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Walking the Edge
By Aeryn Sun


Walking the Edge

Brooke stalked across the bathroom she shared with Sam into the brunettes room. She was in a particular mood and she intended to let Sam know about it. Sam had been away for a week at a journalism convention in Dallas and had only gotten back the day before. Brooke had missed her terribly. There was no doubt in her mind now that Sam was her other half. Without her, Brooke was lost. She entered Sam's room and found that Sam's back was to her. She walked up behind her and wrapped her arms tightly around Sam's waist.

"Hey, Princess," Sam chuckled. "What can I do for you?" Brooke didn't answer but started to nibble on Sam's ear and kiss her way across the back of Sam's neck. Sam purred in response.

"Feels nice," she told Brooke. Brooke's hands wandered under Sam's shirt and Sam hitched in a breath. She turned around in Brooke's embrace. She looked into the blonde's eyes, now dark with desire and need and she smiled.

"Miss me did you?" she joked. Brooke bit her bottom lip and nodded but never broke eye contact with Sam. They stared at each other for several long minutes before Brooke broke the eye contact and looked at Sam's lips. She licked her own and then brought their faces together. The kiss was fiery, passionate and its intensity surprised Sam. One of Brooke's hands tangled itself in Sam's hair, bringing their faces even closer, deepening the kiss while the other found its way back under Sam's shirt. It brushed over Sam's abdomen, lightly tickling and then traveled up to her left breast where it stopped and cupped the gentle weight.

Brooke used her thumb to stroke Sam's nipple through the cloth of her bra causing her to shudder and moan lowly into the kiss. Brooke broke the kiss when oxygen demanded it and nipped her way over Sam's jawline. Her hand continued to caress Sam's breast as the other one moved to the side of her face. Sam's own hands were on Brooke's hips holding on for dear life as Brooke ravaged her. Brooke finally and ungracefully removed Sam's shirt in such a fashion to ensure that it would never be worn again.

"Brooke?" Sam half laughed in surprise at the level of ferociousness in Brooke's passion. Brooke arched an eyebrow and gently shoved Sam onto the bed without a word. She all but growled as she moved up Sam's body and straddled her waist. Sam propped herself up on her elbows to watch the uncharacteristic and yet arousing display. She always loved Brooke's passion, it fueled her own but it was rare for Brooke to take such a commanding role.

Brooke slipped the straps of Sam's bra down Sam's shoulders and moved to nuzzle the valley between Sam's breasts. Sam sighed and lay back down as Brooke unfastened the front clasp of the bra and discarded it haphazardly.

"You're not going to talk to me, are you?" she asked Brooke as the blonde looked down at her. Brooke narrowed her eyes and smirked at Sam, her eyes partially hidden under hooded lids. The force behind the sultry stare on Brooke's face sent a shiver through Sam's body. Sam smiled back at her and pulled Brooke's sweater up over her head with no resistance. She was delighted to find that Brooke had skipped wearing a bra that day.

"Naughty naughty," she scolded in a whisper, reaching out to knead the pert breasts in front of her. Brooke laughed quietly and moved to meet Sam's warm hands. She draped her body over Sam's, almost trying to meld their skin together. Sam gasped when Brooke's knee moved from her side to between her thighs and pressed down slightly as Brooke lay down on top her.

"Oh God," she breathed as Brooke moved slowly against her. Brooke smiled wolfishly and began to remove Sam's pants. Sam kicked off her shoes and in one swift movement Brooke had unbuttoned and removed both Sam's jeans and panties. They landed in a pile on the floor with a thump, followed seconds later by Brooke's own clothes. Both completely naked, Brooke pressed her body as close to Sam's as she could, absorbing her warmth.

She licked at Sam's neck, sucked at her pulse point and then occupied herself again at Sam's breasts. Sam buried her hands in Brooke's blonde hair, keeping her close as Brooke's own hands traveled over her body delighting her. She gasped and whimpered as Brooke bit down slightly and swirled her tongue around one already painfully erect nipple.

