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The Truth about Tippy Typewriter
By Teara


Part Eleven

Brooke rounded the corner and headed to Sam's locker with a huge smile on her face. She looked around before slipping the note in the girl's locker and then headed into the Novak. She paced around the bathroom going over her words in her mind. She didn't know why she was so nervous. It was only Sam. They'd been going out for two months, two gloriously wonderful months and Brooke was the happiest she'd ever been. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. You can do this, she told herself over and over again. A few seconds later, a very confused Sam wandered into the Novak.

"Okay, so I got this note from you telling me to meet you in the Novak because you have something important to talk to me about," Sam said, holding the note in question out to Brooke.

The blonde spun around with a panicked look. She walked around the room, checking to make sure the stalls were all empty. Then she turned back to Sam. "Please…um…sit." Brooke said nervously, spinning the equally stunned girl around, and gently shoving her onto the Novak's tuffet.

"Um, okay, Brooke breathe and tell me what this is all about," Sam said slowly.

"Right, well, um, we've been going out for almost two months, right?"


"Well I didn't know if you…I mean that is to say…are you happy?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be? Why? Are you happy? Ohmygod, you're not happy anymore! What was I thinking? How could I eve-"

Brooke walked over and took the brunette by the shoulders. "Sam, Sam calm down. I am happy. Extremely happy! I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend." Brooke said with a gentle smile, pressing a little kiss on the budding journalist's lips.

"Okay, so if you're happy, what do you need to talk to me about?" Sam asked, her brown eyes full of confusion.

Suddenly all of Brooke's nervousness came back, and she felt like she might empty what little contents she had in her stomach. "It's more like I want to ask you something."

"Brooke, whatever it is will be fine. Just ask me," Sam said with an encouraging smile.

Brooke returned the smile before kneeling in front of her. "Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it." She paused to take a deep breath before continuing. "Sam, will you go to the prom with me?"

The blonde wasn't sure what exactly she'd been expecting. Truthfully she hadn't let her mind think that far ahead, but even if she had, she definitely would not have been prepared for Sam's reaction. A bubble of laugher escaped from behind the hand that was covering her mouth, and before long, Sam was doubled over in laughter.

"Wow, I'll take that as a 'no.' So, I'll just head on over to class and we can just forget all ab-"

"Brooke!" Sam exclaimed taking the blonde face in her hands. "I wasn't saying 'no.' I was laughing because you had me so worried that it was something else. I half expected you to hyperventilate," Sam added with a gentle smile.

This caused Brooke to pout. "I don't think it was that funny."

"Aww, come here. You're right. It wasn't funny. It was down right adorable. The most adorable thing I've ever seen." Sam said, brushing her lips against the blonde's. The kiss was long and deep, causing Brooke's heartbeat to accelerate. They pulled apart when the need to breathe finally won. "Of course I'll go to prom with you."

Brooke couldn't stop the huge grin that sprang to her lips. "Great! Now there's so much to plan! We have to get a limo and we'll wear matching colors…"

"Whoa, Brooke! Slow down…First off, I'm not into the cliché limo thing. Second, matching colors? Contrary to what you might think, Princess, I do not look good in pastels. Third, are you really sure that you want to go to the prom with me? I mean we-"

"What? Now you don't want to go with me?" Brooke asked feeling her chest tighten.

"Not this again! If I didn't want to go, then I wouldn't have said 'yes.' I meant are you sure you want to go with me because then you'd be taking a girl to the prom. The only people that know about us are our parents and our closest friends. This is a huge deal."

Some of the air left Brooke's happiness balloon. "Are you worried about that?"

"Aren't you?"

"You know, I hadn't really thought about it. I…I don't think it matters to me. I'm a senior. This is supposed to be my last big 'thing,' you know? I can't imagine doing that without you. What does it matter that people might not agree with what I'm doing? I'll graduate in three weeks and all I'll be is a faint memory in the minds of people who never took the time to get to know me, the real me. Telling my dad was the hardest thing I ever had to do and even though it was rough for a little while, we got through it. So, I don't think I care at all. I have you and that's all I need."

Sam's tears spoke volumes to the blonde. She cupped the brunette's cheek before moving to kiss the salty wetness away. "I love you, Sammy," she whispered.

"I love you too, Brooke," Sam whispered back, brushing her lips against Brooke's. She pulled away and placed her head on the blonde's shoulder. "When you put it that way, it makes perfect sense. I never thought I'd see the day when 'The Great Brooke McQueen' didn't care about popularity. I must be rubbing off on you."

Brooke chuckled before placing a kiss on top of Sam's head. "Not in the way I want you to, McPherson," the blonde said in a sly tone.

"Keep it in your pants, McQueen," Sam replied with a smirk, as she lifted her head. "We both agreed it would be a good idea to wait," she added before sliding her fingers into Brooke's silky golden hair and pulling the blonde to her in a heated kiss.

