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SPECIAL CHAPTER 4 AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'd be remiss if I didn't heap thanks upon Brenda S. (Mighty Editor Goddess), and Jules68, for their help in keeping this particular chapter from sounding cheap and cheesy. That said, if you still find it cheap and cheesy, the fault is entirely my own. This is also the last chapter. As the dawn rises over Seattle, so also rises a new future for Callie and Erica, a future I will only write about if Brooke Smith returns to Grey's, which is to say, probably never.
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Unvarnished Truth
By DianeB


Chapter 4

Erica rose to wakefulness as if rising from the ocean floor, coming to full consciousness cognizant of a number of things. One, she was fully dressed. Two, Callie was sound asleep beside her, also fully dressed. Three, they were on her couch. Four, it was some ungodly hour of the night. Five, she had to pee like a racehorse.

Gently shaking Callie, she hissed softly, "Callie, honey, wake up. I've got to go to the bathroom." When there was no response from Callie, not even a groan to indicate she had even felt Erica's shaking her, Erica tried again, this time with more force and volume. "Callie! Wake up!"

Callie stretched and yawned, but then clearly began to sink back to sleep.

Erica's bladder could wait no longer. She clambered from her position against the back of the couch over top of Callie, who responded this time with more gusto. "Hey! What the—"

"Cal, I'm sorry," Erica called back on her run to the bathroom, "but I gotta go!"

Toilette completed, Erica returned to the living room to find Callie sitting up, covered in a blanket (the very same blanket Erica had been throwing around hours earlier while on the phone with Callie). She also noticed Callie's clothes in a heap on the floor.

"Callie?" Erica pointed to the clothing.

"What?" Callie asked, feigning innocence. "I was uncomfortable and I don't have any other clothes here."

"Uh huh. Want a robe?"

Callie shook her head, smiled luridly, and patted the couch cushion beside her. "Know what I do want?"

Even though they hadn't played it very much yet, Erica knew this game. Reaching for the top button of her blouse, she began to unbutton it, pulling it from her pants in the process. Finished unbuttoning, she unzipped the pants and let them drop to her ankles, leaving the shirt hanging open. Stepping out of the pants and bending towards Callie, she quipped, "Oh, I know exactly what you want."

Callie submitted fully to Erica's advance, twisting to lie back on the couch and allowing the blanket to fall away. Erica couldn't resist the bounty of Callie's chest, lifting one ample breast and taking the nipple into her mouth, pleased to feel it harden beneath her tongue. Callie's accompanying moan pleased her further, and Erica could feel the result of that pleasure dampen her panties. Lifting her head, she matched Callie's moan. "Jesus, Cal, you make me crazy."

Callie mumbled something unintelligible and raised her thigh to fit it snugly in Erica's crotch. Erica covered Callie's body and mouth, riding Callie's thigh, and using her fingernails to scratch and tease one of Callie's erect nipples.

A moment later, Erica felt Callie pull awkwardly at the edge of her panties, clearly wanting Erica to be rid of them. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Erica said, "Okay, wait. Wait a minute," and reached down to peel them off, casting them to the floor. "Better?"


Without giving Erica a chance to get settled again, Callie reached down and drew her middle finger through Erica's abundant wetness, provoking a jerk and a startled gasp. "Ah! Ohmygod. D-do that again!"

Callie happily complied. And complied a few more times, without even being asked.

"That feels wonderful. Don't stop, Cal. Don't ever stop." Erica was content to have Callie stroke her in this fashion until the dawn, but after a few minutes, it became clear that Callie was hoping to produce more in Erica than just a wonderful feeling. Callie quickened her pace and between kisses began sultry talk.

"Erica…Erica, God, you are so fucking hot. That feels good, doesn't it? Mmm…yes, it does feel good, so soft and warm…and so damn wet. But you know what, my beautiful lover? I want it to feel better." On the word better, Callie slipped her middle finger inside Erica and stirred, using her thumb to swirl lightly around the slippery bundle of nerves standing erect at the entrance to this most private place.

Erica could feel herself nearing orgasm, but didn't want it to happen so quickly, though her body was gamely trying to argue the point. Forcing words past an insistent desire to let go, she growled, "Stop, Cal! Stopstopstop," and wondered if Callie would actually listen to her before it was too late.

To her surprise, Callie immediately obeyed, but not without voicing her displeasure. "Aw, what's wrong? Don't you wanna come?"

As her body simmered down, Erica was able to form a comprehensible answer. "Of course I do. Just not yet."

"But why not? It's not like it'd be the only one. I know there are more comes in you."

