about it.

Sam looked over at the girl who gave her a little smile. "I promise not to get in your way."

Shocked, Sam just nodded and looked back to Brooke, who was staring at the floor.

"Elizabeth doesn't go to our school, she lives further away." Brooke stated, somehow knowing Sam was looking at her and the questions going through her mind.

"I had to leave my place unexpectedly." Elizabeth explained, knowing it was blatantly obvious she meant she'd been kicked out.

"Well um...it's nice to meet you." Sam offered, forcing a smile.

"Elizabeth, my room at the top of the stairs, second bedroom along." Brooke told her, motioning to the stairs. Elizabeth took the hint and picked up her bag. As she headed past Brooke, Sam was sure she heard her murmur 'I know' before heading up the stairs.

Sam frowned, waiting for Brooke to say something.

"I'm sorry Sam." Brooke started when it was clear Elizabeth was far away enough to not hear them. "She called me today and had nowhere else to go. I told her she can stay until Friday, that should give her enough time to sort something out."

"It's fine Brooke, of course you have to help your friend out." Sam nodded, though something was troubling her. She had actually been looking forward to being in the house alone with Brooke, with Mike and Jane back on Sunday, that didn't leave them with a whole lot of alone bonding time.

"I'll make sure she doesn't get in your way." Brooke promised, a small frown marking her features. "She's a nice girl, she won't be any trouble-"

"I trust you Brooke." Sam interrupted her, causing Brooke to look up at her. Was that shock?

"Thanks." Brooke managed, looking away quickly. "I better go see if she's ok."

Sam watched her go wishing she knew when Brooke became so guarded, and why.

Brooke found Elizabeth laying on her bed.

"Your sister is hot." She said, looking up at the blonde.

"She's not my sister." Brooke frowned, lifting Elizabeth's feet and sitting next to her on the bed. "My dad married her mother."

"Lucky you." Elizabeth sat up and lifted her leg over Brooke's, straddling the girl. "Or maybe I mean lucky her." She breathed in Brooke's ear, making her intentions clear.

"Elizabeth." Brooke stopped her, reaching for the hands that had been working their way up her sides.

"I think I'm the only one that's not going to be lucky." Elizabeth joked, looking down at Brooke for a few seconds before getting up off of her.

"Let's check your CD's for something hideously embarrassing." She turned around, changing the subject.

It was the next night that Harrison had invited himself over to dinner. He of course didn't see it that way, he thought it quite heroic that he was stepping into the fray that was the relationship between Sam and Brooke. He could just imagine how they'd been getting along, alone for days, no one to step in and prise them apart. He actually found himself looking for blood as he walked around the mansion, or at least some sign of a scuffle, an upturned vase or something.

He walked into the front room, leaving Sam in the kitchen where she was preparing dinner, or as it was also known, choosing from the take away menus.


Harrison jumped. He couldn't help it, a voice from nowhere when he wasn't expecting it had that affect on him. He felt stupid it was so visible, and even more stupid when he turned towards the voice to see it belonged to a very good looking girl.

"Hi." He greeted back, trying to recapture some cool. "Didn't see you there."

"Evidently." The girl smiled a little.

Well that was new, he usually struck out with girls after at least a minute. A few seconds would definitely be his new record.

"I'm Elizabeth." She introduced herself. "Brooke's friend." She added at his blank look.

"Oh. I'm Harrison. Sam's friend." He stumbled. Why was he so rubbish at talking to girls? He should have at least inherited that from his mum.

"Nice to meet you." Elizabeth smiled once more and then looked back to the TV that was playing in the corner.

"So," Harrison rocked back on his heels. "Are you staying for dinner?"

"I'm actually staying until Friday." She corrected without turning away from the screen.

"Oh really." Harrison raised his eyebrows. "So you're in the fray huh." He joked.

"The fray?" She repeated, though didn't really seem to care what the boy was saying.

"Sam and Brooke, have you witnessed the carnage yet?"

Elizabeth looked up at him. "They don't get on?"

"Are you kidding? I've got a bet with pretty good odds that they'll name a war after them one day." He grinned, pleased to have her attention back.

"Interesting. I've only been here a day but they seem to be getting on ok." Elizabeth mused.

