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The New Girl
By Arizona_foreva


Dr Mark Sloan stepped onto the elevator at Seattle Grace and just stared in shock at the girl standing in front of him despite all the curious glances around him.


"Hey Marky!"

"What are you doing here?" Mark asked happily throwing his arms around the girl.

"I've transferred. I'm here!"

"Damn girl, you look great! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"Thought I'd surprise you, I take it it's a happy surprise?"

"Absolutely, ever since Derek got married and the Chief went back to his wife, I got no one. I got you now, you can be my guy again!"

"Whoa, slow down on the enthusiasm dude, everyone here will think we're something more than just cousins." The elevator doors opened.

"Dr Renee Sloan, is that you?"

"Hey, look, it's Derek Shepherd," Renee smiled, hugging the doctor.

"You still sleeping with my ex-wife?" Derek asked sending the interns and nurses into overdrive.

"Not my fault she couldn't resist the Sloan charm," Renee winked at her cousin and laughed as he pushed her.

"So, who's who around here dude?" Renee asked when Mark finally joined her for lunch the following day.

"You mean you haven't learnt yet from the gossip mill?" Mark laughed leaning back in his chair.

"I know names, not faces. So who is Dr Callie Torres who had her heart broken by the Ice-Queen only to have it nurtured by McPerky? Addison told me she could be my new best friend," Renee said a little too cheerfully.

"Callie is alright, she's my guy when you haven't been, and that's her coming this way to join us now," Mark smiled.

"She's Addison's guy too, maybe she'll be my guy," Renee smiled.

"She's taken," Mark warned, "besides, McPerky as you call her, she's hot, more your type."

"Sloan," Callie stated and sat down, "who's the new flooze?"

"Callie, this is my cousin, Renee. Renee, meet Callie," Mark smirked.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," Callie stammered.

"All good, Mark's well known for his floozies, not as well known as me of course, but still, he's my protégé," Renee remarked proudly.

"Not another Mark?" Callie laughed.

"We're a rare breed, us Sloans," Mark smiled.

"Who like to sleep with my ex-wife," Derek smiled as he joined the three doctors.

"You slept with Addison?" Callie asked in shock looking at Renee.

"Dude, I'm a Sloan," was all Renee could say, shrugging her shoulders.

"Mark, I need your help," Callie said at the bar a few weeks later as she joined Mark, Renee and Derek.

"Ok, that's my cue to leave, I gotta get Mer home anyway, she's ovulating," Derek said finishing his drink and leaving.

"And I'm going to go ask that gorgeous nurse over there if she wants to dance," Renee said, "want me to find out if she has a friend Marky?"

"I'm with Lexie, remember?" Mark pointed to his girlfriend sitting with a bunch of other interns.

"Oh that's right, you don't play anymore, you nest, that's lame dude," Renee threw over her shoulder.

"Is everyone getting laid around here except me?" Callie groaned as she put her head in her hands.

"What about Ohio?"

"Mark!" Callie hit him, showing him that she was serious.

"Sorry, tell Uncle Mark everything," Mark smiled.

"Uncle Mark? Gross, look, I don't know what it is, but Arizona and I don't have that fire anymore," Callie said sadly.

"Maybe that's because you can't stop thinking about someone else?"

"Who?" Callie asked in shock.

"A certain redhead who lives in Los Angeles maybe?"

"Addie? Don't be ridiculous, she's just a friend."

"I dunno, ever since you found out she does the horizontal salsa with men AND women, you haven't stopped thinking about her," Mark pointed out seriously, "my advice, figure it out. Either let go of it and get back to lovin Blondie, or let Blondie go and sort it out."

"Yeah, thanks, some help you are," Callie groaned as Mark left to find Lexie.

"Hi, I'm Dr Arizona Robbins, you are?"

"Dr Renee Sloan, so you're Callie's better half?" Renee joked as she put her stuff into her locker.

"I don't know about that right at this moment, long story, so you're the one that everyone's talking about?" Renee just stared at the woman in front of her, reminding herself that this woman is Callie's girl.

"Depends on what they're saying?"

