DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction inspired by the characters created by Shed Productions. Please do not read if you are under 18, or if you are offended by graphic sexual shenanigans between two gorgeous women… Comments always welcome.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written in 2000 - my first venture into fanfic, written halfway through season 1 when things seemed to be heating up nicely and I let my imagination run wild - before the library episode, although I later wrote that in. Consequently I managed to anticipate some of the future plot threads - e.g. the gardening episode with Helen's weedy boyfriend - really surprised me when something very similar to the story I'd written actually happened on the show the next week! I have also borrowed the library scene almost verbatim from the programme, so apologies for the plagiarism there. Anyways… this is where my story begins… Something has happened to make dyke prisoner Nikki and prison wing governor Helen Stewart realise they respect each other and could be useful allies. Following a fight between Shell (nasty prisoner) and Nikki, Helen has called Nikki to her office. Nikki explains situation begrudgingly, implicating Shell in Rachel's death (another prisoner) and naming Fenner (bent screw) as cause.
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Very Bad Girls
By Smudge


Chapter One

"Thank you. I appreciate your candour" Helen said after Nikki had finished her account of the incident. "Rest assured that I will get to the bottom of this, and if any officer is found at fault they will be punished," Helen paused as she caught Nikki giving a cynical grimace.

"Really Nikki, I will - trust me on that can't you?"

Nikki met her gaze - a look of genuine concern was on the other woman's face. She gave a begrudging nod.

"Yeah, right. I know you'll do what you can, and if I can help I will. They can't get away with it."

As she spoke she felt a fresh trickle of blood escape from the cut on her lip and put her hand up to staunch the flow. Helen reached for a tissue from a box on her desk, and rose from her chair to go round the front of her desk and pass it to the bleeding woman. "Here."

Nikki looked up. "Thanks" she said evenly, and then, as she took the tissue and dabbed at the cut, their eyes remained locked for a moment - then, a long searching intense look of strength, recognition, surprise, defiance even… A strange unexpected moment which left both women feeling slightly unnerved. Helen regained her composure first.

"You better go past the medical centre on your way back - get that seen to. You're not hurt anywhere else are you?" she asked. Nikki shook her head.

"Nah, a couple of bruises here and there, and I may develop alopecia - Jesus, why do women always have to pull your hair in a scrap?" she rubbed a hand over her short hair. "What happens now?"

"You can go back on the wing. Shell on the other hand may get a spell in solitary."

Nikki gave a nod. "Thank you. That should give her some time to cool down." Helen opened the door for her where Dominic was waiting in the hall. Turning to Nikki she gave her a brief nod "Thank you Wade. McAllister - take Wade to Med on the way back to D wing will you?"

Twenty women from G-wing were gathered in the rec hall. The Julies were playing badminton at the far end, and another few were clustered around a tape player doing a half-baked aerobics routine. At the other end of the hall, several women, including Denny, Zandra and Nikki were playing a competitive game of basketball. Nikki, in striped navy tracksuit leggings and a white vest was dribbling the ball round an opponent before passing it to Zandra and running to get into a position farther down the court. They had been playing for some time and a thin sheen of sweat glistened on her flushed face and toned arms.

Helen Stewart entered the rec hall, looking for PO Fenner. Spotting him further down, leaning against a door frame looking bored, she made her way down the side of the hall, taking in the game going on in the centre and acknowledging one or two of the women who muttered a semi-respectful greeting. She noticed Wade, ducking and diving around the basketball court, noting her tall athletic build appreciatively before mentally checking herself. Since when did she notice firm toned muscles on a woman's arms for god's sake? What was that about?

Suddenly the orange ball landed near her feet. The game paused, waiting for her reaction, and Nikki slowly jogged up with a lopsided grin on her glowing face. Picking up the ball, Helen rolled it between her hands. Nikki stopped a couple of feet in front of her.

"I believe I have something you want." Helen said softly. Nikki met her almost challenging gaze with an amused smile.

"Please Miss Stewart, may we have our ball back?" she intoned with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Helen's reaction surprised them both. Dropping her notebook, she bounced the ball to the ground sharply and proceeded to dribble past Nikki toward the basket. Nikki, catching on, sprinted to overtake her, trying to edge in for a tackle. The other players, sensing this was a moment of personal challenge, stood aside and watched in amusement. Fenner also perked up, scrutinising the episode in case anything untoward was happening - the wing governor running around the sports hall with the cons indeed…

Helen successfully side-stepped round Nikki as she tried to head her off in the vicinity of the basket. Scooping the ball up, she gave a jump and pitched the ball toward the net, where it rolled round the rim before dropping through, accompanied by the whoops and cheers of the women. Nikki had leapt too, hands reaching high to try and prevent the governor from getting a clear shot. Their bodies touched as they recovered from the shot, Helen instinctively reaching out to grasp one of Nikki's arms for balance, then, as she felt the heat from the glowing woman, she stepped back, laughing, and looking half apologetically at Nikki. Nikki met her gaze with a rueful smile spreading onto her face.

"Nice shot Ma'am," she acknowledged.

"Thank you Nikki." Helen said, and strode off the court, head held high.

As she approached Fenner to resume her business, she could hear some good-natured ribbing going on in her wake, targeted at the defeated Wade.

Helen was making her rounds before supper. As she walked along the upper corridor she could see that Nikki's door was open. Glancing inside she saw Nikki sitting on her bed, reading. She didn't look up until Helen knocked softly on the open door and entered the room.

