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SPOILERS: This story is set within the events of series three episode 16- 'Coming Out'. I decided to change the order of events slightly so that Helen's conversation with Nikki, when she finds out that she is resigning, would not be interupted. This story is a result of the challenge set by ralst SFC#8 , where Bodybag brings Helen and Nikki together either wittingly or unwittingly.
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Silent Saboteur
By Crispaay500


Sylvia Hollamby hated days like these. There's nothing she resented more than having to run errands for the prisoners. Stuck on a late shift and now Nikki Wade had requested an audience with the governing governor, Helen Stewert and just because she was also head of the lifer's unit, Sylvia found herself racing off to her office with said prisoner in tow.

"This better be important Wade. Miss Stewert's a very busy woman you know, she hasn't got time to be wasting on the likes of you, whenever you feel like a chat." Said Hollamby scowling at the prisoner walking next to her.

Nikki scowled back, she really wasn't having a good day either and the last thing she needed was 'Bodybag's' pompous attitude now. She knew she really shouldn't wind her up, but she just couldn't help herself.

"Actually, Sylvia as Lifer's Liaison Officer that's exactly what she is there for, you know… looking after the interests of us lifers."

"Looking after your interests my eye. You lot will be running the place next, you've already got the officers running round after you all day, every day."

Sylvia didn't attempt to hide the contempt in her voice, she had never believed in all the new initiatives towards the prisoners, 'Lifer's Liaison Officer indeed' thought Sylvia, 'in my day they would have been locked away in their cells for most of the day and we wouldn't have to namby pampy round them'.

As they rounded the corner to Helen's office, they were met with a very flustered looking Helen coming the other way.

"Wade to see you Ma'am." Sylvia said, slightly surprised that the governor appeared to be on her way somewhere.

"I'll be back in a minute Sylvia. Just sit yourselves down. I shouldn't be long."

Sylvia sighed indignantly, "I haven't got all day to sit around outside your office Ma'am. I've got things to do you know."

Helen turned back to face Sylvia, annoyance clearly evident in her eyes.

"Well make sure the gates are locked and leave Wade outside my office. I'd hate to keep you from your tea break Sylvia." Then turning to Nikki, Helen's voice softened, "I'm sorry about this Nikki, I won't be many minutes, ok?"

Nikki nodded, smiling politely taking a seat outside the office as she watched Bodybag and Helen disappear off down the corridor.

After ten minutes, Nikki became slightly frustrated, she needed to talk to Helen desperately, even though they were only friends now, she knew that Helen was extremely troubled about something and her biggest fear was that Fenner was behind it. Nikki seethed inwardly as she thought about the bent screw that lived to make all of their lives miserable including Helen's. She thought about how she had felt when Helen had first confided in her that he had sexually assaulted her. If it weren't for her appeal it would almost be worth finishing him for good and doing everyone a favour.

As if on cue, the security gate to Nikki's right swung open, startling her out of her thoughts, she turned abruptly expecting to see Helen finally returning, but to her disappointment she found Fenner standing with a guy from works, who promptly set to work fixing the lights above where Nikki was sitting.

As Fenner turned to leave he couldn't resist his usual vicious comment,

"I was going to say keep your hands to yourself Wade, wouldn't want you molesting the new guy…but silly me, forgot he's not quite your flavour is he?"

Fenner smirked and walked off, locking the gate again behind him.

"Bastard!" Nikki muttered under her breath.

The guy up the ladder chuckled slightly, looking down in Nikki's direction.

"He doesn't like you very much, does he?"

Nikki shook her head, moving out from underneath where this new guy was working,

"No…have to let him have his fun though if that's how he gets off."

The guy chuckled again and Nikki felt herself warming to him instantly.

"You're new around here aren't you?" she said moving round to stand behind him.

"Yeah…name's Andy. Only started today."

Nikki smiled, glad of someone to talk to while she waited.

"I'm Nikki. So tell me Andy, why would anyone want to work in this shithole?"

Andy looked down again briefly, before looking back towards the light that he was fixing, "Wife's expecting twins…can't pay the bills…you know how it is".

Nikki nodded sympathetically.

"No not really, my bills kinda get paid for me in here and I've got my own club out there that is making me a nice little nest egg for when I get outta here."

Andy raised his eyebrows, looking over again at Nikki.

"Wow, aren't you the lucky one?"

Nikki smiled, shrugging her shoulders thoughtfully, her mind racing off ahead of her,

"Hey, how do you fancy earning a bit extra?"