"I never knew it would be this hard," Brooke responded when they parted. Her voice had taken on a husky tone and she fought hard to stay in her place. They stared at each other for a moment, each daring the other to move. The distant sound of the warning bell broke through the haze of sexual tension, causing Sam to blink first. Brooke smirked triumphantly. "Saved by the bell, McPherson."

"Yeah, lucky me…" Sam replied in her own rich, husky tone, causing a shiver to rush through the blonde. She allowed her chocolate brown eyes to rake up Brooke's body, igniting a flame within it. It always surprised Brooke how Sam could render her speechless with a single look, but she enjoyed every deliciously torturous second of it. "Lucky indeed…" Sam said again, before dropping a chaste kiss on the still silent blonde's lips and heading for the door. "See you at lunch, McQueen. I hope you're as hungry as I am," Sam added as she walked out of the door.

Brooke finally exhaled as the door swung shut quietly behind her girlfriend. She collapsed onto the tuffet, groaning in frustration. Sam was a little too good at getting her to go from normal to raging inferno in about 2.3 seconds, and so far, Brooke had been behaving herself. And where had that gotten her? Make out sessions cut off prematurely because they'd gone too far, many a cold shower taken in the middle of the night after innocent touches had become anything but innocent, Sam wearing skimpy little tanks and boxers as nightwear…when had Sam acquired these items and why wasn't Brooke aware of them prior to two months ago? She should have known all that passion the brunette devoted to journalism would spill into every other aspect of Sam's life. Brooke was more than willing to not put any pressure on the journalist because she understood how squeamish Sam was about sex. She let Sam do all the exploring she thought she needed to while the blonde kept her hands firmly at her side, as to not overwhelm her, but there was a definite line between exploring and teasing. And Sam was definitely teasing her, but that was all about to change. If Sam wanted teasing, she'd get it.


Part Twelve

Soft whimpers and hushed moans filled the otherwise quiet room as hands far from idle explored sweat dampened skin. What had started out as an innocent good morning kiss had long since morphed into a full blown make out session that had lasted for the last half hour. Brooke hovered over a quivering Sam, nipping and sucking a heated path down the brunette's delicate neck, over her collarbone and heading towards now exposed breasts, the cumbersome tank top having been unceremoniously shucked just moments before. Her hand stroked the brunette's toned abdomen as she made her way to one of the hardened peaks that had caught her attention. Sam writhed beneath her, feeling as if she were going to explode if the blonde didn't reach her destination soon. Brooke's lips and tongue left a wet trail as she slowly made her way to Sam's breast. She edged closer and closer to the rosy bud and Sam closed her eyes in anticipation of a soft wet tongue rasping it before it would be sucked into a warm mouth. She could feel Brooke's warm breath against it and then…nothing.

The blonde moved up Sam's body and placed a chaste kiss on the brunette's mouth. "I think we need to stop now," she said quietly.

Sam's eyes sprang open in surprise. She looked over at the blonde to see if she was being serious and saw no mirth reflected in the hazel eyes that stared back at her. "What? Why?"

"Well because I'm afraid if I keep going, I'll want to…you know…keep going." Brooke said sheepishly. She ducked her head as a blush crept to her cheeks.

Sam bit back a frustrated growl. "And what if I wanted you to…you know…keep going?"

"You say that now, Sammy, but I'm just trying to give you time to make sure you absolutely want to. I mean you only get…"

"…one first time. Yeah, I know," Sam grumbled.

Brooke leaned in for another chaste kiss before standing and handing Sam her shirt. "You might want to put this back on. It will prove to be less of a…distraction."

"So, you're saying if I don't put this back on, you might be tempted to, um, pick up where we left off?" Sam asked in a husky tone.


"Fine," Sam grumbled, pulling the tank roughly over her head. She hugged her knees to her chest and gave Brooke her best pout. Her body was wound so tight that she felt like a newly strung violin and she was in desperate need of a cold shower, or at least a change of pajama bottoms.

Brooke moved next to the sulking brunette, wrapping her arms around Sam before placing a gentle kiss on her shoulder. "So what do you have planned for the day?" Brooke asked in a casual tone.

Sam didn't understand how the blonde could just start up such a mundane conversation when just moments ago they'd been rolling around on the bed. Then again, Sam couldn't understand a lot of Brooke's actions lately. Things had become progressively heated between the two of them over the past couple of days and just when Sam thought they were going to 'take it to the next level' Brooke would apply the brakes. The journalist knew that Brooke was worried about her having a bad experience her first time, but Sam really doubted that would happen. The blonde could make her come alive with just one look and Sam knew that Brooke was definitely the one she wanted to experience 'it' with.

"I'm supposed to go to the mall with Lily and Carmen to buy prom dresses."

"Ooo, sounds like fun," Brooke said with a bright smile and Sam had to fight asking her what she was so damn cheerful about. "Are you going to come home and model it for me?"

"Nope, you'll have to wait until prom night to 'see the goods,'" Sam replied not realizing the innuendo in her words until she saw the blush creep up Brooke's face.

"I think I might hold you to that, Sammy," the blonde whispered huskily into her ear, causing a shiver to course through her overheated body. Sam moved closer to the cheerleader, leaning in for what promised to be a very heated kiss.