"Oh baby," she moaned as the sensations in her body being caused by Brooke intensified. She was on fire and every one of Brooke's touches increased her temperature. Brooke's hands wandered down to caress Sam's stomach, barely touching and lightly tickling the skin, making Sam's body instinctively arch up for more contact. Brooke smiled to herself as she heard Sam's breathing pick up and become short pants and gasps as she continued to tease Sam's flesh.

She moved her hands down to massage Sam's thighs, feeling them tremble beneath her hands. A loud whimper escaped Sam's lips as Brooke rubbed tight circles up and around her inner thighs but never touched her aching core. Brooke moved her lips from Sam's breasts and licked her way down to Sam's belly button where she stopped to lavish attention on the overlooked body part. Sam squirmed and keened under the administrations.

"Brooke...baby...please...," she whimpered barely coherent. Brooke looked up at Sam's face, flushed and damp and shook her head, letting her hair tickle Sam's body even more causing Sam to groan again.

"Not yet," Brooke whispered huskily, finally breaking her silence. Sam's brown eyes, hooded with desire and need, pleaded with her to bring her over the edge but Brooke wasn't done yet. Sam's breathing was nothing more than jagged gasps now and Brooke loved it. She finally dipped a finger into Sam's thick wet warmth and felt Sam shudder against her. She ran her finger up and around Sam's sensitized lips lightly, never applying enough pressure to give Sam what she needed.

"Uhhhhhh..." Sam moaned desperately, no longer able to form words as she lost herself in her need. She tried to move her body closer to Brooke's hand only to have Brooke move out of the way. She all but sobbed in frustration.

"Shhh, Baby," Brooke soothed. "Soon." She continued to tease Sam as she listened to the brunette whimper and moan louder and Sam dug her fingernails into Brooke's shoulders. Knowing that she shouldn't tease Sam so badly, Brooke finally relented when a tear fell from Sam's tightly clenched eyes and she gently slid one finger into Sam's center. Sam's muscles immediately clenched around the digit holding it in place for a moment as a long low moan passed from Sam's lips.

Sam's body began to move against Brooke's hand in a steady rhythm as Sam tried to reach her long awaited release. As she added another finger to the first, Brooke wrapped her lips around Sam's clit and began to softly suck the energized bundle of nerves. A loud moan, bordering on a yell signified Sam's pleasure as she started to rock harder against Brooke.

"Please...oh please baby..." Sam whimpered as Brooke used her fingers, tongue and teeth on her clit and continued to thrust into her. Finally, with a hoarse shout, Sam's body froze and then began to shake, tremors and convulsions rocking her straight through. It was several minutes before her body calmed down. She was so still afterwards that Brooke was afraid that she had passed out. Soon though, the blonde could hear small shuddering sobs. Concerned, Brooke moved up to hold the crying girl and gently stroked Sam's sweat soaked hair out of her face.

"I'm sorry," she whispered unsure what was wrong but feeling guilty anyway. "What's wrong, honey?" Sam cuddled closer and shook her head.

"I love you," Sam whispered, her voice hoarse from shouting her pleasure and controlling her sobs. Brooke frowned.

"Then why are you crying?" Sam looked up at her and Brooke could see the endless love in Sam's eyes. It was so deep that she could get lost in it. Her own emotions rushed up and cut off her air as she looked into Sam's open vulnerability.

"It's so much that is scares me sometimes," Sam admitted quietly. "You make me feel so much, Princess. Thank you," she said as she buried her face in Brooke's chest again.

"Oh Sammy," Brooke sighed. She wrapped her arms around Sam tightly. "I love you too."



Brooke lay in the bed holding Sam's still panting and trembling form. After her confession, Sam had gone quiet again, resting and regaining her strength. She had even dozed off into a light sleep. Brooke was hoping she woke up soon. Her own body was throbbing and in need of release. She was worried that if Sam didn't do something about it soon, she was going to have to take care of the problem herself. And it was no where near as fun then as when Sam did it for her.

She couldn't quite stifle the sigh of frustration that leaked past her lips. Sam, who was somewhat awake at that point waiting as feeling and mobility returned to her limbs, smiled to herself. She knew that Brooke was waiting as patiently as she could. Part of her wanted to make her wait, to pay the blonde back for the teasing she'd put her through earlier. But she decided that she really couldn't do that to Brooke right now. Another time though, maybe.

