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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Based on the prompt "O is for Opportunity." Written for baby_c15.
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Truth or Dare
By mysensitiveside


She shouldn't do it. Shouldn't go through with it. It was a stupid idea, a crazy idea, a really bad idea. Most likely, no one actually expected her to do it anyway.

Brooke really wanted to do it.

She stared across the room, watching the crimson blush spread rapidly across Sam's face as the brunette wiped embarrassedly at the beer she'd just spit out all over the place as soon as the dare had crossed Lily's lips.

The words echoed in Brooke's head.

Brooke, I dare you to kiss Sam. On the lips. And a real kiss, nothing cheap.

It was a stupid idea, a crazy idea, a really bad idea.

Josh had already stood up to go get the beer that Brooke would have to chug as penance for dodging the dare, like it was a foregone conclusion that this one was getting skipped. Sam was always telling her that she needed to start breaking past everyone's foregone conclusions about her...

Brooke took a deep breath. Now seemed like as good a time as any to start. It was a perfect opportunity, really.

She smirked, hoping to come off as nonchalant, even as her heart threatened to pound right out of her chest. "Well a dare's a dare. Pucker up, Sammy," she challenged.

Deer-in-the-headlights probably wasn't Sam's best look, but Brooke still couldn't help but think that the brunette looked beautiful; couldn't help but be taken in by Sam's wide brown eyes.

It was just a kiss, Brooke told herself. And if she'd been imagining for months what it might be like to kiss Sam… Well no one else needed to know about that.

Sam still hadn't said anything, as Brooke crossed the room and took the vacant seat next to the brunette on the couch.

It was just a kiss. Just a random opportunity to steal a kiss without any need for declarations of potential gayness.

With a deep breath, even as Sam continued to stare at her like she had two heads, Brooke leaned in.

It was like kissing a statue, at first, until finally something clicked and Sam started kissing back. Kissing Sam was a revelation. Just that one moment, and Brooke felt like she'd never be the same.

It wasn't a stupid idea, a crazy idea, or a really bad idea. No, it was a wonderful idea.

Brooke made a mental note -- she'd have to thank Lily later.

The End

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