"Callie," Erica started, wanting to explain what she had been too nervous to explain during their previous lovemaking sessions, "what you were doing before made my whole body tingle, and that only happens before my first orgasm. I like the tingle; I want it to last as long as possible, but it takes patience and a slow hand."

"Oh, okay. I didn't know that." And with that, Callie arrived full circle. "I didn't know that, bee…cause instead of asking you, I asked Mark – and how the hell would he know? Shit. Right. God, I'm an idiot."

"All right, Cal, you can stop beating yourself up about it. It's partly my fault, too, because I never offered the information. But we're good now, and that's all that matters, okay?"

"Okay." Callie sighed deeply and switched gears. "I'm…um…can I go back…can I go back to what I was—"

Erica smiled, suffused with love for this sweet, childlike woman. "Touch me, Callie. Slow hand. Patience." Callie complied to perfection, and it wasn't long before the luscious tingle returned. "Mmm…that's it." At Callie's continued ministrations, Erica began to have trouble accessing speech, but she had one more thing to say before she surrendered to her body. "I'll…tell you…when…I'm ready."

"Okay," Callie said, but again expressed mock displeasure. "But tell me soon. Because, you know, as a surgeon, it really isn't good for my wrist to—"

Erica hushed her with a kiss and began to move against Callie's fingers. Callie was a very good girl; she kept to her slow and patient task. Erica luxuriated in the feeling for as long as she could before breaking a kiss to look at Callie. This was the only signal Callie needed.

As Callie's finger slipped in and began to move inside her, Erica immediately felt inner muscles contract around it. When Callie pressed the pad of her thumb gently against Erica's hypersensitized clitoris, there was nothing more to wait for. Tearing her lips from Callie's, Erica arched her back and moaned, as the orgasm took her in a mind-numbing wave of sensation.

As her surroundings slowly came back into focus, Erica felt Callie shifting beneath her. "Erica? Now it's my turn for the potty." Erica rolled against the back of the couch to give Callie room to get up, and it was then Erica realized she had never removed her shirt and bra. She was amused for a second at how absurd sex could sometimes be.

In the second following that, as Erica absently listened to the toilet flush and the water run in the sink, a curious hunger ascended in her that had nothing to do with food. When Callie got back to the living room, Erica suggested they remove themselves to the bedroom, and Callie agreed. Erica divested herself of the shirt and bra along the way.

Climbing into bed, Erica arranged herself once again atop Callie.

"Hey, what's with you, always on top? Is that a lesbian thing?"

"Oh, funny. No, I don't think it's a lesbian thing, but it might be an Erica thing. You all right with that?"

Callie pretended to think about it before responding, "For tonight, I guess."

Erica smiled. "Tonight will do. There's something I'd like to try, and I ought to be on top to try it." As she spoke, she began to move down Callie's body, stopping to place kisses on each breast and then further down to swirl her tongue in Callie's navel. By this time, of course, Callie knew what Erica had in mind.

"Erica, hold on. You don't have to do this, you know."

Erica lifted her head. "I know. I want to."

Callie's voice took on some of its earlier fearfulness. "But-but, are you sure? I mean, we haven't…er, there are no instructions for two girls, are there? How can you be sure you're doing it right?"

Something occurred to Erica. "Cal, would you rather I didn't? As I said, I want to, but I don't have to. Certainly not if you don't want me to." Erica sat up on her knees and waited.

"I-I want you to. But…I've only had a couple guys go down on me, ever. I don't think guys like it very much. Oh, they love blowjobs, but they're not much on returning the favor. But since I've never had a female lover before, I don't know, I guess I haven't really thought about it. How do you feel? You're not just doing it because you think you're supposed to, are you? I mean, there must be lesbians out there who don't—"

"Callie, for heaven's sake, we could go around and around the rest of the night about this. I told you, I want to do this. I want to please you this way. I can't say whether it's a 'lesbian thing,' or whether it's because it's you, or it's both of those things, or something else entirely. I just know I want to. As for 'doing it right,' can you just let me start? If something doesn't feel good, all you have to do is say so. Okay?"

Erica watched as Callie's face went through a series of emotions that landed finally on a decidedly wicked grin. "Well, okay then. As it says in Alice in Wonderland, 'eat me.'"

"Cal-lee!" Erica exclaimed, delivering a light slap to Callie's thigh. "I can not believe you just said that! That story's never gonna be the same for me! Shame on you!"

