DISCLAIMER: Shonda Rhimes did the honors, but Callie and Arizona are so adorable; how could I not want to continue what she started? That stairway kiss is hands down the most adorable kiss I've ever seen. I want someone to kiss me like that! Thanks to redlance_ck for taking a look at this for me.
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This Kiss
By carpesomediem


"I kinda like being taller than you," Arizona broke away, grinning ear-to-ear. "You're even more beautiful from up here-"

"-Oh, stop it," Callie rolled her eyes. Arizona could be so over the top perky sometimes. It didn't really bother Callie that much anymore especially if her girlfriend was going to drive-by kiss her in the stairwell. I could get used to this, she thought momentarily looking into the blonde's eyes. It didn't feel like this before with George or the guys that came before him; it never felt like this before with anyone.

"It's true!" Arizona lightly slapped Callie's shoulder. "You're beautiful no matter where I stand but from up here, I'm looking down at the most beautiful Orthopedic Surgeon at Seattle Grace."

"Do you even know the other Orthopedic Surgeons here?" Callie joked, taking one of Arizona's hands in her own and smiling up at the blonde.

"Hey, now!" Arizona shrugged. "I can't help it if I only have eyes for you, Calliope. Besides, last time I checked – which I will admit has been never – you were the only one batting for my team."

"Well, the other guys are batting for your team," Callie pointed out, "But they're sporting the wrong equipment." They both giggled at the thought. "Now, enough of this chit chat. I want to kiss you some more."

Arizona didn't need to be told twice. She smiled before dipping her head down and meeting Callie's lips. Arizona ran a hand through Callie's hair, pulling her closer. Callie parted the blonde's lips slowly, deepening the kiss as her hands began making their way up her back.

"Doctors wear too many clothes," Callie muttered, breaking for air a few seconds later.

"Tell me about it," the blonde sighed. Arizona rested her forehead on Callie's and brought her hands to her girlfriend's cheeks. I'm really falling for you, you know, Arizona thought.

The End

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