"Oh, you know, you've been here for a month and you're already on your second write and tell form," Arizona smiled, aware that the surgeon was checking her out.

"What can I say? The women here seem to flock to me, I'm a Sloan after all," Renee shrugged, blushing slightly, something she hasn't done in a long time.

"Cocky too, well good luck with that, cheerio," the blonde smiled her famous dimple-smile and rolled out of the room on her heelys.

"You're in trouble kid," Mark laughed as he walked past and followed Arizona out.

"I'll say," Renee muttered then closed her locker.

Mark and Renee were sitting on the couch in the cramped apartment they were sharing for the time being watching a boring movie that Lexie had bought over with her when there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" they both jumped up at the same time.

"Mark, can we go to bed?" Lexie sleepily asked from her place on the floor.

"Dude, you're lame," Renee muttered as she scooted past Mark to get to the door. When she opened the door, she was shocked to see Callie standing there, crying.

"I broke up with her," was all she got out before the sobs set in.

"Do you want me to get Mark?" Renee asked putting her arm around Callie and leading her inside.

"No, I want to talk to you. How do you do it?" Renee set Callie down on the lounge and sat next to her, handing her the tissue box from the coffee table.

"Do what?" Callie sat there quietly for a few minutes before answering.

"Stay un-attached, not fall in love? Love sucks," Callie hiccupped.

"Then why did you break up with her if you love her?" Renee asked confused.

"It's not Arizona I'm in love with. It's Addison, it's always been Addison," she said quietly.


Three weeks later the gang was at Joe's getting drunk, trying to convince Callie to get back on the horse.

"How do you know, if they're into girls or not?" Callie asked Renee looking around at the crowd.

"Cal, most of the girls I've been with since I been here, they weren't into girls, you just gotta be smooth and convince them that it's worth it, that you're worth it," Renee smiled.

"Right, smooth, channel Sloan, channel Sloan," Callie murmured as Mark and Renee laughed.

"That's the way, now go get 'em," Mark winked, pushing Callie into the crowd.

"She'll be right," Renee laughed.

"She's learning from the best," Mark smiled, "don't look now, but you're being watched."

"By who?" Renee asked, trying to fight the urge to look around.

"McPerky," Mark grinned, "and she's coming this way."

"Good god," Renee murmured, quickly skulling the rest of her beer.

"Sloans, how are we this evening?" Arizona smiled, flashing her dimples at Renee.

"Texas, more importantly, how are you this evening?" Mark smiled.

"You're not flirting with me, are you Mark?" Arizona raised her eyebrows.

"What's the point in that? I have a penis, good night ladies," Mark left, despite Renee's begging look.

"You worried about being alone with me Dr Sloan?" Arizona slid onto the stool Mark just vacated.

"Uh, of course not Dr Robbins, can I uh, buy you a drink?" Renee signalled for the bartender.

"Thank you, so, Callie trying to learn the art of the Sloans?" Arizona nodded her head in Callie's direction.

"Um, I guess, how are you with that?"

"I saw it coming, no harm done, I believe we can still be friends, but seriously, she really should go after who her heart is set on," Arizona smiled sadly.

"You know about that?" Renee asked in surprise.

"I know there's someone, don't know who yet, but she assured me it wasn't you," Arizona grinned with a twinkle in her eye. Renee had to mentally tell herself to breathe.

"I uh, might go see how she's doing, I'll be back in a minute, excuse me."

"Renee, meet Jennifer, she's coming home with me tonight," Callie drunkenly announced, winking at me.

"Huh, that's great dude, two thumbs up, listen I need to ask you something," Renee smiled at Callie's new friend.

"Go for it Nae, it's ok, seriously," Callie murmured, her hands all over Jennifer, "she's had it bad for you since you arrived."

"Seriously?" Renee asked.

"Seriously, now get out of here, you're in my space," Callie laughed, pushing Renee away.

A few hours later found Arizona and Renee hailing a cab outside Joe's.

"So, Dr Sloan, thank you for those drinks, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get me drunk so you can get into my pants," Arizona giggled, swaying slightly. Renee grabbed her around the waist to stop her from falling onto the road.