The polyphonic version of Nelly's Hot In Here filled the air suddenly, breaking through the haze that had settled over them once again, causing the girls to spring apart in surprise. Brooke scrambled to find her cell phone on the nightstand before hitting the button to talk.

"Hello? Oh hey Carmen…no you're not interrupting anything…yes, I'm sure…why would you think…Oh! No, no, no…I couldn't find my phone…I am telling the truth…did you need something? Sam? She's right here…no she's not busy…Oh Carm, would you stop that! Okay, I'll tell her…yep practice for the very last game is still at 4:00…no problem…see ya later…bye." The blonde finished, snapping her phone shut and turning to Sam, amused. "Um, Sweetie, next time you stop by for another 'good morning kiss' please bring your cell phone with you. Carmen and Lily have been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour. Now Carmen's convinced that you and I were 'up to something.'"

"Well, technically, she wouldn't be wrong. I mean we were up to something. Something I was hoping to continue," Sam said leaning into the blonde to claim the kiss the interruption had cost her. She slipped her hands into the silky blond strands, holding Brooke in place as she let her tongue thoroughly enjoy the contours of the inside of the blonde's mouth. She raked her nails down Brooke's back, causing her to whimper into Sam's mouth. The brunette was convinced that she'd changed Brooke's mind and they would definitely be continuing what they'd started earlier, but then she felt the blonde's hand gently pushing at her chest as she slowly removed her lips from Sam's.

"You, uh, better go get in the shower. They're already on their way," Brooke said as her eyes raked over Sam's form.

Sam could see the lust lurking just below the surface of those hazel eyes and suddenly going shopping for a prom dress didn't seem so important. "You know, I could call them and tell them I'm sick."

Brooke chuckled. "I don't think they'd believe you and then they'd have even more of a reason to think that we'd been doing something…lurid."

"What? Don't you want to do something lurid with me?"

"I think we both know the answer to that, but today is not that day. Now get your ass in gear, McPherson. You'd better hop in the shower before I beat you to it and I intend to use up all the hot water."

Sam was half-tempted to tell Brooke that she wouldn't be in need of any hot water. She stood and grudgingly walked towards the door. She looked back at Brooke. The blonde was lounging on her bed, hair disheveled from sleep and fingers intertwining in it, in a rumpled old sleep shirt. Sam could see the hint of pink fabric from the boy shorts that she knew Brooke was sporting under her oversized shirt, and all the brunette wanted to do was climb back in the bed next to her.

"You know, we could just shower together and conserve water. I hear California is having a drought."

Brooke just shook her head, muttering, "…incorrigible"

"Okay, what about this one?" Lily asked, holding up a sea foam green taffeta dress.

"You're kidding me, right?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Well, it's either this or that wedding dress over there. We've been through every rack, and you've turned down every one of them," Lily said evenly.

"Have you guys ever wondered what fascist male ever came up with the idea that women should parade around dolled up like glorified hookers and dance in uncomfortable shoes just for their amusement?" Sam scathed.

Lily and Carmen glanced cautiously at one another before turning back to the irritated brunette.

"Um Sam, are you feeling okay?" Carmen asked.

"Yes! Why wouldn't I be okay?!"

"Um, no reason, so maybe we should just try another store," Lily suggested trying to head off what was sure to turn into a very heated conversation.

"No, we've already been to five of them and I still haven't found anything. Obviously the universe has decided that I am not worthy to go to prom this year," Sam said with a pout.

"Seriously, are you and Brooke like fighting or something?" Carmen asked, concerned.

"No, of course not," Sam replied.

"Then how come you've been all broody instead of, you know, happy about prom?"

"Yeah Sam, are you having second thoughts?" Lily added.

"No, of course I'm not having second thoughts. I want to go to the prom with Brooke."

"I mean we definitely understand how big of a deal this is," Carmen said, trying to be comforting.

"Yes, it's a big deal and sure, it's a little overwhelming, but I'm sure I want to do this. That's not what's been bothering me. And before you ask, I don't want to talk about it," Sam said walking over to a rack and combing through the varied selections of dresses.

"You do realize that one of the perks of having friends is going to them with your problems right?" Lily asked, trailing behind the brooding brunette.

Sam sighed, knowing that now that she'd even acknowledged that there was a problem they were going to badger her. "I know…it's just this is sort of embarrassing to talk about."

"Hello! You two saw me clucking like a chicken in front of a bunch of strangers at Mr. Clucks," Carmen said. "Not to mention the whole 'Emory Dick…distended anus' thing."

"Yeah and what about when Josh and I thought we had to be naked in that play?" Lily added.

"And let's not forget those horrible mohawks," Carmen said with a grimace.

"Okay point taken, our adolescent years have not always been the kindest, but at least we've always had each other," Sam said with the first smile she'd had since they'd picked her up that morning and she'd reluctantly pulled away from the passionate kiss she'd been sharing with her beautiful girlfriend.

"Exactly! So why don't you tell us what's got you so blue?" Carmen asked with a smile.

