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Two Can Play
By lostingeekdom


Chapter 1

Izzie watched Addison make her way across the room to the coffee machine. She could see the weariness dimming those languorously beautiful eyes - the eyes that had always fascinated Izzie, even in the moments when she was ready to throttle Addison for being such an unfeeling bitch. The crazy imp of mischief in the back of her mind suddenly surged forward, and she was seized with an impulse to shake up her calm.

Sipping that welcome shot of coffee, Addison looked up to see Izzie saunter towards her, an unholy gleam sparkling in her eyes.

"Well?" Izzie smirked.

"Well what"?

"Are you just going to discreetly ogle me all day, or do something about it?"

Choking on her hasty covering sip, Addison sputtered "I wasn't ogling. I was observing you interact with the patients. You are supposed to be working under me this week."

Izzie's grin widened wickedly at the unintentional double entendre, "Oh believe me, I have been trying, very hard, to work under you." She leaned closer as Addison backed herself into the table. "So, what are you going to do about it?" she goaded.

Fuck it! Addison thought as she looked at the smirking face. Two can play this game.

Leaning back casually on the desk, she locked her eyes with Izzie's, a slow smile curling on her enticing lips.

Oh help... Izzie's smirk began to fade when she realized that she had needled Addie too far, and a curl of anticipation mixed with trepidation started in the pit of her stomach, and set her heart racing double time.

"You want to know what I'll do about it?" She slowly reached forward and hooked her fingers into the pants of Izzie's scrubs, right where her pager had scrunched up the shirt, exposing a tantalizing strip of skin. Addison had been fantasizing about that little strip for far too long, and couldn't resist the tempting opportunity.

Izzie felt the back of those delicately strong fingers brush, and then firmly push against her skin, and shivered.

Addison straightened up, bringing her face close to Izzie's, their lips barely a breath away from each other.

"Do you really want to know?" she whispered.

Izzie swallowed hard, the tip of her tongue snuck out involuntarily to moisten her parched lips, and she jerked a quick nod of assent.

They stood there for a long moment, looking at each other unwaveringly, until Izzie was almost ready to scream with frustration.

"Not a thing," said Addison, as she stepped aside, turned her back on Izzie and sashayed her way out of the room, a big grin on her face.

This, she thought as she heard Izzie let out a muted yelp of frustration, was going to be so much fun.


Chapter 2

Why did I ever think this would be fun?

Frustrated, Addison blew off the wayward strands of hair falling over her eyes.

Shooting. Self. Foot. She softly thumped her head on the locker door. Why do I do this to myself?

Sure, it had been fun, getting a rise out of Izzie and leaving her hanging. Unfortunately, it worked both ways.

Hanging. Frustrated. Hanging. Frustrated. Hanging .... Aaaarrrgh!

She wanted Izzie bad, but couldn't give in this easily. Or early. That would give Izzie an advantage which Addison was not willing to concede. Especially not after her latest shenanigans. Izzie had turned more aggressive and had taken to stalking and tormenting her. It was as if she had spycams all over the hospital, and knew exactly where to find Addison at any moment. The increasingly creative ways she seemed to have found to brush up against Addison, accompanied by sometimes heated, sometimes oh-so-innocent glances were beginning to have an effect. And to top it all off, Izzie had practically gone orgasmic at lunch over a chocolate eclair, moaning loudly, continuously licking her lips and fingers, all the while making sure Addison got the full effects sitting in her corner while pushing at her boring salad. How she refrained from jumping up and marching across to the table, haul Izzie up by the lapels, lick the chocolate from the corners of her mouth and give her something real to moan about, she didn't know. Remembering it again made Addison want to scream in frustration, but also brought a wicked smile to her face, thinking about the reactions of everyone if she did just that.

God! She needed a cold shower, she needed to pound at a punching bag, run a marathon, climb the walls, anything to relieve the frustration. No, she needed Izzie. Needed to feel her again, close to her, under her, hungry mouth to hungry mouth, frantic fingers tearing at clothes to feel the softness, and leave bruises of desperate need on velvety smooth skins.

Scowling, she walked out to the reception desk to pick up her charts. From the corner of her eyes, she caught Alex trying to sneak away before she saw him.

"Dr. Karev! Just the man I wanted to see."

Oh Fuck! Who pissed her off now? Alex knew that look. This would be another horribly long day as Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepard's indentured slave and whipping boy.

"Ok, give. What was all that moaning about this afternoon?" Cristina pinned Izzie with a look.

"Who's moaning? Why are they moaning? Was it good moaning?" Meredith sat down next to Cristina, and ordered a martini.

"Izzie. At lunch. You missed it. Where were you? Stuck in an elevator again?"

"Uh, no .. I was running an errand. Doc needed to go to the vet again" she mumbled and buried her face in the drink.

Cristina gave her a disgusted look, and turned her attention back to Izzie.

"Come on. Who was that performance for?"

