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Sharing Space
By carpesomediem


"I'm not sharing that with you," Brooke said. She stood her ground. It was bad enough they were out in the woods to begin with; there was no way she was sharing a sleeping bag with Sam. No way in hell.

"It's either that or be cold tonight," Sam merely shrugged. She'd unrolled the sleeping bag and watched as Brooke looked around waiting for her to do the same to a second one. When Sam didn't, the blonde started to panic.

"Well, what am I supposed to do then?" Brooke whined. Nobody told her she needed a sleeping bag, too.

"See? This isn't so bad," Sam smiled knowing Brooke probably couldn't see it in the dark.

"I guess," Brooke replied nonchalantly. They were facing one another but trying not to touch. That was proving to be difficult. Every time one of them moved, they bumped into one another or otherwise grazed limbs. Every once in awhile, they touched places they shouldn't be touching. Neither said anything when it happened, but they could feel the heat rise as it began happening more frequently.

But Brooke saw Sam's initial smile and hid her own as they played this touch and go game.

"Camping's really not that bad," Brooke said the next morning when they both finally stirred. Sunlight surrounded them, but they were still safely hidden by the tent for the time being.

"Not bad at all," Sam yawned, stretching. The brunette's arms were wrapped tightly around Brooke, keeping her in place. Brooke stretched a bit, too. They were about as close as two people could be sharing a sleeping bag. "I could wake up like this every morning, camping or not."

"So could I." Brooke was certainly over her dismay at sharing a sleeping bag. Sam definitely helped make that possible.

The End

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