DISCLAIMER: Watch out, this is femslash (lite). Don't read it if you're not into this sort of thing. I own nothing of Grey's Anatomy. I'm only having fun with the characters I'm fast becoming obsessed with.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a story about Erica Hahn finding another "pair of glasses" after the events of the S5 episode, "Rise Up." This chapter was written in late February, 2009. Thanks to Jules68 for her honest and objective opinions. See Chapter 1 for original Author's Notes and Disclaimer. "Odd accents" and overuse of the word "hon" are strictly Baltimorean.
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By DianeB


Part 6

They reached Erica's room without further testosterone encounters, laughing all the way. Miraculously, Erica remembered to ask Veronica what it was she had said to the guys.

"Aw, c'mon, Erica," Veronica whined, closing the room's drapes, "don't make me tell. That's my new best secret."

Erica, again peeing in the bathroom, but this time with the door wide open, made clucking noises at her.

"Okay then. Here's what I said, but you're not gonna like it. I said 'Boys, you're cute as hell, but I've got me a lesbian virgin and I'm hoping to get lucky tonight.' So now you know. Think I'm a cad? Really, though, I was just trying to get rid of them without making them angry. And it worked, didn't it?"

Erica stood, bent to pull up her clothing, swayed on the way back up, and fell back onto the toilet seat. She was more than just a little buzzed, and this was dangerous. Doubly so, because now she couldn't remember what Veronica had just said. She tested standing again, this time slowly, and managed to get to the sink, wash her hands, and exit the bathroom without falling over. "Ronnie?"

Veronica was sitting in the easy chair beside the bed, head back, stocking feet propped up on the bed. "Yes, Erica?"

"You're drunk, right?"

"Sure am. Why? Wanna ask me about sweet Abby?"

"Huh? Wait. Who?"

"Oh boy, I think you're drunker than I am."

Erica fell heavily onto the bed beside Veronica's feet, recalling her incident in the bathroom. "I think I'd have to agree with you there."

Veronica placed her feet on the floor, stood (not at all unsteadily), and brought Erica to her feet. "It's been a very long day, hasn't it? As we've determined, I'm drunk, and as such, I gotta tell ya, I'm sorely tempted to do naughty things to you, because you're quite beautiful, but I promised, didn't I?"

Looking into darkening emerald eyes in a face framed by thick mahogany hair, Erica absorbed the compliment and wondered why her internal alarms weren't going off. They had certainly jangled in the airport, not to mention plenty of times with Callie. But, no, all was quiet. It could have been the alcohol, but Erica didn't think so. "I-I seem to recall your saying you wouldn't take advantage of my 'babydyke' status unless I wanted you to, correct?"

Veronica pretended to think about that. "Why, yes, Doctor Hahn, I believe you are correct. And what a steel-trap mind you have there," she quipped, touching her fingertips to Erica's temple.

Erica lost a heartbeat with Veronica's touch, but managed to rally enough for a snappy comeback. "It's gotta be. I'm a first-rate cardiothoracic surgeon."

Veronica snorted. "Not right now you ain't."


"Yes, Erica?"

"I want you to."

And still Veronica hesitated. "Hon, much as I'd love to – and believe me, I'd really love to – I don't think it's a good idea. I'd just be a rebound fling, anyway. You haven't even thought about whether or not you're going to call Callie, and you have a job interview tomorrow. So, you know—"

Erica, watching Veronica's lips but not really hearing her, decided it was about time she tried her lesbianism on for size. She wanted to see what it felt like to kiss a woman who already knew how to kiss a woman, to see if kissing a woman who already knew how to kiss a woman would feel any different from kissing a woman who didn't. Okay, the wine was fuzzing up her brain, but not her intentions. Erica leaned in and deftly cut Veronica off.

It took only this for Erica to realize this kiss was nothing like the kisses Erica had received from Callie. Callie's had been earnest but tentative, filled with yearning but little depth or passion. Veronica, on the other hand, groaned like she'd found nirvana and encircled Erica with her arms, pulling Erica tightly against her, pressing her knee between Erica's legs, and generally not messing around. Their teeth clashed once, but after that it was all silk and fire and crab seasoning. Veronica's hands began to roam, and she never stopped making luscious little groaning sounds that were driving Erica insane and making her very wet.

If this was what it felt like to have another woman want you because you were a woman, not because you happened to be a woman, then making love with this slender redheaded beauty had become Erica's sole desire. Pulling her lips from Veronica's with an audible sound, she said in a breathless whisper, "Please, Ronnie, take advantage of me, take full advantage. The bed's here, we're here. If this is a rebound fling, I'm okay with it, as long as you are."

Veronica, already snaking her hand down the front of Erica's pants, smiled when she hit Erica's sodden curls, smiled again as she edged her fingers deeper and Erica inhaled sharply. "Hon, forgive me, but I've been hoping all day to hear you say that."

Part 7

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