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By UbiquitousMixie


The force at which the lightning cracked the sky caused Addison Montgomery to startle slightly as she rested against the pane of the window, the heavy curtain pushed aside to allow her body to assume this position. She watched the silvery bolt snake across the sky, illuminating the Seattle skyline through the sheets of rain before disappearing. Thunder boomed overhead and she sighed.

When she was a little girl, she hated thunderstorms. They terrified her. She would crawl under a blanket by her mother's lap and insist that she read aloud to her until the storm had passed. She usually fell asleep by the third or fourth page, but the soothing quality of her mother's voice calmed her immediately.

Now? Well, she certainly couldn't go crawling into mommy's lap. She had become a grown up, a top-notch surgeon, and with one failed marriage and a mass of disastrous attempts at relationships and flings, she was alone. She wasn't bothered too much by the storms now. But it was the idea of the storm that shook her.

Instead of facing the storm, she longed to run into her mother's lap. She knew instinctively that running was the only viable option that she had left. Despite her ability to stand there and watch the chaos quake around her, she knew she would ultimately step out of its path and allow it to sweep by her.

She closed her eyes as the thunder rolled over the security of her hotel room, recollecting the storm that was surmounting at Seattle Grace. She was bypassed for Chief of Surgery. She slept with a man who she didn't actually like, who then proceeded to make her feel like an infected needle. She wanted nothing to do with the man who claimed to love her. She couldn't give birth to a child. Acknowledging her barren state panged her slightly and she winced as her heart leapt a little within the cold cage of her chest. Her best friend, the only silver lining to the dark, depressing heap that was her life, was trying to have a baby with a man who was so obviously in love with someone else. She sighed. All signs pointed to California.

She reviewed her reasons to leave, hesitating only when she thought of Callie's illuminating face. It's not like she would be devoid of friends; in fact, she would be surrounded by old friends with whom she shared countless memories. But even the thought of leaving Callie Torres - no, Callie O'Malley - was enough to make the tears swell in her eyes.

As if by cue, a knock at the door once more caused Addison to jump. She put her fingers to her eyes, catching any stray tears and headed for the door. She knew without pressing her eye to the peephole whom it would be. Before sliding back the chain she looked down at the baggy gray AMA t-shirt and the white shorts she wore. She was certainly not dressed to impress.

She unlocked the door and stood aside as Callie sulked into the room, holding up four beer bottles. "I couldn't sleep," she said, making her way to the finely-made bed at the center of the room. "Oh good, neither could you." She placed the bottles and her cell phone on the nightstand and fished a bottle opener out of the top drawer. She settled herself back against the headboard and smiled at Addison before patting the other side of her and taking a swig.

Addison indulged in once-over before responding. Callie wore a faded black Heart t-shirt and tan linen pants. Her hair was in loose curls, obviously having been washed to release it from the uncomfortable up-do from the wedding. Even in this comfortable state she looked incredible. "Shouldn't I be bringing you celebratory drinks, Ms. Chief Resident?" She took the familiar spot beside Callie and leaned over her for her beer, her arm brushing against Callie's shoulder. The brief, insignificant touch caused her to shiver.

"I'll let you buy me a drink some other time," Callie said. "So why aren't you asleep?"

"Oh, I've got a lot on my mind. Why aren't you in bed with ole' Georgie?"

"I was wondering that myself. I can't seem to locate him. He's sort of missing in action. I thought he might be with Cristina and the whole group of them, but no one's heard from him."

"That's weird," Addison replied, creasing her forehead slightly as she prepared to ask, "And what about--"

"Izzie? She's with Meredith. I know what you're thinking but…well, I don't want to go there. George wouldn't want to start a family with me if he were…you know. God, I can't even say it. I can't consider the possibility that he would…well, yea. Can you believe it about Burke?"

"Hiding from the storm," Addison muttered and nodded, filling her mouth with the amber liquid.


"Oh, nothing," she said, hesitating slightly. "He just seemed so sure today. I would have never taken Burke to be the type to ditch his would-be spouse at the altar."

"I know. It's like…so sudden. So not Burke."

They both silently drank another swig and Callie leaned back until she was in a reclining position on the bed. Addison followed suit.

"Is everything okay with you, Addy? I get the distinct feeling that you are upset about something."

Addison sighed. She couldn't hide it, especially not from Callie. "I've been thinking a lot."

"That part's sort of obvious. So come on, spill it."

Addison opened her mouth, preparing to force some version of the truth out of her lips, but with another furious burst of lightning the power shut down and the two women became shrouded in darkness.

"Shit," Addison said, scrunching her nose at the lack of light. She scooted closer to Callie, curling her body into the fetal position. She stopped as her legs pressed fully against Callie's, her fists brushing against Callie's breasts. She swallowed and moved her hands.

"Dude, are you freaked out?"

"If you make fun of me I will so break your fingers."

"And I will reset them and then break yours, scaredy cat. I didn't know you were afraid of storms."

"I'm usually not. But when I was young…yea. I was terrified. I guess the fear just sort of stuck"

Callie giggled.

"Don't laugh!"

"I'm not laughing…I'm just picturing little Addison in pigtails."

