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By carpesomediem


Arizona couldn't help it. The second she saw Callie in the stairwell, she broke out in a smile. Not just the smiles she threw left and right as she walked down the halls of Seattle Grace but a genuine, honest to G-d soul bearing smile. Callie could see it – it was plastered all over the blonde's face – and this made her break out into the same type of smile. She felt it enveloping her from the inside out, grinning now like a fool.

"You're beautiful," Callie said softly. "So beautiful."

"I didn't think I'd run into you this early," Arizona replied.

"I don't normally take the stairs. I just… I don't know, just thought I should today."

"I always take the stairs," Arizona pointed out. "It works out for me this way."

Without warning, the blonde pulled Callie into her by the lapels of her leather jacket and kissed her. Callie easily returned the kiss, falling into it like it was the most natural action in the world. With Arizona, it was. Everything with her felt right – felt natural, like they were meant to be together – and that terrified Callie enough to pull away and force another smile the blonde's way.

"What's that?" Arizona asked.

"What's what?"

"I thought kissing you would make you grin a little more," Arizona teased.

"It does," Callie nodded. "It's just going to be a long day with daddy dearest stopping by."

"Hopefully, there won't be any bloodshed," the blonde joked.

"Hopefully," Callie chuckled a bit. But you don't quite know my father… Not, yet. Once again, Callie found herself pushing thoughts away and Arizona brought her out of the reverie by placing a hand on her cheek and kissing her lips softly.

"It's a good day," Arizona reminded her. "They always start out that way."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Callie responded honesty.

The End

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