Web Series

Over the last few years web series have managed to make a true impact on both viewers and TV executives; whether as a trial run or audition piece for a TV gig, an experiment in something new or a minority audience specific project, they have started to get noticed. Over the next five years things are going to change beyond recognition and I'd predict that within the decade internet entertainment will have taken over and become the norm.

These reviews will look at some of the lesbian centric web series that have been produced over the last few years and eventually contribute to a suggestion box of what works and what doesn't in the web series format.

All reviews will contain spoilers but I will try and keep them to the minimum.


B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye
B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye is a tongue in cheek web-series that follows the exploits of an inept private investigator, Fletch, and her plucky best friend Georgia 'George' Drew.