"Just wait." Harrison said knowingly. "It bubbles up."

"Harrison, the food will be here soon." Sam said, coming in behind Harrison. "Oh, Hi Elizabeth."

"Hey Sam." Elizabeth gave the brunette a genuine smile.

"I didn't know you were in here." Sam commented. "Is Brooke in?"

"She said she'll be back soon, went to the shop or something." Elizabeth shrugged.

"Well, I ordered a lot of food so please, join us." Sam invited.

"That'd be great." Elizabeth stood up and stretched leisurely, her shirt riding up her stomach.

Both Sam and Harrison watched the display of skin, but only Sam looked away in time.

"Are you thinking of having it done?" Elizabeth asked Harrison suddenly.

"Huh?" Harrison looked up at her dumbly.

"Your belly button. I see you're quite interested in mine." Elizabeth touched her piercing.

Blushing, Harrison shook his head. "No, I was just...admiring. Looking." He mumbled.

"Shame. It looks hot on guys." Elizabeth informed him as she breezed past, heading to the kitchen with Sam.

Harrison looked after them. Maybe he should consider it.

Brooke walked into the kitchen twenty minutes later to find all three of them sitting around the table eating together.

"Hey Brookie." Elizabeth greeted. The familiarity of the name didn't go unnoticed by Sam.

"I made you a plate." Sam nodded towards the microwave.

"Thanks." Brooke murmured, setting down her grocery bag. "Does anyone want a drink?" She asked after a moments deliberation and lifted a bottle of vodka from her bag.

"Absolutely." Elizabeth said immediately.

Sam eyed Brooke for a moment, shocked at the blonde. Did she drink a lot?

"I'll have one." Harrison nodded, trying to look nonplussed by it, but secretly quite excited.

"Sam?" Brooke looked at her, bottle hovering over a fourth glass.

"Ok." Sam agreed, watching Brooke the whole time. It didn't escape her notice that the two she poured for her and Harrison were smaller measures than the one she kept for herself and the one she passed to Elizabeth.

"Vodka and Diet coke." Elizabeth examined the glass. "One day I'll get you to drink beer. It's cheaper. You have to lower your standards." She joked.

Brooke merely nodded as she took a seat at the table.

"Do you try and get her to drink beer a lot?" Sam asked innocently.

Elizabeth looked up at the brunette. "Don't worry, I'm not an enabler." She winked at her.

"Me and Elizabeth go out a few times a month." Brooke filled in before Elizabeth could. "We only have a few drinks."

"Speak for yourself." Elizabeth murmured.

"Where do you go to school Elizabeth?" Harrison asked, wondering if theirs would be a long distance relationship.

"I don't. I left last year. School wasn't my strong point." She shrugged.

"How old are you?" He asked, wondering if he'd finally bag an older woman.

"19." She answered, though she was looking at Sam who in turn was looking at Brooke.

"And you live on your own?" Harrison was seeing the potential at every point.

"Yeah." Elizabeth replied distractedly. What was that in the brunette's eyes? It definitely wasn't sisterly affection.

"Are you two together?" She asked suddenly, causing everyone to look up at her.

"Me and Sam?" Harrison choked out.

"Brooke and Harrison?" Sam asked at the same moment, her voice laced with the disdain she felt at that prospect.

"No one around this table is with anyone else." Brooke answered, looking directly up at Elizabeth. A flinch flashed across her features before she smiled.

"Well, that clears that up." She nodded and went back to her food. The undertone of the conversation going unnoticed to the two brunettes at the table. And they say blondes are slow.

Sam rolled over and checked her watch. 1.34am. She couldn't sleep. Her mind was so full. So many things were mixed up in there. She sighed and swung her legs out over the edge of her bed and got up, walking into the bathroom between hers and Brooke's room to get some water.

"What's wrong with you?"

Sam stopped at the sink.


She could hear the two girls in the room opposite.

"You're distant."

"I always have been."

She should leave. Shouldn't be listening. She stayed still.


"Please don't."

"Why not?"

"It's too hard."

"It's never been hard. Easiest thing in the world."

"Not now. Not here."

Sam frowned. What where they talking about? Drugs?

"Is that what this is about? Because we're in your house?"