Addison smiled and nursed her beer. "Yea, I was a cute kid. I was a really happy child," she added wistfully. "And I bet little Calliope was a heartbreaker."

"Oh yea, I won't lie. I was precious. Everyone loved me."

"Of course they did. How could they not?"

"Ha. Yea, well, I've got you under my spell…better ask George though…"

"George loves you."

"I…I know. I don't know where that came from."

Addison felt movement in Callie's arm. As a shock of lightning illuminated the room, she noticed that the resident was tapping her fingers against her stomach. "Everyone still loves you, you know."


"You said 'loved.' Everyone loves you."

"I'm not the most popular person around."

"You're getting up there. You're already in the cool kid's circle."

"Okay, now you're just delusional."

"I'm serious! You and the interns will be bosom buddies now."

"Are you jealous, Dr. Montgomery?"

Addison sneered slightly. "No. Not jealous. Just…protective."

"As in overprotective? That's sort of sweet…you want to keep me to yourself."

"Friends like you don't come along very often," Addison added pensively.

"If it's any consolation, I much prefer your company to theirs. And you should know that they are only being nice to me because Cristina was desperate for a bridesmaid. I'm sure without the mothers around and without the wedding that it will all go back to normal. Izzie will be open again about her despising me, and the other two will stick by her in that annoying conjoined triplet kind of way."

"I'm sure they'll come to appreciate just how good of a friend you are."

"You make it sound as if you're leaving or something." Pause. "You're leaving, aren't you?"

"Nothing is finalized yet."

Callie sat up and Addison propped herself up on her elbow, glancing up at Callie as the lightningshed light on her angry, hurt face. The passion that her obvious abhorrence brought on was breathtaking. Addison couldn't look away and as the room faded into blackness again, she heard the clang of the beer bottle hitting the nightstand.

"How can you leave?"

"Why would I stay? What do I have left here?"

"You have a job that you love, you've got friends….and me."

"I'd have the opportunity for a private practice again. I loved it when I was in New York. I was successful and busy and happy; I could love it in California."

"I'll be too slow for you. All those bottle blondes and surfers. You'll hate it."

"No. Okay, maybe. And so you know…you're the only real friend I have here, anyway."

Callie was quiet for a moment. "So you'd leave to be with your two friends from med school? Two trumps one, is that it?"

"Callie, it's not like that at all. If I had my wish you--" She rethought her answer. "I just think I might need a fresh break. A new start. And besides, I miss the sun."

"You'd miss the rain. And too much sun is bad for redheads."

Addison smiled and fell back against the bed with a sigh. "I just don't feel like there's anything left here for me."

"So you'd run away? Give up the name you've made for yourself, the relationships you've built, the lives you've touched? You don't seem the type to run away, Addison. I know you're stronger than that."

"But I'm actually really good at running and hiding from my problems. I'm stronger now, but I still go in the other direction when problems amass."

With a heavy sigh, Callie slumped back against her pillow. Her voice was a little shaky. Addison looked up, wanting to see whether or not tears had clouded her brown eyes, but it was too dark to tell. "I don't understand these problems, Addy. I really don't. I don't see them worth throwing everything away for."

For a few minutes, Addison listened to the sound of Callie's breathing, unsure of how to respond. She longed to curl back against Callie's body. Somehow the warmth of the resident's body seemed to break through her cold exterior, warming her to the very core. She had to force herself to clench her fingers into the bedspread to keep from touching her. As she contemplated giving into her urge to hold her hand, or touch her cheek, Callie's voice broke the silence in a cracked whisper. "I don't want you to go."

"I don't exactly like the thought of leaving you either. You're all I've got left."

"So don't go. Stay here with me."

"And what? Be the third - no, fourth wheel in your marriage?"

Callie snorted. "Exactly. George has Izzie. It's only fair that I have my best friend with me."

Addison squeezed Callie's hand, leaving her long, thin fingers to rest comfortably within Callie's warm hand. The comfort with which she could hold her best friend's hand was comforting…and proved even more that she needed to leave.

"So I'd be like your dirty platonic mistress."

"Oh, I could make it very lucrative."

Addison laughed and was glad for the cover of the darkness to hide her blushing cheeks from Callie's view. "I just don't know what to do, Callie."

"I think you should give it some time before you rush into it. I don't want you to leave for California and be miserable. I want you to be happy and I think you can be happy here."


"Nope! No wavering! Seriously, think about it. A decision like this can't be made in a day. And that's obviously the only possibility because you wouldn't have been considering this for weeks without telling your supposed best friend."

"Okay, okay. You win. I'll give it some more thought," Addison said, wondering how she had become so unsure. She scooted closer to Callie, resting her head on her shoulder. She stroked the neck of the beer bottle, the perspiration dripping down the glass and collecting in her fist. With a smirk she touched the cool base to Callie's bare arm and the other woman scowled before taking the beer away.

"You're such a troublemaker," Callie remarked, setting the bottle on the nightstand.

"Eh, you love me anyway."

"Yea…you're lucky I do."

Addison found herself wincing slightly at the statement. "Love" was such a tricky, convoluted word and at times like these she found herself hating it for its ambiguities. How she defined "love" in relation to her best friend was something, however, that she refused to give any mind to. She was well aware of the fact that her feelings for Callie were more than could be defined for a platonic friendship, but the fact that these feelings were one-sided was much to painful to acknowledge.

