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So Sorry
By carpesomediem


"I'm so sorry, Arizona."

"What?" The blond was surprised to say the least. They'd gone for coffee a few blocks from the hospital to avoid the gossip, the stares and the interruptions. It'd been a long day; Callie was ready to pass out but it was important for them to get a break before the wedding. If they wanted a future, Callie knew they needed this time. These moments. It's now or never, she thought.

"I'm sorry for how I treated you today," Callie began. She hesitated slightly, not wanting to look into the blonde's eyes as she did this. She'd feared her resolve would be lost; she thought it'd be lost on the walk over as she toiled with what exactly she'd say, how she'd say it and whether or not she'd lose Arizona all the same. "I… I'm not exactly the easiest to get anymore. I don't even know how I got here. Hell, I know how I got here, I know I'm broken. I'm temperamental. I'm so afraid of losing anything remotely good in my life, I'd rather ruin it myself than let someone else do that for me-"


"-Don't," Callie practically pleaded with her, reaching out with her right hand and taking Arizona's in her own. Arizona squeezed it in support. "I… My whole life people have walked away. I don't know what it is about me or what I do, but they just leave. That's been the way to sum up my year, really. First, George and… Well, you know that one and then Erica… Well, you know that one, too. But then my dad," Callie choked back tears, her hand twitching slightly and Arizona squeezing it once more. "But then my dad forced my hand and I walked away from him. I walked away from him for you. For you, Arizona…"


"Yeah?" Callie finally looked up and into Arizona's eyes.

"I love you." That's when Callie knew tonight really was the night everything changed, all was forgiven and nobody was walking away.

The End

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