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By MyLegs

Alex sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for her girlfriend to finish putting on her makeup. For the first time in three weeks, she and Olivia were able to go out on a proper date. Their schedules, hectic at best, had been insane lately and left no time for the couple to do more than grab takeout and a movie. This evening's sunset picnic in Central Park promised to be full of good food, wine, and time alone.

"Hey, hon, do you have a jacket or something I can take with us just in case it gets chilly?"

Olivia poked her head out of the bathroom, mascara wand in hand. "Sure, Alex, just look in the right hand side of my closet. Take what you want."

Getting up off the bed, Alex stepped over to the closet and slid open the door. She ran her fingers over Olivia's neatly hung clothes, touching the soft cottons and rich wools. In the back hung two leather coats, a maroon baseball-style jacket, and an opaque garment bag. Alex took the maroon jacket off its hanger and looked around. She didn't want to be a snoop, but she was curious as to the contents of the bag. Quickly, she unzipped the bag and found a soft, navy blue NYPD uniform. The brass nameplate read "Benson." Alex couldn't help but smile as she pictured Olivia in the uniform--how sexy and powerful she would look. And with that gun and handcuffs on her hip.

Alex was so lost in her thoughts, fingering the gold buttons, that she didn't notice Olivia come up behind her.

"So, I always wondered if you had a thing for girls in uniform," Olivia whispered slyly as she wrapped her arms around the blonde. She made a mental note of Alex's quickened breathing and sensual way she massaged the uniform's fabric.

Alex blushed and turned, facing Olivia. "Sorry, I just got curious. I didn't mean to go rummaging around in your closet."

Olivia laughed and kissed Alex on the forehead. "Hey, my closet is your closet. I don't have anything to hide from you, babe."

After zipping up the bag and shutting the closet door, Olivia said, "Let's just hope you don't have to see me in this because of a demotion or funeral. But, if I ever catch you speeding, Ms. Cabot," Olivia smiled and shook her finger in an accusatory manner. "Now, let's go. I'm starved!"

The week had been a long one for the SVU squad. They had picked up the case of a murdered girl who no one could ID. In an effort to find out who "Cherish Doe" was, the squad planned to hold a vigil for the girl, hoping either the perp or a family member would come.

Olivia ducked out of the precinct early in order to go change for that night's operation. She and Elliot would be stationed among the crowd and Cragen had asked them to wear uniforms as a sign the NYPD was doing its best to solve the case. As she walked to her apartment, Olivia prayed the past few years of breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the run wouldn't stop her from fitting into the getup she had to wear as a patrol cop.

The trill of her cellphone grabbed Olivia from her thoughts. "Benson."

Alex's voice came through. "Hey! Just thought I'd see if you wanted to have dinner tonight?"

"You know I'd love to, but the squad is canvassing the Cherish Doe rally tonight."

Disappointed, Alex replied, "No problem. I'll just."

Olivia interrupted, sensing the blonde's change of mood. "I'll swing by after we get done, OK. If you order pizza, I'll just warm some up later." Looking around to see if there were any unwanted onlookers, Olivia said, "I love you."

"Me too. Gotta run. See you later tonight!"

Alex sat cross-legged on her couch, drinking wine and reviewing a case file. She glanced over to the clock-8:47-and wished Olivia would show up soon. But, work called her from her thoughts and Alex resumed her studies.

Slipping her key in the door, Olivia hoped Alex hadn't fallen asleep on her couch in the middle of a pile of paperwork again. The detective felt really pumped. It looked like they may have ID'd the little girl because a woman claiming to be her mother showed up at the candlelight vigil. That, plus the fact that her old patrol uniform still fit perfectly. Maybe it was all the sweaty sex she and Alex had been having in their nine month old relationship? Olivia grinned at the thought.

Alex came out of the kitchen with a refill just as Olivia walked in the door. She stopped dead in her tracks. Standing before her was the sexiest sight she had ever seen--Olivia Benson in her NYPD uniform. Alex managed to eek out a "Hi" before setting her wine glass down on a nearby table.

It didn't take too long for Olivia to realize her girlfriend wasn't OK. The wide-open mouth, the shaky voice. She moved towards the blonde, taking her in her arms. "What's the matter, Alex. Are you alright?"