"Well, Brooke and I had agreed to take things slow," Sam started slowly. "And until this point, that was really working for us, but this past week things have really been heating up between us. I'm talking full on, skin-a-matic, burning up the sheets of the 'Bound' variety."

"Okay, I gotta say I'm not lovin the visual I just got, but go on," Carmen said fanning herself.

"Well, every time I think we're going to…'move forward,' Brooke puts on the brakes. I mean at first I was all for that, but now I think I'm ready."

"So you and Brooke haven't…?" Lily asked slowly.

"Come on, Lil, you know me," Sam answered.

"Yes, I do and I never thought I would see the day when Samantha McPherson would know the joys of sexual frustration," Lily said, chuckling.

"Lily, this is so not funny," Sam grumbled.

"Oh but it is. This is payback for all the times you've made fun of me for suffering from the exact same thing."

"This is exactly why I didn't want to talk about this," Sam mumbled.

"Lil, stop making fun of Sam," Carmen chastised before turning back to Sam. "I don't understand. If you're ready why don't you just tell Brooke you're ready?" She asked before turning to a different rack.

"I've tried that and she doesn't seem to believe me."

"So, why don't you show her?" Lily asked.

"That's just it. I don't know how," Sam said in a defeated tone.

"How about we start here?" Carmen asked, holding up a dress they hadn't seen before.

A huge smile slowly crept its way across her face. Sam knew she loved her friends for a reason.


Part Thirteen

Brooke paced nervously at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Sam to make an appearance. She couldn't believe that prom night had arrived so soon. This was going to be the single most life altering night of her four years in high school. Once they walked through those doors hand in hand, there would be no turning back. Despite all of her big talk in front of Sam, Brooke was extremely anxious about what everyone's reactions would be. She'd meant everything she'd said, but a small part of her lived in fear of the unknown. Her emotions were on edge and waiting for Sam wasn't making it any better.

"Come on Sam! We're going to be late to dinner!" Brooke called up to her.

"I'm almost ready!" Sam called back from upstairs.

"Oh Brooke, you look just beautiful!" Jane exclaimed as she and Mike entered the house, carrying Mac and groceries. "Where's Sam?"

"Still upstairs. Has she always taken this long to get ready?" Brooke asked in an exasperated tone. She turned to look at her father, but neither spoke. Things had been this way since she and Sam had sat their parents down and told them they were dating. They'd both been shocked, but while Jane had assured them that even though she knew how much this complicated things and she would need some time to adjust, she still loved them both, her father had been very vocal in his displeasure. After a two hour all out shouting match and Brooke threatening to move out, they'd simply agreed to disagree and hadn't spoken much since.

Jane handed the baby to Mike as she and Brooke worked quickly to put the food away. She was well aware of her father pacing around the kitchen with the toddler in his arms and tried to ignore him, but it was difficult. She really hated that she and her father were at odds with each other. She could feel his eyes on her constantly as she moved quietly through the kitchen and her previous anxiety grew. She just hoped he wouldn't start another argument tonight. She was already on edge. Mike handed Mac to Jane before turning to Brooke.

"Um Brooke, can I talk to you for a moment?" Mike asked hesitantly.

Brooke looked over at Jane uncertainly. Jane smiled and gave her a slight nod, letting her know everything was okay. "Sure Dad," she answered.

Mike took a deep breath and when he turned his hazel eyes to hers they shimmered with unshed tears and Brooke wasn't sure how to react. "Daddy?"

"I'm sorry you just look so…beautiful, so grown up," Mike croaked out.


"No, you don't have to say it. I just…I just wanted to say that I know I didn't take this very well at first, but I just wanted you to know. I might not like it or even agree with what you want to do with your life, but I just want you to be happy, Brooke. You're my daughter and I love you. I only want what's best for you," he said in a coarse voice.

Tears sprang to Brooke's eyes and she dabbed them away quickly to preserve her make up. She threw her arms around him in a big hug. "Thank you, Daddy. I love you too," she whispered through her own tears.

He pulled back, wiping away his tears and smiling down at her. "Are you happy?"

The sound of someone clearing their throat at the top of the stairs cut off her response. She heard Jane gasp from behind her and Mac's enthusiastic giggle and she spun around. All thoughts that had been running rampant through her mind suddenly vanished and her mouth went dry. There stood Sam in all of her glory. She wore a black, sleeveless, taffeta tea-length dress that was reminiscent of the 40's with its empire waist. Her dark hair hung in waves past her shoulders and her make up was smoky, giving her a classically beautiful look and elevating her to the status of a Ginger Rogers or Rita Hayworth. Brooke opened her mouth to say something, anything, but nothing would come out.

"Wow, score one for McPherson, this is the first time I've ever rendered Brooke completely speechless," Sam said with a triumphant smirk.

"You both look wonderful!" Jane said excitedly. " I have to take pictures!" She thrust Mac back into Mike's arms and rushed into the other room.