Without a sound, she shifted in Brooke's arms and cupped her lover's moist heat in one hand. Brooke gasped and moaned in both pleasure and surprise at Sam's sudden move. Sam placed her mouth right beside Brooke's left ear, letting her hot breath wash over the cheerleader's neck and making her shudder.

"Now," Sam growled as she started speaking and pressed her palm down a bit harder against Brooke's pulsing core. Brooke whimpered and rose to meet Sam's hand.

"We can do this one of two ways," Sam continued to whisper. "I can tease, like SOME people," she warned, pressing down again and rubbing in a slight circle causing Brooke's desire to increase.

"Or," she chuckled as Brooke writhed underneath her and licked at her shoulder. "I can love you, give you what you want, what you need."

"Love me, please Sammy," Brooke begged, her voice hitching. Sam nuzzled the sweat soaked blonde hair beside her face and then kissed Brooke passionately on the lips.

"Always," she promised, staring intensely into Brooke's half closed eyes. Brooke's lips curved up into a sexy smile as Sam spoke. She knew that Sam meant it. She all but screamed a moment later as Sam's thumb brushed across her clit, she was so aroused and ready. She bit down hard on Sam's shoulder to suppress the cry.

Sam yelped at the sudden and unexpected pain but didn't stop her actions. She found herself oddly turned on by Brooke's lovebite. She continued to stroke Brooke in slow circles as Brooke rocked against her, low whimpers and moans coming from the back of the girl's throat.

"Sammy…oh, Sammy," Brooke panted as she moved. Sam kissed her again and then licked her neck, across her collarbone and finally reached Brooke's breasts as she continued with her hand at Brooke's center. As she finally slid two fingers into Brooke's slick channel, she also took one erect nipple into her mouth and began to softly suck.

"God, Saaaaaaam," Brooke said breathlessly as she felt Sam's hot mouth close around her breast. Her body automatically moved into Sam's hand to deepen each thrust of the brunette's fingers. She could feel the sensations pooling in the center of her abdomen, signaling her oncoming orgasm and started to buck harder against Sam.

"Please…" she begged before the rest of her words were lost in incoherent gasps and moans. Sam continued to lick and suck at each of Brooke's breasts, giving them both equal attention before she felt the first clenching of Brooke's muscles around her fingers. Knowing Brooke was almost there, Sam slowed the movement of her fingers and withdrew them almost completely, letting them tease Brooke's swollen flesh. Brooke whimpered at her.

"Not so much fun now, is it?" Sam asked throatily. Brooke opened her eyes and locked her gaze with Sam's as she shook her head. It was anything BUT funny right now. Sam moved lower on Brooke's body.

"Just wanted to make that clear," she said before placing her fingers back into Brooke's throbbing core and then wrapped her lips around Brooke's stimulated clit. Brooke cried out and arched up into Sam.

"Ughh…" she groaned as she settled into a rhythm with Sam. Her body jerked and bucked against Sam as she neared her release.

"Come on, baby," Sam encouraged as she licked at Brooke. "That's it." Brooke's breath hitched a final time and she let out a high pitched whimper as her body began to shake and tremble. Sam felt the contractions around her hand and mouth as Brooke came. She waited for most of it to pass and then continued stroking Brooke with her fingers, curling them so that she hit Brooke's g-spot.

Brooke jumped and gasped as Sam kept going and started sucking harder on her clit. Within several short minutes of this attention Brooke came again, harder this time and with a loud cry.

"SSSSSAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!" she shouted unable to stop herself, her mind blank with anything other than pleasure and love. Sam held Brooke as she convulsed this time, talking softly to her until it passed. A few minutes after it ended, Sam realized that Brooke was sound asleep, totally spent. She smiled to herself and cuddled the exhausted blonde. She placed her head over Brooke's heart, as Brooke had done so often to her and listened to the rapid beating as it slowly calmed down and settled back to a normal pace a short while later. It really was a comforting sound.

"I love you, Princess," Sam reminded the sleeping girl. Although asleep, the corners of Brooke's mouth curled up into a wistful smile and Sam knew she was loved in return.

The End

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