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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written in 2000. I'm continuing on an alternate timeline here, (mid-series 1) as started in the earlier part of this series Very Bad Girls - if you haven't read it yet, then bloomin' well get back there and read it first! Enjoy… ;)
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Very Bad Girls – The Sequel
By Smudge


Chapter One

A sharp rap on the metal door of her cell, accompanied by the shouts and clamour of heavy doors banging and morning greetings being exchanged, shook Nikki out of her slumber with a start. For a moment she felt slightly disoriented - she usually woke gently and regularly a good amount of time before the official wing wake-up call, but this morning was different, her deep sleep had been rudely interrupted.

Groaning to herself, she sat up a and rubbed her eyes and then still groggy, did a slight double take at her lack of nightwear… And then in a flash the realisation of what had occurred the night before hit her, and she broke into a wide grin with a soft chuckle, flopping back onto the pillows. For a moment she just lay there, eyes closed, as she remembered the incredible sensations that her body - and heart - had been subjected to, not to mention a certain look on someone's face when they had been on the receiving end of Nikki's skilled attention… Breathing deeply in, she caught the faint aroma of familiar perfume lingering on her pillow.

"Helen" she breathed softly to herself…

"WADE! Come on lady - you should be up by now!" Another loud bang on the door accompanied by the harsh bark of Sylvia Hollamby. Nikki groaned as her extremely pleasant thoughts were cruelly shattered.

"Coming miss," she called out, "Now bloody well leave me alone you old witch," she muttered to herself, swinging her legs over the side of her bunk and padding over to the sink. But somehow the monotony of rising in that godforsaken place didn't seem quite as bad as on previous mornings…

Helen pulled into her parking place and switched the engine off. Same as any other day only somehow everything was different. She was looking forward to going to work, but not for the challenge of her job or her pride in her responsibilities… No, she was desperate for even one fleeting glimpse of the woman who had shown her a whole new world the night before. She felt nervous though - she gave a small frown as she wiped slightly sweaty palms down her suit trousers. She was going to have to be so careful - the situation was unbearably dangerous and she knew she could so easily give the whole shebang away with just a careless glance. But it was going to be so hard to keep her feelings hidden - hell, she wanted to do cartwheels in the exercise yard and shout it out loud, how incredible, how alive she was suddenly feeling. How suddenly life can just sneak up on you sideways and surprise the hell out of you! Shaking the spreading grin off of her slightly blushing face, she composed herself for a moment, got out of the car and with a purposeful stride and a businesslike nod at the gate guard, made her way into Larkhall.

"What's up with you man?" Denny Blood set her tray on the Formica table top with a clatter. "You look like you're in your own little world - well, I hope it's better than this bleedin' dump!"

Nikki looked up, half suspicious at why the hell Blood would be sitting at her table in the first place. Realising it was perhaps a subtle way to try and bury the hatchet, she gave a half grin.

"Oh believe, me, it is…" she answered.

Nikki didn't really have a problem with Denny apart for her choice of friends - and right now, Shell Dockley was languishing in solitary for a few more days. So yeah, it was probably a good idea for her and Denny to patch things up while she was out of the way. They ate for a while, starting a half-hearted conversation about something inconsequential to break the silence. Nikki's mind wasn't really in it though. She was really trying hard not to, but she couldn't help it - she kept stealing glances at the gate to the corridors which led from the part of the wing where the offices were… silently willing Helen to appear.

Helen looked at her watch and swore under her breath. It was half-one and all morning she had been trying to get out of her office for a walk around, but a tedious meeting with Stubberfield, then another with the prison psychologist, plus an urgent financial report, had all conspired to tie her to her desk. And she was starving. Which reminded her - it was lunchtime and supposing she just happened to wander down to the canteen…? She shouldn't - but then again…

As she approached the hall she could smell the unmistakable aroma of boiled cabbage and mash… and something else unidentifiable and rather burnt. Turning the corridor she quickly cast her eye across the room searching the tables for… Nikki… Her heart gave an noticeable lurch as she spotted her, bent over a plate of unappetising food - and that in itself momentarily amused her - she knew she couldn't doubt her feelings anymore because her body was surely giving her enough clues as to how she felt about the dark haired prisoner… and heart lurching was the least of them!

Just as she was silently half-smiling to herself, the dark head rose and then eyes were locked into hers with such powerful intensity she was frozen to the spot until a voice interrupted her and made her quickly break the startling contact.

"Ma'am?" the voice came again impatiently.

"Oh, sorry Sylvia, I was just thinking about that blasted financial report I've… oh, never mind… sorry, what can I do for you?" She attempted to have a rational conversation with the sour senior officer about some inane little detail that she was all worked up about, and mustering as much diplomacy as she could, gave some sort of hurried solution which at least shut Hollamby up for a moment.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I just need to have a word with a couple of the women," she left before Hollamby could get another word in.

She could see that Nikki kept glancing across at her, but she resisted making that all too obvious eye contact again, and stopping by another couple of tables first to have entirely unnecessary conversations with a few others, she gradually made her way over to Nikki's table.

"Hi Nikki, Hi Denny" she said, altogether a little too brightly.

"Miss" grunted Denny. Nikki gave a broad smile.

"Good afternoon Miss Stewart" she said calmly, her voice deliberately slow and steady, to avoid betraying the somersaults that her stomach was currently engaged in.

"Um, I… ", Helen frantically scrabbled around in her head for something, some excuse to justify this conversation. "I had another brochure through from the Open University - there's a… horticulture course on offer and I know you've only just started the Literature one, but I just thought you might be interested." The words tumbled out. Denny stacked her empty plates and rose.

"Jesus, you'll be a bleedin' professor by the time you get out of here man. Later." she sauntered off.

Helen sank down to sit in the vacated seat. Breathing a slow sigh of relief she glanced up at Nikki, feeling almost shy in the gaze of this woman who now knew her so intimately… she shuddered, not unpleasantly, at the thought. Nikki looked concerned.

"Are you okay?" she enquired softly, frowning slightly. Helen nodded.

"Yeah, really… it's just… difficult… being with you and …not being with you."

"I know… I need to see you… alone" Nikki whispered urgently.

"Yes… are you in the grounds this afternoon?" Nikki nodded. Hollamby's slow circuit of the room was fast approaching them.

"Good, then I'll bring the paperwork out to you - see what you think." Helen said brightly and stood up.

"Thank you miss, I appreciate it." Nikki said respectfully, and with a nod, Helen turned and left.

The mid-afternoon sun beat mercilessly down on Nikki's bent head as she methodically weeded the borders around the rear gardens. Pausing to wipe the sweat off her brow, she scratched at her bare upper arms, where a few heat bumps were starting to rise.

"Nice work" came a familiar Scottish lilt. She turned to see Helen approaching, and stood up, rubbing her aching knees.