Sam made her way down the stairs to Brooke and stopped in front of the still mute blonde. Her heels allowed her to meet Brooke's gaze head on, but she was still short enough for the cheerleader to be able to look down her plunging neckline. Sam's smirk turned into a huge grin when she waved her hand in front of Brooke's face, trying to break the trance that had fallen over the blonde.

"So was it worth the wait?" She asked shyly.

"Definitely!" Brooke replied, finally finding her voice. "You look…you know what? I could say a million words right now and they'd all fall flat when it came to describing what you look like."

"Good answer," Sam said with a big smile. "And for the record the same can be said for you. I never knew you…"

"Okay girls, picture time!" Jane interrupted as she came back into the room, waving the camera in her hand.

"Mom…" Sam whined as she begrudgingly posed for a round of pictures.

"Oh, be a good sport Sammy. It's not everyday my eldest daughters go to their senior prom."

"Mom, you're not going to get all weepy are you?" Sam complained.

"Don't be silly. Of course I am," Jane responded before the tears began to stream down her face. Sam walked over and embraced her mother.

"Mom, Mom, it's okay. You don't have to cry. You've got four more months to do that," Sam said looking over at Brooke with a 'help me!' look.

The blonde walked over to the two brunettes and wrapped her arms around both of them. "Jane…Mom, don't worry, we'll still be here tomorrow and I hate to interrupt this Hallmark Moment, but we have reservations and we really need to get going."

"Yeah Mom, we really do. You know how impatient Harrison can be," Sam added as they pulled away.

"Okay, you girls have fun. Drive safely, no drinking!" Jane said as they both gave her kisses on the cheek.

Brooke walked up to her father and did her best to hug him around the toddler he held in his arms. She placed a chaste kiss on his cheek before rushing to the door. Sam was already heading to the car, and before she followed, Brooke stopped in the doorway and turned back to her father. "Yes Daddy, I'm extremely happy."

They had opted to take Sam's car as a compromise to the limo situation, but Brooke got to drive. They made their way to the restaurant in companionable silence, with Brooke stealing little glances over at the brunette holding her free hand. It was the simplest touch, but her heart was racing a mile a minute and she couldn't seem to stop looking over at the journalist, almost as if she was afraid it was all a dream.

They met their friends for dinner, but Brooke truthfully couldn't remember a thing that had gone on, because she couldn't keep her eyes off of Sam. She was pretty sure that she'd eaten some food, but she couldn't remember what she'd ordered, what it'd tasted like. Her only thoughts were filled with how lucky she was that someone as special as Sam had chosen to be with her.

She looked around the table at her group of friends. They'd all changed so much and yet they were still all the same. These were the people she'd come to count on, the people that were always there for her. Sure they'd had their ups and downs, but no matter what, they were always around when she'd needed a shoulder to cry on or a push in the right direction. She counted herself among the lucky ones to be finishing this chapter of her life with the love and support of the people around her.

When dinner was done, they all made their way towards the hotel that was housing their prom. They'd made a pact earlier in the week to form a united front to ease some of the pressure Brooke and Sam were feeling. They arrived at the dance and entered the building together. Harrison and Mary Cherry were the first to enter the room, followed by Lily and Josh, Carmen and her boyfriend from her teen group, and Sugar and Exquisite. Brooke and Sam lingered in the door for a moment, and took a moment to ease their anxieties.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Sam asked her, biting her bottom lip nervously.

"I don't think we really have a choice at this point," Brooke said with an amused smirk.

"You know, once we walk in there, everything changes."

"Sammy, everything changed the first day of sophomore year when you bumped right into me. You didn't say anything, but the look in your eyes has always intrigued me and I've been hooked ever since."

She smiled her cute 'Sammy' smile. "Since when did you become so great with words? That's supposed to be my department."

"I speak from the heart and everything else I learned from you." Brooke replied sincerely.

"Oh you are so getting lucky tonight," Sam said with a smirk before grabbing Brooke's hand in her own and led the way into the dance.

They entered the dance still holding hands and for a moment it seemed the world stopped and all eyes were on them. This is it, Brooke thought. This is when everything falls apart. It seemed like they stood there for an eternity, but Brooke knew it was only a few seconds. She saw Carmen smile at Lily before the two of them stood and began to clap. Their friends all joined in and soon most of the students followed suit, easing the tension that had settled over the room. Sam led the way to their table as they weaved through the large crowd of seniors. A lot of people congratulated them, some wanted to take their picture and a few guys asked if they could watch. Brooke rolled her eyes at that. There were definitely some things that she wouldn't miss about high school.

Once they'd set their purses at the table, she and Sam wasted no time moving to the dance floor. Brooke was aware of all the stares the two of them were receiving, but once they started dancing and Sam pressed her body against the blonde's the rest of the world faded away. Brooke never tired of the feel of Sam's body. She longed to know every inch of it and after two weeks of turning up the heat, feeling Sam's gyrating hips against her was not good for her raging libido. Sam grabbed her by the waist, bringing them even closer together and Brooke found it hard to form thoughts. They danced that way to three more songs before Sam practically dragged her off the floor towards the table. Brooke stumbled the entire way, not quite able to get her legs to work right.