"Miss Stewart," Nikki greeted, swinging her legs off the bad and standing to meet her.

"Hi Nikki. Look," Helen shifted on her feet semi-awkwardly, as she continued "about earlier…" she trailed off as Nikki let out a low chuckle.

"Yes, you obviously have hidden talents… I'm not going to live that one down in a hurry." Nikki grinned.

"I didn't mean to show you up or anything - please don't think that," Helen looked up at Nikki, thinking for split second what incredibly deep eyes she had, now twinkling at her in mild amusement.

"It's okay. I was just surprised."

"Yeah well, I have a confession," Helen started.

"Oh?" Nikki raised an eyebrow in interest.

"Yeah, I er... played for my university women's team for two seasons. We won the regional league both years."

Nikki laughed as Helen gave an apologetic grin. "I thought you were pretty nifty - that explains it. Well, what can I say… if you ever fancy a bit of one on one, then let me know…"

Helen suddenly felt her face flush as the double meaning hit home, and Nikki's eyes seemed to burn through her. In an instant she absorbed the room around her - a simple cell, with few embellishments apart from a packed bookshelf - then Nikki herself - changed into blue jeans and a close fitting top, hair wet from the shower and a faint scent of musk and shampoo in the air. They were standing close now and Helen was unable to break away from the other woman's gaze. Nikki too was surprised at this intense moment - she felt magnetised by this attractive woman. And attracted. Intensely attracted. Oh God… Taking a breath, she was the first to break the loaded silence.

"Well…" Christ, she had no idea what to say, but that was enough it seemed. Helen seemed to recover her composure, and with a cheery smile made a swift exit, leaving Nikki to chuckle softly to herself at the madness of the thoughts she was now entertaining. "Yeah right Wade, some chance of that happening…"

Helen lay on her back as Sean rolled off her and slumped back against the pillows. Their lovemaking had been quick and aggressive, initiated by Helen herself, after half a bottle of red and a long bath. She realised of course that she was trying to prove something to herself, that she was 100% rampantly heterosexual and in love with her boyfriend and all was as it should be. Forcing thoughts of Nikki from her head she had participated, hungry for the intimate contact and the feel of skin on skin, and desperate to relieve the ache that she'd felt below, ever since the little encounter that afternoon.

She'd come before Sean had, making him go down on her, and with her eyes shut and his head mostly under the sheets, his tongue, roughly lapping against her raw nerve centre, could have been anyone's. This thought made her shudder and she could feel her warm wetness mingling with his saliva. Letting out a soft moan she imagined what it would be like to look down and see Nikki's tousled dark hair, her head bobbing as she steadily licked in rhythm, circling her clit one moment before sinking her probing tongue into Helen's hungry cunt. Oh God, she knew she shouldn't feel this way, but the fantasy was so strong… she imagined Nikki rising to kiss her, tasting herself on the other woman's lips, gazing into those wickedly dark eyes… that did it. With a loud gasp she shuddered her way through an explosive orgasm, consciously biting her lip to prevent herself from calling out the name in her fantasy, but still silently screaming Nikki's name in her head.

Sean had looked mildly surprised at the strength of her orgasm, and then rather cheerily self-satisfied with his handiwork, so to speak. Needing his own release, he had climbed on top of her and proceeded to fuck her good and thoroughly. Helen welcomed him inside her, feeling the need to be completely filled, surrendering to the rising sensation, whilst trying to concentrate on her boyfriend and push thoughts of Nikki Wade from her mind.

"A-a-a-aaaahhh!" Nikki gasped into her pillow as her own release shook through her body in waves. With her free hand, she pushed some strands of sweaty hair out of her eyes, her other hand lying idly now, trapped between the mattress and the slowly cooling fire between her legs.

Nikki rarely bothered with self-pleasure - on the occasions when she did, it was more like performing a necessary bodily function, but tonight, unable to keep thoughts of the wing governor out of her head, she had allowed herself the luxury of a wild fantasy, and the results had been an extremely pleasant surprise. Grinning to herself as she rolled over onto her back, she closed her eyes and drifted into a deep and satisfied sleep.


Chapter Two

Helen hadn't been trying to avoid Nikki in the few days that followed their last meeting. She hadn't actively sought her out either, but the few times she had wandered through the wing she had felt mildly disappointed not to bump into the prisoner. She'd been busy with the investigation, shocked at the corruption and bullying that she was uncovering and angry at herself for letting such a thing go on under her command. The aftershocks of this incident were going to reverberate for a long time, she knew that, and she had to be absolutely sure that her decisions in the matter were the right ones. She needed to speak to Nikki.

A sharp knock on her door, and McAllister opened it to show Nikki in. He hovered until Helen motioned for him to wait outside, shutting the door on his way out.

Helen retreated behind her desk, indicating for Nikki to sit down, which she did. For an instant, she forgot what she had to say. Nikki looked fantastic, but… she mentally shook herself out of it, ignoring the butterflies she could feel in her stomach. She was vaguely disappointed that Nikki did not appear to be affected by her presence in the same way. She looked serious, and so she should - there were serious matters to discuss here.