Callie, unfazed (and perhaps inspired) by Erica's scolding, dropped her eyelids to half-mast, wet her lips and mouthed eat me. The raw look of it sent icy-hot chills down Erica's spine. Struggling to maintain some sense of the moment and what she was about to do, Erica patted Callie's stomach and whispered, "Okay then." Shifting positions so she was kneeling between Callie's legs, Erica bent her head over Callie's triangle of black curls and blew softly.

Callie responded with a primal groan that sent another round of chills down Erica's back. Gently, Erica parted the damp curls to gaze at the floral workings of Callie's womanhood. "Callie, you're gorgeous here, too." As Erica watched, Callie's color changed from dusty pink to ruby red, as blood filled the intimate area. Saliva filled her mouth and Erica could wait no longer. Leaning forward, Erica ran her tongue into the glistening folds and was immediately rewarded with a moaning exhale from Callie.

"Oh…that feels good. C-can you keep doing that?"

For an answer, Erica repeated the action several more times. Callie responded each time with unrecognizable sounds of pleasure. To Erica, Callie tasted of brine and honey, though her sensible brain knew the honey part could exist only in her own mind. Erica moved her lips to the tight bud above Callie's entrance and took it fully into her mouth, actively tonguing it, but careful to keep her teeth away. Callie's hips left the mattress at this oral caress, and Erica, fearful of hurting her, sat back.

Callie was immediately apologetic. "Sorry, sorry. But that felt so good, I couldn't stay still. Keep doing that, would you? No, wait. Can you…would you…okay, for the record, this is not easy to say out loud…but…could you, you know…put your finger in me and your…your mouth where it just was?" Callie covered her face with one hand. "Wow, okay. That was weird."

Erica, smiling at Callie's antics, took the moment to reposition herself on the bed, bringing Callie's legs over her shoulders, where they bent at the knee so perfectly it was like the two of them were meant to fit together this way. Facing Callie's warm wet mound, the ache between Erica's own legs became an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain. "Callie, my love," she purred, anxious to continue, "I don't think you need to talk anymore."

Lowering her head again, Erica covered Callie's clit with her mouth, savoring the little bud's saltiness and noticing Callie losing the battle to keep her hips from moving. No longer worried about hurting Callie, Erica tried some different uses of her tongue over the entire area, and was glad when Callie again began to vocalize her ecstasy.

Slowly, Erica eased first one finger and then another into Callie, stirring as Callie had done to her. Callie's vocalizations changed suddenly to subdued hisses and her hips went utterly still. Erica knew Callie was close, and Callie confirmed it with a breathless plea.

"Faster, oh, please, faster."

Erica could feel herself getting wetter – as if such a thing were possible – and one more thing fell into place for her. Callie had mentioned blowjobs. Erica recalled how much she hated blowing guys. But this, this was something else entirely. Erica knew without doubt that she adored this.

Sidetracked by her thoughts, Erica returned her mouth's full attention to Callie's swollen nub, while her fingers continued their internal stirring, mindful of going too fast, even though Callie kept begging her to speed up. She didn't want Callie to climax yet, even if Callie did, so she raised her head and issued a stern warning, using her best doctor voice. "Stop your talking this instant, Calliope." Callie immediately fell to whimpering, and Erica was both pleased and excited that Callie would so willingly do as she asked.

In spite of Erica's best effort, it wasn't long before Callie's body reached the point of no return, no matter the tempo, and Erica could feel the contractions that signaled the start of Callie's orgasm. Erica, testing another idea, began to flick her tongue over Callie's clit, and immediately Callie began to pant, rocking against Erica's face, and then Callie spoke again, this time a hissing, one-word expression of fulfillment. "Yesss….!" Seconds later Erica's face was covered with the warm, sticky product of Callie's magnificent release.

As Callie's spasms subsided, Erica crawled up the bed to drop into Callie's open arms, bringing her head up for a kiss.

"Is that what I taste like?" Callie asked in a voice thick with sleep.

Erica, herself heavy with sleep, murmured, "Like honey."

Callie kissed her again and whispered, "Sweet."

Erica fell asleep smiling against Callie's lips.

This was how the morning light found them. Asleep mid-kiss in each other's arms, bedsheets in a knot at their feet.

As well it should, the future shimmered with hope (and not a little trepidation) at the prospect of these two women going forward together as a couple.

The End

There's only ONE thing TWO do THREE words FOUR you:
I love you.

-- Plain White T's, from the song, "1, 2, 3, 4"

You can turn the clock to zero, honey.
I'll sell the stock, we'll spend all the money.
We're starting up a brand new day.

-- Sting, from the song, "Brand New Day"

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