"I wasn't performing. I was just enjoying the eclair!" Izzie exclaimed.

"Uh huh," George chimed in, "I'm your roommate, remember? I've heard you moan before. This was different."

"Good different or bad different?" Meredith popped the olive in her mouth.

Frowning, George thought about it for a moment. "I'm not sure yet. But it was certainly louder. So maybe good different."

"What? Alex couldn't get the same response as a chocolate eclair? He must have really sucked," Cristina smirked.

"Well, you didn't hear us when we were at it in the supply closet," Izzie tried to defend herself.

"My point exactly," grabbing the pitcher, Cristina topped her glass off again.

"The shelves were a bit uncomfortable." Izzie finally conceded. "And he is a jackass."

"Which brings me back to the question. What was all the moaning for? Definitely not for the benefit of Alex Karev. And I don't remember any other hot guys in the cafeteria."

"Well, maybe not guys, but Dr. Montgomery Shepard was there, and she is hot," George gave Meredith a half-apologetic, half defiant glance as he said this, and so missed seeing the sudden flush on Izzie's face. But sharp eyed Cristina caught it, the hand holding the pint of beer stopped half way to her mouth, and stared at Izzie. Meredith caught Cristina's reaction.

"Addison? Seriously?!"



Caught out, Izzie finally admitted "Seriously."


Chapter 3

"So, what do we call her now?"

Cristina's question kickstarted the topic everyone wanted to discuss.

"I thought she was McSatan."

Izzie glared at Meredith. "Do you want to die? Besides, why do you care anymore? I thought you were doing the deed with McScruffy."

"Point take. But Derek and I are still friends."

Snorting in response, Cristina fired back at Meredith, "Quit bullshitting yourself and everyone else. Look, if you still want him hanging around you, help Izzie with Addison. That way everyone wins."

Meredith took a moment to digest that.

"When you put it like that .. ok. But do we really need to give her a new nickname?"

"It's the principle of the thing. Find an Attending hot, they get a nickname."

"Burke doesn't have one."

"Yes he does. And I'm not telling. Don't even ask. And don't even try giving him one. You tend to have a bad effect on nicknamed men."

"Guys, this conversation is NOT about Meredith. Get back to the topic."

"What's the topic?" George finally wandered in.

"A nickname for Addison," Izzie greeted him with a relieved smile.







"McEyes!" Just thinking about those eyes had Izzie going all dreamy again.

"Mmmm .. Eyes. She does have those gorgeous lids. Kinda sucks you in, and you think of bedrooms and hot sex and tangled sheets and ..." Meredith's voice trailed off when she noticed the dropped jaws.

"What? Why are you all looking at me like that? I'm just saying! I was trying to see why Derek liked her."

"Yeah, right. Izzie has claimed first dibs, so you'll have to stand in line behind me."


"What? I've got eyes too. And just because I'm with Burke doesn't mean that I wouldn't tap that if I got a chance."

George just sat there, looking at everyone in dazed disbelief. He was literally seeing his fantasy come to life.

"Anyway, let's get to the interesting part." There was an anticipatory grin on Cristina's face. "Did you guys get hot and heavy yet?"

"Yeah! And where?"


"Hey, I'm just asking you the questions you asked me."

"I just asked where you slept."

"Same difference."

"No, it's not."

"Yes it is."

"No, it's not .. I was worried about you."

"You were being nosy and pissy."

"Guys! Shut up!" Meredith kicked Izzie sharply under the table.


"You're stalling. Answer. Did you do it?"

Cristina shook her head in disbelief when she read the answer on Izzie's face.

"You didn't. Did you at least kiss her?"

"Does 'almost' count?"

"NO!!!" George, Meredith and Cristina practically shouted.

"Umm .. then no."

"Dude. Seriously. Do I have to disown you as a friend? How come you haven't kissed her?" Cristina was incredulous.

"I almost did. We were so close .. but she walked away."

"And you let her? Are you waiting for her to come and kiss you? You want to kiss someone, you go kiss them. It isn't like she isn't interested. I saw the way she was checking out your scrubs. Dude. Trust me. This is a power game you don't want to lose. You can't let her boss you in and out of the bed."

Meredith and George nodded their heads in agreement.

"I need to get in her bed first before I worry about who's the boss."

"Then why are you wasting your time here?"

All three crooked their eyebrows at her.

"She said she was going to catch a nap in the on-call room as I was leaving," George offered helpfully.

A slow smile heated up Izzie's face. Finishing her drink, she got up.

"You're right. It's time for action."


Chapter 4

Addison put her hand on Izzie's abdomen and pushed her until her back hit the lockers. Pinning the arms above her head with one hand, she held them at the crossed wrists, her thumb pressed against the thumping pulse. Her free hand now roamed the length of Izzie's back, and finally came to rest just above the curve of her very tempting derrierre. Slowly, caressingly, she pulled her closer until they were touching, hip to hip, and she leaned in closer to finally claim her kiss.

