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The Exam
By mysensitiveside


Sam walked into class and the nervous feeling she'd had in the pit of her stomach since breakfast suddenly became clear.


It was the day of their final exam in biology, and Sam hadn't studied at all.

She moved quickly over to her desk (Brooke ignored her, as usual) and began anxiously chewing on her fingernails.

Bio Glass walked in, looking particularly gleeful. "Okay, class," she called out. "Put your various writing utensils away, we're doing things a little different this time! You'll each get one question; you have to come up in front of the class to solve it. Get it right? You pass! Get it wrong? You fail!" She tried (barely), but couldn't manage to hold back a maniacal laugh. "This is gonna be great!"

Sam couldn't believe it. Not only was she going to fail, but she had to do it while humiliating herself in front of the whole class? Fantastic.

One by one, students got called up, but Sam was so nervous, she could barely pay attention.

Brooke did perfectly, though, of course. Sam did manage to notice that much.

Finally, Sam's turn arrived. On shaky legs, she just barely managed to make it up to the front of the room, awaiting her fate.

"Miss McPherson," Bio Glass began. "Are you, or are you not, in love with Miss McQueen?"

Sam merely blinked.

"Wh- What?"

"You heard me, McPherson! Now come on, your grade is on the line, here!"

She couldn't have heard right. No. Impossible. Sam risked a glance over towards Brooke. The blonde didn't seem too concerned about the question, but her eyes wouldn't leave Sam.

Sam began to sweat... What should she do? What could she do? Brooke was no help, there was no indication of what kind of answer Brooke wanted.

"We're all waiting, McPherson!" Glass called out again.

Sam couldn't help it; she started to feel the panic well up inside her and begin to push its way out. What the hell kind of exam was this?!

She opened her mouth to answer...

Sam opened her eyes and found herself staring at the ceiling. Her heart was racing way faster than it should be.

A dream.

Sam exhaled. Just a dream.

Still, she couldn't stop hearing Bio Glass' question echoing around her head.

Are you, or are you not, in love with Miss McQueen?

The End

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