"Thanks," she replied with a twinkle. "I've been told I'm pretty good at bedding…"

Helen chuckled. "That is true…" she nodded slowly. Glancing around them, she noted a couple of other inmates lazily digging over a flowerbed at the other end of the grounds, and an officer making an occasional walkround - in their direction at that moment. Helen nodded at him briefly, her demeanour instantly returning to all-business mode as she shuffled some papers she was holding. Nikki sensed the change without looking round and played along, appearing interested as Helen held out the papers, to all purposes the scene appeared to be an entirely innocent exchange between a governor and her charge. But if the guard had stepped closer he would have heard a whispered dialogue that would have blown his uniform black socks off.

"I can't stop thinking about you, about last night." Nikki breathed softly with a passionate fire in her eyes, which immediately melted any resolve Helen had mustered to try and keep the exchange as innocent as she could.

"Me too… I still can't believe it… But look Nikki, we have got to be so careful though… anymore of these soulful looks across the canteen and we could be in serious trouble." she chastised.

"I can't help it Helen... but I will try, I promise. But I need to be alone with you, and soon. Please."

Helen found herself transfixed by the way that Nikki's dark eyebrows were suddenly furrowed in her impassioned plea.

"Oh God, I know... I want to Nikki, I promise you. But I don't know how. I can't risk coming to your cell again. " She trailed off, the hopelessness of their situation suddenly hitting her. Nikki's face softened as she felt an overwhelming need to reach out and touch Helen's face, but instead she held her hand deliberately down by her side.

For a moment they were silent, until suddenly Nikki, with a decisive glint in her eye, made a move to pick up her tools, banging them together a couple of times to shake the loose dirt off.

"Come on," she said, "I want to show you how I'm getting along with those cuttings…" she strode towards the potting shed without a backwards glance - she didn't want to give Helen the chance to say no.

Helen bit her lip a little, wondering if this was really such a good idea, but followed her none-the-less, noticing as she did the location of the other people in their vicinity. The two inmates were now busily engaged in smoking roll-up's in the sun, and the patrolling officer was nowhere to be seen. No obvious movement at any of the overlooking windows... Helen half smiled at the way her mind so readily adapted to subterfuge, and opened the shed door that Nikki had just entered.

The shed smelt hot and musty, all earth and melting tar from the pitch roof. That second of smell was all Helen had time to absorb before the door was pushed shut behind her, and she was firmly enclosed in the arms of the woman she loved. Wordlessly, their mouths sought each other, urgent hungry kisses gradually subsiding into a long languishing kiss. Helen let her hands travel up and down the smooth skin of Nikki's bare arms, still warm from the sun, and then impatiently tugging her white vest out from the waistband of her jeans, let her fingertips gently traverse the smoothness of her lovers back. Nikki was pushing her back against the workbench, her lips travelling along the line of Helen's jawbone, gently nipping at her earlobe, before continuing to gently caress Helen's neck.

"Oh Nikki…" Helen breathed. "We shouldn't…" but her words were interrupted by Nikki's lips against hers.

"Shhh…it's alright… just for a moment…" Nikki murmured.

Helen made a last glance at the door - the latch appeared to be down - and surrendered to her rising desire. She could feel the weight of Nikki's body pressing into her, the dark woman's hip exerting a gentle pressure between her legs. Nikki had threaded her fingers through Helen's hair and was cradling the back of her head tenderly as she pulled her in for a long kiss. The other hand was urgently exploring Helen's breast, first over her blouse and then, pulling it out of her suit trousers, travelling across her skin to the edges of her white lace bra, teasing her hardening flesh beneath though the silken fabric. Helen moaned softly at the stimulation, and Nikki's stomach flipped at the sound. God she loved hearing Helen moan… hear her cry out her name in blissful ecstasy as she had done the night before…

But back to the task at hand… dare she…? Yes, she dared. Without breaking the contact of their kiss, she moved her hands down to swiftly undo the button at Helen's waistband, and slid the zip down. Helen drew back a little at the realisation of what Nikki was doing, but then all thought of protest was lost as she felt Nikki's hand slowly slide downwards over her firm belly, then to the edge of her cotton briefs. Releasing another low moan, she moved her mouth to kiss Nikki's neck and shoulder, her hands seeking out Nikki's firm breasts under her vest, feeling the rock hard nipples stiff in response to their interaction, squeezing them firmly between her fingertips. Nikki's fingers slid down inside the thin fabric covering Helen's centre, feeling the texture of soft curls as she sought out her goal.

They had no time to waste, and Nikki figured extended foreplay wasn't exactly the order of the day at this point. The forbiddenness of their situation at that precise moment had surely proved enough of a thrill. Without hesitation she slid her middle finger down through the centre of Helen's folds, her thumb pausing as it located the hardening nub of Helen's nerve centre, while her fingertip was welcomed into the damp heat of Helen's delicious anticipation. Helen let out a gasp as she felt Nikki's finger plunge into her, thrusting her body closer to deepen the contact.

"Oh God yeah… go on…" she groaned into Nikki's neck, and Nikki obliged, adding another finger and slowly and firmly building up pace as Helen bucked against her hand, squirming with the conflicting rhythm of Nikki's thumb circling her clit. They both knew it would be quick and urgent, and Nikki didn't hold back, wanting desperately to bring her lover to a fast and furious climax. With her free hand she reached up to tip Helen's face towards her, seeking eye contact at this intense moment. The look she saw there made her own centre ache even more - a pure fire of passion and desire. She sped up the pace a little, and watched Helen's eyes flicker shut as she rolled her head back, her breath coming hard now and soft moans coming from her beautiful throat which Nikki now proceeded to kiss softly. Then she felt Helen's muscles start to contract around her fingers and in a last effort to send her over the edge applied firmer pressure to her clit as she thrust as deeply as she could, lowering her head to suck on a nipple through the layers of fabric. The added stimulation was all that was required - Helen buried her face in Nikki's shoulder as the waves of pleasure washed over her, making her dizzy with their intensity, and then was still.

They stood like that for a long moment, Nikki's free hand softly stroking Helen's hair as her breathing slowed to a normal place. Gently, Nikki withdrew her other hand from its moist haven, the loss of contact causing Helen to whimper slightly.

"I love you…", Nikki whispered, her lips pressed against the other woman's fine hair. She heard an answering groan from Helen then, who lifted her head to give Nikki such a sweet smile, all sleepy and satisfied, that Nikki's heart melted on the spot. Helen reached up to stroke Nikki's cheek. "I love you so much… I never thought this was possible…" she trailed off, her gaze changing to one of serious intensity as she leaned in to firmly place her lips on her lovers, kissing her slowly and deeply. Nikki drank in the kiss, letting her tongue slowly explore Helen's mouth in fine detail, while steadily becoming aware of her own rising need for release. Helen's hands were back cupping her breasts, rolling the hard peaks between her fingers and thumbs, then one hand, breaking the exquisite torture, lazily travelled down Nikki's side, over her hips, caressing a firm buttock momentarily before moving around to the top of her thigh, and then to its ultimate destination. Their kiss deepened still as Nikki felt herself throb with the anticipation of Helen's touch. Then the sensation of Helen's hand cupping her pubic mound, warmth against fire, though separated by the course fabric of Nikki's work jeans. She gave a low moan as she felt Helen's fingers slowly follow the seam up towards her clit, then firmer pressure as she sought out that place underneath that caused Nikki to moan again, the aching throb deep within her becoming almost unbearable.