They talked, Helen asking questions, Nikki answering as best she could, Helen occasionally taking notes. She felt herself relax into the role. Nikki was intelligent, and fair, strong principled and eloquent. She thought with regret what a waste it was for someone of her ability to have their life held up like this, to have society robbed of the benefits of that intelligence, and then reminded herself that the woman in front of her was in fact a convicted killer. A cop killer… However, the circumstances involved spoke for themselves. Helen didn't condone the killing of course, but she understood and even respected the strength that Nikki had shown to challenge authority when it was obviously doing wrong, to prevent a rape and then to be victimized and punished for daring to act against the police. She had no doubt that had the dead man been ordinary Joe Public, Nikki's sentence would have been more lenient, manslaughter yes, but she hadn't acted with intent to kill, not was she likely to re-offend. Vigilante tendencies, they had thrown at her. Christ, she'd stood up for something, she'd tried to protect someone she loved. Would she kill for Sean? She didn't know that she could, but she'd like to think if it came down to it she would.

Nikki studied the face of the woman across the desk from her. She appreciated the chance she was being given to speak up for the women and to try and eradicate the corruption that went on under everyone's noses. It was refreshing to have someone in authority attach value to what she had to say. She had had doubts, as had everyone, when they heard that Helen was to be the wing governor, but those doubts had gone now. Here was a woman who was prepared to be fair and honest, and who respected her opinions too, not just dismissing her views because one was the con and the other in authority. There was definitely a mutual respect thing going on here. Not to mention a mutual attraction thing as well. Although, once again, give the woman credit for not getting sidetracked with that when there were more important issues to be dealt with.

Helen shut her notebook, as they concluded talking about the investigation.

"You know, you're good at this," she said. "I've been thinking for a while, that we could do with a representative for the women to get involved in matters like this and be a point of contact between the inmates and the board. I think you'd be really good at it Nikki."

Nikki smiled. "From top dog to head girl huh? I don't know…"

"Think about it. You're good at communicating. The women trust you. You're not afraid to speak your mind. I think you'd be ideal, and there's a new government initiative about to kick off next month that requires all Type B prisons to carry out some surveys, get some opinions from staff and inmates, that sort of thing…" she paused, and then looked curious. "Didn't you used to run your own business? What did that involve?"

"Hiring, firing… " Nikki shrugged. Helen nodded her approval. "As I said, think about it. It would also look good on your record, of course."

Nikki looked thoughtful. A crusader for social justice, huh. "Thanks, I will think about it."

For a moment there was a semi awkward silence as they looked at each other, before Helen rose quickly and walked round the front of her desk. "Thanks again Nikki, you've been a great help," she said genuinely. Nikki stood up. "My pleasure" she said softly. Helen felt her defences dissolve as the smouldering look in Nikki's eyes returned, leaving her in no doubt as to what she was thinking. She had a sudden recollection of her pre-orgasmic fantasy a few days earlier and felt her face redden. Looking at the floor suddenly, and needing to escape their close proximity, she hurried to the door. Nikki followed her, and Helen paused for a moment before going to turn the handle. She felt something like static electricity shoot through her as Nikki's bare arm brushed against her own. Nikki noticed it too, and noticed Helen's reaction with amusement. She was making this woman so flustered, and truth be told she was feeling it too. She wanted to push her back against the prison issue filing cabinet right now, and kiss her hard. Instead she looked her straight in the eye and said "I'll see you soon."

Helen nodded and opened the door for her, then, closing it after her, she leant back against the door frame and sighed heavily.

'See you soon…' - Nikki didn't know why she'd said that. Strange thing for a con to say to an officer. Of course she'd more than likely see her soon, the woman patrolled her confines regularly, they were in a prison for Chrissakes. What she'd meant to say, what her tone of voice and the cool look in her eyes had said, was, come to me soon. Drop your defences and let it happen, be with me. Nikki gave a rueful smile to herself as she followed McAllister down the office corridors back to the wing. She had butterflies in her stomach like she was a teenager. Her knees felt fucking weak! Good grief Wade, what the fuck are you thinking!

Nikki gave a long sigh as she thumbed through the worn book. Her mind was elsewhere. She'd be trying to push her attraction to Helen out of her mind, but the governor's absence over the last few weeks, which should have given her some time to get it out of her system and face that fact that nothing could possibly happen between them, had only served to fuel this… crush, for want of a better word, all the more. The anticipation of her return, and then those weird little encounters they'd been having this week - it wasn't exactly helping matters.

At first, she'd been pleased to see Helen approach her as she was taking a break from her gardening duties one sunny morning. Helen had seemed relaxed and rejuvenated, their conversation was light and easy and then - clang - a bit of gentle fishing had hooked a piece of information that she'd hoped she wouldn't hear, but was hardly surprising. Of course Helen had a boyfriend. Sean. Whoop-de-do.

Nevertheless, she had been flattered by the interest that Helen had been paying her. Suggesting she could do an Open University degree - no-one else had ever bothered with her like that before, and the idea did appeal. She was fed up of letting her brain go to mush in this bloody place, and she'd read anything decent in the library at least twice. And lending Nikki her own personal copy of that book - good book too. Altogether, Nikki was extremely impressed with the governor, and still attracted for all the good it would do her.

It still niggled at the back of her mind though that Stewart's behaviour towards her was vaguely… what exactly? Maybe she was just enjoying having an ally, someone who respected her, a friend even - Nikki felt they were headed in that direction. Were there rules to say prisoners and screws couldn't be friends? In different circumstances she had no doubt that they'd probably have been really good mates. But she was sure that Helen's professionalism would always result in some barriers coming down somewhere along the line. No, that was a stupid idea. It was probably just a novelty for Helen to have a non-confrontational relationship with a prisoner for a change, where she knew that her behaviour had earned her respect rather than her position.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her and she sensed a familiar presence before she heard that voice.