To Addison's dismay, the storm that had broken to some extent during the discussion had returned with another fierce crack of lightning and a second wave of dark clouds and she jumped, this time curling her body into a position she knew all too well. With her head nestled into Callie's lap, she rested her hand on Callie's thigh and closed her eyes. "I used to lie with my mother like this when I was younger. She was always so comforting. It always made me feel better during a storm like this." There was silence as Callie's fingers threaded trough Addison's hair. "Talk to me…it's soothing."

"I never thought I'd be compared to someone's mother," Callie responded wryly, her nails scratching gently against Addison's scalp. Her entire body, from her eyelids to her toes, shuddered at the pleasant sensation.

"Trust me; I so don't think of you as my mother."

"Oh? What do you think of me as?"

"Callie…" Thunder quaked loudly. She couldn't answer this question. "My best friend, of course."

"Didn't you tell me you and your mother were very close? That seems like a close comparison to me."

Oh God. She was baiting her. She knew. She had to know. But somehow, Addison Montgomery found herself unable to say what she knew Callie expected to hear. "You're a different kind of friend than my mother. We're not as close as we used to be. But you…you're number one."

"That's sweet of you to say."

"You sound disappointed with that answer. Do you not want to be my number one?"

"No, no, of course I do," Callie mentioned as she absentmindedly traced little patterns at the spot on Addison's neck where her hair stopped and skin began. She shivered, her body erupting in a wave of goosebumps, all culminating in a frenzied buzz between her legs. Part of her meant to tell Callie to refrain for teasing one of her erogenous zones, but the other part, the more dominant part, took advantage of the incredible sensations.

"Are you okay, Callie? It's beginning to sound like I'm not the only one with a lot on her mind."

"I've had my share of reflective moments."

"Come on, Cal. It's your turn. The doctor is in. I'll waive the five cents."

"How generous of you."

"That's how good of a friend I am. Now Dr. Montgomery what's wrong."

Callie took a deep breath and began. "See. Here's the thing. I've been thinking a lot about what you said to me about obsessing over something and there being an actual reason for it. I guess you could say that I've been obsessing about that comment."

"Look, Callie, I didn't mean to freak you out about George. I mean, I don't want to insinuate anything, especially if you trust-"

"No, it's not that."

Addison twisted her body so that she was facing Callie's face, shifting her head slightly so that she was lying over Callie's pelvis, avoiding the urge to lick her lips at the thought of being so close to her intimate areas. Lightning allowed her to see the confused, solemn look plastered on her face and she immediately prodded her to continue after taking her hand in hers.

"I'm not stupid and I'm not naïve. I pretty much have it figured out that there's more than just friendship between the two of them. I see the way he looks at her…and the way she looks at him. It was the way I looked at him when I first met him. I mean, I don't have proof that they did anything physical or whatever. But I know he's lying about something and it's killing me and yea. That's not even what I'm obsessing about."

"What could be worse than that to obsess over?"

Realization dawned on Addison when Callie's fingers tightened around her hand and in her hair, pulling the auburn strands before quickly releasing her hold on Addison completely. She hitched her breath slightly as her heart began to quicken its pace and she sat up, needing to be closer to Callie's face.

"Callie, tell me."

"There's someone else. Who isn't George. And that fact kills me but it's there and I can't stop thinking about this other person and when I am around this person I just get so caught up. I think about them all the time and I've never said anything because I don't do this sort of thing, like, ever. I don't fall in love easily and I don't cheat but I am. Maybe not physically, but I am emotionally. I'm in love with someone else."

Callie paused for a moment, sitting up and crossing her legs. She thrust her fingers into her own hair, pushing back the black curls before clearing her throat and continuing. "I wish I weren't. I wish that I could have the kind of marriage where the husband and wife are happily married and not in love with other people and they could have babies and live happily ever after or whatever but I don't think that I was meant to have that Disney kind of life."

Addison watched and listened as Callie spat out her words in a rapid pace, her eyes using every flash of lightning to absorb the image of the gorgeous surgeon pouring her heart out.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've been obsessing over my feelings for someone else. This doesn't happen every day. I haven't been able to tell someone that I loved them until George and I never thought I'd see the day when I'd want to say it all over again to someone else. I thought he was it. I wanted him to be it. I'm not a cheater and I know our marriage is over and I love you, Addison, and I don't want you to leave Seattle."

Addison Montgomery was a surgeon. She may specialize in vaginas, but she knew how the heart worked. Though she logically knew that her heart had only begun to beat faster, she was certain that it had swelled to twice its normal size and begun to dance within her chest. The cover of the blackout may have made the confession easier for Callie, but Addison wished that the other woman could physically see the goofy smile plastered on her face and the color tingeing her cheeks, for she found herself unable to speak.

"Okay, you seriously need to say something because I'm freaking out here."

"Why are you freaking out, Callie?" As she waited for a response, she scooted her body closer to Callie's.