Helen broke the kiss to look deep into Nikki's eyes with an expression of all-consuming desire for this woman in front of her now. Nikki looked back at her from beneath her dark lashes, openly revealing to her all the sensations which her body was going through, her pupils dilated, her breaths sharp through almost gritted teeth, her facial muscles tightening as she made an effort to control herself ready for a big release. Helen's fingers were still slowly and firmly circling her clit through the fabric, and whilst on one hand Nikki was desperate for the barriers to be removed, to be able to feel Helen's fingers against her skin, the friction of the cloth being pressed against her clit wasn't altogether unpleasant… felt kind of dirty and yes, she had to admit that she was getting off on the thrill of their clandestine encounter.

Just then Helen's expression froze, her movements stopped, as she cocked her head to one side - and Nikki heard it too. Voices, one in the distance, and one coming in their direction.

"Shit!" Helen cursed, the women leaping apart as they hurriedly re-buttoned, straightened and smoothed out, Nikki not feeling quite with it as her-near orgasm subsided abruptly. But thinking on her feet as always, she grabbed a couple of plant pots off the floor, and with a trowel in one hand was poised for action.

When Dominic McAllister opened the door to the potting shed a few moments later, he was a little surprised to see the wing governor leaning against the shed wall, arms folded, apparently absorbed as Wade, gesturing with a trowel, was enthusiastically proclaiming the merits of animal fertilizer on rose bushes.

"Ah, Dominic", Helen greeted him warmly. "I'm the worlds worst gardener, but Nikki here certainly makes it seem easy."

"Helen - didn't expect to find you here - I was looking for Barnett actually - seen her anywhere?"

"Uh - I think she was weeding the lower yard, sir" Nikki offered helpfully.

"Oh right. Um, well, if you see her before I do, tell her I want a word will you?" and with a friendly nod at both women, the young officer left.

Helen let out a long sigh of relief, and both women looked at each other.

"Animal fertilizer?" Helen questioned with an amused grin. Nikki chuckled.

"Yeah, d'ya think he could smell the bullshit?" They laughed, moving together again for a brief hug.

"I have to go…" Helen said regretfully.

"Yeah, I know." Nikki smiled at her fondly, kissing the top of her head.

Helen smiled back, with a hint of mischief in her eyes,

"But, we still have some unfinished business…" she trailed a fingertip slowly down Nikki's body, resulting in a low groan from her lover.

"You're telling me…! You know, McAllister's just lost his place on my Christmas Card list…"

"Yeah, well, I owe you one Nikki Wade…"

"I'll hold you to that Helen Stewart." Nikki said softly, as their lips met for a final soft kiss, and Helen, brushing herself down once more, made her exit.

Nikki leaned back heavily against the workbench. Half-grinning to herself she let out a mock-angry snarl, and then grabbing a large spade, decided that the only thing which would work out her frustration was a good bit of hard digging. Either that or a cold shower!


Chapter Two

Nikki sat on her bunk, trying her best to concentrate on reading the book she had held open at the same page for about twenty minutes by now. Somehow Jane Eyre wasn't quite engaging her as it should, and whereas she normally relished getting stuck into a classic novel, particularly when she knew she was going to have to write a long essay abut it, today she just couldn't keep her mind on the words - her eyes were moving across the print, but she wasn't able to process any of the information she was reading. Try as she might, she couldn't stop her thoughts from wandering back to a certain Wing Governor.

They hadn't had a chance to be alone in over five days now, not since their encounter in the potting shed. Nikki closed her eyes for a moment as she remembered their hasty lovemaking, and how close they came to getting caught. In the days since, they had passed each other in corridors, seen each other across a room, exchanged closely guarded looks, but not had a chance to even speak privately, let alone do anything else.

Nikki had been hoping that maybe Helen would find a way to visit her cell, if only for a few minutes, but Helen was obviously playing safe, either that or hard to get. She'd even considered throwing her lumpy porridge over Dockley that morning, just in case it might cause her to be called up in front of the Governor for a ticking off… but she figured that keeping her nose clean right now was probably a good idea. Not that the expression on Dockley's face wouldn't have been priceless mind you - she grinned to herself at the thought, then snapped her eyes back to her book to re-read the same paragraph over again, hoping that this time it might sink in. But it obviously wasn't going to, and after a while she closed the book, got up and went over to the window. The light summer rain was easing off now - it had started as a thundery shower, effectively wiping out all the plans she'd had for that afternoons gardening. Still, at least the new border plants she'd put in a few days earlier would be getting a good watering.

Rolling herself a cigarette, she sauntered out into the corridor to see who was around. She nodded greetings to some other women who were hanging around, but it was fairly quiet on her level. There was a reasonably rowdy pool tournament going on down on G1 - Denny, Zandra and a few others - and the Julie's were giving some sort of makeover to another woman at a table, but all in all it was a pretty uneventful Tuesday afternoon. She was still leaning over the railings, concentrating on blowing smoke rings (she'd never been able to until she came in here) when she was rewarded by the sight of Helen Stewart coming through the gates at the end of G1. She was appreciatively admiring the way that Helen managed to look so professional and yet so damn sexy in that little grey suit number she was sporting today, when Helen looked up, her eyes immediately roaming around to the vicinity of Nikki's cell door, and then spotting the object of her search, resting with a half smile as their eyes met. Nikki felt her heart swell (God she was a soppy mare over that woman), and gave a slight wave of acknowledgement, watching as Helen made her way along the wing towards the stairs.

Helen, stopping to exchange a few passing words with some of the other women, casually ascended the metal steps, not wishing to appear in too much of a hurry to reach Nikki. As she approached her, she almost felt herself blush at the way Nikki's eyes were sparkling at her. She was looking really good today in a pair of dark trousers and a tight fitting blue shirt.

"Afternoon stranger…" Nikki greeted her with a smile.

"Hi Nikki. How have you been?"

"Well, I'm all the better for seeing you at long last…"

Helen looked apologetic. "I know, look, I'm sorry - it's just been really difficult to get away and…"

"It's okay." Nikki reassured her, "I know we have to be careful how much time we're seen spending together. It would be nice to see you for a little while though. And preferably alone…" she finished with a hint of mischief in her voice.

Helen smiled, "Hmmm. That would be nice…" She gestured at Nikki's door. "So did you want to show me that essay then?" she enquired, slightly louder for the benefit of the couple of women who'd just appeared out of a cell a few feet away.

"Yeah, if you don't mind - I could really use a hand." Nikki played along; grinning wickedly as Helen half raised an eyebrow.

