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Third Party
By Ann


You watch her closely despite the seriousness of the situation. Here you are, battling the clock as well as a plethora of things that can go horribly wrong while you and your team work diligently, side by side, to free the patient from his concrete coffin. You barely register your rather witty analogy as another drama, one that is far more interesting, plays out in the confines of the small room. No one else seems to notice as their full attentions are given to the patient, but you see the way the two of them try to avoid eye contact. You alone notice their skittish behavior whenever they happen to brush against each other. You know what troubling thoughts lie behind those dark eyes whenever they attempt to surreptitiously search for a glimpse of blonde hair, and you are a bit taken aback to recognize something very foreign in a pair of blue ones that normally hold nothing but confidence with a side dish of snarkiness. There's no mistaking what you see – confusion and uncertainty, perhaps the results of possible repercussions of the recent kiss the two of them shared is what you imagine.

Adrenalin, along with a strong burst of endorphins, fills you as the situation becomes more intense. This is it, the moment when it becomes imperative for the team to work as one. You glance her way to find that she, too, seems to be turned on by the sheer rush of it all, but you note her gaze shifts from 'cement boy' across a very short expanse of space to land on her, not you. You're not the one she's thinking about, you're not the one she wants or needs. Hell, you're not even in the running – you never had a chance. You're just a convenient distraction. A quick fuck to ease her conscience, to make her believe that it's you she desires because anything else is inconceivable to her. You feel certain that she's never felt this way about another woman, and you're equally aware that she's terrified by the prospect of being attracted to someone of the same sex. You just have to figure out a way to let her know that it's okay to experience such feelings. You've already planted the seed, and now you need to somehow persuade her to take a chance, to make her understand that it's okay to just go ahead and jump.

Loud beeping noises, the kind that signal it's literally do or die time, cause a flurry of activity as various doctors move into a position that best fits their specialty, and with a minimum of movements, each and every man and woman rise to the occasion, fighting with every skill they own to save 'cement boy.' You watch in fascination as you do your part, inwardly proud to be a member of such a magnificent team, regardless of the final outcome. Although, if truth be told, you know there isn't a single doctor present who will accept failure; it's simply not an option, especially after Bailey's heartfelt Star Wars analogy. The intensity builds yet again, and you focus on making sure your part of the effort is a success.

In the small viewing room just outside the OR, you join Callie and try to persuade her to take a break. She, of course, wants no part of it, instead, wanting to stay and watch. It isn't lost on you that it just happens to be Hahn's turn to work on the former 'cement boy.' You look for an opening, but Callie's the one who brings up the subject of being turned on by the images you've managed to firmly plant in her head, and you take advantage of the moment by adding more fertilizer to aid the growth of the idea.

Hours later, you meet Callie in the lobby of the hospital and smile. Together, you stroll into the cool night air.

"So, want to finish what we started yesterday?"

You hear her words but disregard their intent, knowing she's proposing to use you, once again, to run away from the truth. Her eyes never stray from the figure bent over a large bag, rummaging through its contents. You decide to force her hand.

"Or you could finish what you started." You both shift your gaze to Dr. Hahn who is still standing in front of the bench. She is totally oblivious to either of you as she continues to sift through her bag. You wait for Callie to make eye contact with you.

"I'm growing," you offer in explanation. She doesn't say anything, but you notice that she seems less troubled, less confused. You strike while the iron is hot. "Go on, get out of here."

Her eyes on Hahn, she turns and walks toward the bench as you move into the background but continue to watch. Callie seems focused while Erica is the one who appears to be scattered. You can't hear what they're saying, so you watch their body language instead. A few words are exchanged with Callie both initiating and gaining control of the conversation. You're pleasantly surprised to note the role reversal, even more so when Callie takes Erica's face in her hands and hesitates only momentarily before kissing the unsuspecting woman. Soon, the shock wears off, and Erica returns the kiss with great enthusiasm.

You watch for a few more minutes, before smiling and walking away. You know you've done the right thing, but oh, what you wouldn't give to watch the final act play itself out.

The End

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