"Are you kidding me? I just emptied my heart onto your bed here--"

The rest of Callie's sentence was silenced by Addison's mouth. Feeling her own lips against Callie's impossibly smooth mouth was enough to make Addison's heart burst into a thousand brilliant shards of happiness, soaking into her blood stream and infusing her body with a euphoria that she had never before experienced. She kept the kiss soft, not wanting to rush the sweetness of exploring Callie's mouth for the first time. She cupped the resident's face with her hands, smoothing her thumbs over the apples of her cheeks before pulling away and resting her forehead against hers.

"I don't know if that's okay to do but it was the first response I had," Addison said softly, jumping slightly as she felt Callie's hands rub along the length of her arms.

"It shouldn't be okay. I shouldn't be doing this. I love you but I'm married to someone else." She sighed, holding Addison to her before the attending could pull away. "I'm not as strong as I seem. I give off the impression that I don't have any weaknesses, but I have my moments. You're my moment, Addison. I would give anything for you."

"You already have me, Callie." She placed a kiss on Callie's forehead and then between her eyebrows. She kissed the top of her nose and then on her cheekbone. She kissed Callie's closed eyelid and the spot on her cheek where her favorite freckle was, her fingers brushing Callie's hair out of her face.

Callie's breathing hitched slightly as Addison's kisses neared her mouth. Her hands slid from her arms, where they had been gripping, to Addison's waist, pulling her body so that she would be straddling her hips. They both gasped as their hips collided. It seemed so surreal and yet so natural that she should be here, on top of her best friend, about to kiss her in a way that was most definitely not platonic. She stroked her fingers along the length of Callie's neck, tracing her index finger along the collar of her t-shirt. Callie splayed her fingers and rubbed Addison's back, sliding her hands up to grab fistfuls of her hair, her fingers tickling the hairline and drawing a guttural "unh" from Addison's throat. She wasn't sure when her hips began to rock, but their pajama-bottom-clad pelvises gyrated in a slow, steady rhythm.

As Callie teased Addison's sensitive spot, the redhead threw her head back and offered a soft pant, her exposed throat soon claimed by Callie's mouth. The resident began a random pattern of kisses, her lips selecting several different spots to assuage with her teeth and tongue. Addison's only response was a moan and dropping her hands to the sides of Callie's breasts, palming them, stroking her thumbs as far as they could reach. Callie bucked her hips and moaned when her thumbs grazed against the hardened peaks of her nipples. Addison bit her lip as she could feel that only the thin later of cotton separated her from Callie's breasts.

Addison leaned forward, brushing her lips across Callie's, gently kissing the corners of her mouth. Callie groaned.

"This is no time for teasing, Addison."

Addison nibbled at Callie's lip. "I'm savoring you."

"I'm not a glass of wine, Addy…Oh…" Callie groaned quickly as Addison's tongue darted across her bottom lip.

"Mmm…No. You're much better than wine. Much more addictive. I'm already intoxicated by you."

"You're so cheesy."

"That's why you love me."

With this, Callie guided Addison by a persistent hand on the back of her head to clash their lips together. This time, there were no slow, savoring kisses. These were hungry, intense, furious - Addison's mouth slanted over Callie's, her tongue dueling with the other woman's as she ground their hips together. One of Callie's hands cupped the back of her head possessively and steadily as the other reached down and palmed one of Addison's breasts. She moaned into the kiss, arching her back into Callie's groping hand.

Addison's hands grabbed at the soft cotton t-shirt, gripping the edges and pulling the shirt off of Callie's torso. She flung it towards the window, her pupils widening to allow every spare bit of light in to make her examination of Callie's bare chest as enjoyable as possible. The minimal luminosity made visualizing difficult, so Addison used her deft, surgical hands to paint the image of a topless Callie Torres O'Malley. Callie sighed as Addison's warm fingers touched her skin, the curious digits smoothing over the area. She bit her lip as her palms grazed taut nipples. The moment that Addison's hands came into contact with the hardened peaks what little resolve to savor she had evaporated: she twisted and teased them, drawing low, throaty moans from the other woman.

Callie gripped Addison's waist before maneuvering their bodies into a laying position on the bed. Addison wasn't sure quite how Callie had managed it, but the surgeon was now writhing between her legs as her mouth frantically sought the lips that were parted in surprise. Callie expelled a hot pant of air against her cheek as Addison pinched her nipples, her teeth nipping harshly at Addison's bottom lip.

"You have no idea what you do to me," Callie whimpered into Addison's mouth, her hips lifting enough to allow one of her hands to pull at the elastic of her cotton shorts, dragging them as far as she could over her hips. Much to their shared dismay, she didn't get far.

"I think I have an, oooh, an idea…" Addison was about to offer to shift so that Callie could divest her of the shorts, but a mouthful of tongue and Callie's persistent hand sliding under her shorts and panties were enough to rid her mind of any rational thought.

Callie's hand became acquainted with her drenched center, playful touches causing her entire body to squirm against her. She moaned into Callie's mouth, bucking her hips into Callie's hand, urging the woman's teasing fingers to direct their attention to the specific spot that was aching for it. She shuddered as Callie's fingertips brushed across her clitoris, circling it once before pulling her hand slowly from the confines of the clothing, dragging wet fingers along her lower abdomen. She whimpered into Callie's mouth, whining harshly as Callie tore their mouths apart.