Brooke took a seat while Sam went to grab them a few drinks. She fanned herself with one of the large place cards that were on the table. She'd never worked up a sweat like this at a dance, but dancing wasn't the only thing that had her body overheated.

"Woo, y'all sure were tearin up that dance floor out there," Mary Cherry said as she flopped down in a seat across from Brooke.

Brooke blushed in response. "I thought people had stopped paying attention."

"Are ya kiddin'? Y'all are hotter than that kiss Sarah Michelle and Selma Blair have in Cruel Intentions."

Harrison and Sam made their way back to the table with drinks, saving Brooke from having to comment on the other blonde's last remark. She took the proffered drink and downed it quickly.

"Wow Brooke, were you thirsty?" Sam asked with an amused smirk.

Brooke blushed. "Well, I did work up a thirst out there on the floor."

"I was just telling Sammy how hot you two were out there," Harrison said, sitting down next to his girlfriend. "If I had known things were going to turn out like this. I would have taken your threesome idea for prom last year more seriously, Brooke."

Sam groaned and she and Mary Cherry simultaneously smacked him upside the head.

"Hey! I was just being honest. I can't believe I blew my chance," he grumbled.

Brooke saw anger and jealousy flash in Mary Cherry's eyes as she reached for her bag. "Hey Harry, if I were you I'd quit while I was ahead."

"Oh don't you worry that beautifully dyed, Gwyneth shade of blonde little head of yours about Mr. John. If a threesome is what he wants…a threesome is what he's goin git." Mary Cherry replied pulling a lasso out of her bag. "Oh Lil Lily!" She called in a singsong voice, standing up from the table and walking towards the dance floor.

The color drained from Harrison's face as he began to panic. He stood from his seat rushing after his girlfriend. "Mary Cherry wait! Mary Cherry, I didn't mean it!"

"Well, there's a prom night fantasy that seems promising," Sam mused. Then she shuddered as the mental images assaulted her brain.

"Well, I was hoping at least two of our merry band of friends would be having a fantasy fulfilled tonight," Brooke added with a wink.

Sam looked over at her from under hooded eyes. "Oh is that so?" She asked as she moved to sit in Brooke's lap.

"Yeah, I have to say that you…"

"Hey guys! They're about to announce the Prom Queen and King!" Carmen interrupted excitedly.

"And our friends have perfect timing as usual," Brooke muttered, earning herself a playful slap on the arm from Sam. As Principal Krupps came to the stage, Sam slid off her lap and into a nearby chair.

"Uh, hello Kennedy Seniors…I know all of you would like to get back to the grinding and writhing you kids refer to as dancing, so I'll keep it brief. We've come once again to one of my favorite times of the year, the announcing of the prom king and queen. So Vera if you would be so kind as to hand me the envelope," he said turning his 'Colgate' smile towards his aunt as she bumbled onto the stage.

Brooke wasn't really all that interested in who would be crowned. She'd decided to decline running earlier in the year because she hadn't really seen the point. She knew Carmen and Mary Cherry were running against each other, but it didn't really matter to her which one of them won. They were both her friends. All she could think about now was leaving with Sam and taking her someplace where they could be alone. They didn't have to do anything; she was just tired of sharing the brunette with other people.

"…we have a tie for Prom Queen, the first one in Kennedy High history. Carmen Ferrara and write in nominee, Brooke McQueen…"

For a moment, Brooke thought she was imagining things. There was no way that he'd said her name. She wasn't even a nominee, but she looked around at all the people clapping and the spotlight had been turned on her, momentarily blinding her as she felt Carmen grab her hand and lead the way to the stage. It all happened so fast she wasn't able to take it all in. Before she knew it, she had a crown on her head and he was announcing that each of the winners would be sharing a spotlight dance with their dates. She strolled over to a smiling Sam and took her hand. Once they reached the dance floor she wrapped her arms around the brunette and the two swayed to Usher's You've Got It Bad.

"So I guess congratulations are in order," Sam whispered in her ear.

"Nah, it's just a silly crown."

"Yes, but it's one that you earned and you certainly deserve it."

"You think so?"

"Oh yeah definitely," Sam replied with a smile, then she leaned in so that she could whisper in Brooke's ear, "Besides it's a real turn on." Her voice was husky, causing a shiver to run down Brooke's spine.

"Is that so?" Brooke croaked out.

"Uh huh, what girl would pass up the chance to sleep with the prom queen?"

"So you were serious earlier when you said I was going to 'get lucky?'"

"Well I mean, I've got the hottest date here. Turns out she's head cheerleader, former homecoming queen, the smartest in the class and the prom queen. I'm thinking this will do wonders for my reputation."

Brooke pulled back so she could look into the brunette's eyes. "Sam, I'm being serious. Are you saying that you're ready?"

Sam bit her lower lip nervously. She looked away for the moment and then back at Brooke. "Yes, I'm ready," she whispered. She took a deep breath before asking, "Do you think we could get out of here?"