"Romeo and Juliet… I'm impressed."

"Juliet and Juliet would be more my cup of tea," Nikki countered back, giving her a slow grin before rising to wander over to the shelves. After a split seconds hesitation, Helen had found herself approaching the taller woman, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Have you… never been interested in men?" she asked. Nikki smiled "Not my thing… no." She continued to leaf through a book, while Helen looked genuinely puzzled.

"But I thought… "

"What…" Nikki looked up and met her questioning gaze for a long moment. "I just haven't found the right one? No, they do nothing for me."

"How can you be sure?" Helen persisted.

"Same way as you are," she took down another book and then looked at Helen pointedly, "if you are…"

Helen gave an embarrassed chuckle and shook her head. "I'm not interested in women. Not in that way."

Nikki gave her a long amused look. "Well you should give it a go sometime. You don't know what you're missing." She raised an eyebrow at her, and with a smile, placed a book she'd just pulled from the shelves into Helen's hands, before brushing past her to leave.

Helen looked at the book in her hands - Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. Indeed. She smiled to herself. This was beginning to get dangerous… so why was she enjoying it so much.

The start of Tuesday's workshift saw a team of a dozen or so women gathered round the potting shed. They'd been told to expect a special guest. Nikki was rolling a cigarette, leaning back against the frame of the door and squinting slightly in the bright morning sunlight. Turning her head the other way to avoid the glare, she spotted Helen approaching, accompanied by a tall guy in jeans and sweatshirt. He was fair haired and fairly nice looking, and the pair seemed to be chatting comfortably - at one point he placed his hand on the small of her back to reinforce a point, and she'd laughed. They got closer.

"Everyone, I want to introduce you to Sean. Sean's come along this morning to talk to you all. He's a professional landscape gardener and I thought it would be a good opportunity for you to pick his brains, see if there's anything exciting we could do with… this," she waved her hand, indicating the rather plain prison grounds. "Anyway, I'll let him explain. Um," she scanned the largely disinterested group again. "Nikki, could you introduce everyone, and then when he's finished, show Sean back to my office?"

Nikki nodded "Sure, no problem." Helen smiled gratefully at her "Thanks." She turned toward Sean, who looked vaguely uncomfortable right now. "Sean - over to you… " she gave him an encouraging smile and left, stopping briefly to chat to the nearest PO on her way.

"Right then, well, hello everyone…" Sean started weakly. Nikki felt a bit sorry for him - he looked really out of place and very awkward. Stepping forward, she extended her hand. "Hi, I'm Nikki," she said warmly. "Thanks for coming in. This is…" she named the other women, who were beginning to look vaguely interested now Nikki seemed to have given her approval.

A couple of hours later, the small team of women were working enthusiastically. With Sean's advice and suggestions, they had sketched out a plan for an area of the grounds and were setting about digging up some plants and areas of turf. Sean said his goodbyes, promising to return soon to see how they were getting on. Nikki indicated to the PO that she was showing Sean back to the building, and the pair chatted as they walked.

She liked him. Hated to admit it, but she did. He seemed a really good bloke all round. Hadn't been condescending or patronising to the women at all, and had come up with some really good ideas, taking into account their limited resources and lack of budget. He'd promised to come back with all sorts of cuttings, and some bits and bobs to make a water feature even, and Nikki was looking forward to doing something creative with the meagre grounds, rather than plain old maintenance.

Sean had been grateful for her support during the morning. He'd seen at once what it was about her that Helen seemed to respect so much, she was a natural leader - the women seemed to look to her for approval and guidance and yet she didn't seem to abuse that in any way. There was something else he was picking up though - wasn't quite sure what it was, but he'd noticed the way she'd looked at Helen earlier. Almost like… well, she was a dyke after all and Helen was attractive. It wouldn't be surprising if she had a crush on her. But Helen was as straight as they come and, more to the point, his, he reassured himself. They'd lapsed into a companionable silence as they walked. As they approached the main building, he started to thank her.

"Nikki, thanks again - you were a great help."

"Don't mention it - your ideas are great - I think it'll really help the women take more of an interest - well, me anyway."

"Helen said you were already a keen gardener…" he checked himself - damn - hadn't actually meant to associate himself too much with Helen - she'd thought it best if the women didn't know he was her boyfriend.

Nikki gave him a cheeky grin. "Talks about me much, does she?" she enquired, a little spark of challenge in her eyes. Ah, so that was what it was, he thought. She knew about him and Helen… And, come to think of it, Helen did talk about her a lot…

Nikki ignored his lack of response and took him as far as the security gate to he administration offices.

"This is as far as I'm allowed. We'll see you soon then, with the cuttings?"

"Yeah, soon. Bye then."

Nikki grinned at him and flounced out, leaving him feeling slightly perturbed. She was cocky alright.


Chapter Three

Nikki was sitting on her bed reading, when Helen poked her head round the door after dinner.

"Hey, I hear it went well this morning."

"Yeah - thanks for arranging that - got some good ideas and in a few weeks time you won't recognise the grounds - there'll be a Larkhall exhibit at the Chelsea Flower show before you know it," Nikki joked. Helen smiled back at her and leant against the desk opposite.

"And thanks for taking care of Sean too, I appreciate it. I know the women can be a bit intimidating sometimes… He was worried they might jump him or something!"