Addison whispered her friend's name as Callie's fingers hooked into the elastic of the shorts and panties, dragging them down her legs. "I wish I could see you right now," Callie said with a huff. "Remind me to write a strongly worded letter of complaint to the power company after this. This is unacceptable."

"Or to Mother Nature, perhaps?"

"This almost makes me want to leave the water running or something." She kissed Addison's ankle. "Or litter." She kissed the side of Addison's knee. "Or kick something furry."

Addison laughed. "No more talking about harming something furry as you get closer to my something furry."

Callie laughed and nipped at her inner thigh, which pulled the smile from her face as she sighed. She'd have given anything for the ability to see Callie's head between her legs, the open-mouthed kisses nearing her sensitive core. She could feel more than hear Callie sighing, the warm breath caressing her thigh and sending shivers down her body. As Callie settled herself between Addison's legs, she parted them wider for easier access, draping one long leg over her shoulder while curling an arm around the other, propping them open and giving plenty of room for what she was about to do.

Addison arched her neck and squinted her eyes, hoping to get any visual at all. She had nothing. She had never, ever wished for a storm to regain its intensity, but now, as only a few distant quakes of thunder sounded from miles away and the power remained out, she was finding herself unafraid of the force of the storm. However, these thoughts faded as Callie's tongue swiped along the length of her slit. Addison dropped her head back to the mattress and groaned as Callie flicked it several times over the swollen bud of her clit. She clutched at the comforter, her fingers digging harshly at the fabric and twisting as her hips bucked slightly. Soft moans began to escape her throat, sounds that were beginning to sound unfamiliar to her. Had it been so long since she'd had sex that she didn't recognize the sound of her own voice in the throes of passion? Or had no one ever gone down on her with such urgency?

Addison could feel every nerve, every atom, within her being tightening within her abdomen. She felt so close. With every flick of her tongue Addison bucked, her hips undulating in a countermotion, her heel digging slightly into Callie's back, her free hand tangled in her hair. Her moans became a little louder and deeper, her attempts at saying Callie's name resulting in strangled cries. As her ears began to ring with her impending orgasm, Callie's own soft whimpers began to sound. She could feel it rising, intensifying, building; she clenched her eyes tightly, rocking her hips insistently until Callie began to suck, her plump lips wrapped around the aching bundle of nerves. It was too much for Addison. Within seconds her climax consumed her, thrashing her body about as she screamed Callie's name. Convulsions tore through her from her head to her toes, pulling every bit of sensation into the complete gratification of the release.

The neonatal surgeon wasn't sure when her body began to come down from its high, but when she did she noticed the slight tickling of pain within her throat. Had she really screamed that loudly? Her knuckles ached from clutching so hard at the bedspread. She also felt a playful nip on her inner thigh.

"Don't you fall asleep up there," Callie said, her voice strained and hoarse.

Addison wracked her brain for a witty response but felt a little too discombobulated to come up with anything better than "C'mere." She lifted her leg and pulled Callie to her, kissing her passionately and rolling them over so that she was on top. "Remind me never to have sex with you in the hospital. I'd never be able to perform surgery in this state." She could feel Callie grin into her mouth and Addison smiled back before suckling her bottom lip, tasting herself. Callie wrapped her arms around Addison's neck, the intensity of Callie's own need put on hold as the two women indulged in a deep exploration of each other's mouths. As Addison began placing a trail of kisses along Callie's cheekbone, the chirping of a cell phone began to sound.

Callie sighed. "That's me."

"Can we pretend it's not ringing?"

"I wish. It could be the hospital."

"Why couldn't we be teachers or something?"

Callie gave Addison a peck on the cheek as she laughed and sat up. She reached for the phone and sighed. "It's George."


Callie clicked a button, raising the phone to her ear. "Hey George…I'm with Addison…Yes, this whole time…Where have you been?…Joe's?...Oh. Well, yea, we do need to talk. I'll be up in a minute…Okay, see you soon." She turned the phone off and sighed. "I guess I'd better go."

"Can I be selfish and say that I don't want you to go?"

"Of course you can. You can also help me find my shirt."

"I like it better on the floor."

Callie laughed. "Unfortunately, I can't have a serious conversation with my husband that I'm about to leave without my shirt on. I don't think he'd hear a word I said."

"I want to keep you all to myself." Addison wrapped her arms around Callie's neck, kissing her deeply.

"Lucky for you I'm not going anywhere. Now quit stalling and help me find my shirt. I'll be back; I promise."

"I have no idea where your shirt is." Addison got off the bed, feeling around on the floor for the shirt. Her toes bumped against fabric. "I can't feel it. Here, take mine." She pulled the shirt over her head and stepped back towards the bed. "Lift up." Taking great care, Addison slipped the t-shirt through Callie's arms and over her head, pausing as she pulled it over her breasts. She caressed them, bending forward to take her still hardened nipples into her mouth. Callie hissed, backing away.

"You're going to make it impossible for me to leave."

"That's sort of the idea."

"The sooner I have this conversation over with, the sooner I can come back to you and focus on the fact that now you are the one standing here topless. You're a tease."

"No, I'm not."

"Oh? How do you figure?"

"Because I'm not tempting you with anything that I don't intend to give you."

"You little minx." Callie kissed her one more time before heading for the door.

"Are you sure you can find your way in the dark?"