Andy turned, giving her his full attention.

Twenty minutes later, a very apologetic Helen rushed back up the corridor towards Nikki, who was still waiting patiently outside her office.

"I am so sorry Nikki, I've just got so much to do and no time to do it in." Helen opened her office door and held it open for Nikki.

"Come in Nikki, I needed to talk to you anyway."

"Oh?" Nikki said quizzically.

Helen followed her into the office and shut the door behind them, motioning to Nikki to sit down.

Nikki complied, smirking inwardly at this opportunity that had fallen into her lap.

Helen shuffled the files that she had sprawled across her desk, placing them to one side and finally sitting down.

"Right Nikki, what was it you wanted to see me about?" said Helen smiling at the dark haired woman in front of her, but Nikki couldn't help noticing that it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"What's the matter Helen? You said you wanted to talk to me too…I can wait." Nikki stood and walked around the desk, placing a hand on Helen's shoulder. Helen's skin tingled at the touch, true they were not together anymore but Nikki never failed to have an effect on the smaller woman. Helen slumped her shoulders defeatedly,

"Oh Nikki…" Helen sighed, no longer able to hold the tears back as she started to sob uncontrollably.

"Hey, come here," Nikki said pulling Helen up to stand in front of her, taking her gently into her arms as her tears flowed unchecked. After several moments, Nikki pulled away slightly, wiping Helen's tears with her thumb.

"What's the matter Helen, please tell me, whatever it is maybe I can help?"

Helen shook her head sadly,

"It's too late Nikki, there's nothing anyone can do…"

Helen moved away and sat on the edge of her desk, her shoulders slumped again in defeat,

"He's won Nikki… I'm leaving."

"What? Who has?" Nikki snapped, trying to take in all the information and the implications of that one simple statement. She started to pace angrily around the office, fuming that yet again Helen was leaving her.

"Don't tell me you're bailing on me again, for God's sake Helen tell me what's happening?"

Just then the office door burst open and Bodybag stood in the doorway looking flustered,

"What's going on in here? Ma'am are you ok? I was on my way past and I heard Wade shouting. Shall I get back up?"

Helen's temper flared,

"Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you come barging into my office without even knocking…It might not be mine much longer but while it is I'll thank you to wait until I answer before bursting in like that!"

Sylvia's face dropped as she blushed furiously,

"Well I never!" she declared huffily. "Its lock up now anyway so I better take Wade back with me, wouldn't want to show any favouritism now would we?"

Helen stood and paced furiously around the desk so that she came face to face with the elderly prison officer.

"How dare you imply that I would show any of the prisoners favouritism, just because I treat them like human beings…officers like you make me sick Sylvia…Well don't worry you've won, the lot of you… but for now I am still in charge, I will take Wade back to her cell when we are finished. NOW GET OUT!"

Sylvia turned, storming out of the door, slamming it noisily behind her. Nikki heard a loud metallic clunk as the door thudded into its frame and struggled to stifle the giggle that was building up inside her.

Helen turned her attention back towards Nikki, still seething at the miserable woman's barefaced cheek. Nikki stood open-mouthed staring at the fiery Scot intently, she had never seen the full force of Helen's temper aimed at anyone other than herself and to a certain degree she had to admit that it scared her and aroused her all at the same time.

Nikki held her hands up in a gesture of surrender,

"Helen, calm down…please tell me what's going on, you're scaring me."

Helen took a deep breath, walking back over to sit on the desk again.

"I'm leaving Nikki…I don't have a choice. I went after Fenner, I was trying to get him kicked out on his arse…nearly got him too."

Helen looked down at the floor, fighting the tears of frustration that were threatening to fall once more.

Nikki sat on the desk, next to her, placing an arm around her shoulder and pulling her into her own body. Helen sighed contentedly, finding comfort in the familiarity of Nikki's arms as she leant in to her ex's embrace. Helen took a deep breath and decided to start at the beginning.

"I managed to get evidence on him Nikki, he's been working for O'Kane collecting money from her brothels. I told him I wanted his resignation and he agreed." Helen sighed frustratedly. "I came that close," she said showing Nikki a small measure with her fingers. "I got carried away and he turned the tables on me…he got hold of Barbara's diary…he knows all about us, about your escape, everything Nikki…he's threatened to ruin your appeal…I just can't risk it, I've got to go."

Nikki stood and started pacing the office again,

"Bastard! Look Helen, Barbara will lie for us, he hasn't got anything on you, he's just bluffing, please Helen, listen to me… you can't leave now." Nikki pleaded.

