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Watching Her
By Geekgrrl


Jamie Sommers smiles in her sleep. How do I know? Well I've been watching her, you see. Not for long, but it's been long enough and it makes me smile too. Not that I'd ever admit it.

I've worked my way through a number of firm young bodies of late. The boy who liked to snowboard has many, shall we say, athletic friends at his college. But still it doesn't soothe the ache. It doesn't stop the shaking. And my time is still running out.

So there I was on my way to meet up with by latest toy, when I saw her. On campus with her buffer version of that Wonder Years kid. I lurked by the buildings and listened to their conversation, trying to figure out her angle. She had the sexiest accent put on for her assignment. So hot I wanted to go up and experience it up close and personal. She however was busy kissing bland boy's sorry ass off. Happily her "uncle" showed up, which was entertaining but I had to fly. I was a little disappointed she didn't sniff a fed when she saw one, but she's still learning.

As I slipped into the flow of the crowd, I realized I had felt more in those five minutes than I had in the last two weeks. Damn her. That can't be good. I'm not supposed to feel anything anymore. So I did the only logical thing and decided to follow Jamie for awhile.

What? Just because she doesn't see me doesn't mean I'm not nearby somewhere. There is no way Jonas or his goons can protect her like I can and besides I need something to do. I need something. I probably shouldn't think too hard about that.

And at the end of that whole lame assignment she still ended up at home with her sister, sad and alone. Well, maybe not as alone as she might think. So as I stand on top of this building several blocks away with a clear view down into her bedroom, I continued to watch over her. Her silent partner.

Tonight was the first time she touched herself. I couldn't believe my bionic eyes as I zoomed in closer. Beneath her sheets, I saw the tell tale movements. The increased breathing, her body arching as she bit her bottom lip to stop the soft moans I could almost hear. And then before too long, I saw the furrowed brow and slight frown, hearing the sigh of frustration through the open window. The movements slowed.

I knew how she felt. Horny with no where to go. I couldn't help myself, I opened the connection. Sometimes I can sense her, and I think she can feel me too. I can only guess it's part of being Frankenstein and Son's monster squad. This time it was much more of a direct link. And so I suddenly knew she was thinking of him and that it wasn't enough. What I didn't expect was Jamie's eyes flying open and turning to look right at me.

I hesitated, caught. Well, fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound. I really started thinking about her then. Focusing all my pent up energy and throwing it out to her. I thought about touching her there, where her hand was nestled snug. Moving and sliding against her. Her hand moved again beneath the sheets. I felt the flare of arousal and wasn't sure if it was me or her. I needed to touch myself, she needed me to touch myself. She wanted to watch me come, of that I'm sure. Our connection was pretty intense.

I pushed my long leather jacket open and ran my hands across my body, over my breasts already erect nipples showing through my back t-shirt, tugging it up to reveal my toned abs for her. She wanted to run her hand along the soft hollows. Popping the button of my pants, I slid down into my own heat. I was so wet and ready for her.

She was biting her lip again, no, she was licking her lips. She wanted to know what I tasted like. I stroked my clit, imagining that it was her on me. Her back was starting to arch again. I wanted to suck her nipple into my mouth, feel it pebble hard against my hot wet tongue. She shoved the blanket roughly to her waist and lifted her shirt up so I could watch her roll a stiff nipple with her left hand. God I just wanted to touch her.

I moaned and pressed deep against myself, filling and penetrating. Jamie arched practically off the bed. I thrust long and slow, pulling myself to the brink. Jamie throbbed in time below, filling herself for me, teetering on the edge. Watching. Waiting.

Our eyes locked, and our bodies clenched overwhelmed and we watched each other come together. It was amazing the energy blazing through us. As Jamie lay back slowly, recovering and catching her breath and wondering what it would be like if we actually touched each other, I moved. I moved faster than I ever thought I could.

Jamie gently pulled her hand away from her body and I was there. Up her fire escape, through her window, into her bed replacing her warm hand with my own against her wet centre, I was filling her again to tease out her aftershocks, circling her clit slow and strong with my thumb.

"Oh, God Sarah" she moved against me. The connection flared open between us full force and we gasped at this new discovery, as she came so hard again and so did I just from touching her. It was like we were wired together, plugged into the same source energy crackling all around us.

I think I passed out for a while. I remember Jamie tucked exhausted tight against me. Telling me to stay, to rest and that she would keep me safe. Only she didn't move her mouth. I don't think she has to anymore with me. Something has changed, a switch has flipped in both of us. I'm trying not to worry about that too much right now.

I'm watching her now actually. She smiles in her sleep and I can faintly hear her dream scratching at the back of my eyes. I know I should go, and I will soon. For right now though, I'll just keep watch.

The End

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