"Yes. I will be fine. I will be back…I don't know how long I will be, but I'll be back."

Addison heard Callie twist the doorknob.



"I love you too. I wanted to make sure you knew that before you left." She could hear Callie smile from across the room.

"I knew. I'll see you soon."

With that Callie was gone. Addison sighed and, after grabbing Callie's Heart shirt, fell back onto the bed. She held the cotton to her nose, inhaling deeply. She smiled and her heart fluttered; it smelled like her, like rosemary and stars. She laughed to herself: was she seriously becoming a Hallmark card?

As a chill broke over her skin, she pulled the t-shirt over her head, hugging the shirt to herself. She stared at the ceiling, wondering how long Callie would be gone. Would George admit to sleeping with Izzie? She had put two and two together after Izzie confided in her that she had participated in guilty sex, not that the intern needed to admit to anything anyway; the two of them were blatantly obvious and it saddened her to know that Callie refused to acknowledge any of it. Would Callie tell George about her own extramarital affair?

Addison stood and leaned against the windowpane, mimicking her earlier stance. She could see lights in the distance, but the entire area a few blocks from her hotel was dark. The rain was beginning to subside, transitioning from the downpour to a light drizzle. She watched fat drops hit the window and streak down in random paths. She breathed deeply, her warm breath clouding the window.

She hated to admit it, but she found herself slightly worried. Callie had a very emotional history with George. What if they decided to work through their problems and break apart from the lovers that were waiting in the wings? Addison wasn't sure if she could handle that. She had gone from wanting to run to California with her heart locked away to never wanting to leave this woman's side.

She thought of the letter of resignation that she had drafted prior to the wedding that sat within her briefcase. She wasn't sure that she'd ever be able to turn it in now. Even if Callie decided that George was more important to her, she wasn't sure that she could bear the thought of leaving Seattle. Not seeing Callie at all would be immeasurably worse than seeing her happy with someone else.

Addison sighed once more and threw herself onto her beg, reaching over for the open beer bottle on the nightstand. She swallowed the few remaining lukewarm sips in the opened bottles and then leaned back against the headboard. The comforter beneath her was crinkled and she grinned, her body's post-coital languor finally beginning to catch up to her. No: Callie would never make love to her like that and decide to stay with her husband.

She nestled her head into her pillow and pulled the collar of the t-shirt over her nose, taking in Callie's scent. The sweet aroma filled her nostrils and as her eyelids lowered, she fell into a peaceful slumber with a smile on her face.

After what felt like twenty seconds of sleep, a sharp knock on the door awoke Addison with a jerk. She sat up, her eyes blinking several times to adjust to the brightness of the light. When she processed the fact that the power was back on she grinned and ran for the door, pulling it open to see a weary Callie leaning against the doorframe.

"I was beginning to think I'd need to get a battering ram in here."

"I'm a heavy sleeper," was Addison's reply, grabbing Callie's arm and pulling her into an embrace. She wrapped her arms around Callie's neck and let out a sigh of relief when Callie's wrapped around her waist. Callie buried her face in the crook of Addison's neck and kissed her shoulder. "I missed you."

"I missed you too."

"Come, sit. Tell me what happened with George."

Callie sighed heavily and sat on the bed, looking up at Addison as she shut the door and headed to sit beside her. She paused when she caught the grin on Callie's face.

"What? Do I have bed head or something?" Addison asked, reached for her hair.

"No. You're wearing my shirt."

"You're wearing mine."

"I like it on you. It's like you're mine or something."

"I am yours."

Callie pulled Addison onto her lap and kissed her softly, brushing her hand across her cheek. Addison nuzzled her nose into Callie's neck and kissed her pulse.

"So I take it you and George aren't going to be working things out and staying together?"

"Are you sure you were asleep and not unconscious? Let me check your head for bumps." Callie began to twist Addison's head in different directions and pulled open Addison's eyelids in her mock examination. Addison laughed and grabbed Callie's hands, holding them in hers, kissing her playfully on the mouth. "I would never promise myself to you and then take it back," she said seriously.

"I know. I just…let my imagination wander. How did your talk go?"

"Well, it was certainly illuminating. He was a wreck-- he failed his intern exam."

Addison gasped. "What!? George? How could he fail?"

"I'm just as shocked as you are. He studied his ass off…I spent hours going over the material with him." She sighed heavily. "But, then he told me what exactly he had on his mind that distracted him from performing his best on the exam."

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes. He and Izzie slept together. The same night we had that fight about the money and, you know, what he said about Izzie being his perfect supermodel type. It was a drunken thing and he didn't even remember it for a day, but he says he's in love with her and they've kissed and he cheated and as much as I want to hate him I can't. I mean, it hurts like hell that I wasn't good enough for him, but he wasn't good enough for me."

Addison held Callie's hand, running her thumb over her knuckles soothingly.

"I told him about us and how I've had feelings for you a long time." Callie blushed softly as she continued. "I've put the feelings aside for a long time so that I could focus on him and us; I even convinced myself that a baby with him could make me forget how much I wanted you. Even when we had sex after he agreed to the baby I was thinking of you. Well, I didn't tell him that bit obviously."

"How did he take it when you told him?"

