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Smokin' Wednesday Nights
By grrl_writer_2007


"Get off me, Frankie!" the blonde laughed, pushing her best friend off her body. They sat in Frankie's living room in front of the TV, having just finished watching South Park and getting ready to catch the next episode.

Frankie righted herself from playing Lord of the Rings Butter's style. She laughed hysterically, slapping a long lean thigh.

"They really know how to push it, huh?" asked Rose, wiping the tears from the corner of one eye.

"Oh yeah!" Frankie stood and stretched to her full height, which was just under six feet. "You want something to drink?"

A twinkling set of green eyes scanned the brunette from head to toe with a feral smirk on her lips.

Frankie rolled her eyes. "Oh please, like you got a chance!"

The smirk melted into a genuine grin as she hitched one shoulder.

"How about a Slippery Nipple?"

"How about something you can handle, and something I actually have?"

"A Fuzzy Navel?"

"Oh shut up," was heard from the retreating brunette.

"Mt. Dew if you got it," called Rose stretching her petite frame out on the couch. She laced her hands behind her head and waited for her friend to return.

A moment later, Frankie came back into the living room carrying two cans of soda and the glass bong.

"Pack or fill, Shorty?" Frankie asked as she set the sodas on the coffee table.

Rose grimaced. She hated rinsing out the bong because the old water always stank so bad, but breaking up the weed to pack the bowl implied repeated bowl packing and sticky fingers.

"Ummm," her eyes shifting with indecision. "I guess I'll pack."

Frankie snorted and gave Rose the bowl from the bong still in her hand. "You always pack, Rose. I don't know why you pretend to think about it."

"Hey, I rinse sometimes!" she protested as she pulled the little baggie of green bud out of her backpack.

"Yeah, then you bitch about the stinky water!" the brunette laughed.

"Whatever, Amazon. Go rinse."

Rose leaned over the table and began breaking up the marijuana buds, occasionally throwing a seed into the trashcan next to her. The blonde went through the routine automatically while listening to her friend in the kitchen. She could hear the water being sloshed around and emptied from the bong the standard two times then the fridge door opening. Rose paused her own task to close her eyes and listen for the 'glug-glug' of cold water filling the bong, smiling when it came moments later. She resumed her duties, emptied the ash from their last bowl and packed it with fresh weed.

"Hey Rose," Frankie said reentering the living room. "Do you have the lighter?"

"Yep," she answered holding out the bowl and lighter for Frankie.

The tall woman set the bong down and plopped down next to Rose with a grunt.

"Aw, is sitting down to get stoned too hard, sweetie?" the blonde asked with mock sympathy.

Frankie blinked big blue eyes and stuck her bottom lip out in an adorable pout. "Yeah," she answered with an emphatic nod.

Rose burst out laughing, pushing Frankie onto her side.

"Take the hit, retard!" Rose ordered, still giggling.

Frankie smiled and left her eyes glued to Rose's as she lit the bowl and inhaled slowly, filling the long chamber with smoke. When it was full, she lifted the bowl and inhaled deeply, letting the smoke enter her lungs. Blue eyes closed momentarily as two quick breaths were sucked in between tight lips.

A few seconds later, smoke rings were coming from Frankie's mouth, then dissipating into the incense filled room.

"You are such a show off," Rose teased her tall friend as she grasped the bong and took a hit.

Soon the room was hazy with smoke and the two red-eyed women were giggling uncontrollably at each other.

"I need snacks," Rose suddenly declared. This sent Frankie into another fit of laughter.

"You are such a pot head!"

"So are you!"


"So what?"

"Sew buttons on your pants!" Frankie chanted triumphantly.

Rose snorted a laugh. The blonde stood quickly, sending the blood rushing to her already fuzzy brain, causing her to almost fall.

"Whoa, head change!" Rose said, reaching out a steadying hand which happened to land on Frankie's head.

The blue-eyed woman saw the opportunity for an easy tickle and wriggled her fingers into Rose's ribs. The blonde's balance was completely blown and she fell laughing and on tickle-offense right on top of Frankie. They tickled each other until exhaustion set in.