Alex smiled sheepishly, "Oh, yeah. I just...you in that outfit...wow."

Remembering the incident from a few weeks ago, Olivia grinned. She let go of Alex and modeled her uniform, turning around slowly. "So, you like it, huh?"

"Most definitely," Alex said as she reached around the detective's slender waist and pulled her close. "I think you should go back to being a beat cop, just so I can see you in this all the time," she whispered seductively into Olivia's ear, just before kissing her on the neck.

Alex's actions made Olivia sigh with desire. Given Alex's reaction to the uniform, Olivia had a thought. Reaching around her back, Olivia gently took Alex's hands and moved them around front. "Alex," she whispered in a stern voice, "you know it's against the law to arouse a police officer."

Alex just stared back at Olivia with a shocked look on her face. Holding onto Alex's hands with one arm, Olivia quickly whipped out her handcuffs and placed the steel onto the blonde's slim wrists. At the first contact of the cold metal, Alex's blue eyes registered shock, surprise, and above all, desire.

The now no-nonsense detective put her face just an inch from Alex's and said harshly, "You're going to have to work with me here, Ms. Cabot. Perhaps we can work something out for your little infraction. Would that be OK?" Alex just nodded limply in disbelief that Olivia had picked up on one of her deepest fantasies, praying that it would be as good as she'd imagined.

"Great. Let's go into the interrogation room and see how we can help you out," Olivia said as she turned Alex around and led her to the bedroom.

As Olivia gently led Alex to the edge of the bed, she whispered harshly, "Now, Ms. Cabot, as an ADA, you know the first thing we do to perps is search them for concealed weapons." Grabbing the handcuffs and pulling Alex close so that their breasts were touching, Olivia ordered, "Strip."

Alex had never felt so embarrassed in her life. She couldn't move. Olivia removed the cuffs and crossed her arms in a menacing gesture as she ordered Alex to strip once more. "Let's move it, Cabot."

Slowly, Alex caught the detective's gaze and began to remove her button-down flannel shirt. She had nothing on underneath, but her rose-tipped breasts heaved up and down as she fought for air. Once she had unbuttoned the shirt and placed it neatly on the bed beside her, Olivia pointed to Alex's pants. "Slowly," she barked, "I don't want to be surprised by anything in there, you hear."

Alex stood up, and as ordered, slowly pushed down her pants until they were balled around her ankles. Stepping out of them, she stood before Olivia, completely naked. "No panties, I see. Didn't your mother ever tell you that you should wear underwear just in case you got into this situation?" the detective drawled.

Olivia sauntered up to the tall blonde and ran her hands up Alex's arms, eventually caressing her face. "Now, Ms. Cabot," Olivia whispered, "we have to finish our search." The brunette removed her nightstick from her belt and ran the cold instrument down the attorney's outer thighs and back up between them, finally running the nightstick back and forth between Alex's wet outer lips.

Alex trembled and placed her hands on Olivia's. Looking into the dark brown eyes, the ADA moaned for Olivia to take her now. The detective merely grinned, and turned the blonde around, moved her hands behind her back and cuffed them again.

Moving Alex to the bed, the brunette gently placed her face down and leisurely skimmed her hands over the pale skin of her captive's back. Breathing out a long sigh, Olivia said, "It's time to take care of business, Alex." And with that, she began to massage the counselor's ass and moved slowly into the dampness between Alex's legs.

The blonde began to moan and Olivia smiled just before she buried her face in the attorney's moist pussy, licking, sucking and moaning herself. It wasn't long before the detective frantically unzipped her own pants and began to satisfy herself as she worked on her prone, handcuffed partner. Alex thrashed about in pleasure, groaning Olivia's name as she reached her climax. This, and a little extra pressure brought Olivia over the edge too.

Realizing that the attorney was still cuffed, the brunette reached up and undid the handcuffs and gently kissed Alex's red-marked wrists.

Olivia wrapped her arms around the nude blonde. "Wow, baby, I never knew that you had such a thing for a girl in uniform," Olivia remarked. Still breathing hard, Alex giggled into the detective's dark blue shirt. "Yeah, well, just hope I don't ever get pulled over by a female patrol officer. This little scene might happen for real."

The End

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