"He was surprised to say the least." She chuckled. "You know how his eyes get all big and round when he is shocked about something. When he found out it was you I thought they'd pop out of his head." They laughed. "I think the hardest part was both of us admitting that we were in love with other people. We certainly gave it a shot, but we just weren't meant to be."

"Are you okay, Cal?"

"I think so. I still care about him…I even still love him in his own way, but I just can't see my future with him in it. Not in such an interactive way, anyway. I'm going to duck out of work early tomorrow to file the papers."

Addison couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. "I'm sorry; I don't mean to seem happy at the ending of your marriage…I really don't. I've been hoping for this for a long time."

"How long?" Callie asked, tracing the line of Addison's nose.

"While I don't think it's possible to define an exact time or date, I would say it was around the time I first asked you out for a drink and you were saved by the beeper."

"I wouldn't exactly say 'saved'."

"I was so not even thinking about it being a platonic drink. I was terrified to ask you because you were so firm and strong and exquisite and I didn't even know you, and I was so disappointed when you were paged."

Callie laughed. "So was I! Why couldn't we have admitted to our little crushes before I got married? Think of all the lost time we have to catch up on."

Addison could feel her eyes darken as lust once more blossomed within her, hardening her nipples and turning her lovestruck smile into a vixenous grin. "We'd better get started then," she said, her voice low and husky. With her finger tucked under Callie's chin, she drew in her face and kissed her, her tongue lazily tasting Callie's mouth. Callie whimpered softly as Addison's hands reached for the hem of Callie's shirt, pulling their mouths apart so that she could bring the shirt over her head. She watched as loose curls fell around Callie's face, draping over her shoulders.

Her eyes dropped lower, taking in the sight of Callie's large, heavy breasts, adorned with dusky, taut nipples. She licked her lips and sighed. "God you're beautiful." She watched, hypnotized, as Callie's chest rose and fell with each ragged intake of air. Under her gaze a faint dusting of goosebumps coated Callie's skin and she grinned. "Does it turn you on, me watching you?"

"Yes," Callie breathed, shifting her body so that she was kneeling as Addison was. Her breath hitched in her throat as Addison's fingers traced Callie's nipples, reacquainting herself with her perfect breasts now that she was able to visually memorize every curve, every freckle. She traced the brown marks with her fingers, raking her nails lightly as she went. Addison believed that she had found a new hobby: Callie's freckles. She knew she would be incredibly fulfilled for the rest of her life simply memorizing each one.

She looked into Callie's brown eyes, which seemed darker and richer than normal, and smirked as she began to slowly inch her own t-shirt up her torso. Callie's eyes immediately broke eye contact and began to watch as more and more of the redhead's abdomen was revealed. She paused as her arms reached her chest, teasingly drawing the material up to where her nipples were and then dropping below them.


"See something you like?"

"I might if you got over your newfound cruel streak."

"Me? Cruel? You sure that's what you want to be calling me right now? What happened to the savoring?"

"You wanted to savor. I wanted to fuck your brains out."

Addison grinned and tore the shirt over her head. "You had your turn. Now it's mine." She grinned and could feel her sex begin to moisten as Callie bit her lip, her eyes taking in the sight of her topless form. "Like what you see?"

"Mmm. Gorgeous. You are fucking gorgeous." She palmed her breasts, teasing her palms across the hardened buds and squeezing lightly. She pinched and toyed with Addison's breasts and she groaned, scooting slightly closer to her lover.

They were nearly touching and as their hot breaths commingled, Callie slid a hand up Addison's neck to cup her cheek, her thumb brushing across her lips. Addison's tongue snaked out of her mouth, curling around the finger and sucking it into her mouth. Callie gasped as she nipped and suckled the digit before Addison pulled it away with a 'pop.' She placed an open-mouthed kiss in her palm, her tongue sliding down her lifeline until she reached Callie's wrist where she bit softly. "You have amazing wrists," Addison muttered as she latched her lips to the sensitive area, stroking her tongue over the flesh and veins, giggling in a low hum as she felt Callie's fingers flex and then curls into a tight fist against her cheek.

She kissed her way up Callie's arm, pausing to tease the inner flesh of her elbow, before continuing to suck on her shoulder. Her hands smoothed along Callie's body, massaging every bare spot of flesh as her mouth assuaged Callie's neck, drawing up until she reached Callie's earlobe. She flicked her tongue across it, her teeth nibbling the spot.

"Addy…Uuunh…I appreciate your dedication to foreplay and everything but…Oooh…all these months of foreplay has been quite enough..." Addison clashed her mouth to Callie's, hungrily wrapping her lips around Callie's tongue. She pulled away with a gasp. "I don't think I can hold out very long," she whined, her fingers tangling in Addison's hair as the attending began to kiss her way down her torso, licking a line between the two mounds. Addison pushed gently at Callie's waist, easing her back onto the bed. She took turns with her mouth on each nipple, sucking and teasing until Callie's moans and whimpers became loud and hitched. She sat up and stared at the woman lying in front of her.