"Or is it about who else is here."

"Stop it Elizabeth."

"Am I getting close?"

Sam moved closer, struggling to hear.

"Just leave it." Brooke was sounding annoyed.

There was silence for a few minutes and Sam thought that Elizabeth had taken the hint.

"Take off your shirt." The black haired girl's voice demanded.


"I can help you stop thinking."

"Maybe I don't want to."

"I think that's exactly what you want. It's always what you want."

Sam's mouth was open. She was actually speechless. Things suddenly began clicking together.

"Let me kiss you."

Sam moved quickly out of the bathroom, propelled by something she couldn't name. She pulled the duvet over her head.

Brooke was gay. Brooke was in her room with a girl. Another gay girl. They were kissing. They'd probably slept together. Oh, they'd definitely slept together.

How had she not known? They lived together for God's sake! This was why she had been so different lately, so distant, never around. Maybe she thought she would be rejected. Maybe she didn't want anyone to know. Of course she didn't, she was Brooke McQueen!

Sam thought of the two girls in the room opposite. Imagined them kissing. Her stomach twisted. She wanted that other girl out of the house. Out of hers and Brooke's house. Now. Who did she think she was, coming in here, disturbing their time alone and taking up space. Taking Brooke to one side, sleeping in her room. In her bed? Kissing her lips. Touching her skin? Thinking she knows her. Thinking she was good enough for her.

Sam briefly considered running in there and dragging her out. She shook her head hard. What did it have to do with her? Brooke hadn't even told her. Brooke never told her anything.

That hurt.

The image of them kissing replayed in her mind. Brooke's lips would be soft. She would kiss gently. She would pull her closer, letting her hands trace the outline of clothes before slipping underneath.

Sam frowned. It wasn't Elizabeth she was imagining Brooke with. Her stomach twisted again.

"It's early." Brooke said in surprise, seeing Sam sitting up at the breakfast counter the next morning.

"Yeah." Sam agreed, giving her a wry smile.

Brooke seemed to study her before, looking away. It was early. After a late night the evening before and the gift of weekdays off of school, Brooke wasn't expecting for Sam to be open at this time in the morning.

"Couldn't sleep?" Sam asked, watching Brooke as she filled a glass with water.

"Not any later." Brooke nodded, drinking from her glass, not seeing Sam watching her swallow, the way her mouth rested on the edge of glass.

"Me neither." Sam looked down. The two girls remained in silence for a while. As Brooke drained her glass and pushed off from the counter she'd been leaning against, Sam spoke again.

"Has Elizabeth found anywhere yet?"

Brooke looked back at her. "She's going to view a place today. Hopefully she'll be able to move straight in if she likes it. Is she..." Brooke hesitated.

"She's not getting in the way." Sam spoke quickly. "I was just wondering how she was getting on."

"Nice of you." Brooke said quietly.

"Are you going with her?" Sam asked.

"Yes. I'm just going to get ready now. You have any plans today?"

"Not really. I think Lily wants us all to go get arrested somewhere." Sam shrugged.

They looked at each other, both seeming to want to say something more but neither did.

"I'd better..." Brooke motioned to the stairs.

"Yeah." Sam said softly.

When Sam got in later that evening after a hard day's protesting, she was met by two bags in the hallway and Elizabeth coming down the stairs.

"Hey, you didn't get arrested then." She joked, smiling at her as she chucked her rucksack down with her bags.

Sam managed to smile back, Brooke must have told her of her day's plans.

"Just about. I take it you liked the place?" She looked pointedly at the bags.

"Yeah, it's a bit of a dive, but that's just how I like it."

Brooke appeared behind Elizabeth.

"Ready?" She asked, holding the car keys in her hand.

"Yep. Thanks for putting up with me Sam. It was nice to meet you." Elizabeth said as she gathered her bags.

"No problem. Take care." Sam held the door open for them. Brooke hesitated on her way out.

"I probably won't be back tonight...I might, you know, stay over and help Elizabeth get settled in." Brooke was looking at the floor.

"Yeah. Sure." Sam managed, though her voice sounded too tight, throat strained. She thought she might know what Brooke meant by helping her settle in. She shut the door and let the hollow feeling working its way down her body take over.