"Ah, so that's why you entrusted him to me - 'cos you knew I wouldn't fancy him?" Helen just grinned at her. Nikki continued, "Anyway, I liked him - nice bloke… Not what I would have expected though…" Helen looked curious, as Nikki continued thoughtfully, "No, I always imagine you with someone… I don't know, a bit more feisty… a bit more… dangerous…" she trailed off, meeting Helen's eyes with a playful expression. Helen gave a tolerant grin, "do you now…?"

"Yes, often…" she said levelly. Helen felt her colour rise and broke the intense eye contact, glancing instead at the pile of papers on the bed.

"That your Open University application?"

Nikki followed her gaze. "Yeah - I finished filling it out, but there's something that needs your signature…" she fumbled through the papers. "The grant application…" Not finding what she was after, she glanced at the desk where some more papers were stacked, and rose to approach where Helen was positioned. "Excuse me…"

Helen leant back slightly as Nikki stood directly in front of her and reached around her to pick up a file. She was so close, Helen could feel her heat and smell the tang of tobacco on her shirt and toothpaste on her breath. As she made an effort to avoid eye contact that would surely prove way to dangerous in this close proximity, she realised that she was staring into Nikki's chest, noting the way the fabric of her t-shirt stretched as the other women leant round her, accenting the swell of her breast and the peak of a nipple. She gulped and Nikki stepped back, seemingly unaware of the effect she was having.

"Here - needs your comments on why I'm a suitable candidate," she indicated part of the form and handed Helen a biro.

"Right, of course - I'll do it now." Helen flustered slightly as she took the pen, their fingers brushing. Helen realised her palms were sweating, and reaching up to tuck an annoying strand of hair behind her ear, she tutted as she felt the pen tip against her cheek.

Nikki looked mildly amused. "You've just… the pen," she indicted Helen's right cheek, and Helen rubbed in the wrong place. "No…" Nikki stepped forward again. "Here, let me…" She raised a hand, and with her thumb, tried to rub the offending mark away. Helen once again tried to avoid eye contact, until Nikki having no luck, gave a tut, and then, placing her thumb to her lips briefly, extended her glistening tongue to wet the thumb before returning it to Helen's cheek, where the moist pressure succeeded in accomplishing the simple task. Helen could avoid those piercing eyes no longer. Nikki's eyes were sparkling with a mixture of devilish amusement and open desire. Her hand was still resting against Helen's cheek, and slowly she moved it away, trailing the very tips of her fingers ever so softly against Helen's full lips.

"It's okay you know." she said softly. "Just enjoy it…"

"Enjoy it?" Helen murmured breathily. Nikki gave a slow grin.

"Yes." she said "This. Us. Just wallow in the feeling… the danger… the electricity… the sexual tension… it's delicious isn't it?" she breathed softly, continuing to run a finger ever so softly over Helen's cheek, down and across her lips again. Helen found herself giving an involuntary shudder, inhaling sharply as she felt her heart race and a feeling low in her stomach. She felt Nikki's fingers on her slightly parted lips. God, she wanted her. Out of the corner of her eye she realised that the cell door was pushed to and then mentally chastised herself for being so practical at a moment like this. It was as if she was actually considering the very real prospect of…

Suddenly her mind cleared as her eyes locked into Nikki's once more, and then slowly the taller woman leaned in towards her, replacing her fingers with soft lips. After a split seconds hesitation she leaned into the kiss. Nikki was driving it, setting the pace, exquisitely brushing her moist lips across Helen's and then dipping her tongue into the entrance of Helen's mouth, trailing it across her lips. Helen gave a low moan, giving in to this tantalising seduction. She let her own tongue play around Nikki's lips, before pushing it further in, drinking in the taste of the other woman and moving her hands up to cradle the back of Nikki's head, pulling her in for a deeper kiss. But then some kind of reason kicked back in, some sense of responsibility, and suddenly she dropped her hands and pulled away. What was she doing? It was impossible. Taking a step sideways she shook her head, breathing heavily.

"I can't… we… can't… I have to go…" she paused at the door to take a farewell look at the prisoner. Nikki too was flushed, with a look of triumphant fire in her eyes… it was extremely sexy and Helen had to leave right then, otherwise she wasn't sure she could have stopped herself from… from what? She walked quickly down the hall, her mind in turmoil.

As she watched Helen leave, Nikki let out a slow breath. Wow. Who'd have thought it. She'd turned a screw. A straight screw at that. She still had it then, she thought ruefully, thinking for a moment of Trish, and feeling her confidence return for the first time since they'd split. And Helen was stunning, single-minded and tough. She admired that. And sexy - she realised with a smile that her panties were soaked. The erotic charges that had been flying around that room had been so intense. It would be very interesting to see what happened next.

It was just gone 11. Sean had called her at around 8 to announce that the landscaping job he was doing in the next county was hitting some problems. He was needed there early in the morning to take delivery of a load of gravel, and it was best if he checked into the local pub for the night. Helen didn't object - she was due to report to the governor the next day with some recommendations and wanted to finish typing her report tonight anyway. But she was tired now, and there were one or two points she was unclear on. Points she realised that she could do with a prisoner's viewpoint on. Glancing up at the clock she realised that lockup had just been called. But it really would help to get these things sorted out tonight.

Grabbing a file and a pen, she left her office with the light on and hurried down to the wing. Letting herself through the locked security gate, she made her way across the semi-lit wing to the night desk where Dominic was reading a paper.

"Evening Dominic - where's Lorna - I thought she was on tonight?" Dominic looked at his watch. "So did I. She's just running late I think. I can cover till she gets here."