"I've got to Nikki, if I don't everything we've been through for this appeal will have been for nothing. I just couldn't do that to you."

A single tear rolled down Nikki's cheek as she moved back to stand in front of Helen, she looked into her eyes and held her stare for several seconds. An awkward silence followed as both women felt the all too familiar pull that had always been between them. Nikki moved forwards pulling Helen into her arms,

"I am so sorry Helen, the last thing I ever wanted was for anything that happened between us to affect your career. I can't help thinking that if you'd never met me or if we'd never got involved you wouldn't be in this position now. It's all my fault, why did I escape that night? Why didn't I just stay put?"

Helen pulled away, staring up into the taller woman's eyes,

"No don't say that Nikki. I know a lot has happened between us but I don't regret it…I don't regret us." Helen stopped abruptly, surprised by what she had just said.

"You don't?" said Nikki raising her eyebrows in surprise.

Helen shook her head silently, looking back down at the ground, unable to hold her stare any longer.

"No…I regret lots of things, but I don't regret loving you."

Nikki moved away pacing the office yet again, trying to comprehend what her ex lover had just admitted. Could it be that she still had feelings for her? What about the doctor? Was there any chance that they could give it another go if she managed to win her appeal?

Helen suddenly realised that she had said maybe a little too much and became conscious of Nikki's uncharacteristic silence and thoughtfulness.

"Anyway," said Helen jumping up abruptly from her desk, "I better get you back before Bodybag has kittens…"

Nikki smirked at Helen's use of the inmate's nickname for the pompous officer but could easily see that Helen was avoiding the situation that she had just created and couldn't hide her frustration.

"Yeah, that's right Helen run away again…that's what you've always done. It's always easier that way isn't it? Maybe if you hadn't run away quite so often we might still be together. Did you ever think about that?"

Helen glared at her; she couldn't handle this right now, not on top of everything else.

"I'm not getting into this now…I've got to get you back…It was lock up half an hour ago."

Helen made her way over to the door, reaching hurriedly for the handle, attempting to pull it open. To Helen's shock the handle came off in her hand, almost causing her to lose her balance and topple backwards. She looked up to Nikki, who was stifling a giggle at Helen's stunned expression.

"What the fu…" said Helen glaring down at the handle in her hand, "How the hell do we get out now?"

Nikki moved over to the door, looking around it to see if there was any other way to get out. Stepping back she smirked openly in Helen's direction and said,

"Well I guess we're stuck in here for a while then aren't we?"

Helen panicked, she found it hard enough being around Nikki at the best of times but now she knew she was leaving anyway and had absolutely nothing to lose, she would have to test her will power to the extreme. She became blatantly nervous, pacing the office trying to think what she was going to do.

Nikki grinned at Helen's obvious discomfort, was this a good sign? Was she still attracted to her? One thing was for sure they couldn't waste this opportunity that they had been given.

"Maybe this is a good thing," said Nikki moving closer towards Helen.

"Oh yeah and how do you make that out" said Helen sarcastically.

"Well at least now you have to talk to me, the works guys will have all gone home, it's gonna be a while till anyone can get us out of here."

Helen gulped nervously; walking quickly over to the phone she dialled the extension for the P.O's staff room. After four rings Sylvia Hollamby answered it and Helen proceeded to explain their predicament to her, instructing her to find the details of someone from works and get them back into Larkhall to fix the door so that she could get home at some point tonight.

On the other end of the telephone Sylvia beamed from ear to ear listening to Helen's description, she had to admit she had a sense of satisfaction at her circumstances, especially after the unjustified tirade of abuse that Helen had given her earlier in the evening.

"Ok Ma'am, I'll get right on that straight away, although I'm not sure how long it will take, all the works people left over an hour ago you know, but I'll do my best."

Sylvia hung up the phone, smirking widely. Picking up her cup of tea she settled back down onto her chair with her favourite magazine, taking a sip out of her cup she said to herself,

"Yes, lady muck, I'll get right on that one shall I?"

Sylvia kicked off her shoes, placing her tired feet on the coffee table in front of her. Oh yes she would make the arrangements to get her released from her enforced lock-up but not right away, for once she held all the cards not Helen 'bloody' Stewert and she was going to enjoy every minute of this.

Helen hung up the phone, staring nervously at Nikki,

"Something tells me that 'bloody' woman will be in no rush to get us out of here any time soon."

Nikki grinned, sitting down on the edge of the desk with a sudden air of confidence that she didn't feel earlier in the evening.

