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By Commasplice


"Come on, you have to admit they're cute together," Warrick said, nodding toward the pair tucked into the shadow of Sophia's SUV.

"Who, butch and butcher?"

"Cath," Warrick admonished her. "Come on, they're kind of sweet."

"Sweet? Right. Two of the hottest tempers in the county together. That's not sweet, that's a recipe for disaster."

As if on cue, Sophia proceeded to pin Sara's arms to the side of the car and kiss the air out of the brunette.

"Yeah," Catherine said, sarcasm dripping out of her. "Sweet."

After a moment, Sophia leaned away from Sara, and slowly traced a finger along Sara's cheek and jaw. She followed with a soft, quick kiss, before she stepped back and opened the door for Sara.

Warrick grinned. "See. Sweet."

The End

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