Helen frowned. "Hmmm. Well, thanks. Listen, I need to talk to a couple of the women before it gets any later. I won't be long." With that she quietly went up the metal stairway, treading softly to avoid waking those women that were already asleep.

Minutes later as Lorna came dashing onto the wing, a vaguely annoyed Dominic forgot to mention to her that the governor was on the wing. He realised as he left the building that he probably should have warned Lorna - but then thought better of it. Wouldn't hurt Lorna to get pulled up for a change - he was always bloody covering for her when she was late.

As Helen approached Nikki's cell she could see a soft light shining under the door. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing, she felt like she was on automatic pilot or something, but she was convincing herself that this was for the benefit of her report. Carefully pulling back the hatch, she looked in to check Nikki wasn't asleep. Nikki wasn't - she was reading as usual by the light of a table lamp, and looked up startled as she heard Helen turn the key in the door.

Helen closed the door softly behind her, and stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. "I'm sorry to bother you, it's just that I'm trying to finish this report and…" Helen trailed off, It sounded like she was making excuses, and truth be told, she was. And she wasn't fooling Nikki. Nikki had sat up by now, and then she got out of bed. In the soft light she looked incredible, wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt which stopped short of her belly button, with nothing but brief white cotton panties below. Helen could see the dark shadow of her pubic hair beneath them and looked away sharply before Nikki could catch her staring at her.

"Helen…" Nikki said softly and walked towards her. For a brief moment they stared at each other, the surprise giving way to open desire, and then in an instant they were in each others arms, Nikki threading her fingers though Helen's dark hair to pull her lips to meet her own. As their mouths met, Helen's head swam. She felt dizzy with desire, with danger, and felt her knees weaken as she clung to this woman and gave in to this incredible feeling. This kiss was urgent, wanting, hungry. Helen parted her lips to allow Nikki's tongue to enter, feeling its texture against her own as she sucked and pushed and kissed like she had never kissed before. Then slowly the kiss grew softer, and she became aware of Nikki's hands, one in her hair, the other firmly in the small of her back. Her own arms were around Nikki's neck, and their bodies were close. She become aware of all the points where they were in contact, arms, hips, breasts. She felt her heart lurch with the intensity of this desire. She had never felt so desperate for sex before in her life, she was sure of that. She wanted so desperately for Nikki to touch her. She retreated from the kiss, pulling back to look deep into the other woman's eyes. Both women were flushed, breathing heavily, with the spark of desire dancing in their eyes. They knew what the other wanted and they were powerless to stop the inevitable. Taking Helen's hands in her own, Nikki gently pulled her towards the single bed.

"I feel like the big bad butch con," she joked. Helen smiled, relieved that the tension had been lifted slightly.

"Yeah, but who's the one with the handcuffs?" she quipped back.

"Touché," acknowledged Nikki with a grin. They sat on the edge of the bed, looking at each other. Nikki sensed that they needed to pause proceedings for a moment, to allow the reality of what was happening to sink in. Helen looked up at her, almost gratefully.

"You know, I trust you, Nikki. I've wanted you so badly, and the only reason I'm here tonight is that, well, firstly, I can't resist you, and secondly, because I feel like I can really trust you."

Nikki nodded. "You can trust me. But this is madness, you're putting your career on the line, you know that. If anyone was to find out…" Helen looked concerned.

"They can't find out."

Nikki frowned. "Who knows you're here with me now?" she asked softly.

"McAllister, although Rose is supposed to be on the desk. He might not have told her I suppose, I said I had to question you urgently for my report." Helen explained.

Nikki nodded. "Well, let's hope not." her concerned expression softened as she read the worry on the other woman's face. She reached up to cup her cheek, tracing Helen's jawline with her thumb. Helen sank into her touch, and then turned her face slightly to press her lips against Nikki's thumb. Leaning across she claimed Nikki's lips again, a slow exploratory kiss giving way into a passionate exchange, and before they know it they were lying across the bed, Helen half lying across the other woman's body as the kisses continued whilst their hands started their own exploration. Helen gasped as she felt Nikki's firm hands travel up and down her sides and then one moving in to cup her breast. Nikki felt the woman respond to her touch, the nipple hardening though the cotton shirt, and she began to undo the buttons urgently. Helen meantime was marvelling at the soft skin on Nikki's belly and then as she moved her hand up under her vest, felt the smooth swell of her breast, peaking at an aroused point which she gently squeezed between her fingers as she felt Nikki's kiss deepen in response.

Pushing Helen's shirt back off her shoulders, Nikki took in the sight of the woman's breasts, contained for now in a simple cotton bra with a touch of lace. The cleavage and swell of the bosoms caught her attention, and she raised her head to bury her mouth in the soft skin of Helen's neck, trailing kisses along her collarbone and then down to lick the shadowy valley, whilst with one hand she accomplished a rather impressive one-handed undo-the-bra manoeuvre - she was relieved she could still do that - releasing Helen's firm breasts from their confines, and allowing her to close her mouth over a nipple, sucking and nibbling gently, as Helen clung on to the back of her neck, urging her to continue.