"Is it working?" Renee flirted.

"Hmm, maybe a little," Arizona whispered wrapping her arms around Renee's neck.

"Our cab's here, come on, let's get you home before you say or do something you might regret later," Renee whispered, wondering why she couldn't just take this woman and have her way with her.

"Hmm, I've been biting my tongue all night, but I do want to say something Dr Sloan, you, intrigue me, you are a challenge, and I like a challenge," Arizona mumbled before falling asleep against Renee's shoulder. Realising that she didn't have a clue where Arizona lived, she tried waking the sleeping beauty, to no avail. She gave the cab driver her address, and hoped that Mark had gone to Lexie's place for the night. Renee paid the driver when he pulled up outside her apartment block and carried Arizona upstairs, laying her gently on the lounge and covering her with the throw over. She sat there and watched Arizona sleep, marvelling in her features, memorising every inch of the blonde's face before falling asleep in the armchair.

Mark walked into his apartment early the next morning and chuckled quietly to himself at the sight that greeted him. Arizona Robbins was passed out on the lounge and his womanising cousin in the armchair. He walked through to the kitchen and put the kettle on.

"Hmm, morning dude," Renee murmured walking into the kitchen and helping herself to some coffee and sitting down next to Mark at the breakfast bar.

"So how did Callie go last night?" he asked, avoiding the topic of how the perky blonde ended up on his lounge.

"Hmm, ask her about Jennifer, she took off with her about an hour before we left," Renee stretched.

"We?" Mark raised his eyebrow.

"You're dumb, not blind."

"Ok, so I saw McPerky out there, I want the goss," Mark clapped his hands like a two year old.

"No goss, she fell asleep when we got in the car, I didn't know where she lived and couldn't wake her," Renee whispered, glancing over to where Arizona started stirring awake. She watched as the gorgeous doctor stretched on the couch, exposing her skin around her middle.

"You're stuffed, there's no turning back when you get like this Nae, seriously," Mark commented as he watched his cousin admire the girl.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, morning Dr Robbins, coffee?" Arizona looked around and quickly sat up.

"Omigod, I'm so sorry, omigod," she muttered as she recalled the events of last night and realised she must've fallen asleep. The last thing she remembered was getting into the cab.

"She's rambling, cute, so cute I think I'm going to be sick. I'm leaving in an hour if you guys wanna shower and get a lift into work," Mark said standing up and walking into his bedroom.

"I'm so sorry," Arizona apologised again as she sat down and took the coffee Renee offered.

"It's fine, seriously," Renee smiled, "I'm just going to grab a quick shower then I'll find some clothes for you so you can have a shower too, back soon."

Callie was doing rounds when she was pulled into a supply closet suddenly.

"Shit, Nae, you scared the crap out of me, are you ok?" Callie said once she was standing on her own two feet again.

"I have a problem, and you're my guy, cos Addison is miles away and Mark is a man, so you're my guy, right?"

"You're rambling, shut up and focus then tell me what the problem is," Callie laughed.

"Don't you laugh at me Calliope Torres, I think I'm sick, really sick. I've lost my mojo. I taught you how to be a player and you're all up in here being a player, you've been a player for two weeks, and me? I haven't been laid since I taught you how to be a player, you stole my mojo, I want my mojo back!" Renee stated firmly.

"You what?" Callie laughed then quickly stopped with the death glare she was getting from Renee.

"I. Want. My. Mojo."

"Nae, it's not that you've lost your mojo, you are in the beginning stages of nesting," Callie broke the hard truth to her friend.

"I don't nest, I've never nested, never, and I don't plan to start now. How am I nesting, I have to be having sex with someone, with one person to nest, I'm not having sex at all," Renee groaned stamping her feet a little immaturely.

"Oh dear," Callie sighed and opened the door. From where they were they could see the nurses desk. "Renee, ask her out."

"Who?" Callie just stared out towards the blonde attending from paediatrics who was rolling around on her heeleys, "No, I can't. She's avoiding me."

"And that ladies and gentlemen, is the real problem isn't it. Look, take my advice, you've got quite the reputation, so be confident with her, and let her know that you're interested in her, and only her, stop flirting with all the nurses."