Brooke quietly crept up the stairs. It was gone 2am and she didn't want to wake Sam. As she got to the top of the stairs she realised that might not be a problem as Sam's bedroom light was still on.

She paused briefly before knocking lightly on the door.

"Sam?" She whispered, just in case she really was asleep.

No answer.

She pushed the door open slowly, meaning to turn the light off.

"Brooke?" Sam looked up from her desk.

"Sorry." Brooke said immediately. "I thought you were asleep. I was going to turn off your light."

"I thought you weren't coming back." Sam stated.

"Elizabeth is fine. I wanted to be here." Brooke said, and then wished she hadn't.

Sam stared at her. "Are you sleeping with her?"

Brooke's head snapped up. "What?"

"You and her. You're together right?" Sam continued to gaze at the blonde who looked shell shocked.

Brooke took a step forward and sat heavily onto Sam's bed. She noticed the glass next to Sam, and the bottle of Vodka from the previous night.

"How much have you had?" She asked, watching Sam's reactions.

"Not much. Don't avoid the question." Sam was determined to get the blonde to talk.

"We're not together." Brooke answered.

"I heard you." Sam accused.

"Heard us what?" Brooke frowned.

"Kissing. Touching. Do I need to carry on?" Sam said harshly.


"Please don't lie to me Brooke. It's bad enough that you can't talk to me, you blank me, and don't feel that you can trust me, please don't lie to me as well." Sam pleaded, suddenly feeling very emotional. She glanced at the Vodka bottle. Alcohol really was evil.

"I won't lie to you." Brooke promised, watching Sam closely. "I promise."

"Is she your...girlfriend?" Sam almost choked on the world.

"No." Brooke answered firmly.

"I think she wants to be." Sam said.

"Sam, me and Elizabeth have...shared certain things. But we're not in a relationship." Brooke sighed. She knew this would happen eventually. Someone would find out. She had hoped that it wouldn't be Sam.

"You're sleeping with her." Sam stated.

"I was. I mean, I have." Brooke looked at the floor and waited.

"You're gay?" Sam wanted to be clear.


"You could have told me." Sam told her. "I wouldn't have told anyone."

Brooke shook her head. "No."

"Because you don't trust me." Sam said bitterly.

"I do trust you." Brooke disagreed. "It has nothing to do with that."

"Do you love her?" Sam asked. It felt like she was poking a bruise she couldn't leave alone.

Brooke sighed. "No, Sam. I don't love Elizabeth. She's a lovely girl. But we're just friends."

"We're friends Brooke, and we don't do what you two do." Sam argued.

Brooke remained silent.

"How did you meet her?" Sam asked, wanting to know everything.

"In a gay bar across town." Brooke answered, almost monotone.

"Did you fuck her the first time you met her or did you date a bit first?" Sam asked, her voice biting.

"Jesus Sam!" Brooke exploded. "What the fuck do you want from me?"

"I want the truth!" Sam shouted back, also standing now. "I want to know why you couldn't talk to me. I know we're not best friends or anything but we live together, we've been better with each other and I thought we were getting close." Sam said, shaking her head.

"You want the truth?" Brooke asked her darkly.

"Yes." Sam looked directly at her.

"You want to know why I couldn't tell you Sam, you want to know why of all people you were the last person I wanted to know about this?"

Sam flinched, but nodded.

"Because it's you, Sam." Brooke answered simply. "Because you are the reason that I know I'm gay. You were my awakening. What do you think I used to think about through that wall, laying there, knowing you were laying in here."

Sam swallowed hard. Brooke watched her and stepped forward. "I thought about how you smell. How your skin would feel. How I would kiss you and not even care when you pushed me away because it meant I still got to do it at least once."

Brooke stepped forward again, a hairs breadth between the two girls now. Her voice dropped. "I thought about telling you how I felt, I thought about confessing my innermost feelings to you, and realising that you would never feel the same was the hardest thing I have ever come to terms with."

Sam looked up at her, eyes impossibly dark. "You had no right." She whispered.

"You asked, Sam." Brooke responded bitterly, going to turn away. Sam stopped her.

"You had no right to come to terms with something that I never even had a choice about." Sam corrected.

