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The Usual
By carpesomediem


Callie couldn't believe her eyes. It's one thing to see your girlfriend in scrubs day in and day out, every once in awhile a t-shirt and pair of jeans, but to see her dressed up, hair straightened and in impossibly high heels. Well, that sort of things leaves you speechless or in Callie's case, fumbling for the right words.

"You look-"

"-Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous beyond belief," Arizona ticked off adjectives. She could barely keep her eyes off Callie. Callie was wearing a black and white print dress, a very short dress and heels. Her hair down, cascading over her shoulders.

"I was going to say super," Callie grinned, eying the blonde from head to toe not realizing her girlfriend was actually talking about her. Leave it to Calliope for compliments to go right over her head, Arizona thought with a smile.

"See? I have rubbed off on you," Arizona said with pride.

"Well, should we head out?" Callie asked. "Our reservations at nine and we should probably get going."

"Yeah, let me grab my purse," Arizona pointed to the counter, reaching for it and brushing against Callie as she did it.

They stood still for a minute, not sure what to do as electricity filled the air. It was still so new, still in those honeymoon stages and neither one of them wanted to make another move that might make them late to dinner. But a familiar buzzing in Arizona's purse suddenly had them both staring in its direction.

"Please tell me you didn't hear that," Arizona said softly, hoping if she whispered perhaps it was somehow a figment of her imagination.

Seconds later Callie's pager began beeping from the purse in her hand as Arizona's starting buzzing once more.

"You've got to be kidding me?" Callie rolled her eyes, tightening the grip around her pager ready to throw it against the wall as she pulled it out of her purse. "Remind me why I became a doctor again…"

"Remind me why we made dinner reservations while on call," Arizona just shook her head. Would they ever learn?

The End

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