"Look Helen you might as well sit down, there's nothing you can do about it now and look on the bright side…there's worse people to be stuck in here with!"

Helen frowned in her direction but when she saw Nikki's relaxed smile she couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah, you're right I guess." Helen said as she removed her jacket and slumped down onto the large leather couch.

Nikki's breath caught in her throat as she gazed at Helen's bare arms, even though she knew that they were just friends now, Nikki could not deny that the beautiful governor never failed to make her heartbeat quicken whenever she was around her.

Nikki sighed and moved over to sit next to her on the couch,

"So what now…where do you go from here? What does life after Larkhall hold for you then?" Nikki said, trying to relieve the tension.

Helen thought for a moment,

"I dunno, I haven't really thought about it to be honest. I look for another job I guess…something a long way away from the prison service."

Nikki nodded but didn't say anything hoping that Helen would continue,

"What about you Nikki have you thought about what you're going to do when you get out of here?"

Nikki gulped nervously,

"If I get out of here…I don't know. There's the club and Trisha."

Helen stiffened at the mention of Nikki's ex, pangs of jealousy running through her body.

"Are you two planning on getting back together then," Helen said hoping that her feelings were not too obvious to Nikki.

Nikki thought for a moment,

"No…I mean… she wants to… but I guess I've spent too long fantasising how it was going to be when I did get out…you know with me and you…"

Helen looked away embarrassed. They had so many plans for when she was free that had seemed so unrealistic at the time but now…now they could actually become a reality it saddened Helen to think how far they had both moved on.

Nikki decided to direct the emphasis back onto Helen,

"So what about you and the dashing doctor? Any plans there?" Nikki struggled to hide the bitterness in her voice. The doctor was one of the few good guys around this place and it really wasn't his fault that he had fallen in love with Helen, who wouldn't, but Nikki couldn't help hating him if only for the fact that he had what Nikki craved for more than anything else in the world. Helen.

Helen shook her head sadly,

"No…me and Thomas split up. We were never going to work. He was rebound guy and everyone knows that that never ends well."

Nikki grinned wildly, she knew it didn't necessarily mean that they could get back together but in Nikki's eyes there at least was one less obstacle. She shifted her weight uneasily so that she was facing Helen, tucking one of her long legs under herself. She leant forward and tucked a loose strand of hair behind Helen's ear, smiling slightly when she felt her lean in to her touch. Nikki gazed lovingly into her eyes, becoming serious as she took one of Helen's hands in her own,

"I've missed you Helen,"

Her soft tones making Helen's stomach flip over and her heartbeat quicken erratically.

She turned to face her, gazing into her brown eyes she knew that she should pull away before this got totally out of hand but found herself unable to escape Nikki's soulful stare.

Helen swallowed nervously, clearing her throat,

"I've missed you too Nikki".

Nikki smiled smugly, welcoming this small sign that maybe Helen did still have feelings for her.

"I've never stopped loving you, you know and I know you still love me." Nikki said refusing to release Helen's gaze.

Helen shook her head without conviction, her mind obviously refusing to acknowledge the truth in Nikki's revelation but her eyes screaming the truth as Nikki shifted again to get closer to her.

Nikki reached up and ran her hands through Helen's hair, causing her to sigh lustfully, leaning into her touch once more,

"No Nikki, please don't…" whispered Helen but still not pulling away.

Nikki continued to get closer to Helen's lips,

"You see, I know how I feel about you and I know that you feel the same…I want to kiss you so much right now and I know that you want to kiss me back." Nikki whispered as she got closer and closer. "If you don't want this tell me now…"

Helen knew that she should pull away but found that her desire would just not allow her to do that. Helen could not or would not answer so Nikki closed the slight gap between them, placing her lips gently onto Helen's in the softest of kisses. Helen moaned involuntarily, her body yearning for more as Nikki started to pull away.

Unable to tame the passion that had been awakened inside her Helen reached up to Nikki's face pulling her back in urgently for a deeper, hungrier kiss, taking Nikki's breath away as she responded immediately. The kiss became deeper and more demanding with every passing second and both women became breathless and very aroused, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, welcoming the familiarity that they both found there.

Helen suddenly pulled away, much to Nikki's frustration. She sat up, gazing deeply into Nikki's eyes, her mind racing, her heart beating almost uncontrollably, she knew that this was probably a bad idea but somehow she knew that it was meant to be. She knew that her heart would always belong to Nikki and she knew that without a shadow of a doubt Nikki's would always belong to her.