They entered Nikki's cell and Helen casually pushed the door to, but not shut. Moving back against the table to where they couldn't be seen immediately if someone happened to walk past, Nikki held out her hands to take Helen's smaller hands in hers, and drew her closer.

"I've missed you…" Helen said softly. All the private turmoil she was going through, the stress of their situation, her own shock at falling for a woman, and the difficulties it was now bringing to her relationship with the unwitting Sean, suddenly disappeared as she looked into Nikki's brown eyes. But Nikki caught a fleeting glimpse of the anxiety she was feeling.

"What's wrong?" she asked, concerned. Helen sighed.

"Oh, it's just… things are so fucked up right now. I'm normally so in control of my life and now… I just don't know what to do…" she trailed off, a hint of desperation in her voice. "And now I'm feeling guilty for not finding time to be with you…"

Nikki shook her head, "It's okay Helen, I do understand. I know this is tough on you. I mean, I do get frustrated that I can't see you, but then it's not as if I've got anything else in my life to look forward to is it. I can only imagine what you're going through…" Helen looked grateful at her compassion, and continued.

"It's Sean too… it's getting really hard to be with him when I'm thinking about you all the time. I mean he's such a lovely guy, and lately I'm snapping his head off for no reason. I resent him just for being there with me when I really want you…"

Nikki frowned. "So I take it you haven't told him then?"

Helen gave a bitter laugh, "What do you think? It'd kill him Nikki, I can't do that to him. I do love him, just not… like I should love the person I'm going to marry." she finished, almost whispering those last words.

Nikki's face was aghast. "Marry!" she hissed, dropping Helen's hands. "Since when?"

Helen looked awkward. "A few weeks ago… since I began to realise I had feelings for you. I mean he'd been badgering me for ages about it, and the one night I just thought bugger it. It's what I should do, what everyone - Sean, my family, my friends - expects. And what I thought I'd always wanted. Usual classic denial situation I guess." she said regretfully, hoping she could make Nikki understand her desperation. But Nikki's dark eyes were blazing as she moved quickly away from Helen and paced over to the window.

"And I suppose you're fucking him too?" she turned to spit the question out bitterly.

Helen looked at the floor, red faced, "Well, I don't want him to suspect…" she started.

"Suspect that his precious fiancée is more interested in screwing a murdering dyke? What is it - he's got something I haven't go and you just can't do without it" Nikki interrupted, finishing Helen's sentence for her.

Helen was running the full gamut of emotions right now - she felt miserable at the way the conversation has turned, but Christ, couldn't Nikki see it from her point of view? She felt the Celtic spirit rise up in her and before she knew it was giving as good as she got.

"Jesus Nikki, this isn't all about you, you know. I appreciate you must be desperate for a sexual outlet after being in here for as long as you have, but I'm not just going to pop in and give you a seeing too whenever you want me too. In fact after this little outburst, frankly that's the last thing I want to do. I'll see you." And with that she turned defiantly on her heel and left the room.

"Shit!" Nikki brought her fist down on the top bunk and rested her head on her arms. She hadn't meant for that to turn so nasty. It was the same old scenario - her losing her temper in an instant and just letting fly with whatever ammunition she could find, verbal in this case, although at other times - usually when Dockley was involved, fists were usually far more effective. She felt utterly miserable now. She hadn't really meant to get so angry, so jealous. But she couldn't stand to think of that wimp of a man even holding Helen, let alone anything else. She felt sick as she tried to force the ugly images from her mind, but she could see Sean leering at her from above Helen. She thumped the bunk again, lit a fag and drew on it hard, letting the smoke fill her lungs, then exhaled slowly. As the nicotine took its effect she felt a little calmer, and imagined how shit Helen must be feeling too.

"You wanker, Wade. You let your sodding gob fuck things up again," she said softly to herself. She didn't suppose she'd see Helen anytime soon to apologise, but Jesus, when she did she was going to have to make it a good one. But then, why the hell should she be the one to apologise? Maybe she had overreacted, but what did Helen expect? If there was to be anything between them then Helen was going to have to make a choice. Her, or Sean.

Helen half-slammed the door to her office and sat down at her desk heavily. It was at times like this she wished she followed Fenner's example of stowing a hip flask of something strong in her desk drawer, but no, she was going to have to face this one without any help. She was livid on one hand. How dare Nikki talk to her like that! She couldn't believe the way that her lover had been able to speak to her so viciously. Although given the nature of their environment and why Wade was there in the first place, that shouldn't surprise her any. But as well as the anger, she also felt a measure of guilt. Of course Nikki was going to be upset at her impending marriage to Sean - and as for sleeping with him… God, its not as if she was enjoying it lately, more going through the motions whilst keeping an image of Nikki in her head - but she supposed Nikki was right to feel jealous. She groaned to herself. They were a fine pair, she thought ironically. They say that opposites attract, but in this case she thought they were probably more alike than they cared to admit. And with that in mind, she wondered who'd be the first one to back down…

The next couple of days passed without incident as both women let their feelings slowly stew, both too stubborn to seek each other out to continue the conversation. Nikki spotted Helen in the distance once when she was working in the grounds, but the Governor had made no attempt to walk over to where she was working. 'Sod you then,' Nikki had grumbled to herself defiantly, as she continued to attack a bush with a pair of rather blunt shears.

The weekend passed, then Monday and Tuesday without further sightings, then on Wednesday Nikki was surprised when Hollamby came over to her after dinner.

"Wade - Governor wants to see you. Look smart now." Nikki realised that Hollamby wasn't talking about her appearance, but none-the-less checked herself over, glad she'd put on one of her nicer tops that morning, and ran a hand over her dark hair.

She felt uneasy as she waited outside Helen's office. She honestly didn't know what to expect - was Helen going to welcome her with open arms or just tear her off a strip and refuse to forgive her, telling her that she was in love with Sean after all and it had all been a mistake… Nikki scowled to herself as her black mood returned, and then the door opened.

"Sorry Nikki, I was on the phone. Come in."

Well, so far no clues, but then there were a couple of others in the outer office area, and Helen was probably being as cautious as ever. Nikki followed Helen back into the room and shut the door behind her.

"Sit down." Helen said authoritatively, as she herself sat behind the big desk, hands folded.

Nikki slumped down into the chair opposite, for all the world looking like a sulking adolescent.

"How have you been?" Helen asked, her voice level and calm. Nikki looked up at her and gave an ironic laugh.

"Look Helen, we both know you haven't summoned me here for small talk. What do you want?" she demanded.

Helen's calm exterior broke then, and her eyes flashed back at Nikki's challenging glare.

"For God's sake Nikki - is this how it's going to be? I just wanted to talk to you about the other day. I'm still bloody mad at you for talking to me like that…" she paused and gave a resigned sigh, "but I'm sorry if I hurt you by talking about Sean…"

"It's not the talking that bothers me Helen." Nikki interrupted angrily.

"Will you let me finish? Thank you. What I wanted to tell you today was that Sean's moved out. I told him I didn't want to marry him." Helen stated, almost matter-of-factly.

