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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many years ago I came across a wonderful musical in a fringe Theatre in South London UK, based on the lives of the Ladies of Llangollen, two young women who eloped from Ireland to Wales and made a life together in the early 1800's. I thought one of the songs would be perfect for a little Gelphie fic. Sorry that I can't let you in on the tune. Please be gentle this is my first fanfic.
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Dressing for the Party


Galinda stormed into the room, slamming the door behind her in a fit of rage. She continued her tantrum by throwing her books and bags on her bed ignoring the disarray thus created as a testament to her distraught condition and the extremity of her feelings.

"Those insufferable... closed minded... foolish.." Galinda paced rapidly throwing these comments to the empty room like missiles from a catapult. Finally she came to a halt looking out the window at the darkening sky.

"We have an entire city lauded for its beauty just because of its emerald colour, what is it that blinds them all to her emerald beauty?" She sighed and sat dejectedly on the narrow window seat, and taking a breath, Galinda began to softly sing.

"She looks good to me,
She looks so good to me.
She looks right for me,
She looks so right for me.

There's a fine easy grace,
To the line of her face.
The charm of her smile,
Can't fail to beguile.
It's the curve of her cheek,
That makes me quite weak.

She looks good to me,
She looks so good to me.
She looks right for me,
She looks so right for me."

Heaving another sigh, she tilted her head against the window pane.

"Oh, Elphie, am I the only one who sees how beautiful you are?"

She continued to sit in silence, watching as a light rain began to fall and the only sound she heard was the patter of the raindrops on the window.

On the other side of the room a gentle click sounded as the door to the bathroom opened and Elphaba looked over at the golden haired girl on the window seat. She could hardly believe what she'd heard, had Galinda known she was in the other room? Was she teasing her, toying with her for her own upper-class amusement?

As she moved further into the room, Elphaba caught site of Galinda's face and the glistening tracks of her silent tears. At the site of her friend's emotion, she stepped closer and began to sing quietly.

"She looks good to me,
She looks so good to me..."

With a gasp Galinda jumped to her feet looking at Elphaba as she continued toward the window.

"Elphie? You heard?"

With a soft smile Elphaba reached Galinda and took her small hands into her larger ones, as she continued to sing.

"You look right for me,
You look so right for me."

And with the last word, looking into shining blue eyes, the emerald beauty gently kissed the pale pink lips of the one who was so right for her.

The End

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