Helen stood quickly and walked over to the phone, dialling the extension yet again for the staff room. Nikki became frustrated, she was so sure that Helen had been in the same place that she herself was, yet here she was again, pushing her away. She stood slowly and walked over to where Helen was standing,

"I'm sorry Helen, I guess I got it all wrong, don't worry I won't touch you again."

Helen put her fingers to her lips, willing her to be quiet as a voice that Nikki recognized as Bodybag's came on the other end of the line.

"Sylvia, it's Helen. Any luck on that workman yet?"

Nikki could hear excuses being made before Helen spoke again,

"Yes I understand Sylvia, just keep trying and please ring my office when you find out anything, Wade and myself may try to grab a little sleep so we would really appreciate it if you could ring first before bringing the workman up here. Thanks a lot Sylvia Bye". At that Helen hung up the phone and smirked mischieviously in Nikki's direction.

Nikki who had firstly thought that Helen was trying to get away from her suddenly realised that all she had actually done was set up an early warning system to avoid them getting caught. Nikki became instantly aroused, realising that for the first time in months Helen wanted her.

Helen moved back to stand in front of Nikki, grinning wildly as she reached up to Nikki's neck, pulling her in for a tender kiss. Nikki returned the kiss pulling her into her body as she wrapped her arms tightly around the shorter woman. Nikki dipped her tongue sensually in and out of Helen's mouth causing her to moan lustfully into her, sending waves of arousal through Nikki's core.

Helen pulled away reluctantly, looking longingly into her eyes.

"I've been so stupid Nikki…I don't know what I was thinking. I do love you and I want to be with you so much when you get out of here."

Nikki stopped her again, placing her lips firmly onto hers, pushing her backwards forcefully as her need started to take over. Helen's desire peaked too as she reached up to Nikki's shirt, tugging desperately at the buttons, willing them to yield under her fingertips as her mouth continued to devour Nikki's.

Helen felt the couch on the back of her legs and swiftly spun Nikki round so that she fell onto it, pulling Helen down so that she straddled her, never losing contact with her lips.

Nikki reached up slowly removing Helen's shirt over her head, revealing a lacy red bra that complimented her ample cleavage perfectly. Nikki gasped audibly as her eyes settled greedily on Helen's breasts, she reached round to release them feeling her muscles tighten excitedly as they escaped their lacy confines. She gingerly ran her thumbs over her nipples, delighting in the effect that she had on them as they puckered instantly and became hard.

Helen had also managed now to release Nikki's breasts from her shirt and bra and bent down slowly taking one of her nipples into her mouth and sucking on it firmly, feeling it harden instantly between her lips. Helen's hand ran down Nikki's taut stomach as she found the button of her jeans, pulling at it desperately until it popped open beneath her fingertips. Nikki moaned loudly, her excitement peaking as she felt Helen's hand pushing its way urgently into her pants.

Nikki's desire grew as she felt Helen's insistent fingers push their way into her hot, wet centre causing her to gasp involuntarily. She pushed Helen off the couch on to the floor roughly as she grasped frantically at the zip of her trousers, pulling them down swiftly to reveal her lacy, red pants. Nikki could see the wetness soaking through the material and marvelled at how turned on Helen had become in such a short amount of time, Nikki's heart swelled up with love as she realised that Helen wanted her as much as she wanted Helen, something that she had been sure would never happen again.

Nikki stopped kissing Helen and suddenly pulled away, eliciting a frustrated moan from her lover.

"I love you Helen." She said looking longingly into her sparkling green eyes.

Helen beamed, running her hand slowly down Nikki's cheek,

"I love you too, Nikki. We've wasted so much time…"

Nikki nodded thoughtfully,

"Let's not waste any more" and with this she bent down and began kissing slowly down Helen's neck, across her breasts and down her stomach, causing her to stiffen her body with excitement.

Helen grabbed Nikki's head and pulled her back up so that they were once more face to face,

"I want to look at you…Nikki please."

Nikki smiled instinctively understanding Helen's need, knowing that she craved the intimacy that only shared eye contact while they made love could hold, knowing that she needed to feel the reconnection of their bodies once more in this one overwhelming moment of their blissful reunion.

Nikki's hands travelled down Helen's body, finding her wet curly hairs, gently running her fingertips through them, toying lovingly with the wetness that she found between Helen's legs and inner lips.

Helen's breathing became ragged as she started to lose herself in the sensation of Nikki's gentle touch, her fingers once more found Nikki's wet, welcoming centre as she pushed them firmly inside her, making Nikki gasp with desire.