This startling piece of news floored Nikki somewhat and she sat staring at her hands while she processed the information. Helen rose and slowly walked round to lean against the desk in front of Nikki.

"Look, I don't want to fight with you Nikki, please?" her face softened as she looked at Nikki imploringly.

Nikki looked up to met her gaze. "It's really over?"

"Sean and I, yes, it's over."

"Did you tell him why?"

Helen shook her head, "No, not exactly. I just said that I wasn't in love with him anymore, wasn't ready for that sort of commitment… he was angry for a moment, then he left."

Nikki let out a long breath. "So, where does that leave us?"

"Nikki, I… I'm still confused okay? And this situation, everything tells me I should just stay away from you, I've wrecked my relationship and I'm in danger of wrecking my career…" she paused, "but there's something between you and me that I've never felt before… it scares me that I can't control it…"

Nikki stood up and moved forward till she was standing in front of the shorter woman. She reached up to tenderly stroke Helen's face, all her residual anger suddenly dissolved by the way in which this strong woman suddenly looked so lost, so vulnerable.

"Because you just love to be in control, don't you?" she whispered, as she leant in to gently meet Helen's lips. For a moment they kissed slowly and tenderly, and then Nikki broke away. "And for what it's worth, I'm sorry about how I acted the other day. I was well out of order…"

"No, it's okay. I would have done the same in your situation I'm sure."

"Yeah, you probably would have. We're quite a couple aren't we?" Nikki grinned.

"Yes, we are" Helen smiled, but as Nikki leant in for another kiss she hesitated and gestured toward the door helplessly.

"Grrrr…" Nikki growled softly, as Helen made her way back to her side of the desk. "Helen, you're the Governor - you must have keys to every room in this place. Can't you think of somewhere we can be alone?" she said desperately.

Helen chuckled. "You know, I have been through the key cupboard twice already…" she admitted, "but I may surprise you yet!"

Nikki gave a rueful smile. "Yeah, well, make it soon - the whole point of this kiss and make-up thing is just that - the kiss…" she said longingly.

Helen smiled, "You can count on it… So, are we okay then?"

"Yeah, we're okay…" the inmate nodded. "It's still crazy, but we're okay."

"I love you…" Helen whispered, as Nikki rose to leave.

"You too…" Nikki gave her a warm smile and Helen was relieved to see that familiar sparkle had returned to her eyes.


Chapter Three

Helen made her way along one of the maze of Larkhall corridors, the institution green and grey walls giving her a vague feeling of claustrophobia in this windowless part of the building. She was on her way to see Dr Nicholson about some proposed improvements she'd been planning for the wings medical facilities. She knew he'd grumble at the inconvenience, but hopefully the promise of paint job in the dismal offices he spent his days in would sweeten the news. As well as the doctor's consultation room, there was a general eight-bed ward, and a smaller isolation ward. Also an unused nursery block, the inhabitants having been moved to F-Wing when the facilities there were considerably upgraded some months previously.

Helen paused outside of that door now, and taking a key from the bundle at her belt, unlocked the door and went inside. It wasn't a huge room - just six stripped single beds with matching cots next to them. A few remnants of its previous usage remained - a mobile of chicks and bunnies hung forlornly from the ceiling, and a few tattered posters were tacked to the walls, not to mention a stuffy smell of nappies, talcum powder and dust. But Helen was pleased - she had plans for this room. She was going to partition it off and create a comfortable area for one-to-one and group counselling. At the moment, the visiting counsellor had to use Dr Nicholson's sterile office, and the environment was hardly conducive to making the women feel comfortable enough to open up. Giving a satisfied nod to herself, she locked up again, and made her way to Nicholson's office, to inform him that the patients currently residing in the general ward were going to have to be relocated temporarily to other wings while the decorating work was carried out, starting on Monday week.

Nicholson had grumbled as predicted, but relented when Helen fished out some paint charts, appreciating that she was involving him in the decisions. He plainly thought the counselling idea was a waste of time and money, and hadn't hesitated in telling Helen so, but never-the-less, the work was all set to go ahead - he'd arrange to get the handful of patients relocated over the next few days as beds became available, and set himself up with a temporary office on nearby F Wing.

Helen's task accomplished, she made her way back down the corridor, and passing the door of the old nursery again, a fleeting thought entered her mind… this part of the wing was so quiet… no-one really came here unless they were sick, and it wasn't heavily guarded… 'Oh, Stewart, what are you thinking…' she mused, and then thought a bit harder, a slow smile spreading on her face.

Nikki was reading on her bunk as per usual after dinner, trying to ignore the familiar din of women talking and shouting, when she heard purposeful footsteps approaching her door.

She looked up as Helen appeared in her doorway, her eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief.

"Nikki, I wanted to give you these", she stated, holding out a bundle of papers. Nikki gave her a wry grin.

"Let me guess - geography, or Latin perhaps?" She rose to take the proffered paperwork, momentarily covering Helen's outstretched hand with her own. Helen felt her skin tingle at the brief contact, and ached to take the taller woman in her arms right there and then. But it was far too public - all sorts of people milling around. She could see from the look in Nikki's eye - a mixture of desire and regret - that she understood too.

"I can't stay" she said softly. "Make sure you read that lot thoroughly - you never know, there might be something in there to interest you." She gave Nikki a wink and left before she was tempted to stay longer and perhaps do something reckless. God knows she found it hard keeping her distance sometimes, just the memory of their night together, or that clinch in the shed, were enough to set her pulse racing. It wasn't just the physical need to be with Nikki though, whenever they'd had a chance to talk, to really be themselves, Helen found she had developed such a deep emotional connection to the prisoner… It seemed ridiculous, but in those moments of clarity amongst all the confusion she felt that somehow she belonged - not to a time or a place, but to this other soul that seemed to need hers with the same intensity.

Nikki watched Helen walk back down the block from the door of her cell, puzzled by the brief visit, and even more puzzled by yet another pile of papers. Obviously an excuse, but for what? Going back inside she sat on the edge of her bunk and starting leafing though, almost laughing out loud when she realised the course syllabus was indeed for a geography degree. As she turned the pages, a small slip of paper fell out and floated to the floor. She bent to pick it up, and recognising the rounded handwriting of the Governor, read the few short lines with a growing smile.

Go to chapel on Sunday at 7pm - I'll see you by gate to med wing.

Now eat me… (or I'll self-destruct)


So, Helen had a plan did she, she thought as she carefully tore the small slip of paper into shreds and flushed it down the loo.

The rest of the week dragged on, and once again, Nikki barely caught a glimpse of Helen. She couldn't stop thinking about Helen's note, and when the weekend arrived the days dragged by even slower, particularly as Helen worked a Monday to Friday shift so there wasn't even a hope of bumping into her to alleviate the wait.

