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By sailorscully


Meredith started her car and put her head on the wheel for a moment.

She wasn't sure at what point last night had changed from commiserating with Dr. Montgomery(-not-Shepherd) about the stupidity of their mutual ex-lover, to making out with Dr. Montgomery, to sleeping with her and who instigated it or what, what could have possibly possessed either of them to do such a thing.

And her lack of memory frightened her.

They'd run into each other at Joe's, of course. Addison had already been busy drowning her sorrows in vodka for some time, Meredith had noticed. And so she'd pulled up a barstool next to Addison, ordered the pair of them a round of tequila shots, and the two got to talking. It'd been tentative at first, simple, guarded questions and answers about their current cases and work lives. But soon enough, the tequila had loosened their tongues, and they'd gotten frank with each other.

"I didn't sleep with him again, after that prom, you know."

"Neither did I."

Meredith had looked at Addison, then, and they'd shared a smile - a smile of understanding and gratitude at their common bond.

Meredith pulled out of her driveway, headed for the hospital. She frowned, still piecing together the previous night. Shortly after, Joe had shouted for last call, and that's where her particularly clear memories ended. She knew that shortly after, she'd found herself sharing a cab with Addison, who had tried to give the cabbie directions to the trailer. Meredith had vetoed that idea, and gave him very clear directions to her house. After a pointed glance at Addison (Ah! Now she remembered. She'd instigated it, not Addison.) Meredith had tucked her feet under herself and put her head in Addison's lap, grinning up at the older surgeon. Addison had smiled, unsure, and she'd started playing with Meredith's hair. Meredith had turned her head to kiss Addison's fingers, and everything began to snowball very fast.

She'd given Addison the Look she used to reserve only for the redheaded surgeon's ex-husband, and Addison had visibly sighed, half a second before she'd hauled the smaller woman off her lap and kissed her fiercely, her tongue forcing its way into Meredith's mouth and deftly exploring its crevices. Her hands had started wandering every inch of Meredith's torso, but she'd pulled away soon after, as the cab reached the front of the house.

Addison owes me ten bucks, Meredith realized, as she pulled around the corner, Seattle Grace Hospital coming into view. She'd flung a twenty at the driver as Addison stepped out of the back seat. The cabbie had shaken his head and smiled as Addison pulled Meredith out and picked her up, Meredith squirming with laughter the entire time.

From there, Meredith could only remember the sex.

She couldn't remember going into the house, couldn't remember taking off her clothes or how Addison managed to do the same. No, the next thing she remembered was the feeling of cool, silky sheets under her back and the sight of Addison in all her naked glory, straddling her, smirking down at her like some sort of firey-haired demigoddess descended from on high. She remembered the feeling of Addison's cool, deft fingers playing over her skin, neatly manicured nails teasing her breasts and then dancing lower, lower. Lower over her belly, where they tickled her and started her giggling, and then lower still, ending Meredith's trickles of laughter with a gasp as those devilish fingers teased at her thighs.

She distinctly remembered muttering "Oh, Satan," at this point.

Addison had laughed at her, a richly beautiful sound to Meredith's alcohol-hazed brain, and simultaneously had buried a pair of fingers deep inside of her. Meredith had arched her back, moaning, as Addison continued to touch and kiss her in every wonderful place, electrifying her until seemingly every nerve was on fire and THERE, she couldn't take it any more, so she came, she finished, screaming Addison's name (her ACTUAL name, NOT Satan this time), and Addison laughed as she did so.

Meredith shuddered, a tiny smile growing on her face. Even thinking about that laugh haunted her, made things churn in her warm squishy places. But no, now it was time for work. She had to act professional. There was no way anything could go on further. And yet....

Meredith regretted not having the opportunity to return Addison's favor.

She stepped onto the elevator, pressing the fifth floor button. When the car slowed at the second floor, a rush of anticipation hit her like a punch in the stomach.

The door opened, and Addison Forbes Montgomery stepped on.

Meredith had wondered if Addison planned to forget the previous night, but the elevator doors were barely closed before Addison shoved her against the wall and pulled the emergency stop button. Meredith's eyes lit up. Oh, the Shepherds - well, ex-Shepherds - and their elevators. She grinned as Addison kissed her, moving from her mouth to burying her face in Meredith's neck. Meredith tugged Addison's neatly-tucked-in shirt out, and ran her slim hands up inside - but at that, Addison seemed to realize where they were, and backed away.

"We're probably holding some people up, you know," she muttered. Sighing, Meredith pushed the stop button, and the elevator resumed its path.

Twenty minutes later, Meredith was hanging around by the nurses' station with Alex, when she received a page. Her face flushed slightly, and Alex gave her a knowing look.

"Shepherd page you to the on-call room?" Meredith shook her head.

"Nahh, it's the queen of the vag-squad, at the nurses' station," she replied as nonchalantly as she could manage. "She probably has some new case to torture me with."

Alex watched her scamper off in the general direction of...not the Nurses' Station. He laughed to himself, disbelievingly.

Vag-squad, indeed...

The End

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