With their fingers forcefully pounding into each other they both began to feel the start of an extremely powerful orgasm building within them.

For Nikki it had been a long time since anyone had touched her like this and even then it had been Helen who had brought her to the euphoric place that she could now feel herself rising to. She pushed her fingers faster into Helen, rubbing her hardened clit with every thrust until she felt her muscles start to tighten around her fingers.

Nikki knew that she was close, as was she and as she felt Helen arch her back violently as her muscles started to spasm she could no longer hold herself back as she became lost in the ecstasy that her body now afforded her. As bursts of sensations exploded through her body Nikki felt her heart expand more with the love that she felt for the woman trembling uncontrollably in her arms.

When they both regained control over their bodies they lay silently in each other's arms, neither one wanting to break the serenity of the afterglow that they both felt. Nikki found that she was too scared to speak for fear that Helen might reveal that she now regretted what they had just done. Nikki knew that she would not be able to cope with that, knowing that her heart would break in two if Helen rejected her once again.

Several moments went by as the two lovers lay silently in each other's arms, revelling in the intimacy that they had rediscovered within each other. Helen stirred first, lifting herself up onto her elbows, looking down into Nikki's eyes; she leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on Nikki's lips. Instantly her fears disappeared, as she melted into the kiss that Helen so genuinely offered.

Helen pulled away reluctantly as she looked at her watch,

"I'm sorry sweet'eart but we better get dressed. The last thing I want to do is jeopardise your appeal, if Bodybag walked in and found us like this…"

Nikki grinned ironically,

"Yeah but it would almost be worth it to see the look on her face…"

Both women burst into laughter as they began to disentangle themselves from each other. They stood and after sharing one more loving kiss they got dressed and tidied their hair.

Suddenly the telephone rang, breaking the silence and startling them both. Helen glanced over to Nikki knowingly as she picked up the handset.

After speaking into the receiver for a few moments, Helen put it back onto the cradle and turned back towards Nikki.

"Someone from works is on his way but he's going to be at least another hour, Sylvia's going to ring up again when he gets here."

Helen grinned wildly as she pulled Nikki back into her arms once more,

"Well Miss Wade, whatever will we do with ourselves for the next hour?"

Nikki smiled nervously as she stroked Helen's cheek.

Helen noticed her strained reaction and began to worry that maybe she regretted what had happened.

"What is it…what's the matter?"

Nikki looked at her feet, moving away from Helen and sitting down on the couch.

"What now? Where do we go from here Helen…I mean… you're leaving, where does that leave us?"

Helen sighed and sat down next to her, placing her hand gently on her thigh,

"I've got to leave Nikki, you know that…but you're going to be out of here soon and then we can be together. I promise."

Nikki looked up into Helen's eyes, swallowing hard to speak past the lump in her throat she said,

"Do you mean that? Honestly?"

Helen pulled her in for another lust filled kiss,

"Yes Nikki, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…if you'll have me."

Nikki grinned, happier than she had ever been.

"Oh Helen there's nothing I would like more. I love you so much." Nikki brushed Helen's hair out of her eyes before she continued.

"Helen would you mind if I just held you until they get here to let us out. I know it probably sounds silly to you but it's one of the things I've missed the most being in here, being able to cuddle up to the woman I love without restrictions. Does that sound stupid?"

Helen's heart melted as she saw a different softer, side to Nikki that she had never seen before.

"No of course that doesn't sound stupid. I would love you to hold me until we have to go."

They shared one more loving, passionate kiss which almost started another bout of love making until the both pulled away breathless and settled into each other's arms to await their imminent release.

An hour later Andy had arrived at the prison and had been shown to the governors office to work his magic on the door. When it finally swung open Andy took in the two smiling faces that stood in front of him, knowingly he winked at Nikki as she pushed past him on her way back to her cell. Helen caught this look and scanned from Andy's face to her lover's quickly assessing the situation, coming to the conclusion that possibly Nikki knew slightly more about the cause of their incarceration this evening than she had first assumed.

Nikki looked over at Helen sheepishly, realising that she had pieced together her little secret, nervously trying to gauge her reaction. Hoping more than anything she didn't see her actions as a means to dishonestly manipulate her way back into her heart.

Helen tried to look annoyed but when she looked deep into Nikki's pleading eyes she knew she could not feel anything other than relief. Relief that at least one of them had had the guts to force the situation that had eventually led to them both admitting their true feelings for each other and for the first time they could now both look forward to a long and happy future together.

The End

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