Nikki was curious, but had soon cottoned on to the fact that some maintenance contractors were doing some work on the medical wing. McAllister had told her about the counselling facilities, a hint of respectful pride in his voice as he mentioned how Helen was 'really sorting things out around here'.

And it didn't take her too long to figure out Helen's plan. With the medical wing newly redecorated and empty, waiting for the patients to move back in early the next week once the paint had dried, there was obviously no need for the guard who was usually posted in that corridor. And as for the chapel, well, access to the medical wing was though a locked gate, just round the corner from the chapel… and nothing unusual about a prisoner seeking solace in the place of the Lord on a Sunday now was there… Nikki paused her thoughts as she realised that actually yes, in her case it was pretty unlikely for her to suddenly be seeking divine intervention, but she'd deal with that one if she had to.

Sunday mealtime dragged by, Nikki making sure she queued early at six so she could be out of there as soon as she could. She chose to sit by herself, and toyed with the kitchens poor effort at a Sunday roast - some rather fatty beef in a watery gravy that resembled dishwater. After scraping most of her plate uneaten into the slops bin, she retreated to her cell munching on an apple, and then gave herself a quick check over in the mirror as she cleaned her teeth. Giving herself a salacious wink, she took a deep breath, and calmly wandered along the block, not wishing to be appear in too much of a hurry.

The gate to the chapel wing was open, as always on a Sunday. It seemed that a lot of women had found faith to be their comfort on the inside - Nikki had never felt the need for that sort of prop herself, but she wasn't going to knock it if it worked for someone else. She glanced at her watch. It was 6.45. Damn. She was way too early. Although, perhaps it wouldn't hurt her alibi any if she actually put an appearance in the chapel itself.

She entered the room silently. It was an old style prison standard chapel with high ceiling and a couple of arched window with rather plain stained glass that overlooked the yard below. A simple table covered with embroidered cloth acted as the altar at the front of the room, but the fine silver and brassware to be found in a regular church was obviously lacking in this environment. A carved crucifix bearing an extremely distraught looking likeness of Jesus hung on the far wall, its presence seeming to Nikki more ominous than comforting, as she slipped quietly into a seat near the back.

It wasn't an organised service - that was held in the morning, but a rather informal hymn singing and prayer session, with just a handful of women near the front. There was no guard present, she noticed, relieved. Well, the God Squad weren't known to be troublemakers, and Sunday staffing was always a little down on weekdays. Leaning forward with her head bowed she tried to fade into the background as much as she could, discretely turning her wrist to check the hand on her watch. 6.50. Aaargh - were the minutes deliberately stretching out just to taunt her? She hoped Helen had managed to slip in without hassle… Wouldn't someone notice that she was here on a Sunday? It wasn't her usual habit… Well, seeing as she was here she might as well…

Nikki, head bowed, offered up a silent prayer to whoever might be listening that tonight wouldn't be the night that the star-crossed lovers were caught…

Helen approached the medical block from the other end of the corridor that led from G-Wing. The officer on duty at the gate house had been mildly surprised to see her on a weekend - she had made an excuse that she'd left some important papers in her office that she wanted to review before a meeting on Monday with Stubberfield - entirely too much information to give the man, on reflection - and made her way though the silent corridors, empty of some of the admin staff that usually worked in that part of the building during the week. Now, as she approached the medical wing she was mentally keeping her fingers crossed that she wouldn't bump into any of her colleagues. The shift was changing, day to night, so it was unlikely that anyone would be patrolling in that area. And if there was, well, Helen was anxious to check that the decorating works had been completed on time, wasn't she…?

She glanced at her watch - 6.58, and waiting for a moment, listened out for footsteps beyond the turn of the corridor where the gate to the chapel was. Seconds later she heard a door softly close, and then a few steady footsteps nearing a little. Taking a deep breath, she prayed that it was Nikki, and stepped round the corner, breathing an instant sigh of relief as she saw the familiar tall figure peering through the bars of the gate, with a look of matching relief. Quickly Helen approached the gate and unlocked it silently, pulling Nikki back along the corridor to the adjoining gate with the medical wing. Another key, another gate softly shut, and then quickly along a freshly painted corridor - lemon and a soft turquoise - to the series of doors at the end. Wordlessly, Helen reached down and took Nikki's hand in hers for a moment, pulling her towards one of the rooms, which she then proceeded to unlock, and they silently crept inside.

Only when the door was locked again behind them, did they fall into each other's arms, holding each other tight. The moment was broken as Nikki realised Helen was chuckling softly. "What is it?" she asked with a smile.

"Good grief - all this creeping about… my heart is beating so fast!"

"And I thought that was just the effect that I have on you." Nikki smirked.

Helen laughed, and then turned round to survey the room. It was the former nursery, now carpeted and painted in a comforting shade of soft blue with chairs arranged in an L-shape around a low table. In the rear half of the room, a false wall had been put up, enclosing a more private office space, which Helen pulled Nikki towards now. Shutting the door behind them, she went over to the newly fitted vertical blind, and pulled a cord to close the slats. The office was sparsely furnished, still awaiting finishing touches, but the main thing was a comfortable looking couch…

"Mmmmm… I do like your plan…" Nikki murmured, moving closer to Helen again, and wrapping her arms around her from behind.

Helen relaxed back into her embrace, feeling the warmth from Nikki's mouth tickling her ear, and… oh, soft lips gently nuzzling at her ear lobe. She shivered, and with eyes half closed and a content smile settling on her face, she covered Nikki's hands with her own as they wrapped around her body.

"You mustn't be gone too long though" she cautioned.

"It's okay. It's pretty relaxed on a Sunday evening - people do their own thing, officers are lazier than usual. They'll just think I'm in my cell reading or something - no-one saw me leave…" Nikki reassured. "We've got until before lock-up I reckon."

Helen turned in the circle of her lover's arms. "Better make the most of it then…" she whispered, before her mouth found Nikki's and the time for talking was over.

At first their kisses were slow and gentle, each woman taking the time to savour the taste and textures of the others mouth, whilst their arms softly enclosed one other. But then as the fire began to take hold, the kisses deepened, Nikki groaning inwardly as she felt Helen's tongue slip inside her mouth. She let her own tongue join her lovers as they kissed with a fierce intensity before breaking away slightly, Nikki gently capturing Helen's bottom lip with her teeth for a moment as she drew back. She heard Helen respond with a soft sigh, and the sound fired her up again... God, Helen was so sexy when she made those little noises…

Moving her mouth around to lick and suck a trail of kisses around Helen's neck, she let her hands roam down across her lovers body, letting a palm rest against the firm curve of a buttock, whilst the other she moved up, tracing the lines of Helen's ribs before moving upwards again to caress the swell of her breast. Her lips had reached Helen's pulse point now, and she was just marvelling at the steady beat of Helen's heart against her lips when she recoiled slightly as she tasted the bitter tang of Helen's perfume - eeugh… how could something that smelt so good on her taste so foul! Then all thoughts were lost again as she felt Helen's hands moving under her shirt, up over her breasts where they paused, cupping the smooth curves. Nikki moved her hands to start working on Helen's buttons, but before she could even undo one, Helen, drew back, taking Nikki's hands away.