Helen's pulse was racing now. She felt so incredibly turned on, she'd forgotten the danger, their surroundings, the inequality in their relationship. All that mattered was what they were giving to each other right now. Her hands travelled across Nikki's smooth back, and then she allowed one hand to travel down her side, over her hip, along the outside of her toned thigh. Feeling Nikki shiver under her touch, she continued - marvelling to herself for a moment that some animal instinct had overtaken her, and despite the fact she'd never made love to a woman before, she knew exactly what she had to do - she let her hand gently stroke the front of Nikki's thigh now, moving up to trace a path along the line of her panties, along the delicate cleft between Nikki's leg and body, and then further along, following the top of her panties below her belly, and then slowly moving her fingers down, feeling the texture of Nikki's pubic hair under the thin fabric, and the heat… the damp burning heat that she was causing this incredible woman to generate. She let her hand rest there for a moment, as Nikki released her breast from her mouth to reach up for a kiss. Again, their mouths dissolved into one another, before Nikki broke off and whispered "You're wearing too much - here…" and saying that, she reached for Helen's belt, as Helen slipped off her shoes, which fell to the floor with a soft thump. Pushing down her linen trousers, and removing her shirt and bra completely, Helen watched as Nikki peeled off her vest, marvelling at her pert breasts with their dark nipples rising into peaks. Only one barrier remained now, but that would wait for a moment.

They sank down into the bed again, allowing the full length of their bodies to touch, caressing each other lightly as they kissed once more. Helen could feel Nikki's thigh, insistently pushing between her legs. Her own dampness became apparent to her - she was sure that Nikki would be able to feel it on her own leg, and shifting position slightly she thrust her own leg to part Nikki's, feeling an echoing dampness push back against her thigh. Urgency returned to their lovemaking and Nikki could wait no more. Running her hands down Helen's back, she slipped them inside her cotton panties and gently stroked her smooth buttocks, down to the sensitive top of her thighs. She began to push the fabric down over Helen's hips, and Helen raised herself to help. Soon she was able to kick the panties off from her ankles, and she felt herself grow even wetter with the removal of this barrier. Now it was Nikki's turn, Helen tugging at the waist of her underwear, and soon, she too was lying naked. Nikki paused to look Helen up and down appreciatively. She did have a fantastic body. A nest of brown curls lay in a neatly trimmed triangle between her legs, and in the soft light she could see moisture glistening there invitingly. Helen too liked what she saw. Nikki's body was firm and toned, and a dark thatch of hair definitely warranted further exploration. Not for the moment though. Nikki was rolling her over onto her back, and moving down her body, trailing kisses across her chest, stomach, sides and then down her thighs and … Helen's eyes fluttered as she sank back into the pillows. Her fantasy was coming true. Nikki was gently pushing her legs further apart, and then, teasingly blowing soft breath across her burning folds, kissing around the edges of her sex, oh, so, softly, before letting the very tip of her tongue travel up and down the glistening grooves of her body. Then the contact was lost again - Nikki, teasing her once again whilst pausing to appreciate the beauty of Helen's most intimate place. Helen moaned softly as Nikki lowered her head again, and this time, her tongue licked more firmly up towards her throbbing clitoris. Nikki's tongue started circling it, and then lightly flicking over its very centre, the contact sending sparks shooting through Helen, down to her toes in white-hot bursts.

It wasn't going to take much to make her come, Nikki realised as she drank in the smell and taste of this woman. She didn't want it to be over too soon, so moving her mouth down, she probed her tongue around Helen's open hole, lapping at the creamy sweet and salty juices that were freely flowing by now. Pushing her tongue as far into the opening as she could and pulling out again she felt Helen convulse, and repeating the move, she felt her shudder again. She was very close now, but Nikki still didn't want to end it there. Moving back up Helen's body, she kissed her hard and long, realising that tasting herself on her own lips was making Helen even hotter. Then, she let her fingers gently stroke the areas where her tongue had left a blazing trail. Pulling back from the kiss, she whispered, "Look at me…" As Helen, panting and with pupils dilated in desire, met her look, she gently and firmly pushed two fingers into her. Helen gasped, but kept the eye contact, sensing that Nikki needed to watch her reaction. Nikki added a third finger, and began to pump her fingers in and out in a slow building rhythm. Helen tried to read the look on her lovers face - there was a complete openness there, there were no barriers between them. They trusted each other and they wanted each other and if she wasn't careful she was going to fall completely in love with this exciting woman who was now steadily fucking her, her strong fingers sliding in and out of her, and her thumb now joining in the game, slipping across her clit with every thrust. Helen could feel the heat rising inside her, her toes were tingling again - always a sure sign she was close to release. She was determined not to lose eye contact - the expression in Nikki's face was that of complete abandonment, and she could tell the other woman was getting immense pleasure from satisfying her. Both women were breathing hard, mouths slightly open, and their eyes locked in a stare of smouldering eroticism. As Helen's eyelids began to flicker, despite her efforts to keep them open and locked into Nikki's, Nikki increased the pressure of her hand, thrusting deeper and harder, and rubbing Helen's clit firmly, until she felt Helen thrust against her one last time, her muscles clamping tight around her fingers, and a look of intense release pass across her face.

They stilled their movements, eyes still locked together, and it was a few minutes before either woman could speak.