Brooke clenched her jaw tightly. "Don't play games with me."

"Let me kiss you." Sam repeated the words that she had heard the night before.

Brooke's whole body was thrumming with tension, so tightly held that she felt she might snap.

"Let me kiss you Brooke." Sam said again, reaching out to take the girl's hand.

The night before, Brooke had denied the same request. But this was Sam. She gripped the hand offered as if it were her final lifeline.

Slowly Sam leaned forward and brought their lips together, tenderly, almost chastely. She pulled back minimally and listened to Brooke's shallow breathing.

"Kiss me, Brooke." Sam whispered.

And Brooke did. She pulled Sam toward her and her suspicions were confirmed that Sam's lips were the softest she could imagine. She parted her lips and realised she tasted better than she could have known. Her tongue glided into Sam's warm mouth and her hands found their way over the brunette's back.

Sam mirrored Brooke's action, letting her own tongue trace a pattern over Brooke's bottom lip, her hands moving upwards, letting them rest just under Brooke's shirt on her waist, the contact of skin on skin almost making her freeze.

Brooke moaned into Sam's mouth and she pulled her impossibly closer, the kiss turning into something more feverish, something more desperate. Their lips now duelled for possession, kissing and fighting back hard against each other. Sam felt her knees hit the back of her bed and gratefully fell back onto it, bringing Brooke down with her. On top of her. She seemed to fall in all the right places, pushing against Sam in such a delicious way she couldn't help the sound that escaped her lips.

"Oh, God." She murmured, as their lips broke apart. Brooke's mouth was already on her neck, lightly biting her, sucking at her skin, creating the most amazingly sensual feeling shoot through the whole of her body.

"Brooke." She whispered, running her hand up into the blonde hair, holding her head, moving up against her. Now it was Brooke's turn to moan.

"Fuck." And then Sam had pulled her mouth back to hers and they were kissing again, Brooke pushing herself up and then back down onto Sam, the friction causing both of them to pull each other together harder.

"Take this off." Sam pulled at Brooke's shirt, fully prepared to rip it if need be.

The need didn't be, as Brooke quickly pulled it over her head and discarded of it, pulling Sam up into a sitting position she removed Sam's T-Shirt with just as much efficiency. As they lay back down together, newly exposed skin touched and their hands seemed to become braver, seeking out more. It was only when Sam's hand had managed to undo Brooke's belt and button and was working on the zip that Brooke pulled back breathlessly.

"Sam." She breathed, resisting the attempts of the brunette to pull them back together.

"If we carry on...I won't be able to stop." Brooke warned, feeling the heat already chasing down her spine.

Sam looked up at her as if she was seeing her for the first time.

"I don't know what to do." Sam finally said.

Brooke swallowed hard. She had known this would happen. "It's ok." She lied. "I'll go."

"No." Sam stopped her once again. "I don't know what to do, so you'll have to show me."

Brooke felt like her chest was going to cave in, that her heart would beat its way out, that her throat would eventually get so tight she would die of asphyxiation.

"Ok." She said softly, pushing Sam back down onto the bed.

She worked off Sam's jeans, taking her underwear with them and looked at the girl before her. How could her throat have possibly got tighter?

"You're so beautiful." Brooke murmured, her fingertips stroking softly over Sam's skin. Sam lay still, afraid to move, afraid to do anything to stop what was about to happen. She could hear Brooke removing her own clothes, and then felt her come back down and rest on top of her once again, both of them fully naked now.

Sam's hands immediately went onto Brooke's back, moving up and down, feeling as much of her as she could.

"I want you so much." Brooke breathed, the tension within her body at bursting point. "I'm scared that I'll hurt you."

Sam touched her face. "Please Brooke. Please touch me."

And Brooke broke. She kissed Sam hard, pressing against her hard, her hands holding Sam in place as the brunette's natural reaction was to lift up into Brooke. As Brooke kissed her way down Sam's body, the brunette fisted her hands in the sheets, afraid to let go, trying to deal with every new sensation, trying to deal with every screaming nerve ending she had never known she had.

Brooke finally put her mouth on her, ignoring the sound of Sam breathing out in a rush, knowing only the taste and the feel of Sam now, bringing her hand down and positioning it.