"Uh-uh… ", she shook her head warningly. Nikki looked puzzled,

"What's wrong?"

Helen gave a slow smile, stepping back again. Motioning towards the sofa with a nod, she said firmly,

"Sit down." Nikki hesitated, still unsure of what Helen was playing at.

"I said, Sit Down!" Helen said authoritatively, her voice raised as loud as she dared.

Nikki gave a wry smile, catching on. "Mmmm… I love it when you get all bossy on me… ", and stepping back, she sat herself down on the sofa expectantly. Helen nodded her approval.

"Good. Now, about that little IOU from the other day…" she trailed off, and then, moving to stand in front of Nikki, but just out of the other woman's reach, she started to move her hands up across her own body, her eyes fixed on Nikki's with a look of smouldering eroticism.

Nikki chuckled. "Ah, I see, you make me wait two weeks and then spin it out even more… you're torturing me…" she said softly.

Helen gave a sexy smile. "Yup, that's pretty much the idea... I want you to really want me…" she murmured. And with that she continued to run her hands over her body slowly, circling her breasts and then eventually caressing her nipples. Nikki looked on transfixed by this unexpected display from her lover, noting the way Helen's nipples were standing out through the clingy fabric of the top she was wearing. Helen slowly drew the garment up over her head and tossed it to the floor, revealing her black lacy bra beneath, the dark fabric providing a stark contrast to the creamy orbs of flesh that formed her substantial cleavage. Nikki found herself licking her lips involuntarily, aching to bury her tongue in the shadowy valley…

Helen smiled as she noted Nikki's reaction, and again began to caress her breasts over the lingerie, tweaking her own nipples through the fabric, her face registering the resulting sensations she was causing. Then, moving her hands lower again she began to undo her trousers - first a button then the zip, and slowly she let them fall to the floor around her ankles. As she stepped out of them Nikki gave a low moan of appreciation as she surveyed this gorgeous woman in front of her. Black lace panties matched Helen's bra, cut high to accentuate the smooth lines of her hips and legs, and the fine lace detail barely concealing the dark triangle that lay hidden underneath. Helen was continuing to stroke herself gently, running long fingertips down over her belly and thighs, but never moving further in. She felt a mild degree of triumph at the look that was now plainly spread across Nikki's face as she watched her, her eyes heavy lidded, her mouth slightly parted in open arousal and desire - and shivered at the thought of the impassioned lovemaking that would no doubt follow.

Nikki swallowed hard as she realised her heart was pounding, and a low fluttering sensation deep within her made her muscles spasm for just a moment… Oh, God, it was so sexy watching Helen do this - not just the fact that here was this incredibly beautiful woman in naughty undies stripping for her in the most erotic way, but the fact that Helen would be so uninhibited with her, that she would do something like this to please her… and then it suddenly struck her as being pretty funny too in its own way - she stifled a small laugh as she imagined the look on… Bodybag's face for instance, if she were to walk in on them right now.

Helen looked momentarily perturbed. "Are you laughing at me…?" she asked suspiciously.

"No, no I'm not!" Nikki reassured, "Believe me, you look incredible and whatever effect you wanted this to have on me... well, its working!"

Helen grinned at her, "Good… then perhaps before I go any further…"

She approached Nikki and knelt on the floor in front of the low sofa, placing her hands on Nikki's knees and spreading them apart to allow herself to move closer. Leaning forward, she brushed her lips across Nikki's for a fleeting second before pulling back when Nikki tried to capture her lips again for a deeper kiss. No, she was having none of that - yet. And as for Nikki's hands which had now moved to stroke her arms and her back, that wasn't allowed either. Helen picked them off her one by one, making Nikki place them back on the sofa at her sides. 'So, this is how you want to play it', thought Nikki. 'Well far be it for me to spoil your little game…' she felt herself relax back into the sofa and surrender herself to whatever Helen wanted to subject her to.

Helen reached up to slowly undo the buttons on Nikki's shirt one by one. Reaching the bottom, she pulled the halves of the shirt apart, exposing Nikki's firm breasts held in a simple white cotton sports bra. With a low murmur of approval, she leant forward and began to softly move her lips across the exposed flesh, then moving her mouth slightly lower, she let her teeth gently graze across each already hard nipple in turn. Nikki gave an answering moan as the brief contact, but then it was over too soon, Helen moving onto her next teasing task. Trailing her fingers up over Nikki's thighs, she began to pop open the buttons on her jeans, although all the while being careful not to touch the woman's body below. When they were fully undone, she motioned with her head for Nikki to raise her hips, and then slowly drew them down to her knees, moving back for a moment to pull off Nikki's shoes and then remove the trousers completely. Then settling back in her position between her lovers knees, she let her eyes lazily survey the toned body in front of her. Nikki felt the heat rise to her skin as she watched Helen look her over like that. Oh God, she was aching for the woman to touch her so much.

Helen could sense the aroused state of the other woman, but was determined to draw this out as much a possible. She was rather enjoying herself - perhaps it was the control freak in her coming to the surface once again. She bent down to brush her lips against the smooth skin on Nikki's thigh, just above her knee, and then gradually worked her way upwards, in a trail of small kisses and little licks, her hair falling to lightly tickle its own path over Nikki's body.

Nikki shuddered at the contact of Helen's warm lips against her cool skin. The trail had moved further up now, over her hipbones, and across her belly, before it paused. She heard Helen give a low moan of her own as she looked down, her face only inches away from Nikki's throbbing centre, still modestly concealed beneath her while cotton briefs… Dropping her head again, she gently pressed her lips against the fabric there, the aroma of Nikki's arousal filling her nostrils as her lips felt the crisp texture of her dark curls beneath the cotton. Then, moving her head again, she trailed her lips down Nikki's other inner thigh. Nikki moaned again at the exquisite torture, as Helen continued to carefully avoid any direct contact with the parts of her that were aching so badly to be touched now.

"Please…!" she groaned softly. Helen paused to look up at her beneath thick eyelashes, thrilled by the look of urgent need on Nikki's face. Tugging at the waistband of Nikki's briefs, she pulled them down as again Nikki raised her hips slightly to help. With the briefs removed, Nikki reclined back on the sofa, heart pounding as she saw the expression of Helen's face then, surveying her most intimate parts. Helen bent her head again, and resumed her soft kisses, but this time moving her mouth closer and closer to Nikki's burning centre. Nikki gasped and moaned in response to the contact. She could feel Helen blowing gently across her as her body moved involuntarily, trying to prolong the touch of Helen's lips every time. The anticipation now was bordering on the painful, the frustration at lack of direct stimulation mounting, and she whimpered slightly, and whispered again, "Please Helen…"

Helen sensed that perhaps her teasing may have gone on quite long enough… so she continued for a few moments more, her hands placed firmly on Nikki's hips, holding her steady. Glancing up at Nikki again, she felt her own body respond with an aroused charge, as she took in the expression on Nikki's face, her head thrown back, breathing hard ragged gasps as she was obviously nearing the edge…

With a deep breath then she moved her head down once more, burying it in the smooth warmth of Nikki's thighs, and this time her trail of kisses and nips went deeper than before. Helen grasped Nikki's hips harder as she finally plunged her tongue deep into Nikki's centre, the well of sweet and salty liquid beneath bathing her tongue and mouth as she urgently probed and lapped, tongue moving up to flick against the hard nub of nerve endings, stiff in response to her actions.

