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Stumbling into Grace
By Wolfemeister


Blair was torn, part of her wanted to just give in to Tad's repeated pleas and sleep with him. After all it was just sex and maybe if she did the deed she could finally get over her feelings for other women. It just wasn't done in her circle, girls were supposed to go to a good school in the hopes of meeting the right sort of boy from the right families and get engaged and later married. Not fall head over heals for another girl.

Having a crush on a delinquent from the Bronx who was also a girl just wasn't done. Not that Jo seemed even remotely aware that Blair had a thing for her. As far as Blair could tell Jo was totally oblivious to her feelings. Sighing she rolled over on her lonely bed and gazed at the object of her crush.

Jo was sprawled across her bed reading some text book or other making notes every so often in her course book. Hearing Blair moving around she turned to see what occasioned the long dramatic sigh.

"What's up Princess?"

"Oh nothing really." Blair shrugged.

"Then why the heavy sigh?" Jo questioned.

"Just trying to decide what to do about Tad. He's been getting rather insistent lately."

"About what? He's not getting grabby is he, 'cause if he is I'll pound him." The last was said as Jo sat up and faced Blair.

"No not really, it's just every time we go out and we end up kissing and then when I pull back he says that if I really loved him I'd do it and what's the big deal. I just don't know any more, I mean what is the big deal? What am I saving it for?"

"Ok Princess number one it is a big deal, the first time you sleep with someone it should be because you both want it not because he wants it and you wanna make him happy or don't wanna disappoint him.

Number two it doesn't matter what you're saving it for it's your decision and if he gave a damn about you he wouldn't try and pressure you into something you don't want. He'd be willing to wait until you were both ready."

Blair loved how fired up Jo got when she was defending someone's honor especially Blair's own. She had an over whelming urge to stand up and kiss Jo which meant she needed to distract herself so she picked a fight instead.

"How dare you say he doesn't care about me? Of course he cares about me, that's why he wants to be physically close with me. It's not about disappointing him or making him happy, it's about my caring enough about him to return his affections."

"Bullshit Princess," Jo shouted "all he wants is a quick fuck so he can brag to his buddies that he popped the Warner Heiress's cherry!"

"You crass, disgusting…. You couldn't possibly understand." Blair stammered.

"What couldn't I understand? That Mr. frat boy just wants in your pants and is playing you? 'Cause that, I understand all too well!" Jo shot back at the now red faced blonde.

"Oh just…. just TURN BLUE!" Blair screamed as she stormed out of their shared room.

Once Blair was gone Jo sank down onto her bed, head in her hands. God… Why did she have to get so wound up about Blair's potential sex life? Why couldn't she just mind her own business? All she wanted was for Blair to be happy, well happy and in love with her not some stupid frat boy. But why couldn't Blair see that this jerk was just using her, why couldn't she see how much Jo loved her? Sighing she rubbed her eyes and returned to her abandoned homework.

Late that night Jo sat waiting in the empty house for Blair to come home. Natalie and Tootie were both with their parents for the weekend and Mrs. Garret was visiting her sister. She admitted to herself she was waiting up for Blair she knew she should apologized for being so crude but Blair always knew just how to push her buttons.

It was just after one in the morning when the front door opened and a very disheveled Blair stumbled in. Jo had fallen asleep on the couch and was instantly awake when the door opened. Catching sight of Blair's appearance Jo felt her stomach drop, then she noticed Blair's blouse was bunched and twisted and her face and eyes were swollen from tears.

"Oh jeez Blair what happened? Are you ok?" Jo leapt up and started toward the shaking blonde.

Blair just shook her head and turned toward the stairs where she stumbled and collapsed into a crying heap. Jo was by her side in an instant. Pulling Blair into her arms she began to stroke her hair and told her again and again it would be ok. Once Blair had calmed down a bit Jo tried to ask the question that was burning in her mind.

"Blair did he… did he… I mean… do you need to see a doctor? Should I call the cops?" Blair didn't answer just shook her head and buried her face against Jo's neck.

Jo relaxed a bit but figured Blair needed to rest and maybe change her clothes. She shifted position to lift the still trembling young woman into her arms and carried her up the stairs.

Blair was grateful Jo didn't ask anymore questions as she carried her to their room, she wasn't sure she could have handled explaining what happened just then. She dreaded telling Jo she'd been right about Tad. He'd called her cell phone while she'd been driving around trying to cool off from her argument with Jo, he'd suggest making her dinner at his new apartment. She had readily agreed hoping to forget Jo's harsh words.

When she arrived Tad had brought out a nice wine before dinner. Everything had been fine until Tad had tried to ply her with more wine in an attempt to get her to loosen up as he'd put it. She had tried to return his attentions but when his hand had slid under her shirt, pushing her bra up and squeezing her breast hard she had panicked and tried to push him away. His response was to grab her wrists, pin her down and continue what he was doing. She started to struggle against him and finally remembered the move Jo had shown her to get out of just this type of situation. Bringing her knee up hard into his unprotected groin, she managed to push Tad to the floor. Grabbing her purse she'd tugged her blouse down with out fixing her bra and ran out the door. She didn't remember the drive home, only falling into Jo's arms.

Once in their room Jo wasn't sure what to do next but the death grip Blair had on her neck decided her. She merely sat down with the still trembling blonde in her arms, one hand stroking her mussed hair while the other rubbed soothing circles on Blair's back. Jo kissed her forehead whispering repeatedly that it would be ok, and that Blair was safe.

Blair felt Jo's lips touch for a moment on her forehead a spreading softness. She tightened her arms and turned her face into Jo, her lips pressing against Jo's throat, she could feel Jo's rapid pulse beat. Then it seemed so very natural for Blair to raise her face and feel the softness of Jo's lips with her own. Their lips met again and again with soft sweet kisses, Jo held her closely with a tenderness Blair had never experienced before. This felt so right, it had never felt like this with Tad. This was what she wanted, had always wanted. Blair was flushed with desire her body relaxing, she yielded to Jo, her lips parting. Jo's mouth became the most divine silk and they kissed deeply, endlessly, languorously.

Later Blair sighed with contentment, she was beyond caring, beyond worrying about tomorrow all she cared about was the professions of love she and Jo had shared as night had turned into dawn's early light. No matter what else happened she knew she loved Jo and was loved by her in return and nothing else mattered.

The End

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