"Oh God… you are incredible," was all that Helen could manage to mutter, before once again Nikki's mouth found hers and they entered into a deep kiss. Helen felt weak from the orgasm, but also felt an urgency to touch Nikki, to bring her the same pleasure. Rolling her over, she swung her legs over to straddle Nikki, sinking down in an attempt to make direct contact between their burning centre's. Nikki thrust up to meet her, and for a moment they ground against each other, feeling the sensation of their damp hair and pubic bones push against each other. But the contact wasn't close enough. Helen kissed her way down Nikki's body, stopping to kiss her hips and belly, and then trailing her fingers around to the inside of Nikki's damp thighs. Nikki parted her legs in response, inviting entry as Helen, too impatient to enter into extended foreplay, slid straight to her dilated vagina and slid a thumb inside. Nikki gasped at the invasion, thrusting back into Helen's hand, and then moaning softly as Helen's head travelled down further, softly kissing her pubis and then finally running her tongue around Nikki's swollen nub. She continued to apply this sweet moist pressure to Nikki's clit and her hand found a rhythm, pumping her thumb as deep as she could. Feeling Nikki's hands grasping the back of her head, and her hips beginning to buck she replaced her thumb with two fingers, then three, and kept up the pace, Nikki matching her movements, lifting her body off the thin mattress. Once she slipped slightly, and a finger slid past the puckered opening further down Nikki's lubricated crack. Noticing Nikki suddenly stiffen in surprise and added pleasure, she repeated the error allowing her little finger to tease around the tight entrance. She was wearing Nikki like a glove now, her thumb helping her tongue to massage Nikki's clit, her second, third and fourth fingers, clamped together inside her open cunt, and now her little finger, gently probing into the forbidden entrance of Nikki's anus. Nikki tensed and gasped as she felt the intrusion, as Helen's fingertip slid into the velvety wetness just as far as her first finger joint. Nikki felt completely filled now, every part of her body was getting intimate attention. Helen was kneading a nipple with her free hand while balancing her body on her elbow. She felt full of pure ecstatic joy, and felt involuntary tears prickle at the corners of her eyes as overwhelming emotion washed over her and the orgasm began to build. Bucking hard into Helen's hand she spasmed violently, grabbing a pillow to stuff into her mouth in a brief moment of sanity. Shuddering again and again, until she realised that Helen had long since removed her hand and was now holding her, stroking her hair and kissing her. She realised the tears were rolling down her face and she was sobbing quietly. The intensity of the moment had been incredible and something she'd never felt before. She looked up into Helen's eyes, themselves misty with the emotion of the moment, and shook her head in wonder before leaning in to kiss her softly and slowly and deeply.

After a long while they broke away, and Nikki pulled Helen into her to nuzzle at her neck, holding her close. She glanced at the clock beside her bed, the LED numbers glowing. 00:53 they blinked harshly.

"Helen…" she whispered softly, shaking her slightly. Helen's eyes snapped open as she stopped herself from drifting into a satisfied sleep, and remembering their situation she looked anxiously at her new lover.

"Night officer always does a cell check at 1am. Perhaps you'd better go…" Nikki suggested regretfully. Nodding, Helen rose quickly, grabbing her hastily discarded clothes and pulling them on.

"How the hell am I going to get out of here without Lorna seeing me?" Helen whispered

"She'll check downstairs first, and then she usually comes up the back stairs. You might be able to sneak down the front stairs while she's heading the other way?" Nikki suggested, standing up as Helen prepared to leave. They looked at each other for a moment, almost shyly.

"You are incredible," Helen said again softly, and their lips met for a last soft kiss.

"You too. It'll be alright - trust me," Nikki reassured. Helen gave a weak smile. "I do," she said simply.

Nikki turned off the lamp and Helen opened the cell door a crack. From where they were, the guard's desk was obscured from view, but as the women heard the faint blip blip of a digital watch, they heard a woman sigh and the scraping of a chair against the floor. The jingle of keys then and faint steps as Lorna began her rounds. Smoothing her hair down once more, Helen turned to smile at Nikki, who gave her an encouraging look back. Slipping out of the door silently, she let it shut softly and dropped the locking mechanism on the outside. Then tiptoeing along the walkway she hesitated at the top of the steps. Peering over the banister she could see that Lorna was making her way along the corridor at the far end of the block, pausing once or twice to open the hatches of cells where lights were still shining from under the doors. As she paused at one such cell, and started a hushed conversation with the woman inside, Helen took advantage of the distraction and slipped down the steps, darting back into the shadows to edge her way back around the wall to the night desk and the security gate beyond. Turning the key as quietly as she could she opened the gate slowly.

The gate grated against the floor with a groan as the hinges squealed. 'Shit!' thought Helen to herself, and then in a moment of inspiration, set about opening the gate, and shutting it behind her as if she had just entered. As she turned into the wing she saw Lorna approaching her quickly, a look of surprise on her face.

"Miss Stewart! God, you made me jump. I didn't know you were still here," the young officer burst out.

Helen tried to look cool and composed.

"I had to finish this blasted report. Still, I'm done now. I just came to check that you were okay - I was concerned earlier when Dominic appeared to be working a double shift…" Lorna looked at her feet "Sorry Miss, bus was late."

"Hmmm…" Helen looked suitably unimpressed before continuing. "Anyway, I'm off for the night. Just thought I'd let you know." And with that she let herself through the gate once more and hurried back to her office, where she sank exhausted into her revolving chair, and let out a small moan to herself before gathering her coat and leaving for the night. And what a night it had been.

Nikki meanwhile lay back in her bed, having hastily rearranged the rumpled covers. She could still taste and smell Helen on her skin, could still feel her under her hands if she closed her eyes. She wasn't stupid though. She knew the situation was completely impossible and that would probably be the first and last time that would ever happen, but still, she'd have the memory. She smiled to herself and let her senses drift off into a deep sleep.

The End

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