"Sam?" She managed to ask.

"Please." Sam managed to reply, a whimper.

Brooke swallowed hard and gently pushed into Sam, going inside her and feeling Sam's body lift off of the bed as she cried out.

"Oh, fuck!" Her voice broke on the syllables.

"It's ok." Brooke soothed, kissing every piece of skin, going slowly even as Sam's body begged her to go faster. She wanted this to last.

"Brooke." Sam sounded choked. She was pushing against Brooke's hand, hands pushing against her head to where she wanted it to be.

Brooke moved her hand faster, pushed it a little bit harder, made her tongue go quicker. She felt Sam coming before even Sam knew she was.

"Brooke!" The girl cried out, hips coming off of the bed violently, her body jerking under Brooke's and still the blonde never let go. She carried on until the girl's movements slowed, until her breathing had evened out, until the hand fisted in her hair had lessened its grip.

"Oh, God." Sam breathed out loudly.

Brooke finally stopped, kissing her way back up Sam's body until she came to rest next to her, looking straight at her.

"Are you ok?" She asked softly.

"Yes." Sam answered, looking into those blue eyes, God, she loved those blue eyes.

"Brooke, I want..." She trailed off, not knowing, only knowing she wanted.

"It's ok." Brooke whispered, stroking Sam's skin.

"I want to touch you. I want to make you feel how you made me." Sam suddenly felt inadequate.

"It won't take much." Brooke said with a small smile, guiding Sam's hand to where she wanted it, showing her how to move it as she breathed deeply.

"Like this?" Sam moved her fingers more freely.

"Oh-" Brooke moved hard against Sam's hand. "Yeah. Just like that." She whispered as she moved, fingers clinging to Sam's shoulders.

"Sam...oh, I'm gonna cum..." She moaned her release into Sam's ear, making the brunette shiver all over again.

They lay together in an entwined heap for several minutes, their breathing falling into check with each others. Sam's stereo, which had been on all the whole time unnoticed by the pair, was playing a track with the singer repeating the lines; 'You're just jealous cos we're young and in love'.

Sam had awoken several minutes before and was alone. It was still dark outside. She figured she'd been asleep maybe an hour. Brooke obviously hadn't.

Sitting up, she heard a noise from Brooke's room. Should she follow her? Should they talk now, or later? Would they ever talk? Sam frowned. Brooke had known for months that she had feelings for her and said nothing. This time, Sam wasn't going to let her have that option.

"Where'd you go?" She asked, standing in Brooke's doorway wearing only her T-Shirt.

Brooke looked up at her. God, she was gorgeous. It made her brain freeze, made her functions incapable.

"You were asleep." Brooke answered, eyes running up Sam's bare legs, not going unnoticed by the brunette. Funny how Brooke's eyes had never had this affect on her before.

"Now I'm awake." She pointed out, stepping forward. "Come back."

"Why?" Brooke asked, no inclination in her voice, no accusation or guilt, just plain wondering.

"Because I want you too. Don't you?" Sam sat next to her on the bed, fighting the urge to touch her.

"Of course I do." Brooke said ardently, looking at Sam like she was stupid.

"Then what?" Sam did touch her now, briefly skimmed her fingers over Brooke's bare arm. She shuddered.

"I can't do this. I can't have a fling with you. With Elizabeth yes, with nameless, faceless women I'll never meet again, yes. But not you." Brooke looked at the floor.

"You already have Brooke." Sam pointed out. Brooke continued to look at the floor.

"And the fact that I don't want this to be a 'fling', does that mean anything?" Sam asked, watching Brooke look up again, trying to read her eyes.

"What are you saying?" Brooke asked, a frown on her flawles features.

"I'm saying that whatever it is you've been feeling for me, it's there for me as well. I didn't acknowledge it as well as you, but God Brooke, when I thought about the two of you in here last night I thought I was going to die. Or she was." Sam admitted.

"Nothing happened." Brooke said quietly.

"I know. I believe you." Sam nodded, and then put her hand on Brooke's. "So believe me. Come back to my room."

Brooke stared at their joined hands. She stood up and let herself be led back to Sam's bed, daring to belive.

The End

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