"I'm cooking trout for breakfast."

"Huh? What?" Addison looked down at the sound of the voice and saw Derek standing at the inside the locker next to her.

"What are you doing in a closet?"

"It's not a closet, it's a locker. I live in it. I like living in it."

This is not happening. Not now. Go away. She banged the door of the locker shut and turned back to Izzie -

who was no longer there. Bewildered, she turned and looked around -

and saw Izzie standing at the door. With Meredith. In a tongues-checking-out-tonsils style passionate clinch. Izzie broke it off for a moment, looked at Addison with a smile, and said, "You waited too long." A smirking Meredith added "She's my ju-ju."

Oh no bitch. You don't steal my lines and my girl. Infuriated, Addison advanced purposefully towards them. But giggling, they ran right into the locker next to Derek's and shut the door behind them with a loud -


Waking up with a jerk, Addison blinked for a moment, disoriented, with the sight of Meredith and Izzie making out still vivid in her mind. It was all kinds of wrong, and yet somehow, extremely hot. Looking around, she saw the reason her rest had been disturbed.

"Dr. Karev. What do you think you're doing here?"

"Catching some sleep?"

"Did I tell you you could? If I didn't get to go home, you don't get to sleep. We have three women in there about to pop and I want you watching them all."

"They're fine. Resting. There's nothing to do. The nurses will call if they need us."

"I didn't ask them to do it. I asked you. Do the job you've been assigned, Dr. Karev."

Alex walked off sulking, and closed the door behind him with another bang. With a sigh, Addison decided not to try and sleep again. She couldn't put up with much more of those dreams. It was time to get some coffee.

Meanwhile, a determined Izzie walked back into the hospital. This time, she wouldn't let Addison get away with her continued torture. Oh no, this time the beast would be fed. This time, she would feel that body, all the way, and run her fingers through that glorious hair. With her palms getting slightly damp with the excitement of anticipation, Izzie opened the door to the on-call room and flipped on the lights - and stood there staring blankly into the room in disappointment.

No Addison.

Only her white coat remained on the bed. Slowly, she picked it up, her fingers brushing away the miniscule bits of lint. She could almost feel a slight warmth to it, and a scent that seemed like a mixture of sandalwood and rose and Addison wafted up. Bringing it up to her face, she inhaled deeply, and tried to tamp down her extreme disappointment.

Addison watched her from the door, mesmerized by the look of intense longing on Izzie's face. Coffee be damned. Putting her cup down on the table, she gently pulled the door shut behind her and walked up behind Izzie. Slowly, she slid her arms around her waist, pulling them closer. Izzie dropped coat, and covered Addison's hands with her own and leaned back with a smile on her face. They stood that way for a moment, cheek to cheek, nuzzling, savoring, anticipating. Then Addison moved back a bit, and lowered her mouth to Izzie's nape, tasting the slight saltiness of her skin, and she felt Izzie tremble slightly against her lips. Izzie turned around slowly, and they stood there for a few moments, inches apart, looking into each others eyes, searching, wanting, confirming, their breaths getting deeper, heavier, the rythem of their hearts picking up enough to feel that slight fluttering and a tingling feeling that spread outwards, alerting every nerve, every hair and heightening sensitivity.

Addison slowly raised her hand and trailed a delicate finger down Izzie's face, tracing it. Felt the softness of the hair falling over the face, and tucked it gently behind her ear. She let the finger wander downwards, on her neck, her nape and the line of her jaw. She felt Izzie swallowing hard against her palm, and felt the soft sigh that escaped from her. Addison enjoyed the sensations, the closeness and stood there, absorbing Izzie into her senses, savoring the closeness and drawing it out. Slowly, ever so slowy, she brought their faces closer, almost touching, close enough to brush noses, and then tilting her head slightly, slowly brushing her lips with a delicate, fleeting touch that just hovered. She slipped her hand behind Izzie's neck, just to feel the warmth, the texture and solidity of contact, and still brushing lips, still drawing it out. She could feel Izzie trying to remain still, but trembling like a finely stretched string, taut with an ever increasing need.

She let her hands travel down Izzie's arms until their palms came into contact, lacing their fingers, and then deliberately pushing Izzie's arms behind her back where she held them, captive. Suddenly, she could take it no more. She was done with slow. Almost roughly, she pulled Izzie into her, while she leant forward, making Izzie arch up until their bodies touched and held flush against each other, no space in between, just a rising heat and thudding hearts. And then she kissed her - a breath stealing, full on, locked down, heart thumping, brain scrambling kiss that neither could let go.

Finally, they broke off for a moment to gulp down air, and Izzie trailed a line of soft, open mouthed kisses along Addison's neck and jaw, until she reached her ear, and whispered, "No more games."

Addison turned her head to look into her eyes. She pushed Izzie down on the bed, and leaned in to continue with the kiss, her hair falling down in an enclosing curtain. "No more games," she agreed.

The End

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