Brooke nodded before they walked back to the table to grab their bags. They said their goodbyes and then walked hand in hand to Sam's car. Brooke tried to watch her speed as she drove to their house. The top was down and her hair was blowing in the wind. She felt so…free. Tonight had been the best night of her life, and as she looked over at the smiling brunette beside her, she knew that it would only get better.


Part fourteen

Sam didn't feel any of the nervousness with Brooke that she'd felt when she'd brought George up to her room. Everything just felt so…natural and right. She pulled on the hand grasped tightly in her own, bringing the blonde up against her. She trailed her free hand up Brooke's other arm, over her shoulder, to the back of her neck and up before tangling her fingers in the girl's softly curled blonde hair. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment before their lips met in a gentle, languid, ardent kiss. Brooke's arms encircled her waist, pressing her body closer. She gasped as the blonde's hands moved to explore her body, allowing the other girl's tongue access to her mouth. As their tongues slid against one another, their pace picked up and Brooke's gentle touches grew bolder. She was dimly aware of fingers fumbling with the zipper at the back of her dress and had no objections when it slid from her shoulders and pooled around her feet.

"I have been waiting all night to get you out of that dress," Brooke whispered as she moved her lips along Sam's jaw and up to nip at a sensitive earlobe.

"Is that so?" Sam gasped, as Brooke moved down her neck to her collarbone.

"Uh huh, ever since I saw you standing at the top of the stairs," Brooke replied, her warm breath washing over Sam's heated skin. Her hands slide up the brunette's sides to cup her breasts, running the pads of her thumbs over the hardened peaks. She licked a fiery path down the valley between the two mounds before moving over to the right one. She took the hardened bud into her mouth, gently sucking it as the palm of her hand rolled over the other.

A fire began low in Sam's stomach as sensations shot through her body. She tingled in places she'd never known it was possible to tingle in and she could feel herself growing damp. When she felt Brooke's teeth scour her painfully sensitive nipple, her knees almost buckled. She wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to stand and all she could think about was feeling Brooke's skin against her own. She pulled the blonde's head up before spinning her around to unzip her dress.

Brooke had looked spectacular in her dress. The blonde hadn't been the only one rendered momentarily speechless when Sam had come down the stairs earlier. The brunette had taken one look at the blonde standing there in her strapless beige dress with gold trim and she'd had a hard time breathing. Brooke simply took her breath away. She was like a great painting or a favorite book and Sam knew that she'd never tire of looking at her. And that dress, well Sam had known that that dress, while it looked great on Brooke, would look better on her bedroom floor.

She unzipped the dress slowly, placing hot, wet kisses to every bit of skin she exposed, causing Brooke to moan and gasp. Once she'd pushed the satiny fabric over the blonde's hips, she spun Brooke back around, wasting no time before latching onto one of the cheerleader's achingly hard nipples. She moved them towards her bed maintaining contact until she pushed Brooke onto her back on the soft mattress. She moved back to the blonde's breasts, this time teasing the other nipple as she ran her nails up the inside of Brooke's thighs.

Brooke's whole body felt like it was on fire as her she writhed beneath the brunette. Sam was doing things to her that she'd only ever dreamed about. She couldn't control the moans that spilled freely from her lips. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a voice told her she should try to keep quiet, but she was beyond the point of caring. Sam's hands were sliding up her thighs, causing more wetness to pool between them. She held her breath when Sam's finger reached her panties. The journalist ran a finger over the wet fabric and Brooke's hips bucked against her. She whimpered as the brunette continued to tease her heated flesh through the soaked material, while teasing her nipples with her teeth and tongue. Sam pulled away from her breasts and looked at her with uncertain eyes as her fingertips danced at the top of Brooke's underwear.

Brooke just nodded, biting her bottom lip, to let Sam know it was okay. The brunette pressed a hungry kiss to Brooke's lips before she moved to slip the fabric over the blonde's slender hips. She kneeled between the vee of Brooke's thighs and looked down at the blonde, seeing all of her for the first time.

"You're so beautiful," she breathed, gazing up the cheerleader's lithe form reverently.

Brooke thought she should show Sam a mirror as she stared back at the brunette, whose semi-naked figure was bathed in the moonlight, shining through her window. The light gave Sam an ethereal glow and Brooke felt as if she were gazing upon a goddess. Their eyes locked and Brooke's breath hitched as she saw all the emotions she was feeling reflected back to her.

Sam wanted to cry at the beauty of that shared moment. This was Brooke at her most vulnerable and she'd never been more beautiful. Sam leaned over and captured Brooke's lips again. She arched into the blonde as Brooke's hands danced down her spine and over her rear. Brooke swallowed her moans as she teased the flesh through the fabric of Sam's panties. Sam's hips bucked against the blonde in a frantic rhythm, while the blonde's lips traveled down her neck and Brooke cupped the rounded flesh in an attempt to pull Sam closer.

"Mmm…Brooke that feels…so good," Sam moaned.