Rose lay covering Frankie, her shaggy blonde hair wild and her panting breath shifting the dark bangs from her friend's face.

Sparkling green eyes met blue only inches apart. Smiles slowly faded as an intensity of awareness swept through them. Rose's eyes became focused on full pink lips just below hers. She took a quick breath and looked into Frankie's eyes, afraid of finding reproach in her expression. She didn't need to worry because the same heat burned in those bloodshot blue orbs.

Rose reached up her hand and ran a fingertip over Frankie's bottom lip.

"Frankie, I want…"

"Please, Rose," Frankie interrupted pleadingly. "Kiss me."

As their lips pressed together softly, sensation pulsated throughout their bodies, a tingling current radiating from the connection of their lips.

Rose moaned as Frankie's tongue gently nudged her lips apart. The blonde's entire being focused on the soft warmth gliding over her lips and into her mouth, the motion of her own seeking tongue pushing into Frankie's mouth.

They broke apart, gasping for air. Rose dragged her lips to a long tan neck that arched in response. Her mouth opened on a patch of skin just below Frankie's ear, sucking lightly.

"God, Frankie," Rose moaned. "You taste so good."

"You're just saying that," Frankie panted, "'cause you're stoned." She sank one hand into blonde hair, the other slipped down to squeeze Rose's ass.

"Jesus!" Rose exclaimed then thrust her hips into her friend with a moan. "I never want to be sober again!"

The two bodies writhed sensually against each other on the couch for endless minutes. Each woman took turns immersing herself in the taste of the other, her skin, her mouth. Tactile sensation became the sole focus, their world microcosmed into the act of making love.

Rose attached her mouth to Frankie's as she unbuttoned the front of the brunette's shirt. Rose moaned softly at the tanned cleavage of her best friend, her nipples clearly pressing against the fabric of her bra. The blonde glanced into half-lidded blue eyes for permission to remove the bra and saw even white teeth gripping one corner of Frankie's bottom lip.

With a somewhat feral grin, Rose removed Frankie's bra and dove in, burying her face into the soft, smooth skin beneath her. Both hands came up to cup the breasts, lifting them for Rose's mouth. The petite woman's tongue came out and tasted everywhere but Frankie's aching nipples, inspiring the brunette to toss her head back and forth.

Finally, Rose ran her tongue over a nipple from base to tip, stroking it to greater hardness and then suckling at it with intense hunger. She switched breasts and lavished the same attention to the other nipple, driving Frankie to the point of madness.

Frankie was arching her back off the couch, thrusting her breasts into Rose's mouth, her own mouth open with silent moans of pleasure. Needing to feel skin, Frankie grabbed the bottom of Rose's t-shirt and pulled it over her head then quickly unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside with the shirt.

Rose knelt up, straddling Frankie's hips, and held her breasts out for her lover to admire. And that she did. The brunette sat up an attached her mouth to a nipple, sucking and nipping gently at the flesh while dragging blunt nails down Rose's back.

"Mmm, oh god!" Rose panted, arching her back. Her eyes closed at the sensation of Frankie's rigid nipples pushing into her belly.

"Can I take you to bed?" asked Frankie around a nipple. She released it to move her lips to Rose's. "Please?" Her bottom lip was captured tenderly between Frankie's teeth then sucked into a hot mouth.

"Yes," she whispered then crushed their lips together in an animalistic kiss, a growl rumbling her pleasure into Frankie's mouth.

Long tan legs swung off the couch as Frankie stood with Rose's legs wrapped tightly around her waist, hands buried in long dark hair.

"God Frankie, I'm so hot," Rose murmured in her lover's ear. "Feels like my skin is on fire." She gently took the lobe between her teeth.

Frankie stumbled towards the hall leading to her bedroom. As she felt Rose's tongue flick her earlobe then travel down the column of her neck, she had to stop and lean against the wall for balance.