"You are exquisite," Addison whispered, untying the drawstring of Callie's linen pants. She eased them down her legs, pausing to glance and grin at the rainbow boyshorts that the resident was wearing. Callie squirmed slightly as Addison ran her hands over the long, tan legs that she sat between, scratching her nails over the bronzed flesh. "I love your legs. You should wear skirts to work more often. Well, on second thought, scratch that." She began to pull the boyshorts down her legs. "I don't think I'll be able to control myself around you if you were to be sauntering around dresses and skir…" Her words trailed off as she realized that Callie Torres O'Malley was lying naked on her bed. She swallowed, tracing her eyes from her toes, up the length of her endless legs to the trimmed triangle of black that pointed to her sex. Her hands rested on her stomach, her bellybutton peek-a-booing from between her fingers. Her breasts heaved, her nipples dark and still glistening from her wet kisses. She looked at last at Callie's face, taking in the sight of her flushed cheeks and parted lips, her eyes clouded with arousal. Her hair was fanned over the bedspread and Addison forced herself to swallow.

Callie cleared her throat and grinned. "See something you like?"

"You have no idea how amazing you are. I could look at you forever."

Callie smiled. "You've got plenty of time to look…"

"Impatient, are we?" Addison smirked, crawling between Callie's legs.

"I seem to recall a certain someone getting quite the satisfying orgasm a few hours ago while another certain someone has been waiti--"

Addison eased her finger along Callie's slick folds, pushing her finger through without a problem. She teased the opening to her core, sliding it in to the first joint to coat her finger with more of Callie's wetness before sliding it up to her clit, circling it several times before grinding against it. Callie grunted and cried out, her hand gripping the back of her head and guiding it to her aching center. Addison caressed her tongue over her clit, two fingers sliding within Callie's tight hole. Callie's inner muscles clenched around her digits, her hips bucking in a steady rhythm as Addison began to fingerfuck and suck on her clit.

The sound of Callie's moaning and panting filled her ears, her fingers tensing at the back of her head.

Addison could tell that Callie was getting close and withdrew her fingers, readying a third. As she slowly eased them within her, Callie roughly pulled at Addison's hair, bringing the redhead's mouth to hers in a furious, bruising kiss. Addison thrust her hips against her hand, shoving her fingers deeper within her. Callie screamed into her mouth and as Addison braced her body with her free arm, Callie wrapped her legs around her waist and counterthrust with her hips. Addison fucked her harder, rougher, biting harshly at her lower lip as Callie threw back her head and clenched her eyes tightly shut. She pulled her head back and watched Callie's face as she curled her fingers, stroking against her G-spot. The raven-haired beauty's forehead scrunched tightly as her mouth widened further to allow her to scream loudly as her climax overtook her body, her body undulating as fierce spasms shook through her. The ferocity with which her vaginal walls clamped around her fingers startled Addison, forcing her to bite her lip as she watched Callie's orgasm fade and her body begin to calm down.

Callie unlocked her ankles, her legs falling weightless to the mattress. Addison removed her fingers and laid her body beside Callie's, curling up against her as she had earlier in the evening. She laughed as she realized that she still had her shorts on and quickly removed them, pressing her nude form against her lover's.

"How you doing, Cal?"

"I'm not sure if I'm capable of speech yet," the resident replied, inhaling deeply. She blinked a few times as if to adjust to sight and turned her head to look at Addison. "What's my name again?"

Addison laughed and kissed her. "Play hooky with me tomorrow. I want to make love to you all day."

Callie chuckled. "I'm not even recovered from this session! I'm not sure if I can walk yet." She sighed. "And unfortunately, it's my first day as Chief Resident and I can definitely not call off work."

Addison pouted and reached for her alarm clock to set it to the correct time. "Baby, what time is it?"

"My phone is in my pocket."

Addison fumbled around in the pile of clothes until she pulled Callie's cell from the heap. She raised her eyebrows. 3:29 a.m. As she placed her clock back on the nightstand, she realized that Callie was staring at her. "What?"

"You called me 'baby'."

"Is that okay?"

"Of course it's okay. I just…never thought I'd ever get here with you."

"Naked in my bed?" Addison asked with a smirk.

Callie playfully hit Addison on the arm as she crawled to the head of the bed, pulling back the covers and sliding underneath. "I'm being serious here!"

"I'm sorry. I'll be good," Addison said with a smile and a quick peck before running to hit the light switch on the wall.

"I just never thought I'd have the courage to tell you how I felt about you. I guess the thought of you not being in my life was too much to consider as an option."

"I'm glad you said something. I may have never ended up admitting it."

"Well thank God I have balls then!" Callie rested her head on Addison's shoulder and wrapped her arm around her waist. "Addy?"


"You're not still thinking about California, are you?"

"Maybe. But only for a weekend getaway." Addison kissed the top of Callie's head and stroked her soft hair. "Sleep now, my love. We've got busy days tomorrow."

"I love you, Addison."

"I love you, too."

Addison hugged Callie to her a little tighter and glanced over at the window. Moonlight fought its way through the clouds, a few shreds of light making its way into the room. The storm was completely over. She smiled. She knew that the beginning of this relationship would not be an easy one. There was the divorce to contend with. There was the fact that Callie's job was about to become very, very busy. There was the reality that, despite the fact that they were hopelessly in love, they were still two women and that didn't always go over well in Addison's field. She could foresee a few storms in their future, but Addison never felt so compelled to face them.

The End

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