The sound of Sam's moans drove Brooke closer to the edge and her movements became more frantic. She needed to feel Sam, all of Sam. She began pushing at the last shred of material that stood between her and everything she wanted. She flipped the brunette onto her back and ripped the fabric down her legs. Spreading Sam's thighs wider she kissed a path down the journalist's writhing body, letting the soft whimpers and moans urge her on. Sam's skin was sweet and salty and Brooke couldn't seem to stop tasting it, but there was something she wanted to taste even more. She continued lower and as she reached her destination, her eyes met chocolate colored ones, blackened with desire. Her tongue snaked out and she got a taste of Sam's most intimate part. She closed her eyes and moaned.

Sam thought she would explode at the first flick of Brooke's tongue against her. Her head thrashed from side to side and she grabbed at sheets beneath her, as she moaned Brooke's name. The blonde's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once and when she wrapped her lips around the brunette's clit, Sam felt that familiar feeling pool in her stomach. She was getting closer and closer. Her hips bucked against Brooke's face and as the first tremor rocked through her body, Brooke thrust her fingers deep within her, stealing Sam's virginity. As the brunette began to calm, Brooke moved her fingers in and out of Sam's tight channel, bringing Sam over the edge once again.

Brooke wanted to taste Sam again, but thought that it might be too much for the girl, whose body was still racked with tremors. She moved up to the top of the bed and wrapped her arms around Sam. She brushed the hair back from her face and placed a kiss on her temple. She felt more than saw Sam's breathing slow and she opened her mouth to say something, but was effectively cut off by Sam's lips on her own and fingers entering her unexpectedly. She let out a loud, low moan at the double assault. Sam's movements were jerky at first due to inexperience, but she was enthusiastic. Brooke's hips moved at the frantic pace, as the brunette continued to swallow her moans. As Sam's fingers curled upward, she wrenched her mouth away, practically screaming her orgasm. The brunette wasted no time sliding between her thighs and lapping up the copious wetness.

Sam was convinced she'd never tasted anything as sweet as Brooke and if she had to exist on this sweet nectar alone, she'd be a very happy girl. She continued her thorough exploration as Brooke's hips began to rock against her and she felt fingers in her hair, pulling her impossibly closer. Moments later, Sam heard her name ripped from the blonde writhing above her, as another orgasm shot through Brooke.

They lay together a while later, wrapped up in Sam's sheets. Sam's head rested on Brooke's chest as she listened to the blonde's heartbeat. Brooke's fingers idly combed through Sam's sweat dampened hair and she sighed in contentment. She linked their fingers together before bringing the blonde's hand up and placing a kiss on it. A lazy smile played at the corners of her lips and she looked up at the blonde amused.

"What?" Brooke asked in a hoarse voice.

"Nothing, I…just can't believe I slept with the prom queen on prom night."

"Sam…" Brooke groaned.

"No, let me revel in this. It feels good to be on the 'other side' for a change."

"Is that what this was to you?" The blonde asked with a pout.

"Oh come on Brooke, you know I'm just teasing you. Of course it meant more to me than that," Sam said immediately contrite.

"I know, but a girl still likes to hear it, you know?"

"Yeah…I know," Sam replied, falling back into the contented silence they'd been sharing.


"Yeah, Brooke?"

"Back when you were writing that journal, did you ever think we'd end up like this?"

Sam moved to look up at the blonde's hazel eyes. "Truthfully?"


"No, I never thought we'd end up like this. Mostly because I never planned to tell you, how I felt."

"Why wouldn't you have told me?"

"Are you serious? I was afraid of how you'd react. I thought you'd hate me."

"Oh Sam, I could never hate you-"

"No? Well maybe you wouldn't have hated me, but you certainly acted differently once you figured it out."

"Yeah, I was an idiot. There's no excuse for how I treated you and I'm sorry," Brooke said quietly.

"I know. We've already been through all of that. In a way, I'm glad you read "Tippy's" journal."


"If you hadn't, we wouldn't be here right now, in this moment. So in a way I'm glad things happened the way they did."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. For a while there, I was really deep in denial about my feelings."

"Well, I'm just grateful you figured it out when you did."

"Me too…" Brooke let her words trail off as they fell back into silence.


"Yeah Sammy?"

"I've been wondering how you managed to slip that little editorial in the Zapruder after I'd sent it down to the printers."

Brooke took a deep breath before answering. "I, uh, had to call in a favor."

Sam moved to look over at her again. "What kind of a favor?"

"I… had to name the Dick twins as my successors on the Bring It squad."

"Wow, that's a pretty big favor. You did that for me?"

"Of course I did. I couldn't just lose you over something stupid I did. Besides, I had to name them as my successors, they didn't say a thing about Carmen's."


"June Tuna!"

Sam whole body shook with laugher and Brooke lost herself in the beauty of the sound. She moved to place a gentle kiss on the brunette's lips. "I love you, Sam," she whispered as they parted.

"I love you too, Brooke," Sam whispered back as she settled back against Brooke's shoulder.

Brooke covered them with blankets, placing another kiss on Sam's forehead before they drifted off to sleep.

The End

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