"I'm burning for you, Frankie," the blonde whispered as she slid her legs down the outside of her lover's. She undid her own jeans then took Frankie's hand and guided it into her panties.

Twin gasps sounded when Frankie's long fingers discovered the abundant passion that dampened Rose's jeans.

"Mmm… I'm melting for you," Rose moaned, thrusting against the fingers that teasingly rubbed her clit. Their mouths came together in a forceful kiss that went on for endless minutes until the need for air broke them apart.

Grabbing Frankie's wrist, Rose lifted her lover's hand from her heated center and brought the glistening fingers towards her mouth. Locking blue eyes in an intense green gaze, Rose extended her tongue and collected her own musky essence from the first two fingers. She slowly closed her eyes with a moan as she sucked the digits into her mouth, the tip of her tongue probing the sensitive skin at their base then caressing the crevice between them.

Quickly, Rose removed the fingers from her mouth and kissed Frankie deeply, gliding her tongue along the other. Moments later, the petite woman moved her nibbling kisses to the underside of Frankie's jaw.

"Jesus, Rose," Frankie panted. "You taste so good."

The little blonde chuckled and said, "You're only saying that because you're stoned."

An answering laugh erupted from the taller woman as she pressed a tickling kiss to Rose's lips. "Probably, but it doesn't mean I'm wrong!'

"I want to taste you," Rose said, trailing kisses down to Frankie's chest and across her belly. "Really taste you."

"Yesss," she hissed.

Rose's tongue dipped into the tall woman's navel as her busy fingers undid Frankie's pants, pulled down the zipper, and lowered them to her ankles. Kneeling before her lover, the little blonde ran her hands up long tan legs then around to cup her ass. Squeezing lightly, she buried her nose in the mound of dark curly hair and flicked her tongue out to tease the swollen bud hidden there.

"Oh shit!" Frankie moaned thrusting her hips into Rose's face.

The kneeling woman moved her hands to hold open Frankie's nether lips as her tongue explored the gleaming folds. Above her, Frankie's head banged back against the wall as the pleasure streaked through her body. She felt like she was throbbing with the power of a million stars, her pleasure as infinite as the heavens.

Feeling her lover's body reacting more frantically as her climax approached, Rose slipped two fingers into the hot recess of Frankie's passion while her lips focused on her throbbing clit. Rose felt her fingers gripped tightly by velvety muscles and moaned her own pleasure, sending tingling vibrations through Frankie's clit.

The tall woman once again thrust her hips against her lover's face, this time with a scream as she was thrown over the edge into orgasm. Rose continued to deeply probe Frankie's depths, not letting the ecstasy end. Just as the last tremors began to ease, Rose's devious fingers found the spot within her lover to send the brunette into another round of spasms as she climaxed once again.

The little blonde stood and wrapped her arms around Frankie's waist, placing butterfly kisses along the glistening skin of her lover's neck. Frankie's arms hung limply at her sides, eyes closed still panting softly.

"Rose," she whispered as a smile began turning up the corners of her mouth. The shorter woman reached up to place a kiss on one corner, eliciting a full smile from those lips that quickly turned into a satisfied smirk.

Frankie raised her hands to Rose's lower back then let them drift up and down her spine in a lazy caress. She lifted her head away from the wall to lock gazes with green fire.

"That was the best orgasm I've ever had," Frankie said, placing a soft kiss on Rose's lips, "in the hallway."

"What?!" Rose sputtered pulling away quickly.

A huge grin was plastered on Frankie's face and her blue eyes sparkled mischievously. Pulling her lover back into a tight embrace, she murmured into her ear, "Let's see what happens when we get to the bedroom?"

Rose let out a little relieved laugh then tweaked the tall woman's nipple. "Jerk!"

"Ooh," gasped Frankie in pleasure.

A smirk and a twinkle graced Rose's features as she grabbed her lover's hand and led her the rest of the way to the bedroom.

"C'mon, Amazon," the blonde ordered. "One of us still has her panties on."

The End

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