Hi guys, not sure if i’m posting right or not (never used this format before) I was wondering if anyone can remember a fanfic where i think voyager gets home and for some reason someone decides to test seven to see if she is a threat and creates a bomb about to go off in the holideck or something and no one twigs on that it was a simulation until afterwards and after seven gets everyone out…at least i think she does (can’t remember). I originally thought it was in ‘rules of the game’ but it wasn’t. not much to go on i know sorry!

Thanks, Casper

I’ve never registered on a wordpress site as anything other than the owner and that’s done as part of the installation process. So I am a little clueless about what happens once you register on the site. Do you receive an e-mail or do you just log in with the details you provide or is it something else entirely?

Your challenge is to create a story, graphic or video that explores the idea of a new home. It could mean new quarters, a new ship, a new plant, a new universe or something entirely different, it’s up to you. No word limit on the stories so if you want to write a drabble or ficlet that would be fantastic, but if you write at the speed of light and want to submit a novel length fic by the end of the month I’m sure no one will complain (they might actually gush instead).

There is a second challenge… and that’s for someone else to make a post, because I’m starting to feel like a lone crazy woman shouting into the void. It would also let me know if there’s an issue with people posting that needs to be fixed.

I was just thinking about ways to liven up the new site and wondered if monthly challenges might be the way to go? What say you? Would a challenge or two prompt you to put digits to keyboard and write for our ladies again (or for the first time)? Or to place stylus to tablet and create a new graphic in their honour? Or even join me in a 3D modelling adventure that will probably take all year but needs to start somewhere?

Now that the lovely Seven has made it back onto our television screens, I was wondering if people would prefer to read stories set in the Picard era or the Voyager one? Or even in-between?

Not that you have to choose just one 🙂 I’m just curious about how our ladies’ dynamic might have changed since the end of Voyager and wondered if others were too.


By ralst

(I need to test the system and this old, old fic sounded festive)

Seven looked up at the dangling piece of greenery and tried to formulate a response to Ensign Paris’ overly delighted insistence that she should kiss his date. It wasn’t that Seven had anything against the idea of pressing her lips against those of the chief engineer and, if circumstances had been different, she would have gladly obliged but she just could not get over the simple fact that…

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Voq Je Bang’s new home is still very much at the bricks and mortar stage but with your help we should be up and running before too long.

Anyone who’s familiar with WordPress, let us know.

If you’re a graphic artist and welcome the challenge of adding some pazzaz to this rather blank canvas, let us know.

Together we can make this place feel like home.