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By Alexis Stansfield


I can't stand the silence

It's too loud

All the beeping, footsteps, mummers

Seem too loud

Almost deafening

They're talking about us

About last night

How we were at the bar



Sitting close together

Meredith swears we leaned closer and closer as the night went on

We were drunk

Now here we are

I'm lying in your hospital bed with you

I can't leave you again

It's my fault you're here

I shouldn't have left you in front of Joe's alone


I'm never leaving you alone again

That guy came out of nowhere

Coming straight at you and you couldn't even move

It was my idea to get a drink after work

Now you're here

I can't take this

I'm just laying here, numb, holding you

You seem so cold

Right as I drift off to sleep with you, Yang walks in

"Holy shit! What are you doing?"

"I'm sleeping. What does it look like?"

"Get out of that bed before Bailey sees you!"

"I don't care. Addison needs me!"

I didn't even realize I was screaming until you stirred in my arms


Your voice is raspy and hoarse

I hold you tighter whispering in your hair

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

When I look down at you again

Your blue eyes seem duller

Things get blurry as my eyes start to water

"Baby, don't cry."

You whisper as you stroke my cheek

"Baby? You're calling me your baby now?"

I asked, smirking

"Shut up you. Or no kissy kiss."


We never talked to each other like this before

And then I noticed she was resting on the morphine button

She was high as a kite

"You're a little happy with the morphine huh sweetie?"

You're giggling

"Sweetie? No. I'm your…your…"

And that's as far as you got before dropping your head on my chest and going to sleep

"You're my one and only."

I whisper in your ear

The End

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