Nikki gasped at this long awaited invasion of her most intimate flesh. Throwing her head back, she clawed at arms of the chair, needing something to grip hard, as the first wave of release exploded violently, followed by another and another as Helen continued to ride the waves with her, her tongue never ceasing its mission.

"Nnnnggh! Oh God! Yes! Helen…!" Nikki cried out, as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. As the waves gradually subsided, Nikki moved a hand with effort to stroke Helen's hair. "Please… no more… ", she mumbled weakly, absolutely wiped out from the strength of her climax. Helen, breathing hard, lifted her head then, and with a final brush of her lips over Nikki's tender flesh, she climbed onto the sofa next to her satiated lover, holding her tight and stroking her hair.

As Nikki's heart rate slowly returned to normal, she turned to Helen with a sleepy smile. "You know, you're very, very good at that, for a beginner…" she whispered.

Helen grinned back at her, "Yeah, well, you know how I love a new challenge..." she leaned over to kiss Nikki full on the mouth, Nikki's head swimming again as she tasted her own heady aroma on the other woman's lips. She groaned as the kiss deepened quickly, and recovering enough then to take in the fact that the gorgeous woman in the sexy back undies was now straddling her body, set about starting to return the favour.

Reaching around Helen's back to unclasp her bra, she swiftly pulled it down over her shoulders, releasing the other woman's full breasts. Pulling Helen towards her, she buried her face in the softness she found there, kissing each mound of flesh softly as Helen leant in for the contact, her own head resting on the top of Nikki's, planting soft kisses on her dark hair. A soft moan then, as Nikki took a hardening nipple in her mouth, holding it gently with her teeth whilst the tip of her tongue flicked over it lightly, and then sucked hard, causing Helen to moan even more. Nikki turned her head slightly to pay similar attention to her other breast, replacing the vacated nipple with her fingers as she continue to knead the pliant flesh, whilst her mouth lavished attention on her new task, sucking and nipping, urged on by Helen's soft moans, sucking harder as she felt Helen's nails digging into her back.

Pausing for a moment to shrug of the unbuttoned shirt she was still wearing, and allowing Helen to help her off with her own bra, she again pulled the other woman to her, relishing in the sensation of Helen's soft breasts pressing against her own, their hard nipples rubbing together. Helen was astride her, straddling her lap, and Nikki grinned as she realised what perfect access she now had. Reaching down she softly traced her fingertips around the edges of Helen's panties, noting Helen's shiver of delight in response. Then, moving one hand lower still, she gently cupped the heated mound of lace-covered flesh beneath, noting with approval the dampness that had soaked though the cloth. Helen groaned softly at the contact, lowering her body into Nikki's touch. Swiftly, Nikki teased the cloth away from Helen's soaking flesh and pushed it to one side, slipping her fingers underneath to explore the creamy wetness of Helen's folds.

Their mouths found one another's once more, fiery kisses interrupted by soft gasps and groans, as Helen moved her body in response to her lover's touch, and then a sharper gasp as she felt Nikki's fingers suddenly sink deep inside her. Nikki lowered her head to take one of Helen's breasts in her mouth again, licking and suckling as she started a slow and steady rhythm with her hand, pumping two, then three fingers deeply in and out. Helen was rocking her hips now in time with Nikki's movements, her desire overtaking her as she sped up the pace, sinking down further to make Nikki's contact go even deeper, urging her lover to take more of her… Nikki sensed the other woman's urgent need, and added another finger, taking Helen as deep and hard as she dared without hurting her.

Helen bit down hard on Nikki's shoulder as she felt the moment of release fast approaching. Moaning, and whispering barely-sensical words, "faster… deeper…. oh yeah…", she bucked hard against Nikki's miracle working fingers. Nikki, having a little difficulty now as Helen's pressure restricted her movements slightly, continued to keep up the pace, and then in an effort to send Helen over the edge, let her thumb start working too, rubbing hard against the other woman's swollen clit. The additional stimulation was all that Helen needed. With a final shuddering groan, she collapsed panting onto Nikki's hand, her body limp in the other woman's half embrace. For a long moment they just remained in that position, breathing hard, Helen's head buried in Nikki's shoulder. Then Nikki gently withdrew her hand, as Helen rolled over to flop back on the sofa beside her.

"Mmmmmmmmm…" Helen gave a long satisfied groan. "Thank you…", she murmured.

Nikki grinned at her, "My pleasure…" She glanced at her watch and gave a small frown. "It's lock-up in half an hour…"

Helen pulled a face. "Wish we could spend the whole night together…" she said wistfully,

"One day…" Nikki leant over and took the other woman in her arms again, bending to kiss her once more.

Then, realising that their time together that evening was fast expiring, they reluctantly got up, gathering their hastily discarded clothes and dressing quickly.

Helen returned the slatted blind to its original position, and looking around the room, checked to see there were no signs of their visit. Silently they made their way out of the room into the corridor, locking the doors behind them. Just before they reached the gate to back to the chapel corridor, they paused for a final lingering kiss, before Helen unlocked the gate to let Nikki through. She watched as the tall woman disappeared round the corner with a final wink, and prayed that Nikki would get back to her cell without any confrontation over where she'd been. Going back the other way then, she stopped by her office to pick up a couple of files to back up her story, and then left for the night, a secret smile on her face as she recalled the evenings extremely pleasurable activities.

Nikki was close to breathing a sigh of relief as she mounted the metal stairs to her landing. So far, so good, she thought. No-one had noticed her return and she'd hung around with a group of women playing pool downstairs as a couple of officer's wandered round, for all the world looking like she'd been there all evening. Just as she rounded the corner, she heard someone coming up the stairs behind her.

"Nikki," someone called. She turned to see Lorna Rose approaching, looking at her curiously.

"Yes miss?" she replied.

"What have you been doing?"

Nikki stiffened, scrabbling around in her head for an appropriate answer, but then she realised that Lorna wasn't being confrontational or accusatory - she followed the line of the officers gaze, down to her left arm, only to see a bold turquoise stripe of fresh sticky paint. Fighting back a blush, she tried to pass it off with a laugh. "You know me, miss. Never can keep my hands clean."

"Yeah, well - that's going to stain, my love - you better have a word with the laundry girls." And with that the short haired officer continued down the landing, leaving an amused Nikki holding back a broad grin until she reached the privacy of her cell.

The End

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