"But that's who I am," Renee moaned, gazing at Arizona and admiring her.

"That's who you were, people change, look at Mark, he's nesting and he's getting sex every five minutes. And here's a little inside secret from one friend to another, Arizona, she's wild." Renee just moaned and slumped her shoulders in defeat.

"Whatever," Renee murmured and walked off in the opposite direction to Arizona.

Arizona was nervous, she'd been avoiding Renee since she woke up on her lounge, refusing to let herself believe that she was falling for the player. If only she could've just had sex with her that night and then that would be it, they would've both moved on, but no, Arizona fell asleep and instead can't stop thinking about the woman. Now, she had to scrub in with the gorgeous surgeon. Luckily for her, Callie was also scrubbing in.

"Dr Torres, we're ready," the nurse winked remembering their on-call room adventure the day before.

"Thank you Amy, Dr Sloan, Dr Robbins, let's do this," Callie said smiling behind her mask. They all worked in silence for about 30 mins, until Callie realised that she would have to do something about this absurdness between her best friend and ex-girlfriend. "So, Dr Robbins, heard any good goss lately?"

"Not really," Arizona looked up at Callie and questioned her with her eyes.

"How about you Dr Sloan?" Callie ignored Arizona's look.

"Oh yeah, I got some good goss, the bad-ass ortho surgeon has been hogging all the on-call rooms lately," Renee answered, shooting a death glare at her friend.

"Ah, what can I say, I learnt from the master, how's things been going for you in that department?" Callie smirked. Arizona stole a quick glance at Renee, almost holding her breath.

"Apparently, I'm in the beginning stages of nesting," Renee mimicked her friend's words. Arizona let out a deep breath, drawing the attention of Callie and Renee.

"You seem relieved to hear that Dr Robbins," Callie teased.

"Ah, um, well, uh," Arizona stumbled looking for the right words to say.

"Rambling, cute. Anyway, I'm finished, I'll leave you two ladies to finish up, the leg's all set," Callie nodded and left.

"So are you?" Renee asked Arizona, not looking at her.

"What?" Arizona asked, confused.

"Relieved to hear that?" Renee finally looked up into Arizona's green orbs and saw the twinkle.

"Maybe, I mean, sleeping around can't be healthy, right?"

"Right," Renee nodded, winking at Arizona before announcing that they were done.

Arizona walked into the locker room and found a note taped to the front of her locker, smiling to no-one, she walked over and plucked the note from its resting place and opened it.

Dr Arizona Robbins,

You are the intriguing one. You are the challenge. I love challenges.


Arizona smiled then turned around to see Renee leaning against her own locker.

"You wouldn't know anything about this, would you?" Arizona held up the piece of paper as she crossed the room to where Renee was.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Renee smiled sexily. Arizona invaded Renee's personal space, bringing her lips close to Renee's ear. She could feel the heat radiating off the gorgeous brunette in front of her.

"How about I show you where my apartment is, you know, in case you need to take me home again?" Arizona whispered seductively. Renee shivered, balling her hands into fists to stop herself from reaching out and touching.

"I say, let's go," Renee trembled, following Arizona out of the room and out of the hospital.

The moment Arizona closed her apartment door, Renee had no self control left, and she pushed the blonde up against the hard surface. Arizona wasted no time in attacking Renee's lips with her own, her hands threading through the short hair, her body arching into the lean body against her own. For a few moments, they tasted and touched, the frustration from the last few weeks finally being released.

"Wait," Arizona panted as they broke apart for air, "Renee, wait, please."

"What's wrong?" Renee rested her forehead against Arizona's, both gasping to fill their lungs.

"I need to know, this, it can't be a one night thing, I don't want a one night thing. I want to know everything about you, and learn all your secrets and how to make you moan and how to make you scream and, I just don't want this to be a one night thing, cos, I like you, like really really like you," Arizona said, part of her afraid that Renee was going to bolt.

"Haven't you heard Dr Robbins? I'm nesting," Renee whispered, her lips barely grazing Arizona's, "that means.."

"I know what it means, take me to bed, now!"

The End

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